tagBDSMHank & His Neighbors Ch. 04

Hank & His Neighbors Ch. 04


The next time Guy Gilbertson showed up at Mina's house, sure enough, there were several men present. Among them was the parishioner who had originally disclosed the affair to Hank. His name was Seth, and he was an open homosexual, which was why Pastor Gilbertson had him expelled from the church.

"Now, Seth, Murray, Roger, Jim, and Lewis will all fuck you as they please for a couple of hours, while I tape it, slave! How does that sound, slave?" Mina asked him.

Guy did not much desire the new experience of gay sex, but he had no choice, and he knew it. Lewis, in particular, took some delight in forcing him to suck his cock, making him really hard, even though Lewis normally preferred girls.

"Lewis is one of my lovers, too, but he is more equal than submissive." Mina explained. "He has other girls, too, but I don't mind that. I am perplexed at his acceptance of my invitation to fuck you, however."

This young postman was fucking Guy's face with abandon, getting off on the humiliation of the man. What nobody else there knew, except Lewis and Mina, was that Lewis had seduced Mrs. Gilbertson. Mina did not know that he had fantasized about humiliating the pastor this way as well. It seemed that the man despised Guy even more than Mina, for some unknown reason.

The pastor kept up sucking Lewis's cock, while Seth simply slammed his dick into the minister's sphincter. This made Guy wince and flinch from the pain, but Seth would not let up.

Guy gritted his teeth, but he kept taking Seth's cock inside his arse, while sucking Lewis off. At this point, Murray stepped in and began to suck Guy's penis, which was a further "degradation". He took it as well as he could, struggling not to cum, since that would be an acknowledgement that he enjoyed this same sex encounter. Finally, however, he could not help himself, and he shot sperm into Murray's mouth.

Lewis saw this and blew his load into Guy's oral opening, which prompted Seth to do the same thing. The strange experience of being "sandwiched" between 3 men was having the odd effect of arousing Guy. The warm fluid pouring into his anus and throat was getting him hard again.

"Well, wouldn't you know, Mina? Guy likes guys! It turns him on to get fucked by men! Not such the homophobe anymore, are we, Pastor?" Seth taunted him.

Roger and Jim now entered him, giving him no break, as Roger pounded his pucker, nearly tearing it with the force of his cock, and Jim fucked his face to his satisfaction. They were a gay couple that lived in the town, frequented Hank's restaurant, and so were quite loyal friends of the chef, and eager to seize any chance to avenge him, especially if it meant fucking a guy (which they generally did together).

They relentlessly used Guy, making him sore in his butt and jaws, but unable to do anything about it.

Seth and Murray were "friends with benefits" instead of a full-fledged couple themselves.

When Roger and Jim finally came in Guy's cavities, Mina made a point of focusing on the cum leaking from the holes, then turning toward his face, to leave no doubt that this "nancy boy slut" was in fact Pastor Guy Gilbertson of the local "fundamentalist" church.

Lewis stayed behind to fuck Guy some more, after the other men left for their various homes. He rammed the clergyman's rectum for another hour, penetrating to his own satisfaction (and Mina's). What was stunning was that Guy was enjoying it too.

Mina pulled him to his feet afterwards, saying "Put on that mask, slave, so the local ladies can have you now!"

He complied, hoping half-heartedly that this would earn him a respite. Mina then handcuffed him as she had the previous time, but this time she started to suck his cock, deciding to get him hard even before the ladies used him. When the already masked women entered the home, they saw Mina sucking off the helpless minister.

"Good, girls, come and join me! We're going to fuck this slut-boy of mine until we're tired of him!" Mina invited them.

They were pleased that she had this in mind, since she had not informed them of what she had planned. They were all girls who had admitted to bi-curiosity, and Mina had used that, as well as other secrets, to get them to agree to be her slaves now and then.

Two of the girls went into the kitchen for a "snack" first, figuring that they would be able to enjoy Guy when they were done eating each other. They had recently discovered a taste for pussy, and were still caught up in their enthusiasm for this novelty.

One of the women kicked things off by pushing her pussy into his masked face and telling him "Eat me, you stupid slave boy!"

He easily complied, and she remarked, before starting the moans of her steadily forming orgasm "Wow, Mistress Mina, you've really trained him, even more than you've trained us!"

"Well, he is a natural, and he regularly visits me for training, don't you, slave?" Mina answered her.

After she said this, she stopped short of sucking him to ejaculation, and then told another one of the girls to fuck him, since "I'm not sure when he's last been laid by a girl, and you either use it or lose it with a man's sex drive."

The woman, who was rather tall and slender, with small breasts but lovely legs, got underneath the pastor and began to take him inside her cunt. He started to softly fuck her, while Mina inserted her strap-on dildo into his own rectum.

Mina then informed him that "I want to push you hard, so that you will fuck her hard. What I said about Connie the other day was just to make the torture of being sodomized for the 1st time worse, since you had no outlet to distract you from the pain of losing your anal virginity."

Guy royally probed the woman's pussy, while Mina did just the same thing to him, making him groan and grunt from the agony in his anus. He had no recourse, however, but to take it, and so take it he did.

The woman was reeling from the furious pace of his penetration of her vagina, and she was clearly turned on by it. Her pussy was getting drenched, and so was his cock, until finally, he shot off his rocks, spending his semen inside her.

"Good, slave, now please the next girl- you don't get a break tonight- you will be my gigolo until it's time to go home." Mina sternly warned him.

