tagIncest/TabooHot Weekend by a Cold Lake

Hot Weekend by a Cold Lake



[Son, his beautiful mother, and a neighbor are stranded in a distant mountain cabin for a weekend; the ladies drink up, and then take advantage of the dear boy.]

I would never forget it. It was my eighteenth birthday and I was supposed to move out, though I was jobless at the time. Still, family rules are family rules.

Anyway, before I left, my parents had a chore for me, one for which I would get the princely sum of $20 to help me get a place of my own. I had to drive them and our neighbors up to a fishing cabin in the foothills north of town.

They needed me because the women traveled 'heavy' and their 'men' didn't feel like unloading bag after heavy bag. Besides, it was a long trip up grueling mountain switchbacks; neither of the two wimp husbands was much at driving.

Well, there we were, just the five of us. I was alone in the front row of the Lexus SUV, the two small framed balding hubbies in the second row, and the two hot trophy wives in the last row.

It was almost nightfall and the trip up the small mountain was really rough. I had to hurry up and unpack them to make it back before sunset. Switchbacks in the dark without overhead highway lighting can be nightmarish.

I unloaded the baggage; the ladies helped a little by taking their overnight bags and cosmetic things, but the two 'men' didn't lift a finger. As a result, it was close to sunset when I finished. My mom said I shouldn't have to go back in the dark, but her 'old man' said I did—there was no place for me up there.

As we debated, the two 'men' said they'd just drive once around the lake to get an idea of what was out there before making me drive home in the dark. The SOB's were just making sure I'd be as grey and bald as them by the time I got to the highway 5,544 feet below us. I wasn't exaggerating; driving that road in the dark was exactly like taking that Disney World Space Mountain roller coaster in the dark.

In the cabin, the ladies unpacked. I sat in front of the bay window facing the lake, stewing over having to drive in the dark. Then, I heard two girlish screams from outside: the two women came to the bay window, looking over my shoulder to see what it was.

Across the lake, the two 'men' had gotten out of the SUV to see how good fishing might be when a juvenile black bear sauntered out. It was adorable. Well, the two 'men' screamed like six month old baby girls, ran into each other, jumped into the SUV, and drove off. They didn't return.

The three of us (me, my mom, and our hot neighbor) guessed that they drove away madly, and then realized they'd made fools of themselves. Whatever the reasons, we were stranded up there for a while.

It's important to point out that at eighteen, I had had a taste of dating. I had no physical attraction for my mom or Connie, our neighbor. To be honest, neither of them had ever shown any interest in me, either.

I checked out the Honda generator and noticed that the two 'men' had neglected to bring any fuel for it. We were now stuck with only some candles and cold cuts or cereal.

It was interesting to see what candles do to change the atmosphere, the emotion in a room. Almost instantly Connie and Sue (my mother) fell silent. After that, there was the tinkling of glasses and bottles.

Whenever my parents traveled, at least one large valise would be used just for carrying their own bar. They always had a considerable liquor component to their baggage and it seemed that my two bored (and sexually frustrated) companions were tanking up big-time.

With no TV or other electric devices, I had to catch a ballgame on my iTablet with very poor reception. As I sat there innocently enough, my mom and friend were sucking it back. Finally, Connie dropped an expensive fifth of Chivas Regal.

Instead of crying over spilt booze, they both started to giggle. Then Connie went up to my mother. They stared into each other's eyes. They kissed! God, it was the wet dream of every teen guy to see two hot babes making out. But, to see my incredibly hot neighbor frenching with my gorgeous mother—well, it was pure heaven. (Well, I guess I DID have a physical attraction for them, after all.)

My jaw fell open in disbelief. I turned off the iTablet, almost dropping it in the process. I could hear glorious smooching. Much more shocking to me was seeing Connie skillfully stripping my mother! My mom was a conservative devout woman and had never ever worn a bathing suit in my presence, nor even a nightgown without a thick robe.

The two of them were falling all over each other in a lightly drunken stupor. When my mother's breasts made an appearance, I got rock hard. Holy hell, they must've been 36D (not that I was an expert) and would qualify her for playmate of the year—any year.

By the time I saw her furry inviting 'beaver fluff' and the silkiest shapely legs ever seen, my poor Johnson was at a record ten inches, dripping with pre-cum and about to burst my athletic shorts. I looked down and I was 'exposed', the mushroom shaped cockhead far above the stretch waistband and my navel.

