tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHaving Faith! Ch. 03

Having Faith! Ch. 03


It had only been three weeks since the Saturday evening that Ray had flexed his power over Faith by inviting David along to help give her a good fucking. David had lasted a lot longer than Ray and had continued to lance her with his big old cock late into the night, long after Ray had given up and retired to the spare room. During the course of the evening, David had started scheming to get her away from Ray. A woman with a body that hot was just what he needed, it had been a long time, but now all his repressed evil ideas had suddenly sprung to the surface again. Despite which, it was all wasted on the little creep Ray with his pathetic little cock. David knew that she would be capable of taking a lot of cock and he was just the man to see that she got it!

Although not overtly ambitious himself, David had been in education for a long time and had friends in high places. It only took a few lunch time meetings and few promises, accompanied by a few photos before things started to happen. He had printed a selection of photos from Ray's camera that he had pocketed as he and Faith left the house at dawn. They had proved a very useful tool to get his way!

Ray was surprised to find that he had been head hunted for a position out of the area, but despite a few initial misgivings, he had accepted.

Faith was even more delighted when she heard that Ray was leaving and had been told to apply for his job. With the assurance that the application process was just a formality, the job was already hers.


On the same morning that she had received confirmation of her new position as departmental head, she was called in to see David. She had been avoiding him as much as possible since the humiliating night that she had been used mercilessly to satisfy his huge cock, but she had no choice now! She nervously knocked at his office door and entered.

'You wanted to see me?'

'Faith my dear, come in, please, sit down. Always a pleasure to see you, as you know. In fact I'm looking forward to seeing a lot more of you soon!

'Oh, really?'

'Oh yes! Well, since we became, shall we say ... better acquainted, I've been very busy! You've noticed that Ray has been leaving you alone?

'Actually yes, but why, did you say something?'

'I'll come to that in a minute; you are pleased with your new position?

'Yes, delighted, why?'

'Well my dear, it's all down to me! I've been pulling a few strings, a few words in the right ear, that sort of thing.'

Faith looked at him in disbelief.

'All down to you? How, and why?'

'Simple really old girl, I decided that you and I would make a good team, so I thought we'd better get rid of Ray. As from the day he leaves, I am taking over the debt, so, we can have the same rules but with a much better deal for you!'

'Better in what way?'

'Well, let's face it, if you're going to have to work the debt off on your back, you might as well have a nice big cock to enjoy, what!

Faith stood up, her anger flushing through her whole body as she paced up and down in front of David's desk.

'So, effectively, you're buying me! Is that how it is? I can't believe you men, and you of all people! You! And to think that I considered you a friend! What do you think the Head would say if he found out about all this?'

'Well actually my dear, he does know! I had to show him a few pictures and make a few promises of course, but with that out of the way he was very happy to ensure your promotion! We can settle up with him sometime in the future!'

Faith stared out of the window as thoughts raced through her mind. It was a real bonus to get rid of Ray, but if David wanted the same thing, she was no better off. Then she remembered the feel of his cock as it filled her up, maybe it would be better a better option than dealing with Ray!

'So, what about the video? Who has the master copy of that now?'

'Ray does.' David answered with a smile. 'But don't worry, as soon as I have paid him I'll have it all, and at the end of arrangement I'll pass it to you to destroy, or whatever you want to do with it! So how does that all sound? Are we agreed?'

Faith knew that she had to go along with this. She was still painfully aware that if tape got out she would lose everything.

'I have little choice do I, but I have to say that I am disgusted with you all, I really can't believe that you are making me suffer like this!'

She looked at her watch.

'I have to get on, we'll discuss this later!'

As she reached the door, David called after her.

'Oh Faith, just one more thing, Ray is having a small leaving do on Friday evening, just a few of us at The Stag's Head, about seven thirty. You will be there! We'll send you a note with the dress code required.

Faith glared at him before turning and slamming the door behind her.

As the click of her heels faded, he smiled to himself. For an intelligent woman she was very gullible! Fancy believing that anyone would pay that sort of money to keep her out of trouble! But never mind, if she was going to make herself available to him because of it, he was not going to complain. But if she thought Ray was bad she was in for a shock, he had plans for the stuck up bitch, and they included a lot more than satisfying his needy cock!