The obviously satisfied woman he had just screwed got up and kissed his tailbone, which sent a shiver up his vertebrae and goosebumps along his whole epidermis.

"That was to thank you for the best fuck I've had in weeks!" she told him. She then kissed Mina fully on the lips, to demonstrate that she knew the identity of her real benefactor.

Meanwhile, the girl that had been receiving cunnilingus from Guy got underneath him to let him into her already soaked cunt. She began thrusting with her hips against him to make him stiff again, while Mina kept pounding away at his posterior.

Despite the intense pain in his backside, Guy kept ramming this girl as hard as she fucked him back, concentrating on getting both of them off as soon as possible.

"That's my boy-toy! Keep up the good work, slave!" Mina yelled as she continued to sodomize him. She was also quite wet herself from the experience of buggering and controlling this old enemy of hers. A few more thrusts, and it was impossible to control himself; he simply had to cum, and cum he did, emptying his load into the woman.

Since there were only 2 women in the room, beside Mina, that could only mean she was either going to fuck him next or send him home.

Sure enough, Mina removed the dildo, still in its thigh harness, and assumed a doggie-style position, offering him the chance to fuck her as well.

As he entered her, she told him "Well, slave, I think that you have yet to be totally deprogram-med, and I figure that one good way to free you from your own inhibitions and superstitions is to make you the father of an 'illegitimate' child, by me, at least! So, we are going to fuck a lot, as long as it takes to get me pregnant by you- is that clear?

You are also going to fuck many other girls, with the idea of getting them pregnant too! As a matter of fact, I want you to be servicing half of the women in town, and probably a large part of those in your congregation, especially the married ones, since I want leverage to get into a few husbands' pants!"

She said this as he really used her, shoving his manhood into her, which suited her just fine. All of this time, the other women watched him give it to their hostess, and it got one of them horny enough to start licking the other, to the latter's shock and unexpected arousal.

This display made him Guy harder still, and Mina even wetter, and the speed of their fucking increased, getting them both to the point that they could no longer avoid a mutual orgasm, sending his jizz deep into her sex and soaking his cock.

"Now, remove your masks, girls, and then take off his- I want everyone present to know who they've just fucked. Lewis, I see that you've been masturbating; why don't you come over here and let me suck your cock while Guy fucks my ass."

Guy was stunned- he was supposed to stick his penis inside a woman's rectum- that was dirty!

He did it anyway, of course, because by now he was too afraid and aroused not to comply with the demands of his mistress. She lifted her butt to expose her sphincter, and he eased into it, but she began to push against him, urging him to bugger her much harder than that.

"Fuck my ass as hard and roughly as possible, slave! I want my butt almost as sore as your own; then, I can enjoy imagining that you're in even more pain than me!"

He frantically fucked her arse, reaming her out with pleasure, since she had been so merciless in mounting his butt. In the meantime, Lewis was fucking her face, and the girls were removing their masks, followed quickly by his own.

Guy looked behind for just a second, and then saw her: Karen, his own wife! She had been cheating on him, too, and here he had felt badly about betraying her!

She looked at him simultaneously, and realized his identity as well; this was her own husband! They had both been cheating on each other, and they had been holding out on each other with their new tricks, for fear of discovery.

Lewis laughed, and then pointed out the other girl as well, whom Guy had not recognized due to the shock of his wife's adultery. She was Candy, Lewis's slutty sister, whom had seduced half of the teachers in her local high school, getting herself kicked out for it.

That's who had the nice, long legs, he thought. It's easy to see why so many men, and women as well, had yielded to her advances.

Lewis now dropped the biggest bomb on all of them, especially Mina!

"Mina, you are my mother! I was the child that you had to give up for adoption years ago, since you were still only 18 and carrying your uncle's baby. He never acknowledged me, of course, given the scandal involved, but I tracked you down, and deliberately did my best to help and protect you, until the day that you found out the truth!"

That's why he hates Pastor Gilbertson so much, she understood at last. The man had verbally attacked his mother, and he had set out to avenge me! She couldn't respond yet, since her mouth was clasped around her son's cock (and she had no intentions of letting her boy down), but it was evident that she believed and loved the young man.

Finally, however, he came into her mouth, and that enabled her to say "I take it that Candy is your half-sister, then? My very own cousin?"

"That's right, Mom, and she delights in helping me with my projects, not to mention taking care of my sexual needs." Lewis replied. Hearing that was enough to make Guy ejaculate.

This news soon got around the town, while the other buzz involved the double wedding of the newly divorced Hank and Penny, with the former having straight nuptials with Sally, and the latter a same-sex marriage to Connie. This proved to be the perfect chance to reunite the expanded family, letting Sally learn and accept her new brother and step-sister, while Connie found out about her nephew. As the half-brother of the bride, Lewis got to participate as one of the groomsmen, while the J.P. performed the ceremony (as they lived in Massachusetts, where same-sex unions are recognized by law).

Pastor Gilbertson did not attend, as he was still leading a double life, but he and his wife Karen were having a little fun of their own, fucking each other like newlyweds, in positions none of them had used with each other until that night at Mina's.

They were both her slaves, so they understand that each of them could and would continue fucking around, but they now no longer cheated on each other. More fun could be expected, since they were both subject to Mina's blackmail now, and would no doubt be doing a few orgies in the near future.

The odd thing was that Hank had awakened them sexually, even though he considered them his enemies. Hank had really awakened just about the whole town.

(Stay tuned for part 5, which is the finale, or is it?)

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