Funny thing was: the instant that I got super turned on and grew to outrageous lengths of manhood, Connie noticed it too. She immediately stopped groping with my (now) nude mother.

Talk about wonderful memories! At that point, Connie got up and wiggled over to me. Up to this point, she'd remained fully dressed. Well, now she did a wild striptease for me. I had never seen her naked either (of course) and let me tell you!

If my mother was the vision of petite, blond, buxom, and mature sex appeal, Connie was tall, raven haired, slim, and lissome. She was a carbon copy of Crystal Gayle, the fantastic (looking) country singer with the mile long hairdo. The major difference between her and my mother wasn't her hair color or height; Connie was a three letter varsity athlete in high school and college. So, whereas my mother was feminine and soft, Connie was feminine but steel hard, the epitome of the female physique.

As I sat on the country kitchen oak chair, Connie got on her knees, roughly pushing down my athletic shorts. She sighed in delight upon seeing me in the open, my proud symbol of virility standing up straight, ten inches proud. At the exact moment that the material fell away and I was exposed, I could hear 'Oh my God, OH MY GOD!' from my dear mother.

Talk about a sensual assault! Connie now proceeded to make out with me while using her hands in a way I'd never experienced. While her tongue lapped my teeth and engulfed me, one of her hands cupped my 'family jewels'. I'd never paid much attention to them, to tell you the truth but I was proud as hell that night as they were too big for her hand to contain.

Her other hand was keyholing my love pole with greater and greater enthusiasm. Very soon, her hand was a blur as my cock turned from firm to steel hardness. My testes were so filled with pent-up love that her hand could only hold one of the two globes and even that was too much for her.

At a certain point, Connie broke our kiss. She stared at me with a devilish smile and then slowly descended to the mushroom-shaped head of my 'cobra'. Her warm lips closed over it, eliciting a moan of pleasure from not only me but my mom too. Both of us reeled and closed our eyes, overcome by the searing heat of the moment.

As it turned out, our sweet innocent neighbor had a lot of experience. She had convinced her foolish wimpy 'sugar daddy' husband that 'girls' night out' wasn't once a month but twice a week. On those 'girls' night out's, she'd apparently had had some real 'action'. As a result, she was 'deep-throating' my ten inch sword like a porn star. She kept this up until she felt my swollen sack make a final shudder. Connie was experienced enough to know that I was there...ready.

She was just full of surprises that night. With my proud Johnson about to spew six feet into the air, she pinched the base and the head at the same time. Briefly bottling up my coming explosion, she got up and walked over to my mother.

My mom had been watching this like a live Vegas sex show. Her nipples were popped, so erect she could easily nurse a hospital ward full of infants. Mom was so hot...so ready: she had no idea that Connie had planned* all of this.


(*When Connie saw that we were going to be stuck in the cabin, she was determined to give my mother the ultimate gift for her thirty-sixth birthday (the coming week.) My gorgeous mother had been sexually abandoned by her boyishly equipped hubby; she was a classic golf widow.

Well, her BFF (Connie) was determined to get mom a date. She had planned to set Sue up during a 'bridge night', but this unexpected situation in the cabin might work too. The fact that the heavily muscled, big cocked stud that would service mom would be her own son was the wildcard. That was why Connie laid on the libations until my mother was just a bit light-headed and happy.)


Talk about weird: as I sat on the kitchen chair, stiff as a board, my sexy neighbor had gone up to my own mother and tried to get her to go over to me. My mom wouldn't budge. To her amazement and mine, mother's deceptively strong friend for life picked her up and put her on her shoulder. She carried mom over to me and delivered her, gently easing her down onto my throbbing manhood.

My beautiful mother was about to scream when she felt my virile babymaker force its way into her. It brushed against the tender, sensitive inner tissues of her vaginal tunnel and then came up against her cervix. She was alarmed and stunned at this predicament. With wide eyes and a look of shock, she rose up, trying in vain to escape the ten inch intruder.

