tagBDSMHer Head Held High...

Her Head Held High...


Her Head Held High, But Those Eyes Never Leaving The Ground

She sat there on her knees, her head held high but her eyes looking downward. She was proud to be his slave and that gave her the confidence she wanted and needed. Her butt was raised just off her heels and her hands were placed on her knees palms up to let him know that she would do anything that he desired. Her long black hair trailed down over her bare shoulders and back. Her pale skin seemed to radiate as she kneeled there waiting for him. She often sat in this position waiting for him to arrive home from work so that she could do whatever would please him. This was the way that her life went, everyday cleaning the house and then waiting there in the living room in this position for him to arrive home to her. Master took care of everything for her and she need not worry about anything. He was kind and loving, but very dominate and it was this trait that she loved. It was the fact that he was loving and kind, but very much in control of everything. It was this that set her on fire.

The key turned slowly in the door and she heard this and straightened her back even more making sure that her stance was perfect. The wooden door swung open and he stood there in his glory before her. He had shoulder length black hair and most amazing green eyes. His gaze to her was kind and gentle as it always has been for he was pleased with her and glad that she was still there. He ran his hand over her head and his fingers entwined into her hair as his other hand caressed her soft pale cheek. "Good evening, Master" she spoke her eyes still gazing at the floor as she enjoyed each touch he gave her.

He nodded his head to her and kissed her forehead and then reached down and took her hand and pulled her to her feet. She stood there before him, naked as she usually was around his home, her head still high, but those eyes never looking up to him or anything else. This was her respect to him. He tenderly kissed her lips and she received it as another one of the many sweet gifts that he gave her. It was his every touch, his every kiss, and everything else he did that was her pleasure. It was her pleasure to be the one to please him.

He lead her into the kitchen where she had already had his dinner cooked and it was, as usual. piping hot and ready for consumption. He smiled again. "You please me so well, Angel, how could I ever get rid of you?" She smiled as he let her go and she prepared his dinner plate and his wine and placed it in his normal place and then kneeled by his chair in the same position that she had been in earlier. She never spoke much, just enjoyed his company like non-other.

After dinner he lead her out to the living room and placed her on the floor next to his chair. He seated himself and she sat there in that same position awaiting any command that her master may give her. No task was to big or to small for her if he willed it so. She'd move mountains for him and fight off the deadliest beasts. The television was turned on and he became indulged in it for a while before making his way over to the computer and continuing his daily routine checking his e-mail and talking to his online friends and she just sat there completely content in that same position.

Every few minutes he would send her to get him a drink or some other small thing, but there were never really any heavy tasks. He cared for her as she did him. He respected her as she did him. He knew that it was she that had the control in this for she could control her own emotions and it was this that gave her power over him. She knew this as well as he did, but she paid no heed to it because he was good to her and she had no reason to rebel.

After hours of kneeling there beside him while he went about his routine, he finally turned to her with kind eyes and spoke "Go and run a bath for me" the turned back to the computer screen.

She replied with a simple "Yes Master" and rose to her feet and went to the bathroom and ran a hot bath for him adding in sandalwood oils and pulling out his favorite soaps and everything else that would be needed. She heard his call and quickly ran to him and kneeled "Yes Master?" she asked and he gently spoke to her...

"Rise. Angel... Let me look at you" she rose to her feet and slowly turned with her arms stretched out to the side letting him look at her. She was neither ashamed of herself nor ashamed to let him look at her.

"You are most beautiful" he spoke gently "Come with me as I bathe" she nodded and followed him to the bathroom and helped him out of his clothing and into the bath. She smiled as she heard his happy sigh as he nose took in the scent of the sandalwood oils she had added and his skin felt the hot water run over it. She reached down and got a sponge and placed the soaps onto it and began to bathe him slowly running her hands all over his back and chest. She moved the sponge over his genitals and down his legs and then he turned over so that she could bathe the rest of him. She then lifted the pitcher beside the tub and rinsed his body and wet his hair and then worked the sweet smelling shampoo into his hair lathering it up and then rinsing it with the pitcher of water.

