tagBDSMHank & His Neighbors Ch. 03

Hank & His Neighbors Ch. 03


Penny did not really know what to expect from her 1st night as Connie's slave, after Hank had her pack up her clothes and move them into Connie's house. Sally and Yasmin moved in that very night, while Pastor Gilbertson went about his business as normal for now, fully aware that he would have to show up at Mina's every time she wished. He dreaded the thought of what she would do to him, since he had earned her hatred by attacking her verbally for being an unwed mother.

Connie met Penny in a bathrobe, and then ordered her to strip right away, saying that "You have no job now, but to please me, slave, so get used to spending most of your time here- in the buff! If I say that you can wear clothes, then you may, but otherwise you are naked, as my little kitten, and you have to eat from the kitty bowl. Furthermore, you will eat what I give you to eat, and nothing more. If I want you hungry for a day or two, then you will go to bed hungry.

I will probably do that now and then, as a punishment, to remind you that I control every aspect of your life from henceforth. You will quit going to work, so they will fire you for absenteeism, and that will make it difficult to get a different job here. That means that if the INS finds out that you're not employed, then you may well be deported.

What I said earlier I just did to be cruel, by taunting you with the most horrible idea that I could possibly use to threaten you, but be assured that I reserve the right to do that for an indefinite period of time. In any case, you will only fuck whom I say to fuck, and I will fuck whomever I please."

That news was frightening enough, but at least she did not have to give up men altogether, as she feared. Still, she had no say about her own sex life, which meant she would have to accept some things that she might not relish, and she may not get to be with either her estranged husband or Pastor Gilbertson again.

Penny was totally nude now, and Connie ordered her to follow her into the bath for her 1st duty- a bath massage. As she rubbed Connie down, she thoroughly enjoyed the sensation of touching a woman's flesh, contrary to her own expectations, which clearly meant that she had latent Sapphic tendencies.

That was a shock to say the least, but no more then when Connie planted a kiss on her mouth and told her to get in the tub with her, because "You need to get clean too, slave. By the way, you will address me as Mistress Constance."

"Thank you, Mistress Constance." was Penny's sole reply.

Connie started washing and rubbing Penny over, whispering sexy things in her ears to get her aroused, and then fondling her breasts from behind.

"Now, masturbate, slave. Play with that pussy of yours while I feel you up."

"Yes, Mistress Constance." Penny replied.

Penny never masturbated, but she had heard that it was done with the fingers and hands, so she started using them to manipulate her pussy, getting herself wet much sooner than she thought. While that surprisingly wonderful experience affected her for the 1st time in her whole life,

Connie kept massaging her breasts and back, then she told Penny to turn around. "Eat my pussy, slave. I want my sex as wet from your lips and tongue as from the water. Eat me to climax, or it's no dinner tonight, kitten." Faced with the choice of hunger or tasting a woman's cunt, she naturally went with the latter.

Penny began munching on her mistress's cunt, although she had little knowledge of what to do with it. She just kept running her tongue and lips on her mistress, letting instinct take over, to the point that she even nibbled on her a little. Apparently, this technique was a good guess, because Connie began to moisten, and then to moan.

"Slave, you are doing so well for your first time of cunnilingus; are you sure that you've never munched a muff before? You must be a natural, at least bisexual, if not an outright lesbian. You seem to enjoy it, too." Connie noted.

She at last began to feel the full orgasm, as Penny's teeth were sprayed with womanly juices. Penny expected that she would get her turn now, but Connie now instructed her, "Alright, I want you to rim my ass, slave. Once again, you had better get me off, or forget about dinner."

This idea bothered Penny a lot more, since the butt always seemed like a dirty area to her, but with her mistress freshly clean, and no option left to her, she went ahead and put her mouth between Connie's cheeks. It was shockingly delectable, with the sweat making it even succulent, and soon Penny began to sample anal juices, which she had never imagined existed in the first place.

She could not help herself- she had to devour Connie's delicious bottom. Her cheeks were smooth and creamy, which made them a delight to taste as well. Connie's next climax was obviously real.