To her dismay, she felt two powerful hands on her shoulder, forcing her back down. The hands were NOT mine but rather Connie's. So it went: mom would struggle upwards, squirming to escape me, her tunnel of love scrubbing my tool in a warm twisting tribute. Then, almost like a car engine, Connie would induce downward force. This was unplanned but incredibly effective; within moments, mom was going up and down, bathing me in hot, tingling sensations while she had waves of mind-numbing pleasure, with seven outright orgasms.

Connie was hoping that she could withdraw from the love machine set-up; that mom would continue without being forced. Sure enough, as she withdrew, mom and I only intensified our frantic lovemaking. Then, we whispered something to each other and stopped without warning. We sat there, trying to catch our breath.

Connie was a woman unused to being thwarted; she had to have her way.

Connie: "What's the matter? Why did you two stop?"

Mom: "We spoke briefly; my wonderful son was concerned that I might get pregnant, so we both agreed that we would stop now and not do something we might regret later."

Connie: "You know you could still do it; the odds of getting knocked up, even by such an incredibly virile stud, are pretty low. More to the point, didn't you complain that you wanted another baby? Didn't I hear you say that you and 'Mister Softie' tried and tried in vain; that the doctor said hubby's count was so low that his nurse could count the seeds, one by one?!" [Mom looked down and nodded.]

Connie: "So, you're going to tell me that you wouldn't welcome, even cherish, a baby made by this incredible specimen of manhood?" [She went around back of the chair, caressing my bulging biceps and wide shoulders. She grabbed a handful of my flowing dark hair, giving it a healthy yank (highlighting the contrast with mom's old man, who was paunchy and bald.)]

My beautiful mother was now wracked with indecision. She remained in my lap. For my part, I wasn't about to let her go, but didn't want to force myself upon her.

If this was going any further, Connie would have to do it herself. Sure enough, she went into action. As the three lit candles put out their flickering light, she pulled another kitchen chair up to us so that both chairs touched facing each other. Then Connie lifted my mother off my lap onto that chair. Mom was now seated, but with her legs spread, her beautiful demure soft feet on either side of my chair resting on the low wooden cross arms.

With two firm hands, Connie pushed me back into my chair and my mother back into her chair. She then put one hand on my family jewels, warming them up, as the other hand keyholed my huge cock back to its ten inches of grandeur. My head fell back with eyes tightly closed. My whole body was shaking as if I was a Ferrari and she was revving up my mighty twelve cylinders.

Suddenly, she stopped. Connie resumed the keyholing (remember that she'd taken me to the brink before; I was now bursting at the seam, ready to launch.) Connie then took her other hand and opened the lips of my mother's welcoming pussy.

With a wide opening held apart by her pinkie and thumb, she lowered the head of my cock. Both my mom and I looked with goggle-eyed amazement at the spectacle going on between us. Although we were the 'stars of the show', we were both literally helpless, mere putty in her hands.

My mom looked on in disbelief; she saw my gigantic swollen testes move into my body, spooling up for a cannon shot. Mom heard me cry out in utter pleasure, and sheer relief. Connie could barely hold my love pole in her hand; she could feel the rise of my manly spunk. The jets of sheer love for my mother were now being propelled at astonishing speed and power, up the lengthy love pole and out.

The opening at the massive mushroom-shaped cockhead was the size of a quarter as squirt, splash, drip, splash, squirt, stream and so on went on and on and ON! With almost radar precision, every splash landed squarely at the big opening that Connie's outstretched hand had created. You could almost hear the 'glug, glug, glug' as my precious seed was poured into my mother. It might have been more efficient for me to have delivered it directly with my oversized babymaker, but this would have to do. With two reluctant lovers, Connie had to join supply line with storage tank.

After an incredible ten minutes of sheer ecstasy, it was over. As I looked upon the slavering lips of mom's pussy, now drenched in thick white semen, I could see that most of my potent seed had been taken inside her. Even as I stared, mom's vaginal system was remorselessly drawing my genetic material deeper and deeper toward the waiting ovum.

There was an ocean now soaking her insides, so the excess drooling out her pussy lips was just surplus. It was so sexy seeing my potent seed slowly ooze from her sperm-filled pussy. As I stared blankly, Connie sprang up and got a brand new, clean wrapped candle from the drawer. Using the wider base of the candle, she gathered all the excess 'goop' that had seeped out and plunged it deeply inside my lovely mother. Mom twitched a little but allowed her to force my seed down where it might create life.

