tagTransgender & CrossdressersHayley and RAF girl, Progress

Hayley and RAF girl, Progress


Id left Hayley sleeping in bed. Light from the dawn creeping through the curtains leaving me a beautiful picture of her silky white skin embedded in my mind.

Work couldn't pass quickly enough. Busy as usual I was totally distracted for the day. Remembering my night of passion only when I got changed and saw the small droplets of blood on my shirt where they had leaked from the frenzied clawing at my back.

Hayley had gone, as I expected she would, when I got back to my room. I stripped and got my shower bag and wearing a towel I went off to the communal showers and dived in. The hot torrents were soon soothing my back and bringing me back to life. As I scrubbed and cleansed myself I thought of Hayley, how good it would be to have her in the shower with me and the delights I could enjoy stroking her body with soap and exploring every morsel of her body. I dried of and headed back to my room.

I threw my wash bag on the bed, which then predictably bounced off over the edge and on to the floor. Hayley like an Angel had tidied up before she had left, and quick thoughts of her in a maid costume flicked rapidly through my brain. I bent over to get the bag off the floor and as I felt for it under the edge of the bed I pulled out Hayleys stockings.

I loved the powder blue colour and feeling them in my hands I started to rise to the occasion. I pulled out a vid from my secret stash slid it in the VCR the tell tale lines of a well used tape came flickering on to the screen and a Sulka TV tape started rolling, Sulka was a TV of the age in some magazines and movies with very sexy doll like features and hot lips. I sat on the edge of the bed and rolled the stockings on, savouring the feel of the material as it slid up my legs. As the action got wilder on screen so did the manipulation of my cock and It wasn't long before I blew my load. Shower time again. Mmmm I had an idea.

I went down to tea not long after the Mess opened hoping to catch Hayley at some point. I saw her straight away and was delighted when she told me she had been waiting for me too. She had reverted to her jeans, trainers and t-shirt and she looked immaculate as always, her breasts accentuated by the material and the slogan relax blazoned across it.

We dined with our friends all just chatting together, trying to keep our secret liaison a secret as long as we could. After a coffee I announced a trip to the shops if anyone wanted anything, and Hayley pounced on the idea, offering to come along, declaring her need for several things. Rita opted to come with us but Hayley told her she would get what she wanted and bring it back for her. I imagined that I saw a knowing look flash over Rita's face, but perhaps I was suspicious.

We got to my car and I held the door as Hayley slid in. She really did look good in her tight jeans it seemed so effortless to her. We took only few minutes to reach the local shops and I parked up at the end of what was a gravel car park. I turned to face her and we started to kiss, a beautiful romantic tender kiss that lingered and turned to caressing and nuzzling a proper romantic moment. We chatted a little about the previous night, going over many moments in no particular order, reliving the passion and delights in our minds.

I drew the conversation to how sexily Hayey dressed and they said I had a present for her. She was a little surprised, presents so soon in a relationship. She laughed aloud when I brought out a blue stocking and presented it to her. She calmed down enough to tell me of getting dressed and escaping my room avoiding detection as the block inhabitants came to life. It was then she noticed.

"Hey wheres the other one? Stockings come as a pair you know."

I eased myself back in my car seat and undid my fly manoeuvring just enough for the tip of my cock to pop out, encased in the powder blue. Hayley giggled. I was worried I might have been overplaying my hand, but Hayley reached forward and deftly slid her hand in and gripped my rapidly hardening cock, squeezing it so I could feel the blood throb as rushed to stiffen its resolve.

"Awe baby is cold? Is that why its all wrapped up. Let me get it warmer" Hayley knew how to pick her words.

She was giving my cock friction burns as she pummelled it. She had started softly and grew more eager as we had started kissing. I had started tweaking her nipples trough her t-shirt and it was then her grip tightened and became frenzied almost like she was draw my soul through my cock. I exploded. Come sifting through the material as each pulse pushed more and more through the tight mesh of the stocking.

Hayley pulled the stocking from my deflating cock and then licked her fingers as you'd expect the porn stars would. All the time looking me in the eye as tongue and lips devoured it all. She drew her lips to mine and swirled her tongue inside me. The salty taste magnificently more pleasant than I had imagined. We snowballed a while but she finally sucked it all in and the salty treat was gone.

The shopping itself didn't take long but we had been away a couple of hours by the time I dropped Hayley back at the barracks. A goodnight kiss and she was away. Just good memories to comfort me as I drove to the car park locked the car up and made my way off to bed.

