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Holliday Charity


Carol was having trouble staying awake. Too many years in charity work had left her jaded. She had simply heard too many horror stories, too many lies, to be touched by it any more.

It was closing on thanksgiving and the line of people wanting handouts just grew and grew as the festive time drew near. She HATED holidays and the line of people seeking help, when they did nothing for themselves.

She took a slurp on her luke warm coffee and sighed. Carol looked at the man across her desk and tried to listen, but she just couldn't. It was the same story she had heard a few minutes ago, just from a new client. She was starting to feel like Scrooge. She hated the holidays, there was so much more work than normal and so many more sob stories, most of which were pure fabrication. She was much too young to feel so old!

Sometimes she wished just one deserving person would cross her desk so she could feel like she had really done something good, instead of just passing out more handouts to those who milked the system.

Someone had to listen to all these sob stories, but right now, she looked out the glass front of her office at the line of Clients waiting for a handout and she squirmed in her chair. Carol looked at the clock and watched time drag.

She had seen it all, heard it all and she was just plain tired. She was only 27 years old but she had spent every year since her graduation from college giving out hand outs. First she had worked for the County as a social worker and while there was too much work, there had been too little money and half the department had been let go in a cost cutting move (your tax dollars at play). She had managed to find a job with the ministerial association giving out food and shelter to those who were rejected by the county.

After a couple years of that, she had seen an opening at the Neighborhood Association and she had hoped that that would involve some really needy people she could really help, but alas, just more of the same. For the most part it had been the same faces going in a circle to get as much free as they could grab. Most of them needed the services, but only because they had decided to make begging for handouts their life work. They were too busy preying on the charities and government assistance offices to work or do anything for themselves.

Carol had hoped this job would be different but she still saw many of the same old faces, just telling revised stories. The new clients, most of them were men, and most told the same story. It was getting boring.

She remembered when Tony had recruited her. It was June and she was less busy at the Neighborhood Association than usual, when Tony had come in.

Tony was tall and dark and handsome, about the same age as her and with a flashing smile that warmed her heart. Carol had little time for men in her life, something she thought she should change. Which of course meant that she hadn't had any in several months and she was horny as hell!

At first, Carol had looked at Tony with the same jaded disinterest she felt about all new clients. But he had been coming to make a deposit not to seek her services.

Carol looked in the box Tony brought and began to laugh. A box full of vibrators. All shapes, all sizes, all colors, all battery types. For a second she wondered what she would do with them. Then a wicked thought flashed through her mind. She would have to test them all!

The laughter had given way to introductions, and then an invitation to dinner. Charity workers are not know for their high pay and so they had only gone to Burger King (it was still a night of free food and no cooking). Tony had made it special. Despite the looks from the counter people, he had brought a linen tablecloth and some candles. She had never had a candle lit diner at Burger King before.

Each time the pimple studded counter washer came by with instructions from management to eliminate the fire hazard, they had answered the intrusion with a chorus of "Bug off". It had finally turned into a joke which had all three of them laughing. They were just finishing their dinner when the manager himself came expel them.

Carol had looked into Tony's expressive blue eyes and tried to keep her eyes off the rather large bulge in his blue jeans. Between those two physical attributes, she had found herself desiring a more intimate contact between them. This boy was HOT and she wanted him.

He, had seen that desire in her and taken her to his shabby apartment. They had shared a bottle of cheap wine while they each described their respective charities. Tony had told her that he had an opening for a sexy girl like her. At first, Carol had had trouble trying not to laugh, but finally Tony got through to her and she began to see the real need for his agency.

Carol had listened to his enthusiasm and his fun outlook on life. She was enthralled by his passion for it. She fell for the look in his eyes. It didn't take her long to fall into his arms and admit her lack of recent sexual experience.

Tony had proven to be a wonderful lover. He took his time and excited her to a point she had never known. He had her on fire when he raised himself over her. She had expected to feel him enter her but instead his hand reached his cock and he just rubbed it around her clit, occasionally getting it wet from the dripping juices from her leaking pussy. She was going wild with desire!

"I think Carol needs some sexual salvation," he said to her in a seductive voice. Carol could only moan and rotate her hips trying to get him in her. "Are you sure, you wouldn't like to work for the Sexual Salvation Society?", he asked her.

"Oh My God," Carol had nearly screamed. "I'll do anything, just fuck me!" And he had, and well too! She, being a girl of her word had gone to work for the Sexual Salvation Society.

It was better than the Neighborhood Association, at least she had Tony's cock to entertain her on occasion, and all the vibrators she could handle! The stories were a little more entertaining than she had heard before, but eventually the stories wore out.

