tagIncest/TabooHighschool Hijinxs Ch. 03

Highschool Hijinxs Ch. 03


Justine, Ashley and I had been having sex for hours and had lost track of time, when Blake and mom came home with the groceries. Mom was the first one in the house, I can only imagine what her thoughts were when she sat the groceries down on the counter and heard our sounds of love coming from Blakes room. Investigating the noises and forgetting about Blake for the moment mom came down the hall to see if I was in some type of trouble.

I had been so involved in eating my first pussy that I didn't know how long mom had been standing there in the doorway. She cleared her voice once, then again a bit louder until we all jumped up, with a deer caught in headlights look.

"Mom, what are you doing home so early?"

"It is 8 o'clock, the question is what are YOU doing?"

There I was again, for the second time in one day not knowing what to say. I was trying to think of something quick, but with Justines juices glazed onto my face there wasn't much I could say. " You see mom, it is like this."

"How long have you been having sex with your friends" mom asked

"Today,is my first time."

"Really, I wish I would have known you were having these kind of thoughts, I could have sat down and talked to you about your sexuality and how to make it work."

"Teri" Justine said "we caught her with her pants down so to speak, and a wet spot in her panties. Ashley and I initiated this. I am sorry if it got her into trouble. If it matters, she was hesitant but quick to learn once we started,"

"Justine, she isn't in trouble, I just wish she would of came to me, I would of been more then happy to help her out" mom said with a sly smile and a wink.

Seeing her wink and interuptting her tone as willing Ashley took a chance and got up and walked over to my mother. "Teri, it looks like you had a hard day at work, maybe you would like a good shoulder rub." With that she began to rub my mothers shoulders, eventually kissing her back and neck. After a short time mom turned around and took Ashleys face into her hands and gave her a loving kiss.

Mom looked around for a second, and not seeing Blake yet, stepped into his room, and closed the door. The door had hardly closed when my mother started taking off her business attire. Slipping out of her heels, and knee length brown leather skirt, then her tan silk blouse. I thought to myself "wow, she has a hot body for being 38" as i looked at mom in only a bra, stockings and panties. Ashley, still standing next to mom helped her out of her bra, just as she did with mine, and Justine got up and started pulling down her stockings. When my mom was standing there in only her black lace thongs she said "Well Brianne, the other two have helped me out, now it is your turn. Come show your mother what you have learned today."

Knowing she was my mom made me hesitate, but still being all hot and horny and not really thinking straight I hopped off the bed, fell to my knees right in front of her. Feeling a little randy, I looked at my mom with a wicked smile and took the top of her panties in my teeth and started to pull them down. When I got them down past her hips, I could see her pussy for the first time.

Mom stepped out of her panties and spread her legs as I started licking my way back up those gorgeous legs. Before I reached her hairless pussy with my tongue I stopped and looked up and noticed she had some wetness on her lips. I inserted a finger into her wet snatch, and kept licking my way up to her paradise.

Moms pussy tasted a bit more pungent then Justines, it was delicious, just in a differnt way. Mom and I had moved over by the bed somehow and she sat down spreading her legs wider now. With an invitation to delvel deeper, I took my fingers and spread her lips apart and tried to bury my face into her snatch. With two fingers from one hand and my tongue in her pussy and my fingers from my other hand rubbing her clit, it didn't take mother long to start moaning.

Loosing track of Justine and Ashley, I looked up for a second, not taking my mouth off mom's delicatable pussy. Justine was on the bed, with her pussy over moms mouth and fondliing my mothers tits, while Ashley was on the floor in front of the bed rubbing her clit and pinching her nipples as she watched me eat out mom.

"MOM, BRIANNE, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN MY ROOM?" Blake said as he opened his bedroom door to get ready to take a shower.

Ashley being the perfect hostess and the only one not occupied by someone else stood up and gave my brother a big kiss as she pressed her chest against his. I know this got him excited becasue he has talked to me more then once about asking her out, but just never having the nerve, and here I was scoring with one of the girls of his dreams and not even trying. I had to laugh.

"They are having sex Blake, see your mother came in before you did and caught the three of us eating each other out. That got your mother hot, so we got her involved into our little game. Now it is time to add a little meat into our game, because a girl can't live on fish alone" Ashley said with a giggle.

