Her Doll Ch. 02


Covers being pulled gently away from my naked body, soft lingering kisses warm the sculpted calves of my legs. Lips and long tendrils of silkened hair tease my skin, coaxing me awake. My body quivers with excitement as his tongue circles the back of my knee then traces up the inside of my thigh. Whether he caresses every inch of my long, smooth limbs with his hands or mouth, it is with the sole purpose of worshipping them. Spreading my legs apart, he crawls to me. An all sheer black laced negligee molds to his arched back, clinging to his muscular, rounded stuck up ass. I can feel his extra long, thick, heavily lacquered, eyelashes fluttering against my thighs. His heels scrape against my bare legs as I pull his deep red, lipsticked mouth into my wet, awaiting pussy. Holding his ears, I grind into his face, pressing his lips against my deprived, slick cunt, demanding demonstration of his nastiest tongue talents. Finding my engorged throbbing clit...

Stretching languorously, the dream wakes me long before the alarm is set to rouse me from sleep. My pussy is drenched, as images of Christine, my delectable cross dressing boss, seduce me. My first inclination is to finger fuck myself, releasing every bit of confined heat that causes my loins to ache, but the foreseen upcoming build up was too exciting. I could not give in yet to any such urges. I considered last night's office escapade with Christine to be nothing more than a small tease. I looked forward to the rest of the weekend with much anticipation. Leaving the office, Christine seemed unnerved by the lack of detail I provided in return for keeping his fetish private. He would arrive at my home, promptly at 1 p.m. He was instructed to bring an overnight bag if he wished, as he would be staying with me for the rest of the weekend, but would be provided with whatever was needed. I had not mentioned the get together or what role he was intended to play. However, by the amused look on his face, it was clear he thought I was only asking for a weekend romp at best.

After a quick trip to the drugstore and my favorite lingerie shop, I prepared a spare bedroom for my unexpecting guest. Considering his outfit, I opened a large box and lifted each bought item from within the folds of pink tissue paper. One by one, the items were put out delicately on the bed for dress. Sheer black fully fashioned cuban heel seamed stockings, a frilly pair of black satin sissy boy thong panties, a black satin mini spanking skirt, elbow length black satin gloves, and a long waisted black lace over silver satin corset with four garters almost completed the ensemble. Trimmed in gorgeous Italian lace, the corset was the most magnificent piece of all. Adding a 5 inch pair of black stiletto heels and a seductively layered, long hair, espresso colored wig, left me feeling quite satisfied. With some time left to spare, I needed a long hot shower. Heading to my room, I decided a proper pampering was in order for tonight's festivities.

Right on cue, the doorbell rang at 1 p.m. Wrapped in a short black velvet robe, I opened the door and greeted my boss. Dressed casually in jeans and a polo shirt, he was quite handsome. Stepping aside, I invited him in.

'Am I to take it that we are spending the evening in tonight?' he asked, smiling deviously as he pulled me into his arms.

'I guess you can say that,' I said laughingly, pulling away from his embrace. 'I am having a get together tonight and you will be helping me tend to my guests. Let me show you to the bedroom so you can start getting ready.'

Leading him upstairs to the spare bedroom, he looked at me quizzically. 'I am not going to be sharing a bed with you?'

'We will see, but for now, you can dress here. I've laid your uniform out on the bed for you,' pointing to the sassy little outfit prepared for him earlier.

'Surely you cannot expect me to wear this outfit in front of your guests!' he said disbelievingly, raking a hand through his hair.

'I most certainly do. Think of yourself as..a type of maid this weekend. My maid. Unless of course, you refuse.'

'And if I do?'

'By Monday, everyone in the office and a few of your most talkative colleagues will know you have been hiding a nasty little secret.'

'No one will believe you. You will be considered the bitter secretary who must have been discarded after a brief affair with her boss.'

'Perhaps you are right. Although, I guess it was pretty smart of me to make copies of all those invoices, I happened upon, hidden in your filing cabinet. You know, invoices from that discreet website who caters to the man wanting to be a woman?'

'You were snooping through my office?' he asked, uneasily shifting his weight to accommodate the stirring beneath his trousers. A peek at her dominating nature was highly arousing.

'No,' I said laughing out loud, 'I was doing my job. It was my boss who needed to find a better hiding place. No matter. You have a little time to decide. If you choose to stay, the shower is down the hall to your right. Razors, shaving cream..It's all there. You will find depilatory cream with instructions on the bottle. Use it on your arms, chest, legs, and stomach..however you see fit. I want your body to be as smooth as possible. There is also some gentle body lotion and lavender oils for you to use after your shower. You can find me when you are finished and I will help you dress.'

Shutting the door behind me, I did not expect to receive such resistance. Twenty minutes later, I walked quietly down the hall and was pleased to hear the shower running. Figuring it would take him some time, I retreated to my room to finish my own hair and make-up. With a flawless face and each long curl lightly sprayed into place, I slip off my robe and slide into a sinful pair of black lace panties and an extremely naughty nipple baring black demi bra. As I adjust my swollen cleavage into place and look into the mirror, I catch my boss standing in the doorway, with only a white fluffy towel draped across his waist.

