tagBDSMHannah's Bananas Pt. 02

Hannah's Bananas Pt. 02


I winced a little bit at her words.

She took the remainder of her the banana put it on the desk. Smiling at me, she placed her hand on it and pressed down, smashing the banana and laughing softly.

"Does that give you any ideas?" she said playfully. "Go sit down," she told me.

I shook my head. "I don't think I would enjoy that too much," I said softly and I moved back to my chair.

I started to pull my pants back and tuck my cock away when she stopped me.

"But I would," she corrected me. "And really that is what counts, isn't it?"

I was trying not to look into her eyes, but it was hard to resist. Her hands guided my away from my pants and to my sides, leaving me exposed.

"I want to hear you say it, so I know you understand. Right?"

I nodded again. "What you enjoy is all that matters," I said meekly.

"What I would enjoy right now, would be taking this ruler and measuring your little banana when it is all soft and mushy, not when it is hard. I mean if you could call that hard."

She adjusted herself in her chair.

"You have five minutes to get that thing soft before I start hurting it," she said, looking around the room. "There are plenty of things here that I could use to do that too. I can be very creative, you know."

There was a twinkle in her eye and a small, devilish smile that crept across her lips, as she watched me squirm.

I tried to distract myself, to think of other things, but she kept interrupting me.

"Do you like my lips, David? I have always thought they were my best feature," she asked me running her fingertip over them. "I bet you would love to kiss them, wouldn't you?"

I nodded, whispering "That's not helping."

"Tell me how much you'd like to kiss me," she prompted.

My heart started to race. "I'd love to kiss you Miss. So much. You have no idea. Your lips drive me crazy, it is hard to think about it because I want it so much."

She stood up and walked around to where I was sitting and reached back and took a handful of my hair, tugging firmly, forcing my head back. "Beg me. Beg me for a single kiss," she said, her tone growing harsher.

"Please Miss," I pleaded. "Please kiss me. Please!"

She leaned down, her lips so close to mine I could feel their heat. I was transfixed. Sitting, aching, desperate.

"Please," I whispered breathlessly.

I could feel her breath on my lips as she spoke, "Five minutes is up," and I felt her hand grab my still hard cock.

"Now I have to hurt you," she said plainly.

I whimpered and started to plead with her. "Please Hannah, please, give me one more chance. I can't help it. You are so beautiful."

She released by hair and looked me into the eye. "None of that matters now. I told you to do something and you didn't do it. Do you understand?"

I nodded.

"Then ask for your punishment David. So I know you understand."

My stomach filled with butterflies as the words escaped my lips. "Please Miss. Please punish me."

Her gaze left me and searched the room as I watched her collect objects and items, including office supplies from the desk. Binder clamps, the ruler, rubber bands, thumbtacks and scotch tape.

"Scooch forward," she instructed. "I want your butt right on the edge of the chair." I repositioned myself as requested.

She reached into her knapsack and pulled out a roll of duct tape. She positioned my arms on the arms of the chair and slowly and tightly wrapped the tape around them, securing my arms to the chair.

She slipped off her shoes and slowly peeled off her socks, wadding them up and then telling me to "open wide" before stuffing them in my mouth. She wrapped the tape around my head, sealing my lips and making anything more than a muffled moan impossible.

My cock was still hard, but now throbbing and desperate. She took the scotch tape and wrapped a band of it at the base of my cock, tight enough to be painful. I tried to complain but it was impossible to make anything more than grunting sounds.

My cock was twitching now.

Hannah took the box of binder clips and one by one, added them to my cock, pinching fiercely. No matter how much it hurt, the tape band kept the blood trapped in my cock, forcing it to stay hard.

I tried screaming as she added more and more of the clips, feeling like dozens of bee stings on my cock.

The only exposed space was the head, now leaking copious amounts of pre-cum, which she started poking and scratching with thumbtacks.

"Still want to kiss me, David?" she teased?