Connie picked up my mother, who sat limply on her chair, emotionally drained. She carried her in her arms to the couch. Connie put mom's legs up over the couch's end; she was hoping to pool my young, vibrant sperm in a puddle in mom's unprotected and incredibly fertile womb. She then turned her attention back to me.

Connie: "Now, Jimmy. I am planning to stretch out on that cot over there. It's too warm in here to wear a nightgown, so I'll be on top of the bed: nude! I'd hate to think that a big, strong, well hung, young stud like yourself might get excited seeing me like this. Why, you might even try to take advantage of me, using your big, hard cock to slide into my warm, welcoming, tight pussycunt. But please don't do it!"

Connie: "I am at my peak of fertility today and tomorrow. So, if you pump and pump and PUMP your manly potent seed into my totally unprotected and oh-so-very-fertile womb, I might have a baby. How would THAT look! Little old me, having a baby of YOURS. You'd feel so guilty as my belly got swollen, and my breasts filled with warm, sweet mother's milk. That milk would arrive before the baby did, so I'd need help getting rid of it. I hate those pumps, so I might have to make you come over when my little hubby's playing golf—just to drink that vanilla nectar from my big milk-filled breasts. Whether you wanted to or not, I'd put a beautiful nipple in your mouth and make you suckle all that mother's milk into your little tummy."

Connie: "Sure, I could convince my sissy husband that it was his, but we'd both know the truth! So you'd know it was YOUR big, hard cock that got me in trouble: you nasty boy!! Well, we know now that isn't going to happen. I can sleep confident that no musclebound stud is going to take advantage of this innocent little soccer mom. Good night!"

I tried to be coy--to be a good boy. It was a hopeless cause. My pre-cum was spilling out of my cock like a fountain. My once again ten inches of manhood gleamed in the dim candlelight. As my breath came faster and faster, I couldn't hold back any more.

Completely losing all self-control, I climbed on board Connie. As my mother slept silently, her strapping son was giving her best friend the ride of her life. The flimsy cot eventually broke, which only elevated our lovemaking to a new level. When it collapsed, I had had her legs up over my shoulders as I drove deep inside of her. Well, with the cot slamming onto the wooden floor, I was forced deeper inside the sexy soccer mom, my sensitive cockhead forced directly into her fertile womb.

Within moments, we stared at each other in the candlelit semi-darkness. Then we kissed. The instant our lips touched, my powerful babymaker commenced a rat-a-tat-tat worthy of a 'Tommy gun' from the old gangster films. I was so turned on that my cum, teeming with millions of healthy sperm, was propelled at terrifying force into the deepest recesses of our supersexy neighbor.

With a grunt from me and a moan from her, we confirmed a simultaneous orgasm that left us shaking. I was tempted to sleep with my cock still hard, still lightly shooting inside of her, but there was the little matter of my mother in the same room.


As fate would have it, the three of us slept in the cabin, totally exhausted. Unknown to any of us though, nature was busy at work. I would have been so proud, so very proud, to know our sensuous neighbor Connie had conceived that night. She found out later, of course, but my mom wasn't to be told and never knew.

The next morning Connie wanted them to have 'hair of the dog that bit them' but I insisted that we all stayed sober to appreciate what we had going. We proceeded to have a sexual marathon of historic proportions. While Connie 'kept watch' out the bay window, I had my mother with her slender ankles on my shoulders, her gorgeous smooth feet with red-painted toes dangling in the air, as I pounded her pussy. Connie sounded the alarm, but mom and I kept going until we had a simultaneous orgasm. We had to scramble to throw on robes as the two 'scared wussy' hubbies returned to the cabin.

Without explaining why they fled, the two missing husbands made it up the mountain with the Lexus Sunday afternoon and took us home. No one said a word—not a word. On the way home, the couples sat together in the first two rows with me bringing up the rear. Little did mom's 'old man' know that she had a womb filled with my potent seed—sort of a souvenir of the morning's activity. Ironically, as he admitted that even Viagra wasn't working for him, my mother conceived.

Connie did her part as she said she would. She took a home pregnancy test and it turned blue. Then she was careful to sleep with her 'sugar daddy' older husband to give us cover for that baby. He was so delighted when she told him a week later that he'd done the deed! The cover story worked...for a while.

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