'How was your shower?' I asked breathlessly, unable to take my eyes off his now hairless chest and legs.

'Great. Thank you. I can't believe how easily the hair came off of my body or how smooth my skin feels. As I dried myself off, I liked how the towel felt against my skin. Are you ready for me?' he went on mischievously.

'Yes..Come sit on my vanity bench so that I can make you pretty,' I purred, deciding to leave off the robe in an effort to tease him, not letting him think he was the one in control.

Sitting on the bench, he adjusted his towel, covering up his cock that was unable to stay down. No one had ever offered to make him pretty before. Especially, not a less than half dressed secretary.

It was like we were having our own private slumber party. I manicured and painted each toe 'Devil Red' and glued extra long press on nails to his fingers before painting them the same color. As the polish dried, his eyebrows were plucked and shaped into elegant arches before being filled in with pencil. Foundation and a light rouge to define his cheekbones only complimented his skin, giving him a soft feminine glow. I took extra time outlining his kissable lips before applying two coats of a deep red, highly glossed lipstick. Lastly, extreme eyelash extensions were added for length and thickness, then heavily coated with ultra jet black mascara. They must have been longer than what he was used to as he could not keep from batting his eyelashes which proved to be a small task. Black dots of mascara would appear smudged against his skin causing quite a few touch-ups. Although quite impatient to have his face perfectly painted, it was amazingly sexy. I longed to kiss and lick every inch of his face, smearing both his and my jet black mascaraed lashes and glossed red lips. There would be plenty of time for that later, but tonight, he was my doll and I wanted him to be perfect.

With Christine almost in full presence, I led him to his room to complete the transition. Firmly fixing the wig to his head, long layered, wavy, tresses flowed down past the middle of his back. Since the wig was made out of human hair, it gave him a more natural, softer appearance. Removing his towel, I press on his shoulders, sitting his butt fuck naked body, in all it's glory, down onto the bed. Crawling behind him, pressing and rubbing my bare nipples against his back, I coached him into his cuban heel, seamed stockings. As each exquisite stocking made contact with his sensitive hairless flesh, he gasped in delight. Watching him inch into each stocking, with careful consideration, was memorizing.

'Now, my tempting little minx,' swirling my hot tongue inside of his ear, 'crooked seams are not very ladylike and quite unacceptable. Good girls always make sure their seams are militantly straight. Show me how you check your seams.'

With a rugged breath, he took one extra long, Red Devil colored fingernail and traced each of his raised seams. 'Good girl,' I said, giving him praise. 'Now, slip into each of your heels. Remember, s-l-o-w-l-y cause I love to watch. Then stand up for your corset.'

With the black 5 inch stiletto heels in front of him, he rubbed the soles of his feet against the fine leather and around the stiletto heel. Easing his toes in and out, he played, until he gave in, working one foot, and then the next, into his delicious heels. Twisting his foot from side to side, he admired his perfectly created arches as he stood. Strutting in front of me, he became accustomed to the feel and fit of his heels. The more he pranced around, the more confident he became. It was the perfect show of shoe masturbation and feminine prowess.

Looking back and forth between the bed and myself, he held out his arms and wiggled his fingers. Holding the satin gloves by the very tips, I dangled the sleek beauties in front of him. Anxiously nodding his approval, I could tell my cross-dressing fetish boy wanted his gloves. The satin hugged each hand and stretched over his fake, long fingernails. Sliding and smoothing the gloves over his arms...Oh damn him! What a naughty tease! His shivers of delight while scantily clothed, his cock left uncovered, left me in dripping hot wetness.

Opting for the sissy boy thong panties before the corset, I could no longer help myself. 'You are going to look very sweet in your little sissy boy panties,' I playfully teased. With his black frilly satin panties in hand, I gently worked the delicate fabric from his chest down to his stockinged thighs before drifting back up to circle his stone hard, erected, cock. The rustling play of fabric against fabric and the heightened sensitivity from bare flesh against satin, made him weak in the knees. Falling back into the soft cushioning of the bed, I captured his penis, wrapping his thick, warm member within the satin panties. Deliberately and slowly, I slid my cupped fingers up and down his hard, sleek flesh. Pre come oozed from his slit, marking the satin. We both watched as his vein etched cock emerged and then disappeared within the folds of his little panties. Gripping him more firmly with my fingers, I worked the panties up and down, harder and faster, wanting to milk his cock.

'Mm mm..How does that feel?'

'Ohh..It..feels..soo..fucking..good!' he panted, losing control between words. 'Oh Shit! Fuck! I'm going to come!'

As he ejaculated, I held his cock as streams and great globs of thick, creamy come splashed across his chest and stomach.

Suddenly, a clearing throat startled us. In the doorway, stood Sam with a dainty kitten attached to his arm. 'No one answered, so we let ourselves in. Though please, don't stop on our account. Hell! We might even join in!'

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