Finally the man finished his story of sexual lack. She had heard the story about his wife suffering from lack of interest. Carol looked at him, he had truly let himself go! She couldn't blame his wife for lack of interest! Still he was asking for her help. He thought he truly was deserving of a Thanksgiving fuck.

Carol looked at the expectant expression on his face. He was hoping that she would be his sexual salvation. She didn't even consider it. She looked in her drawer. He didn't deserve one of Moaning Mona's free romp coupons. She debated, should she give him the coupon for 50% off a hand job at Beautiful Betty's House of Bounce or the $10 off a blow up doll from Dirty Dan's Adult Book and Novelty Store? She finally decided on the $10 off coupon.

The man looked at her and then at the coupon. Carol could tell he was crushed. He had been hoping that she would give him at least a blow job, but no, he had to settle for $10 off a blow up doll. Carol for her part, thought of the old expression. She could have given him the hand job, but that would have just been giving him a single meal. With the blow up doll, he could have sex for a lifetime or until the doll sprung a leak.

Carol stifled a chuckle as she thought of Homer putting it to his new doll and the doll springing a leak. She saw his naked ass flying around the room like a lost balloon as his puny pecker poked a hole in the poor plastic pussy of that inflatable cutie. She rather hoped the two of them would fly out a second story window!

The next person to enter her office was different. A well dressed comely woman. She didn't look like a woman in sexual need. She was so attractive, Carol was sure she could have her pick of men.

Carol braced herself for another tale of sexual need, but she didn't hear it. Harriet Gotlots, didn't tell her a story of herself and her need but the problems of her neighbors, poor Hortense and Harry Lotsanookie.

Carol knew the couple and she groaned to herself. They had been a pair that she had processed before and always told a story of Harry being injured in an accident at work almost 10 years before and being so traumatized that he could no longer work. Hortense had been forced to stay home and care for her poor husband. Carol sighed, Harry had always come along to make the application and it seemed that Hortense was the one who needed help.

Harry had always seemed quite healthy and in excellent shape. Harry showed no outward sign of the trauma that supposedly made him unfit for work. In fact, Harry's robustness even went so far that Carol had never seen him without a huge erection bulging his grubby jeans. Hortense was a mousy thin woman who looked quite worn out. Carol had passed out the food stamps and housing allotments while thinking that they were fakers milking the system.

She almost tuned out Harriet but quickly realized that she had never heard the true story of Harry's accident. Carol's interest quickly picked up as she heard the beginning of the story.

It seems Harry had worked as a printer for a swingers magazine. He had loved his job despite the noise of the old type presses that slapped plates to paper to make the image. The couple was intensely happy. They had had first "dibs" on the juicy people advertised in the magazine and had a full and excellent love life.

The problem had been the dress code at the magazine. Since it was a swingers magazine, the workers had been instructed to work in the nude. One day as Harry was minding the presses, he saw the image of a couple with gorgeous nude wife. Harry leaned in to try and see and read the ad as the paper zipped through the press. Pop went his impressive 11 inch cock. Slam went the press catching his manhood between the plates.

The accident had done serious physical and emotional damage. The first indication was that Harry had an erection that just would not go down and no medical treatment could cure that condition. He could no longer stand close enough to the press to do his job! He tried other pressman jobs where he didn't have to be naked but the trauma kept him from getting close enough to do his job.

The worst came later, Hortense was willing to go to work to support them, but it seemed that Harry Lotsanookie had great difficulty in having an orgasm! He would wake up in the morning and start making love to Hortense but he just wouldn't cum! She would have to fuck him all day long until he came just before dinner. It took hours to save him from blue balls!

Being the good neighbor that she was, Harriet had started going over once a week to relieve her friend Hortense from the horror of all day sex. Hortense had been relieved and had used the time to cash in her food stamps and buy groceries. She had come to love her "day off".

At first Harriet had been thrilled, getting an unending pounding by an 11 inch cock, but after a few weeks, she had discovered that Hortense was worn out for a reason. Harry was a truly gifted lover. Harriet had discovered why Hortense was so tired. Hours and hours of unending orgasms caused by the skillful use of that monster member left her drained.

Carol decided that a field trip was in order. She put on her coat and followed Harriet out the door. Carol stopped at the bell ringer in front, and listened for the proper chant. "Rubbers for the poor, Donate your spare rubbers for the poor, poor" the ringer chanted. Carol dropped her customary single prophylactic into the bucket and wished that she was using them as fast as she was giving them away.

Since it was closing time, Carol followed Harriet to Harry and Hortense's house. Harriet had the key and let them both in. Harriet stopped in the living room and removed all her clothes and neatly folded them and placed them on the couch.