I could feel tears welling up in my eyes. "I nodded," which made her laugh.

"That's a good boy," she said, in a patronizing tone that made me squirm even more.

She looked around the room and smiled. Picking up a framed certificate for "Teacher of the Year," she chuckled and placed it on my lap, behind my tortured cock.

She took out her phone and began snapping pictures as I squirmed frantically to try to hide myself.

She walked around behind me, placed her head on my shoulder and took a selfie of the two of us.

"Now I can really hurt you," she whispered in my ear.

One by one, she removed the binder clips, each one bringing a sharp, intense pain back into my cock as they were removed.

She she unwound the tape from the base of my cock, it quickly went limp, shrivelling up to a size even smaller than normal.

"See, there we are," she taunted, pressing the ruler against my abused cock.

"That isn't even two inches, David!" she said pretending to be shocked.

I groaned into my gag.

She picked up my journal and began to flip through it.

"You really did do a lot of writing, didn't you?"

I nodded.

"You know I am going to use everything you wrote against you, don't you?"

I nodded again.

"You knew that when you wrote it. I bet that was all you could think about, wasn't it? What dirty little secrets can I reveal? What embarrassing little fetishes? What things will make her laugh at me and humiliate me more? Didn't you?"

My mind raced back trying to remember the things I had written. The times when I was sure it was just a game and that I would never see her again.

The truth was, it had become something of a game to me, I would try to imagine my most embarrassing fantasy and then write it all down, imagining her reading it, trying to guess how she would respond. Over the weeks, it became more and more extreme, more and more revealing.

It had become unreal to me, a secret place for my most humiliating confessions. A silly pink notebook, covered in hearts that no one would ever see.

Until now.

She smiled more as she read and began reciting my words.

"When I think of Hannah, it takes me back to when I was in school and it makes me think of the all popular girls who were so pretty and so fun. I would always imagine them taunting me, bullying me, picking on me and humiliating me in any way they could think of. And being what I am, I would always come crawling back. I would beg for their attention, no matter what they did to me. The more cruel they were, the more I would love them. I dream that Hannah is like that, though I know it is probably just a fantasy and just my imagination. If she is, she is the kind of girl I think I could fall in love with and if I do, then God help me, because I suspect she won't."

She shook her head, looking into my eyes, wider now that my mouth was still taped and my entire body was squirming.

"That isn't true at all. I helped you with you little stiffie, didn't I? If it wasn't for me, it would probably still be hard, instead of all red and sore."

She reached down and scraped her nails over my cock, digging in and dragging, causing a wave of pain to shoot through my cock again.

"See, I am quite the little helper."

She gave me a letter opener in my left hand, still taped to the chair.

"OK, I wouldn't drop that if I were you. It is the only way you are getting out."

She packed her things and placed her shoes back on.

"You can keep my socks for a bit. I'll get them back later," she remarked, as she headed to the door.

"I'll be in touch after I read through this," she smiled tapping on the journal.

She switched off the light, leaving me to cut myself free in the dark.

Once my left hand was free, it only took a few minutes to release myself completely.

I was shaking and confused as I unwound the tape from my head and pulled her socks from my mouth.

I couldn't stop thinking of her. Her eyes. Her lips. Especially the way she treated me.

I squirmed and whimpered as I started to rub my cock, soon getting hard and hearing her voice echo in my head, I started to cum, my cock feeling like it was on fire as I stroked myself.

As the excitement faded, my cock burned more, but all I could think about was Hannah and her reading my journal and what was going to come of that.

I didn't have to wait long.

The phone rang and I answered it. It was Hannah.

"What makes you think it is OK to masturbate in your office?" she asked coldly.

I froze. How did she know? Was she watching me?

Words failed me. I stammered.

"Clearly we are going to need to set some rules. Disgusting," she said and hung up the phone.

I didn't have her number and the office phones don't log calls. I realized I had no way to reach her.

All I could do was wait. Wait and hope I'd hear from her again.

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