Later that day, Faith had calmed down a little. The prospect of having David's big cock inside her again was not too unpleasant, as long as she kept her guard up and didn't show how much she enjoyed it. At least the pervy Ray would be off the scene! Besides which, she was looking forward to tonight's evening out with a few girlfriends to celebrate her promotion, and with Martin away and her sisters husband Chris, collecting her from the nightclub, she could enjoy a few drinks and a man free evening!


At 01.30 Chris was sat in his car, parked opposite the nightclub waiting for Faith and her friends to appear. He was a little miffed as the arrangement was to collect them at 01.00, but despite sending various text messages he had heard nothing. He was starting to get annoyed, but just hoped that she was wearing something sexy to make it all worthwhile. He had had the hots for his sister in law for many years, and it was made worse by the fact that his wife had gone to seed a little and had put on more weight that she could get away with, while Faith just seemed to get sexier as she grew older!

As he pondered over these thoughts, the night club doors suddenly opened, flooding the dark street with yellow light. Three women emerged, laughing and staggering slightly as they looked around. Faith spotted him and waved, and they headed towards him. As the doors opened he felt movement in his cock as he slyly took in her long legs as she fell into the passenger seat. The other two took the rear seats, but he really didn't notice them at all.

Twenty minutes later, he had dropped her friends off and pulled up outside Faith's house.

'Chris, you are such a sweetie for doing this, I'd ask you in for a coffee, but it's so late that I expect you want to get home!'

'Err, no, A coffee would be great, and I think I'd better make sure you get inside safely, you've probably had a few too many tonight!'

He switched the ignition off and sprang round to open the passenger door, knowing that he would get a good view of her legs as she climbed out. He wasn't disappointed; as her dress rode up he could clearly see her stocking tops.

Dear God, he thought, the little slut is wearing stockings! Forgive me for my thoughts!

She clung on to his arm as he led her to the front door, steadying her as she clicked along precariously in her five inch stilettos. Once inside, he let her flop onto the sofa.

'Sorry Chris, I think I've had too much vino tonight! I was all right until the fresh air hit me!'

'Don't worry, nice to see you enjoying yourself! I'll make the coffee!'

Chris went into the kitchen and prepared two coffees. He quietly peeped back into the lounge to ensure that she was not about to appear, and was pleased to see her lying back with her eyes closed. He reached nervously into his pocket and pulled out the phial which he carefully snapped open, emptying the contents into her cup. He quickly wrapped the evidence in a tissue and replaced it in his pocket, before taking the coffee through to the lounge.

Faith opened her eyes as the sound of the cups being placed on the table disturbed her.

'Thank you Chris, you are so sweet, what would I do without you?

To his annoyance she kicked off her heels and folded her legs up on the sofa, reaching for the coffee as she did so.

She chatted on for a few minutes, but he wasn't really paying attention, his eyes were on her dark stockinged legs and her magnificent tits that were tantalising him from within the thin red material of her dress. His cock was feeling uncomfortable now, and a bead of sweat appeared on his forehead as he watched her finish her coffee. She sank back on the sofa with the empty cup still in her hand.

'I'm sorry Chris, I think I have definitely had too much this evening, I'm feeling very woozy now!'

'Do you want me to help you upstairs?'

'No, I'll have a little doze here first, so sleepy, can you let yourself out?'

'No Problem, I'll turn the lights down and put the cups away first, see you soon then'

There was no answer. He picked the cups up and washed them thoroughly before returning to the lounge. Faith was breathing gently, eyes closed. He shook her shoulder and called her name, but there was no response. It was working! He thought he'd better give her a little more time, so he strolled over to the drinks cabinet and poured himself a stiff measure of whiskey.

What to do now? He placed his glass on the coffee table and settled on the floor next to her, her legs inches from his face. He wasn't sure what his plan was, his conscience was telling him to get up and leave now before he got any deeper into this, but his cock was taking over. He had not planned this just to walk out, he needed to touch her. At last, after years of yearning he was finally alone with the woman that turned him on more than any other, the fact that it was his wife's sexy sister was not going to deter him.