"You've been incredibly good for your 1st night as a Sapphic slave girl, so I will return the favor, eating you out as well." Connie told her.

She did as she promised, tossing Penny's salad, which the woman could not handle, because she was just getting hornier than hell. The feeling of Connie's lips and tongue on her cunt and ass got Penny way too wet too soon.

"Oh, Mistress Constance, I love this, thank you! Your mouth is gliding all over my cunt and my bum! I love you, Mistress Constance!"

"You love me, do you slave? Well, then we will have to watch you, since you have a tendency to be cruel to those whom you love, don't you, slave?", Connie remarked. "I will never dare to be cruel to you, Mistress Constance; I worship you!" Penny exclaimed.

"You worship me? That's a shocking statement for a fundamentalist to make! No more time for that 'old-time religion' anymore, eh? I guess you're a Goddess worshipper, now, aren't you, you lesbian witch? Well, I'm not a Goddess worshipper, or any other religion, so I don't care, but I can definitely use your idolatry to my own purpose, can't I? Since you consider me divine, I expect you to act like it; you will bow and grovel to me every day, begging me to use you as I please." Connie announced.

"Yes, Mistress Constance! I want to serve you, my lovely Mistress Constance!" Penny cried, as the mouth kept moving over her soaking sex and sphincter. Every motion got her into orbit. All Penny knew that she truly had converted to total adoration of her sexy, dominant new mistress.

"So much for your defiant attitude at Hank's house, huh? Now, you crave my tongue and lips, not to mention my ass and pussy, don't you, slave? You are a submissive, bisexual woman, who only needed the right mistress to bring that out in you, aren't you? What's more, you are so delicious that I am going to have keep your cunt and ass available to me at all times, since I am going to enjoy them a lot." Connie informed her.

"You will bathe and shower with me, sleep on the bed with me, stay naked as much as possible, and prepare for any sex act I have in mind. You will be a 'lipstick lesbian', totally accepting the femme persona of a Sapphic housewife- the homemaker waiting for her girlfriend to come home to her at night. You will wear makeup, style your hair as femininely as possible, and keep yourself smooth and your nails manicured and pedicured."

Connie elaborated "What's more, you will do household chores, such as laundry, cleaning, and cooking, and will not be allowed to watch TV or do anything else until you're finished with them." Penny took this in, as she climaxed from the oral pleasure Connie was "inflicting" on her.

As for Pastor Gilbertson, his fears were realized, when he reported to Mistress Mina, to find her ready with a whip and full dominatrix gear. She told him to undress, and then she lashed him 4 times with the flagellum, to get him in a submissive mood from the fear of more lashing.

Each stroke smarted terribly, leaving a series of welts on his back, and then he felt her handcuff him and put a collar with a leash around his neck. A gag was put into his mouth, so he would not be able to talk back to her. She went over to his cock, grabbed and fondled for a minute, just enough to tease him, and then she abruptly stopped, slapping his cheeks with her palms.

"While you are here, I tolerate you only for my own pleasure, so behave yourself, slave, and do what I command. You condemned me for having Sally out of wedlock, so this single mom is fed up with your hypocrisy.

I will make you do things besides what you have done- things that I know you find contemptible and sinful. You will experience sodomy, fellatio, cunnilingus, group sex, gang bangs, amateur porn (you have already done a film), strap-on penetration, and even cross-dressing. I will turn you into a slut, whore, and everything else that you hate. That is your punishment: your own, hypocritcial, unnatural, and unhealthy self-loathing." Mina told him.

"Today, you will be fucked in the ass, with my dildo, until you beg for mercy, which you won't receive. I will make you masturbate while I sodomize you, since you no doubt regard that as evil, and I will tape it all for my pleasure, and make you watch it for your own humiliation." Mina clarified.

Pastor Gilbertson winced as he heard this, knowing that day one of his orientation as a sex slave was going to be Hell on Earth. Mina shoved that dildo up his ass, without any lubricant, probing him constantly and ferociously as she rode him.