Blake didn't need any further hints and started to disrobe. Ashley never being the patient one started ripping down his jogging pants and underwear before he even had his shoes off.

Seeing Blakes dick for the first time since we were kids, made my mouth water. He wasn't any bigger or smaller then any of my previous boyfriends, it is just that I hadn't had seen a dick in so long I forgot what they looked like. As I was staring at my brohers cock, mom rearranged herself so that she was now on the bed with Justine eating her pussy, and mom eating Justine to orgasm.

Ashley and I looked at Blake then at each other, "Let's go back to my room Ashley, that way we can take care of Blake properly while laying on my queen sized bed"

"Sounds like a plan Brianne, what do you say Blake, you up for a little fun with me and your sister?"

Blake didn't say a word, he just walked out into the hall, his hard on pointing the way, and right into my room.

Being the first one in the room, Blake jumped onto the bed, followed closely by myself and Ashley. Not caring he was my brother I started kissing him with the enthusiasm of a virgin on her wedding night. Ashley didn't waste anytime either, she knelt down and started sucking on his hard member.

As I kissed Blake he reached down and started fondling my tits and rubbing my erect nipples, as I did the same to Ashley. I broke off my passionate kiss with my brother and started kissing his bare, rippling athletic chest, stopping to lick and suck on his nipples. Standing on the bed is a tricky when your not enjoying each others body, and Blake soon lost his balance and fell on his back, popping his dick out of Ashleys mouth.

Climbing on top of my brother my moist mouth replaced Ashleys as she slid up and put her hairy, moist pussy on his willing tongue. Blake took his tongue and stuck it right into her gapping pussy, while he fingered her clit. After all the other sex we have had it set her off and she came all over his face.

Blakes dick was pulsing everytime, I licked up and down the vien of his dick. He had nice tight balls, that moved and squirmed around when I licked and sucked them. Jacking him off, and licking his nuts was driving him crazy...."OH sis your mouth feels so good around my dick....suck it, lick my head, take it all the way in..." Blake kept saying

I was getting all worked up again, since I hadn't came for awhile, so I quit licking his dick and started slidding up his body, dragging my wet pussy along his leg. I reached his face and kissed him deeply letting him taste himself and tasting Ashley at the same time. I could now feel his cock rubbing at the opening to my pussy.

"Dam, this is my brother" I thought "Can I do this with my brother" came another thought, just then Blake pushed up and I didn't have to think about it any longer as he was into my juicy cunt. Blake was in me all the way to his balls, then his hips went down again allowing just his tip to remain in me. I think he was reading my mind when he did that and just decided to make the decision for me.

He started it and now I wanted to be in control, so I sat up and looked around, and found out we had an audience. Ashley was laying next to Blake, with her head on his shoulder, and Justine and mom were standing inside the door fingering each others pussy while they watched Blake and I.

Turning my attention back to my brother, I started riding him like the slut I felt like. I was going up and down so fast the posters on my wall were all a blur. I kept up this pace for a good 10 minutes, while Blake reached up and tried to pinch my nipples. Slowing down I leaned forward and starting licking Blakes nipples as I continued gyrating on his plump prick.

I was starting to get that familiar feeling in my stomach again when I felt a warm tongue licking my snatch and Blakes dick. Not caring at the time who's it was, I started coming all over Blakes dick and the strangers tongue. As I was coming Blake announced he was about to cum.

"Dam sis, your pussy is so hot, tight and wet, I am going to cum" he said with excitement in his voice.

I slipped his dick out of my well juiced up pussy, and turned around in time to see his dick spurt his cum onto my moms face and tongue. After the first blast landed on her face, I directed the next shot onto my face. Blake kept shooting cum all over our faces for what seemed like forever. When he finally quit, mom moved over to me and started licking her sons cum off my face and kissing me sharing his seed between us.

I looked up at Blake and he was kissing Ashley's tits trying to get her started again.

"I think your to late bro. we have been at it since school got out. I think Justine and I wore her out, but the weekend is right around the corner and I am sure mom would let me invite Ashley and Justine over for the night. Right mom?"

"Oh yes I think they can come over here whenever they want."

With that being said Blake, mom and I fell asleep on my bed, while Justine and Ashley let themselves out.

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