tagRomanceHe Meets His Match

He Meets His Match


Henry was on his horse and everything was perfect. The sun was shining. The harvest was bountiful. The women swarmed him. And most of all, the hacienda was more successful than it has ever been. As he was making his rounds, checking to see if the workers were okay and if things were running smoothly, he came upon a couple of workers squabbling with a strapping young lady. He saw that the sacks of pineapple that was due for shipping was tipped over, many of the pineapples littering the muddy ground. There was also a burgundy van. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what had happened. But that wasn't what held his attention in those few precious seconds.

She was tall for a Filipina, her skin light in color and looked to be as soft as a baby's. Her black hair, made chocolate flowed down to her lower back in a wavy cascade. She wore a plaid blue and white polo over a plain baby blue tank top and short jean shorts. Her legs were magnificent. They seemed to go on forever. Her breasts were shapely and supple, showing just enough to entice him and hold his eyes. Her waist was small, and with her wide hips, it only added to her charm. Overall, her face was pretty, with pouting lips that just gave her a hint of the kind of sexy one could only describe as "sassy".

He grinned, looking at this beautiful woman before smoothly sliding off his horse and walking towards them. As the workers saw him, they stopped what they were doing and took off their hats, lightly bowing their heads to him respectfully.

"Hello po sir. Hello sir." The workers all greeted him. He greeted them as well before getting straight to the point. They were all used to this.

"What seems to be the problem here?" He looked at the woman, but directed the question to everyone.

She only pursed her lips and put her hands on her waist. Her eyes lingered on his bare chest and abs. His grin only spread wider, knowing that she wanted him. Though her body language exuded different, he knew she wanted him.

The woman finally spoke up, her dark chocolate brown eyes avoiding his.

"Well why don't you look at my car? These people here, these people weren't looking where they're going. Just take a look at what happened to my car!"

One of the workers retaliated with her words, saying that if she had been watching where she was going and stopped, then they could have prevented all of this.

Yep. She's definitely hot. Hot tempered that is. Henry only rolled his eyes and smiled, giving the woman the best smart-aleck response he could give, deliberately moving into her personal space to make her uncomfortable.

"Well Miss, maybe if you could have just apologized and asked for help then maybe these workers would have been more than glad to help. Unlike you city folk, just because were provincianos, doesn't mean that we don't abide by simple courtesies."

He smiled at her in that fake way that people do, trying to hide how amused he was by her reaction from him.

While he spoke, she deliberately moved her face away from him, her eyes once again lingering to his exposed upper body. Her voice trembled as she spoke.

"Wha-What are you talking about!? I am not rude! Besides, it was their fault! They knew I was coming, why didn't they move out of the way?"

Of course, they both knew that she was at fault. She just wasn't willing to admit it. He moved out of her personal space then, sighing dramatically and watching her release a breath when he moved away. Her breasts moving up and down with her barely seen labored breathing.

"Okay fine. Since we are not heartless like some people, if you really want help getting your car out of that ditch, there's a town a bit off ways from here. Just follow the path down this path and you should be there before nightfall. Turn to the first big house to the right and you should come across Casa Consuelo."

The woman tried to reel in her temper, stomping off to the direction he's given her. Before she could disappear from their eyes, the rain began to pour, causing her clothing to cling to her skin. She screamed her frustration, only making him laugh. As she heard his laughter, she began stomping off again before disappearing behind the hilltop.

When the woman disappeared, the rain began to slow to a drizzle, the mud became a bit slippier and the woman's car should be easier to get out of the ditch. Since the people of Consuelo were courteous and nice people, one would not have to worry about theft there.

Henry helped the workers get the pineapples back in the wooden carts, sending them on their way back to the hacienda to clean them off before preparing them for shipment. He wasn't completely heartless however. Stopping one of the older more gentle workers, he told the large, burly, and older man to take the woman's car to Casa Consuelo. The woman bowed to him with a small smile on his face before getting in the car to bring it back to its rightful owner.

Thinking back to fiery woman he had just encountered, he couldn't help but get a smile on his face. He shook his head, thinking that after a couple weeks, the woman would be gone. He climbed back onto his horse and began his ride back to the hacienda.

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