tagIncest/TabooHigh School Teasers Ch. 02

High School Teasers Ch. 02


Note from Slickman-If you haven't already done so please read High School Teasers before starting this story. All characters are at least 18 years old. Do not use this story elsewhere without the permission of the author.

Steamy hot water beat against Jamie's front as Jake stood staring at his naked sister's ass for almost two minutes.

"Well?" Jamie laughed as she turned around to face him. "Would you rather do the front first?"

As nice as her ass was her front was twice as good. Her rosy tips on top of her breasts dripped small water droplets downward to her feet.

"This is not play-acting anymore." Jake said as he soaped up his hands.

"We are just rehearsing." Jamie smiled as she soaped up her own fingers. They both reached forward at the same time. Jake's hands curled to cup both of her firm mounds while her fingers immediately moved to his hard-on.

"It's going to be a short rehearsal." Jake moaned as her small fingers stroked his hard shaft.

"You have to practice things over and over to get them right." Jamie giggled while her fingers explored and stroked. He definitely was bigger than her boyfriend.

"Have you ever....you know use your mouth on Mannie?" Jamie asked her brother. He opened his eyes and smiled. "No but you are welcome to do me if you want." Jamie squeezed his rod tightly. He groaned.

"If this is not enough I'll just quit." She said while dropping her fingers from his red prick. She turned around and faced the other way. She smiled when she felt his rigid prick push against her buttocks.

"It's never enough." He whispered as his own fingers moved over and around her hips. She had touched him twice now and finally it was his turn. He moved his fingers slowly down her tight abs and into her trimmed bush. Her legs opened to grant him access to her pussy. He quickly found out she was still a virgin.

"So we are both virgins." He commented as his fingers moved down to the end and lower over her puckered opening. She grabbed his wrist. "Huh uh." She guided him back to her hard clitoris. "Right there." She leaned her body back until his prick was wedged up between her ass cheeks. His fingers rubbed and caressed her pleasure button.

"Oh God Jake!" She cried as he brought her to completion. "NOW!" She screamed as her body exploded. She turned and brought her lips to his. Their tongues danced in each others mouth as her fingers once again found his hard-on. She moved her tongue in and out of his mouth to match the stroking action of her hand. He didn't last long.

"OH SHIT!" Jake groaned as his hot juices splattered out against her stomach. Her fingers didn't stop stroking him until he was completely empty. She turned to watch his pleasure from her stomach.

"What is next?" Jake asked as he grabbed her ass as she moved out of the shower. She giggled and ran naked from the bathroom. Their parents were to be gone for two whole weeks.

"You have to find me to find out." Jamie giggled as she ran down the stairs and hid behind the sofa.

Mannie had not heard from Jake for almost two days which was not like him. She normally had to tell him to stop calling so much. She thought she would surprise him as she stood on his front porch and rang the doorbell.

Jake saw Jamie's naked ass moving down the stairs and ran to catch her. He got to the bottom of the stairs when the doorbell rang. Shit. He moved over to the small side windows and pulled back the curtain. Mannie was looking directly at his shocked facial expression. Fuck. He turned to look for Jamie when the front door opened. He had forgotten to lock it last night. He turned to see Mannie's look of total surprise seeing him naked in front of her. It was the first time she had seen the whole package especially his rock hard prick out in the open like it was.

"MANNIE!" He exclaimed as he moved his hand and arm down to cover his penis.

"JAKE!" She cried. The door slammed close behind her. "YOU'RE NAKED!"

Mannie knew Jake's parents would be away for a few weeks and thought maybe it was time for them to go all the way. All they had to do was get rid of Jamie.

"I was in the shower." Jake said still covering his shaft.

Mannie smiled. "I'm not complaining. Is Jamie here?"

"Er..........Jamie?" He knew he had to say no because why would he be walking around naked. "No of course not."

Jamie giggled softly from her hiding position. She knew her brother was totally embarrassed.

"Let's go up to my bedroom." Jake said knowing Jamie was hiding downstairs somewhere.

"Why?" Mannie grinned. Her body was on fire seeing him naked like this. She wanted to see and do more right here right now. He had his hand now trying to hide his hard-on.

"Take your hand away." Mannie giggled. Jake pulled his hand upward which caused his stiff prick to follow.

"How about in the den?" Mannie asked.