I didn't get to see Hayley all the following week, we were trying to play it cool so no one would find out about us, but even so a few close friends were now in the know but beyond that small group we were still a secret. The following week I'd been training with the boys and played a little basketball but with both our shifts colliding there had been no chance to hook up.

Friday made up for it.

We met in the NAAFI after work, Rita bless her got a round in and we all started chatting about weekend plans. Hayley fancied a shopping trip up to York not far from her home, and I offered to drive her. Plans completed and with hunger setting in the few of us who lived in headed toward the Mess. Hayley had swapped her linen earlier and being the eager boyfriend I carried it up the road with the small group. As we got close to the Mess Hayley diverted us to drop off the bags of sheets and we walked toward her block.

Her room was at the far end of the ground floor corridor next to the fire escape, a near perfect place to avoid being seen as it was well away from footpaths and had rough ground to the rear. Well aware of the risks Hayley ushered me through the fire door and into her room. It had the same layout as mine but was so much tidier, but had so many more items of clothing. I sat on the bed and Hayley started to strip out of her uniform. God she looked great nude and I was just rising to the occasion when she grabbed a towel and announced she would be back in five, darting through the door heading for the shower.

I made myself comfortable and when Hayley returned I was lying naked in her bed, in what I hoped was a impressive macho pose. I got a beautiful smile and she slipped under the covers and into bed. Holding her was a delight, her body moulded to mine as we started to kiss and our embrace got tighter with the rising excitement. She grabbed my butt cheeks as I entered her, a gasp issuing from her lips. A steady gyrating hip action soon had her writhing on top of me so she could control the depth and force of each stroke. I humped as best I could almost pinned down and I exploded into her as she started screaming in my ear about her "fucking gorgeous orgasm."

A gentle nibbling on my nipples brought me round, how long id been asleep I didnt know but I was soon wide awake as Hayley started to play with my cock. She laid back and we kissed, her hands moving round my neck guiding me to her breasts, my mouth encircling her fantastic nipples one after the other, as she fed them to me. We played like this for a while just enjoying each other and making the most of the foreplay. At one point I rubbed her clit with a vibrator that id found under the pillow, that had been a bit of a shock for her but she soon started to purr like a cat, and the claws came out to play too.

We took a bit of a rest break. Hayley lying naked on the bed. I got up and grabbed a drink off the table. After a few gulps and a declined offer to Hayley to have a swig, I put the bottle down. Just there on the side was the blue and white corset with its blue lace trim, from our first night of passion. I picked it up admiring its beauty, I swung it round my waist and paraded myself in front of Hayley. She laughed, I had never been a good mover and the ridiculous spectacle before her was just too much it was almost fits of laughter.

I moved round to look at myself in the mirror, perhaps the limp cock hanging there below the corsets edge did look funny. Arms encircled me, Hayley had climbed out of bed and now behind me started to move the corset in to its proper place, she came round the front and started to pull together the clasps the rivet like pegs sliding into the adjoining holes, I looked into her eyes as she did me up giving me a big smile in return.

"So you want to be my girlie then do you?" she questioned, all I could do was mumble an excited yes.

Hayley sat me on the edge of the bed then moving round her room gathered some things together.

"I knew that Id be able to take advantage of you soon, all my 'girls' want me to look after them." Hayley started to chat away a whole fantasy scenario building up as she went.

She gave me a pair of tan stockings which I pulled up my legs,

"You've done that before too I think." she said.

I explained I had and told her about jerking off wearing her blue ones those few weeks ago. She giggled again and bent over to fasten the suspender clips to the stocking tops for me. I was delirious, no way this could be happening to me.

Things were about to get better. Hayley got her makeup bag out and did a quick but thorough job on my face. Foundation mascara eyeliner it all went on. Eye shadow blusher and lipstick too. I couldn't see my self but Hayley had a look of complete concentration as I just sat there rooted to the spot. A few pair of shoes were tried but all were a little too small but finally a pair of black slingbacks allowed just enough fit to allow me to stand. Hayley got me to step into a RAF skirt and she pulled it up hanging it on my hips then she went and got her blouse, slipping it over my shoulders and fastening the buttons. She tucked me in and did up the button and zip on the skirt. Her tunic came next, but she was un impressed by my lack of boobs so she balled up a couple of pairs of tights and stuffed them into the top of the corset adjusting the v-neck blouse, finally buttoning up the tunic. Before I turned to see myself in the mirror Hayley popped her hat onto my head then allowed me to look at myself in the mirror.