He wanted to touch her stocking clad legs, but first they needed those slutty shoes on, they looked so much sexier in those black stilettos. Better straighten her legs out first!

As soon as he touched the warmth of her legs he felt as though his cock was going to burst from his trousers, such was the effect she had on him.

Having gently straightened her legs, he managed to ease her feet back into the shoes. He looked down admiring at his handy work as she lay provocatively available before him.

Looking at her slightly parted dark red lips, he felt he urge to kiss her. Convincing himself that no harm could be done, he knelt down and moved his lips closer to hers. Their lips met, and he ran his tongue around her mouth, slowly probing further inside as her loose mouth fell open. As her perfume filled his nostrils, he became more aware of the discomfort in his pants. It suddenly clicked that he could take them off, she wasn't going to know anything about it, so why not? A minute or two wouldn't do any harm!

He quickly kicked of his shoes, trousers and boxers, deciding to leave the socks and shirt on in case he needed to make a fast retreat!

He moved back towards Faith, deciding what to do next. Looking down at her with his cock in his hand he decided the legs were next. They had tantalised him so much over the years, and now they there for the taking! He gingerly lay one hand on her shin, he felt the butterflies in his stomach start to rumble, as he slid it slowly up over her knee. The warmth of her skin below the silky material of her black stockings edging him on. His fingers disappeared beneath the flimsy red material of her dress until they rested on her lacy stocking tops. He became even more excited when he felt one of the clips of her suspenders.

'Oh fuck yes! You sexy little bitch, you're wearing suspenders for me!' He whispered.

He used to his free hand to lift her dress so that he could feast his eyes on the soft alabaster skin that swelled above the restraint of the lacy tops. His eyes were drawn further up to the the thin strip of red lace panties that formed an arrow pointing down between her thighs as if to indicate where to explore next.

'Fucking hell, fucking lovely! This dress has got to go!'

He fumbled with the ties for a few seconds before he managed to work out that it was a wrap over arrangement. Once undone, he pulled the dress apart to expose her flat stomach and her big breasts trapped beneath her matching red lace bra.

His hands closed over her tits, but he soon realised that the bra would have to go too. In a second he had unclasped the front opening and began to ease the cups away, releasing them from captivity.

So, he thought, this is what Martin has been getting for all these years. Now wonder he always looked so fucking smug! Well, there's enough here to share and I've waited long enough!

'Come on my lovelies, come to Daddy,' he muttered as her big mounds spread over her chest.

His hands closed over them and he began to squeeze them greedily, all the time watching her face for signs of her waking.

'Fucking lovely big tits!' He whispered to himself as lowered his face between them, pushing them around his cheeks. His tongue was soon lapping at them with vigour as he rolled her big rubbery nipples between his thumbs and fore fingers.

Once he had soaked them with his saliva, he couldn't resist the urge to climb over her and ease his cock between the deep cleavage that he formed by pushing them together. His pre cum added to the saliva in the deep valley was an ideal lubricant as he started to fuck her knockers vigorously. The idea of dumping his seed between them was making him more excited by the second until he looked at her parted lips. An even more appealing idea forced it's way into his mind. Dare he rub his cock around those inviting red lips? He knew it had to be done! Climbing off of her chest, he eased her sideways and positioned her head so that he could kneel on the floor and line his cock up with those lovely soft lips.

He shuffled forward on his knees. Looking down, he took his cock, which now felt like an iron rod in his hand, and started to rub it gently around her lips, leaving a sticky trail of pre cum over them. The excitement built as he saw her lips part, he just knew what he had to do next. His brain was telling him to stop, he had gone too far already, but his cock had taken control now. He eased his sticky helmet between her lips, which parted accommodatingly.

'Oh you dirty bitch!'

He watched as his cock started to ease further in, her teeth gently scraping over his foreskin.

'You've been wanting this, haven't you? You've been dying to get my cock in your mouth for a long time!'

He eased it in further, her lips slid over the dome of his helmet, in further, his eyes remained glued to her as his cock slowly filled her mouth.