The house was small and badly in need of paint but it was spotlessly clean. After a day of hot and heavy sex, Hortense cleaned for hours each night.

Carol looked at the naked Hortense as the woman raised her eyebrows. Carol thought "What the hell" and stripped naked as well, before following Harriet to the open bedroom door.

Hortense was laying on the bed, her husband stroking his cock into her and their joining was making soggy sounds. Even from across the room, his massive manhood was evident to Carol as it stroked in and out of Hortense's pussy. Hortense was moaning, throwing her head from side to side obviously in the middle of a mind blowing orgasm.

Harry smiled at the two new arrivals. "Hello, Harriet, and who is this?"

Harry propped himself on one arm as he extended the other to shake Carol's hand as she introduced herself. Harry did not skip a single beat as he fucked his wife and she was oblivious to the two newcomers.

Harry slowed his strokes and allowed his wife to come down slowly from her intense orgasm. Hortense slowly became aware of her surroundings. "Would you mind if I cut in?" Harriet asked.

"Thank God!!!!" was all Hortense could say.

Harry rolled off his wife as Harriet pushed him onto his back and then straddled herself on his manhood. Hortense gasped for breath and tried to recover as her friend bounced on her husband for over an hour. For most of that time Harriet was thrashing in orgasmic pleasure and Hortense was trying to recover.

After watching Harry's performance for over an hour, Carol tapped Harriet on the shoulder. "Is it my turn now?" Carol was definitely ready to try Harry.

She crawled on the bed and Harry entered her doggy style. She felt that massive cock invade her and it hit that special place. Carol was gone in an instant. She thrashed and cried out and then the world was consumed by an unending orgasm.

Carol lost track of time, consumed by an orgasm that never seemed to end. Finally, Harry pulled his cock from her and she heard him grunt as reality swirled around the edges of her mind. She felt his first jet of orgasm blast over her head. The second caught her on the back of her head, mixing into her hair. The final shots landed in the middle of her back. With the pounding cock finally removed from her pleasure spots, Carol collapsed on her belly gasping for breath.

The two women in the room applauded.

Carol looked at the watch on her wrist and was amazed to discover that Harry had been fucking her for two hours straight. Next she became aware that Harry still had his full 11 inch erection. The monster was poking her in the hip as he lay beside her.

They talked and ate the pizza that Harriet had ordered while Carol was being so well serviced by Harry. They talked long into the night and never once did Harry's manhood flag.

Carol's mind kept working on the various problems of the couple. Hortense needed to be relieved from the constant orgasms that Harry caused. Harry needed work. She caught the glimmer of an idea.

She called Tony and then went over to his apartment. After a quickie with her boss, actually it wasn't a quickie but to Carol it seemed like it after Harry, they discussed Harry and Hortense. Carol discussed her idea's and Tony threw in a few of his own.

The next morning, the pair went to the couple's house. As usual, Hortense was being plowed by Harry and in the midst of a mind blowing orgasm when they got there at 8:00.

Tony and Carol just watched for over two hours, then Carol relieved the poor Hortense. She wasn't even aware that Tony had left at noon. At two, Carol was aware that Harry had stopped fucking her and she slowly came down from her continuous orgasm. She was only vaguely aware that another of the office girls, Julie had taken her place under Harry. It would be another hour before Carol regained total control and she was aware of Julie thrashing beside her in the same continual orgasm or that Tony was watching the performance.

At 4:00 Hortense took over the sexual duties and Harry finally exploded deep into his wife at 5:00. Tony bought dinner for them all and made a proposal to the couple. They accepted in a flash!


A month passed, and for the first time in her life Carol was feeling really good about being in charity work! Things were really working out for everyone! For the first time she was making a really good income and Harry and Hortense were not only off the welfare rolls but they had a really good income as well. The Sexual Salvation Society was almost rolling in money!

Harry now put on a show. He came to work each day at 8:00 and each of the office girls took a one hour shift being fucked by his beautiful cock while clients paid $25 an hour to watch. On Saturdays, they had dressed Harry in a Santa outfit from the top up and charged girls $50 to sit on his pole and tell him what they wanted for Christmas. Well the organization got $50 but few of the women could talk with that pleasing them! They usually had to be bodily hauled away!

They split the money with Harry and Carol got a 15% finders fee.

Tony was considering building a new building.

Hortense was showing off her new diamond ring, new Ferrari and her new wardrobe.

Carol was planning to move into a bigger nicer apartment, not to mention the smile she got each day from the wonder fuck hour with Harry! She looked at the Lotsanookie's happy lifestyle and she was warmed by what she had accomplished in charity work. Well, that warm glow was either the result of her charity work or the warmth of her brand new mink coat!

Damn Charity work could really be rewarding during the holidays!

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