He seemed so relaxed at her touch and his eyes stayed closed while she did this for him. His ears tuned into the sweet melody, which she hummed from her lips as she continued about her work with a gentle, smile caressing her tender, soft, and pink lips. He was truly pleased with her and all her actions and she would get her reward for being such a good girl.

He stood to his feet and stepped upon the matt in the floor and she took a towel and began to dry him off from top to bottom, getting every crevice in his perfect muscular body. She never blushed as her hands moved over those places that would normally cause a woman to become flushed at touching. She just went about what she was to be doing, her head held high, but those eyes never rising from the ground. She helped him into his robe and he lead her into the bedroom where she took his comb and began to gentle comb through his long. black, wet hair.

She tied his hair back into the ponytail that he normally wore it in and then sat back on her knees looking down at the floor awaiting his next command. There were many days that went by just like this. Day in and day out she sat there in that same position waiting for him to beckon to her so that she may serve him.

It was then that he turned and took her by the forearms and brought her to his lap and had her sit there in his lap. She enjoyed this attention from her master even more. His arms enveloped around her waist and he leaned her against his chest. She was like a cat in its owner's arms. She was content as she allowed her eyes to close as she lay there against his chest listening to the most beautiful music that she has ever known, his sweet heartbeat. He placed two fingers under her chin and lifted her head, which had begun to face downward in her contentment, and her head rose though her eyes looked down still in respect.

"Look at me, sweet Angel" he spoke to her and with this she raised her crystal blue eyes to look at his face, but she dared to make eye contact with him. This would be very disrespectful for her to do. She gazed upon his face and though she was lost by those bright green eyes she never gazed into them. Her eyes caressed every feature upon his masculine face, the clean-shaven cheeks and his mouth that was shaped perfectly and trimmed with a clean mustache and a goatee that hung perhaps a quarter of an inch below his chin. His face was manly, but very soft and kind. He tenderly kissed her lips and she thanked him for the kiss as she had every sweet kiss he had ever given her. Each a most precious gift in itself.

He lifted her into his arms and placed her on his bed and looked down at her smiling to her gently. "I love you, sweet Angel" he spoke to her in such kind words that they did make her shiver inside and she returned the words, "And I love you, Master" This relationship would have seemed strange to their neighbors, but to them this was the way of life, the way things were suppose to be.

It was then that he sat down beside her and began to kiss on her again. He began with her lips and her ears, then her neck and the top of her chest. She dared not to move only receive these gifts in which she thanked him for every single one, saying simply in her light tone "Thank you master"

He stood up before her and took off his robe and dropped it to the ground and lay across his bed and told her to give him a massage. She hurried to the cabinet where she kept the massage oils and lifted out a bottle of rose oil and went to the bathroom and got a bowl of hot water in which she placed the oil so that it would warm up. She brought that as well as a towel back to her master's side and kneeled there beside him on the bed and softly began to rub his back working out the kinks there adding oil as was needed.

As she finished his back she worked her hands down to his buttocks and there treated those muscles with the same respect as she would any. Her hands eventually made there way down his thighs and legs and to his feet. She would add more of the warm rose oil every few minutes, as it was needed to relax him and make his skin smooth. After finishing his backside he rolled over and her hands immediately connected with his chest as she massaged their and his arms as well. Her hands made their way down his stomach and massaged his abdomen and on down to his hips.

It was then that her eyes made contact with her master's member. Her eyes did not flinch though it was hardening as she continued to massage him. Her hands worked as normal giving each part of him equal attention and when it came time to massage his hardened muscle her hands enveloped it in the warm rose oil and she heard her master sigh as she gripped it running her hands up and down the shaft of it. She noticed a few drops of his precum at the tip and she circled her fingers over the tip and she could feel him watching what she was doing to him. She did not stop nor pause just continued to stroke him paying attention to the sack below his shaft. Her fingertips massaged there gently caressing his balls and the shaft as well. Her hands began to move off of the shaft and down to his inner thighs.

Quickly he grabbed her hands forcefully and pulled them back up to his member. "Please me, Angel" he spoke to her in the soft and kind voice, yet with force behind it. Her head nodded and her hands began to move back up and down his shaft, as she now knew that he expected sexual pleasure from her now and the massage had ended.