"You will call me 'Mistress Mina', and you will participate in my home movies, as the boy-toy of either men, women, or both. Now, I will remove the gag, and you had better say, 'Thank you, Mistress Mina, for liberating me from my reactionary beliefs.' You will remember every time that you preach, that I will be waiting for you, to whip some sense into your superstitious head." she instructed him.

Then she took off the gag, and he grunted and whimpered, due to the pain he was experiencing in his butt.

"Thank you, Mistress Mina, for liberating me from my reactionary beliefs." he repeated the statement she had mentioned.

Then, she thrust even harder up his ass, as she un-cuffed him and told him that it was time to masturbate. Try as he could, he could not avoid the arousal he was starting to feel in his prostate, no more than the stimulation that shocked him most: he loved being dominated. Somehow, being told by others to do things forbidden by his faith freed him to do those very things. He was actually masturbating, and not feeling bad or guilty about it for now.

Mina laughed as she continued riding him, until he came in his own hands, and then she told him "Taste your own cum, slave, but leave enough for me to eat. It has protein and dietary fiber, did you know that?"

He had trouble believing her words, but he sampled his own semen anyway, and found it not so unpleasant after all. Then he fed it to Mina, who was thinking, it was obvious now! He was a follower, not a leader, who mindlessly did what he was told, just like a sheep, so being dominated by a woman was not a far stretch from being enslaved by the herd. It was just an exchange of masters.

When she pulled out of his ass, she kept her word, showing him the tape of his own buggering and submission. It was a little humiliating indeed, not to mention embarrassing, and he dared not let it get out, which was precisely her reason for making it: to increase the leverage for blackmail.

When she was done showing him the tape, she said "Show up tomorrow at the same time, and don't be tardy, or it's ass- literally, bitch! We'll be introducing you to gay sex tomorrow night, and then you'll be fucking a number of the ladies of this town, some of them closet sluts who might even be in your congregation, so you will be masked to hide your identity and they will be masked to hide theirs."

With that, she removed the collar with the leash, ordered him to dress and leave, and went back to her bedroom to await Hank, Sally, and Yasmin.

Hank showed up at his usual time, roughly grabbed Mina, threw her to the floor, and had the girls tie her up, which Mina clearly found a pleasant surprise. Now it was her chance to submit. She was made to eat Sally out, while Yasmin sucked her breasts. Hank just slammed her ass with his cock, making her flinch at first, but then adjust to it as she did before.

He kept pounding her hard, while Sally found the strap-on, saying "Well, Mom, what do I have in my hands? It has even been used tonight; on Pastor Gilbertson, I'm guessing. I think that you want me to fuck you in the pussy with it, don't you, Mom?"

"Yes, Sally, fuck my cunt- fuck your mother's cunt! I want to feel you and Hank inside me at the same time!" Mina exclaimed.

Sally did as she requested, getting underneath her mother for that purpose, and Yasmin pushed her own pussy into Mina's face. Mina just loved it, as she licked the juices from Yasmin, took Sally's dildo in her vagina, and experienced her future son-in-law in her 44-year old ass.

The triple sex made all of them cum in no time at all, Hank for his part filling his fiancee's mother with plenty of lube for her anal sphincter. Sally's cum drenche her dildo, and Yasmin's just soaked Mina's face.

Now, Hank seized Sally, not giving her a chance to pull out of her mother, shoved his cock into her pussy, ramrodding her sex, while Yasmin began to stick her fingers in Mina's creamy backside. Hank screwed Sally furiously, making the college freshman absolutely delirious with the delights of getting it doggie-style.

Sally continued to boff her Mom from behind, as Yasmin finger-fucked her rectum. Mina was soon cumming again, and this triggered the orgasms of her partners, beginning with Sally, then Hank, letting his sperm go inside Sally, and Yasmin. Once Yasmin was ready, Hank approached her, gripped her ass, and started to shag her.

Yasmin could not withstand the pressure on her to cum; the feeling of Hank inside her was just too much pleasure for her senses to control.

"Fill me with your sperm, Hank! I want your cum, to knock me up! I'm going to have your first baby, Hank! How does that sound, Sally!" she screamed.