"But........." Jake started to say as Mannie moved into the den and sat down on the soft sofa patting the seat next to her. Jake put his hand back on his rod and walked over to the sofa. He watched Mannie's hand grab his wrist and pull his hand away from his prick. It pointed out at her face.

"It looks much bigger like this." Mannie commented. Her fingers moved up to curl around it.

Jake's legs were wobbly as his girlfriend jerked him off. He moved to sit down on the sofa next to her. Not a bad morning Jake grinned. First his sister and now his girlfriend jerking him off. His bubble burst when she moved her hand away. "What are you doing?"

Mannie smiled. Jake had never seen her totally naked as well. He had seen her breasts in the back seat of his car and had seen her dark bush when he fingered her while sitting down in her basement. Today he was going to see everything.

Jamie was excited as she listened to her brother and his girlfriend on the sofa. Somehow she wanted to watch. She quietly crawled to the end of the sofa and peeked over the arm. Standing up in front of Jake was Mannie taking off her blouse. Jamie watched as she pulled down her jeans, removed her bra and pushed her pink panties over her thick dark bush. After her session with Jan last night she had rapidly warmed up to the possibility of having sex with another female and seeing Mannie brought up similar desires.

"Well?" Mannie asked as she stood naked in front of Jake.

"God. You are so beautiful." Jake stuttered. His mind had pictured her naked so many times yet seeing her like this was too much.

"Remember what I promised last time?" Mannie asked as she moved down on the sofa next to him.

Jake's heart raced. She had said she would go down on him if the right conditions existed. Things were definitely right.

"Yes." Jake's eyes opened as he smiled. He moved down on his back and she positioned her face over his tower of power. He groaned as he closed his eyes. Her fingers again explored his length. His hips jerked upward when he felt her lips kiss the spongy tip.

Jamie couldn't see what was going on. Mannie had promised him to do something the last time. She had to gamble as she moved her head up and over the arm of the sofa. She gasped when she saw Mannie's lips planting small kisses up and down her brother's shaft. She watched as Mannie's tongue snaked out to lick up and down the large vein underneath. Jamie moved her fingers into her damp box as her brother got his first blowjob.

As Mannie's mouth opened to engulf Jake's tip the phone rang. "Shit." Jake said. "Let it ring." He begged. Her lips parted and he soon felt her tight mouth capture his shaft and her tongue taste his pre-come. The phone rang three more times almost enough for Jake to reach his climax. Suddenly the ringing stopped and the answering machine voice message came on.

"Hi this is Jamie and Jake. We are not available to take your call right now. Please leave your name, phone number and a message and we will call you right back." BEEP.

Mannie quickly got the hang of giving oral pleasure as the message came on. "Jake and Jamie this is Jan."

Jake quickly realized it was a message that he did not want Mannie to hear. He tried to pull her mouth off his prick and run to the machine to turn it off but Mannie held on to his ass.

"Last night was fantastic. My body is still tingling. The web manager is offering us $750 each......." Suddenly the machine stopped and Jake and Mannie looked over to see why. A naked Jamie stood with her hand on the off control.

Mannie moved her mouth off of Jake's cock and stared at him and at Jamie.

"I can explain." Jake said nervously.

Mannie moved up and off of his body and sat on the sofa while crossing her legs in modesty. "Go ahead. This should be good."

"I'll go get dressed." Jamie said realizing she probably blew it.

"Oh no." Mannie said. "I think you should stay just as you are. Go ahead Jake I'm waiting."

Jake looked at Jamie for help. "It was my fault." Jamie confessed. "A few nights ago I happened to run across this website...." For the next five minutes Jamie told her everything except the shower episode that morning.

Mannie sat and stared at the two of them for a couple of minutes. "And why are you two naked in the house this morning?"

"I'll answer that." Jake confessed. "I chased Jamie upstairs this morning. She went into her bathroom to take a shower and I went in too. We showered together just before you got here."

"Brother and sister?" Mannie said visibly upset.

"We haven't done anything besides touching." Jamie quickly added.

Mannie looked next to her to see Jake's prick again at full staff. "I can see how you two got caught up in this money thing. He is really offering you $750 a week?"

"No. It's per night." Jamie quickly added.

Mannie smiled. "Are you limited to just three?"

"You mean you would join us?" Jamie asked, surprised.

"They blur the face and you don't show any nudity right?"

"That's right." Jake said smiling.