I was fascinated, it had started out as a playful desire and had progressed rapidly into a challenge for Hayley and a joy for me. I was staring into the face of a rather pretty girl, tall yes, well built yes, but with feminine features and the reddest lips. I was besotted I turned to admire myself smoothing down my skirt and pulling the tunic down a tad to get it to fit a little better. Hayley took a step back to check out her work. She looked pleased as punch a giant smile on her lips. She had done a magnificent job.

I looked her in the face and she lent forward kissing me full on the lips. It was an amazing kiss I could feel the lipstick on my lips the moisture softening our very gentle touch still further. Hayley embraced me and grabbed my ass rubbing the skirt material feeling the stocking tops as she slid her hand up my thigh.

She started to pull at either side of my skirt making it rise, the stocking tops appeared and I felt so sexy as she explored the material then the bare flesh of my thighs. Having my legs stroked was the best feeling ever, or so I thought, but these were just the start of a whole host of feelings that were yet to come.

I remembered I hadn't put on any panties and my cock now wouldn't have allowed a fit anyway as id grown rather excited. It nudged Hayley in her stomach and she looked down but then ignored the problem by spinning me round. She gently pushed me over the table and just when i wondered what she was planning I felt her tongue dart into my ass. Her nails dug in and spread my ass cheeks apart as she started to rim and suck me. Waves of pleasure hit me like nothing id experienced before. I started to move about trying to get her deeper into me, trying to force her head closer. Then came the finger.

I was so carried away that it was well in by the time I noticed. People say it hurts that the pain is awful but I was close to ecstasy as the one finger was joined by two and the twisting and pushing was sending me wild. Hayley pulled out switching positions and I felt a firm object push at my rim. As it entered the soft buzzing made me aware that it was the vibrator from earlier. Hayley was behind me holding one end firmly against her clit and pushing the other end into my ass. My girl was fucking me and was fucking me like a guy would fuck. She put one hand on my shoulder gripping me and steadying herself, the pace quickened and the thrusts became rougher. Hayleys dirty talk started she called me her dirty little whore girlfriend, told me that id be being fucked more telling me guys would want to fuck me to use me. Tirades of language and scenarios issued forth, Hayley really getting into the whole thing as fully committed as possible.

She bit my ear as she climaxed her whole body shaking as she humped me. She slowed down eventually pulling out of me. She stepped back and gathering herself together got some composure back.

"Kneel Tash, kneel in front of me now."

I lifted myself from the table, and knelt before her. She slid the vibrator into my mouth and made me suck it, then started to face fuck me with it. A long spell of this and she moved the hard plastic cock from my mouth and replaced it with the soft folds of her pussy. I drank down the nectar of the gods as her juices and pussy lips started to remove my make up and ruined my lipstick.. I was rock hard as Hayley shifted onto the bed. I stood up and moved toward her.

"Now Tash rub that giant clitty of yours so I can see it cum and do it now!"

I stood before her skirt hitched up cock in hand wanking like there was no tomorrow. I moved on to the bed straddling her thighs. It only took a few more strokes and I shot all over her pussy. The cum sitting on her pubic hair like blossom on a tree. A finger she had been sliding on her clit now rubbed the cum into her fanny and without word of command I moved down and started to clean up every last drop. Hayley spun me onto my back and she mounted my face rubbing herself off against my chin and nose, her juice now literally gushing down my throat. She reached down and removed my hat that I was miraculously still wearing and perched it on her own head. After she had cum again she raised herself up and I drew breath but as I did so a trickle then a stream started to flow over me and Hayley released control and peed all over me. My throat locked up and the overflow poured over my chin and down onto my blouse. Hayley had moved back a way and her pee rained down over the blouse and tunic. The light blue blouse now a navy blue as it became sodden.

When we fell asleep I don't know, but when I awoke in the early hours we were spooning and it took a moment to extricate myself. I needed to pee and quickly undressed grabbed Hayleys dressing gown from behind the door and dived to the loo's.

Hayley was sitting cross legged in a fresh bed when I got back the damp sheets having been replaced and mattress protector wiped clean. I sheepishly grinned at her.

It was then that I made a discovery that would delight me to the core. Hayley thanked me for going along with her fantasy and not chickening out when she started dressing me up. I was gob smacked I thought she had been going along with my fantasy and was worried that in the cold light of day she would think I was some kind of pervert.

As Hayley continued to explain her desires I blurted out that it had also been mine and that Id been worried she would find me to kinky. We chatted away for hours really getting into the depth of our kinks and discussing every aspect of our desires. It was soon dawn and the start of a new day.

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