"Yeah, that's great, my slave, so go ahead and do it! Get pregnant by my fiance, and make your mistress proud!" Sally shouted at her. Hank was so aroused at the thought of impregnating Yasmin, that he found himself compelled to drain his scrotum, filling the fertile Yasmin with his sperm.

Exhausted by this encounter, the 4 of them went to sleep, which meant that Hank had to hurry home the next morning to get dressed for his job as the head chef at the local bistro.

When he got home from work that night, Sally and Yasmin were not alone, as Connie and Penny were there, with the former clearly demonstrating her domination of the latter.

"Hank, dear, I just felt that Penny owed you a few fucks, so I am here to deliver her to you tonight, and the next few nights, along with myself, for anything that you may desire from us." Connie explained.

"Why, Connie, that is so considerate of you, and I will naturally take you up on that offer, since you're right- I am due some back payment of sex."

With that, he moved his cock up to Penny's mouth, telling her to suck away. Penny never peformed oral sex for him when they were together, but now she was going to have to get used to it. There was a clear change in the girl, as she eagerly obeyed her mistress by pleasing her husband for once. Penny was in love with Connie.

That's all it took with her, Hank realized- she wanted to submit, alright- to a woman! Penny deep-throated Hank, with the obvious purpose of proving that she wanted to serve her mistress well, by doing whatever she commanded.

"That's good, Penny! Too bad for you that you would not do this for me when we were still a couple! How does it feel to know that you are sucking the cock of man who's about to divorce your lousy ass?" Hank taunted her as she sucked him.

Soon, he was cumming in her throat from the sheer enthusiasm of her suction. Connie then joined her, taking Hank's cock in her lips without even being asked, while Sally and Yasmin watched in total fascination.

Connie got him hard again very soon, and Penny licked his balls while her mistress performed fellatio. Soon, an overheated Hank exploded once more, spewing from his geyser into Connie's gullet.

Then, Penny, without even being instructed, bent over to offer him her ass. Since he never had that part of her anatomy during their marriage, he could not resist that proposition. She shrieked for a minute, and then wept, as Hank pounded her posterior, hammering her bottom very hard while she and Connie ate each other out in a 69.

This derriere drilling continued for what seemed an hour, as Hank got closer and closer to the point of ejaculation, and Penny became acquainted with the new sensation of being butt-fucked. When he came in her ass, she sighed with her pleasure, knowing that she had pleased her new mistress and her husband at the same time, for what the latter was worth.

Connie then told her "From now on, Hank will be a sperm donor for us, if he wishes, fucking both of us any time that pleases him, and you will just have to get used to fucking your ex, without any of the 'benefits' of being married to him. Maybe, if you're good, and it amuses both me and Mina, you might even be rewarded by having sex with your precious pastor, but don't count on it happening soon."

At that, Hank entered Connie from above her, mounting her while she kept up the 69, delighting her with the heat of his manhood. She ached for more, even as he filled her and withdrew, then repeated the pattern, and she was soon out to lunch, due to the extreme ravishing she got from her niece's fiance. Finally, she initiated the chain reaction of orgasm, getting herself off, followed by Hank, and then Penny.

The last romp of the right was a Sapphic orgy, as Penny was bound to a spreader bar, stretched out by Yasmin's fingers, and fucked with a dildo by Sally, her replacement in Hank's life. This was still somewhat humiliating, to be screwed by Sally literally, as well as figuratively, but she was learning to enjoy her humiliation. Yasmin then took her turn fucking her in the ass, while Sally banged her pussy, and Connie made her rim her ass in front of everyone.

Hank viewed the delicious spectacle of his wife's metamorphisis into a slutty bisexual slave, with a sense of total vindication, as the poor woman was subjected to the experience of having her face shoved between Connie's cheeks, while Yasmin rammed her rear, and Sally penetrated her pussy.

This was something that they would have to tell Mina about, he mused, as the group finally brought Penny to an orgasm-her first due to a lesbian group act. Life was just going his way, and it was partly due to his loyal harem of lovely girls next door.

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