"OK." Mannie giggled. "I'm in if Jan says it's alright."

"I'll call her." Jamie smiled as she stood to walk to the phone. Jan was not at home so Jamie left her a message. When she was finished she turned to see Mannie's head once again rising and fall on Jake's lap. He looked at her and winked. As much as Jamie wanted to watch she moved upstairs and opened the link to the website. She wanted to know as much about this organization as possible.


Jan was awakened early that morning by the phone call from Paul Brown. Not only had they blown away all viewer records they had received hundreds of emails from men and women who wanted to see more, much more.

"Do you think you can get them during the day as well when school is over next week?" Paul asked.

"I can try." Jan replied.

Paul then told her about them getting more money and he said he would have to come to their town to get them to sign a contract.

"Here? You want to come to meet us in person?" Jan asked, nervously.

"Yes. I have some ideas I would like for you all to try. I can be there this afternoon."

Jan had never met him before and felt her secret would not be a problem if she kept it that way. "Today? I guess I can pick you up at the airport.."

Paul laughed. Normally he did not get involved with his subjects before but these girls were so hot he had to meet them. He gave Jan his flight information.


Jamie tried Jan again and the girl answered the phone. "Sorry I was running some errands." Jan said. Jamie told her about Mannie.

"Another girl? I was hoping for another guy." Jan said.

"I thought you said older men liked to see young girls kiss and stuff like that?"

True, Jan thought. "You sure she will keep it quiet?" "Oh yes. She will." Jamie answered.

"OK come on over at 7:00PM again." Jan said as she hung up the phone. She immediately called Paul's cell phone again. He loved the idea.

After Mannie left Jake walked into Jamie's bedroom. This time the door was wide open as Jamie lay back on her bed only wearing a tight tee shirt and panties. She figured Jake had seen everything anyway.

"Nice." He said while sitting down looking at the thin yellow thongs doing a poor job hiding her pubic mound.

"Haven't you had enough for one day" Jamie chuckled. She was listening to her favorite song on her walkman. She pulled the earplugs away. "So Mannie is really doing it?"

"Yep. I'm not sure how she is going to handle Jan kissing her though."

"I'm sure she will get over it." Jamie grinned. She was wondering how Mannie's lips tasted herself.

"How did you end up downstairs?" Jamie asked. She wanted to know if they had actually had intercourse.

"God. It was fantastic." Jake said feeling his prick hardening again. "You want me to do you?" His hand moved over to land on her knee.

"Do me?' Jamie repeated. She had thought about oral sex but Jake had never been one of her possible choices. His hand crept up her thigh and pushed against her panties.

"Touching is one thing but oral sex is something else." Jamie said trying to convince herself to stop this. But, her body wouldn't say no. Her legs opened to allow him room to explore her damp crotch. Suddenly the phone rang again. This time it was her boyfriend Tim who had just returned from a campus visit. Jamie answered the phone.

"Hi. Yes I missed you too." Jamie said while feeling Jake's fingers slide under the elastic of the panties. He quickly found her dripping pink folds.

"Tonight?" She groaned. Jake was now toying with her clit. "I'm busy tonight." She cupped her hand over the phone and whispered to Jake "Be good."

"I am." He winked back. He moved his fingers out and reached up to grab the waistband of her undies. "Lift." Jamie made a face as she lifted her ass to allow him to remove her moist thong.

Jake let the panties on one ankle and pushed apart her thighs until her whole pink slit lay before his eyes. He was ready to taste his first pussy.

"I just can't TONIGHT!" Jamie said loudly when Jake's tongue pushed against her tiny button. She again put her hand over the microphone. "Stop." Jake looked up at her and smiled. His lips moved down to suck in her clit.

"I just can't tell you right now." Jamie said panting. His hands moved up under her ass and cupped her cheeks. He pulled her pussy tighter against his mouth.

"I've got to go." Jamie said breathing heavily. "I'll call you later." She hung up the phone before he could complain. "That was not nice." She giggled looking down at her brother's face buried between her legs.

"You want me to stop?" Jake laughed as he moved his face up to look at her. His whole mouth was full of her juices.

"NO!" She giggled as she grabbed his head and forced his face back down. Jamie came for the first time as a result of another person's tongue on her clit.


Mannie arrived at Jan's house before Jake and Jamie. She wanted to have a few minutes talking to Jan, who she did not really know very well, before the other two arrived.