'There you go baby, all you had to do was ask, but now you've got what you wanted, I know you've been longing to get your lovely lips around this big cock!'

He slid one hand behind her head to support it as the other grabbed a handful of tit. He slowly worked his cock in and out, gasping in pleasure as he began to fuck her slack mouth. He knew that he wasn't going to last long like this! He would love to just keep going until he filled her mouth with his pent up cum, but he knew that was too risky, he didn't want to risk choking her, and cumming over her face might have been obvious when she woke up!

He kept humping her mouth slowly as he looked for another target. Tits! That big pair of jugs would look good with streaks of his cum across them. He had almost made the decision when the obvious hit him like a hammer. The ideal place was right there between those luscious soft thighs! He hadn't considered that earlier as he had only intended to feel her up a bit, but things had moved on now!

He soon had her arranged to his liking on the sofa. He had pulled her down so that she was slumped with her bum on the edge and her long shapely legs out in front of her. All he had to do now was get those panties off, spread those legs and enjoy! As he eased her panties over her hips and soft round bum, he gasped with delight as her shaven mound was exposed to him.

'Oh Fuck Yes, fucking beautiful!'

He quickly slipped her panties down, leaving them hanging, abandoned around one ankle in his haste. Pulling her legs apart, he positioned his face between then, with his tongue slowly dragging along the soft inner thigh above her stocking tops, he moved towards the jewel in the crown.

He let his nose take in her scent for a few moments before his mouth closed slowly over her pussy and his tongue started to explore. It tasted a little salty to start with, she had obviously got a little hot on the dance floor!

He ran his wet tongue gently over her folds until they parted, allowing it to glide between the velvety moist interior. It seemed like no time at all until he knew she was ready. Now it was time to take this all the way! Still mindful of his original plan to have a sly grope and to maybe explore under that sexy red dress, he knew that nothing was going to stop him from going all the way now. Kneeling between her open thighs, he ran his hands over her stockings once more as he watched his cock dripping its natural lube onto her pussy lips. Taking his throbbing cock in one hand he eased the tip in a fraction of an inch, moving it around to spread the lube. Her lips gave way as he nudged it in a bit further. He was poised ready now! His hands ran up across her flat stomach, and as he lent forward to grab a big soft breast in each hand, he felt her inner heat move along his cock as it slowly filled her.

He looked down with satisfaction at his buried cock. He had been waiting years for this moment, finally he had his cock embedded in the pussy that he desired for so long, all thoughts of guilt had gone now as he slowly started to hump her limp body.

Hanging on to her tits, he looked down at the peaceful look on her face as worked his solid cock in and out.

'Shame you're not awake to enjoy this, you dirty little slut! He grunted at her.

'All those years of teasing my cock at family parties, tempting me with these big tits and those long sexy legs, I knew that this is what you wanted!'

He moved his face towards hers and began licking her lips and cheeks hungrily as he continued to pump her.

'Silly girl, all you had to do was ask! You could have been awake to enjoy my big cock, could have seen how much it wanted you! Never mind baby, you've got it now. Oh fuck yes! I'm going to give you the fucking you deserve!'

His weight was on her now, crushing her breasts beneath his fleshy chest, his hands hooked under her shoulders to pull her down onto his cock, as his buttocks arose and fell, working his it deep inside her.

He had his head next to hers, puffing in her ear with exertion between his breathless descriptions of how she was enjoying his cock.

As his thrusts became more intent, he raised himself up on his arms, then gripped her shoulders as though pinning her down. The sight of her big breast thrashing up and down in time with his thrusts started to excite him beyond his control; he knew it wouldn't be long now.

He briefly thought that he should pull out, but he knew that he wouldn't, no time for second thoughts now; he had her just where he wanted her and she was going to take it like a woman.

He drove into her harder and faster, drips of sweat were raining on to her breasts from his fore head as he pumped away between her thighs. He was trying to hold back to prolong the ecstasy but he could feel the surge building up. His balls were full to bursting point and he couldn't control the hot torrent as felt it start to rise. Gasping in relief, his buttocks clamped as he pushed his cock in hard and held it there, making sure that jet after jet of the hot cum rising up from his aching balls was being dumped deep inside her.

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