Her hands moved up and down the shaft and she massaged the tip. She would dare do nothing more than to please him with her hands unless told to do so. That is when his voice rang out again after his breathing had rapidly grown. "Use your mouth, Angel" he spoke to her and she smiled "Yes Master" simply said as usual and she leaned over and began to please him orally.

Her tongue swirled over the tip first. It took a moment to get use to the taste of the rose oil that she had been using to massage him, but after a moment she did not notice it any longer. Her lips moved over the tip and slightly down the shaft. She could hear his sweet moans of pleasure as she did this beginning slowly and working up to being a bit faster. Her lips slid up and down the shaft quickly now as her tongue swirled around in her mouth rubbing those places of pleasure and massaging them deeper and with more intensity. Her fingers made their way to his sac and she began to massage his balls as her mouth became even faster onto his rock hard member.

His moans became louder and louder as she moved around, swirling her mouth in circles and making her fingers massage his g-spot. He reached down and placed his hands into her hair and grabbed a chunk of it and pulled slightly then slightly thrusting his hips upwards to make her take his cock in even deeper. She did so willingly and without breaking her pace. He leaned his head back in enjoyment as her mouth worshipped him for a while. He would thrust upwards some making her take it deeper then relax and let her do as she pleased to him.

After a few more moments he reached a second hand down and both of them reached under her arms and he pulled her up on top of him and sat her nakedness onto his stomach and he looked up at her. "Turn your back to me" he spoke "Then ride me" his voice was so much more commanding and she did so quickly. Her own genitals already dripping wet wanting him, but never saying a word or paying attention to herself for she wanted to please her master.

She slid her dripping wetness over his cock and let it slide deep inside her. "Now no coming until I say so" he spoke to her and she replied with the same simple, but now louder "Yes Master"

She began to ride him slowly at first and he grabbed her hips and thrust upwards and began pounding away at her tightness. She wanted to moan, but made not a sound for he had not told her to. He kept pumping into her faster and faster and she bit her lip to keep from making a sound. His moans grew louder and louder as he pounded into her and she enjoyed every moment of hearing her masters pleasure sounds. He growled as he pushed up into her harder and harder.

He quickly pushed her off of him and slung her to her knees on the floor and she dared not move. He got behind her then and rubbed the pulsing head of his cock against her tight anal entrance. She bit her lip again panting some as he was pleasing her beyond extent. "You want this don't you?" he spoke in that voice which had now become naughty and sadistic. "Please, yes Master" she begged.

She knew her role and played it well. He slowly began to penetrate her tight ass and she bit her lip still not making a sound, as she had not been told to. "You may vocalize freely, Angel" he spoke "But you make sure I hear it"

This was music to her ears "Yes Master, thank you Master" she spoke out to him as he began to penetrate her even further and began to slide in and out of her ass slowly.

Her moans were like soft sweet vocals of pleasure as he began to slide in and out of her harder and faster as he went. "Please Master, harder. Use me to please yourself" It was all she cared for, making him happy. He pounded into her faster and harder, spreading her legs even wider as to force himself further in. She made screams of pleasure as he did so and he enjoyed hearing her.

His moans became louder and she realized that he was soon to cum. "Master can I please cum?" she begged and he pounded faster into her and quickly pulled out only to thrust it back into her dripping wet pussy and she begged again "Please Master may I?" he pounded even quicker into her.

He loved to hear her beg. "Not yet" he said through his moans and pounded deeper and faster into her.

She screamed out louder still begging him to let her cum. She could almost not stand it anymore. "Ok, now" he exclaimed as he began to pump his seed into her coming hard into her and growling loudly as he did. She herself let go as well and screamed out in ecstasy her body trembling and almost collapsing against his.

He pulled her body against his and pulled out of her panting himself and still growling from the pleasure. He curled her up to him and held her close for a few minutes then let her go speaking gently "Go and clean yourself up" he then grinned a seductive grin and spoke "That was only round one"

She stood to her feet still trembling and made her way to the bathroom to clean herself off. A bit later she returned to him and kneeled at his feet on her heels her palms up on her knees. Her head was held high and proud, but those eyes, those crystal blue orbs of passion, never left the ground.

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