"Mannie. Come on in." Jan said while answering the door. Jan had seen her in gym class and had noticed what a nice ass she had.

Jan showed her in and got her a drink. "So did Jamie and Jake tell you about what we do?"

"Kind of." Mannie answered. "Not much detail. Only that you touched and kissed but didn't show any privates."

"That's true. Did Jamie say that the girls kiss and touch as well?" Jan wanted to know if Mannie would be open for some female to female stuff.

"Yes. I've never really........." She hesitated. "........done anything like that before."

"It's just for show." Jan said trying to downplay it. "How about Jake? Will you get jealous watching us kiss and touch him?

"I don't think so." Mannie answered. "It's just playacting right?"

"Sure, just playacting." Jan smiled.

"Do you know of any other guys who may agree to join us?" Jan asked. Jan had remembered Mannie had an older brother in college.

"Not really." The girl answered.

"How about your brother Bill?" Jan asked.

"My brother?" Mannie repeated while making a disgusting face.

"Sure. It works with Jake and Jamie."

"I don't think so." Mannie answered. Actually Bill had arrived home from college and was looking for a summer job. He had just broken up with his college sweetheart.

"Ask him. You may be surprised." Jan laughed.

Before Mannie could reply the doorbell sounded. Jan showed Jamie and Jake into the house and quickly led them upstairs. She showed Mannie the cameras and explained how the counter worked.

"I've got an idea for tonight's show." Jan said as the four of them sat on the bed. It was fifteen minutes before 8:00PM.

"I'm afraid to ask." Jamie giggled.

"We three girls are having a slumber party. We discuss guys like most girls do at sleepovers and we talk about how far we have gone so far. You know with sex."

"What name do you want for the show?" Jan asked Mannie.

"I've always like Cara." Mannie answered.

"OK. Cara admits she has basically no experience with guys and the most she has done is let a guy feel her breasts over her clothes."

Jamie knew that Mannie would be the focus point of tonight's show which would be good. "And, you and I show her how it feels if the guy goes further."

"You two?" Mannie asked. She knew she would have to kiss them but it sounded like they were going to do more than just kiss. "How far do we go?" Her hands were trembling.

"We can't show any nudity but we can undress and get under the sheet."

"Naked?" Mannie asked visibly upset.

"They can't see what is going on and we can fake doing stuff." Jan injected.

Jamie thought about how Jan said she was going to fake kissing her but remembered how she had sucked her tongue into her mouth. Tonight Mannie would find out how Jan lies sometimes.

"Hey when do I get in on the action?" Jake asked realizing Troy's name had not been mentioned just yet.

"I'm sorry Jake. Sometimes not all of us can be in it." Jan said. "But you will still get paid."

"I guess that's OK." Jake said looking at Mannie. He wanted to be naked under the sheets with her and even Jan and Jamie if they let him.

"Five minutes." Jan announced. "We need to get our pajama's on."

"I didn't bring any." Mannie said.

"I've got some that will fit you." Jan said as she opened the draw and picked out clothing for the three of them.

"Here." She said tossing an almost sheer teddy to Jamie and a short top and matching panty set to Mannie. She chose a silky spaghetti strap black top and matching bikini panties. Jan immediately began to disrobe.

"We undress here?" Mannie asked embarrassed.

"Sure. It's just us girls and I assume Jake has already seen you naked." Jan smiled.

Mannie thought about it and she was right however, tonight she was going to be fooling around with these females and she was shy about showing them her naked body. Especially since her nipples were rock hard and her pussy was dripping.

Jake stood back and watched as the three girls pulled off their tops and pushed down their jeans. It was not so bad watching he thought as Jan and Jamie quickly pulled off their bras. "Go ahead." He said to Mannie who had her hands on the bra clasp but was afraid to release it.

Mannie turned the other way and pulled off her bra and pushed down her panties. What she didn't know was that she was facing the camera and Paul Brown saw her pointed nipples and thick growth of pubic hair.


Paul couldn't believe his good luck as he watched the new girl totally undress. Her breasts were not as large as Jamie's but were nice and firm with large round pink nipples. He wondered if she was a virgin like Jamie. He looked at the clock and saw they had a minute to go before Showtime.


"Quick, up on the bed." Jan shouted as she jumped up and picked up a magazine. Jamie and Mannie did the same.

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