tagLoving WivesHow Getting Fired Has Changed Me Ch. 02

How Getting Fired Has Changed Me Ch. 02


About 6 months ago I was set up and fired from my job.

Along with the inevitable loss of self esteem and dejection, I also ended up fantasizing obsessively about being humiliated by the man who fired me as he took my wife, Judy.

I ended up writing about this, probably as some kind of release, and published it on this site in November 2014.

Even the username was born of my mental state following my getting fired and having this reoccurring fantasy. I am no writer,obviously, and I didn't really expect to write anything else, so the name just seemed to sum me up at the time.

But the past few months have ended up with me submitting this attempt.

I'm writing this background to save you having to bother reading my first story. It's only scored 3.52.

I published my fantasy in 'gay male' because I figured wanting to suck a cock was kind of gay.

Since then I've found out that my fantasy was maybe more of a 'cuckold' fantasy?

To sum it up;

I got fired by a guy who I called Matt Monroe in the story. (It was as near to his real name as I dared to write).

My wife, Judy, (real name) still works with him.

I managed to get a job at a burger bar, but it is a long way down from my job as a senior manager.

I ended up fantasizing about worshiping Matt's cock as he enjoyed my wife.

I wrote about it and published it, almost aroused at the idea of him reading it.

And that was it. Not the greatest achievements in my life, but there you go.

And no, I'm not proud.

Anyway, I hope some of you like this submission.


The run up to Christmas was depressing. Suzi, the nineteen year old manager of the burger bar where I work, had me working double-shifts over the holiday period so that the others got a better rota.

I should explain that Suzi had seen my file and knew I'd been fired from a senior role and so knew full well how much I needed this job and especially the reference.

About four or five months ago I had a review meeting with Suzi. She took me into the back and sat opposite me in a short skirt that rose above her thighs when she crossed her legs. I'm sure she did it to deliberately intimidate me and Suzi kept provocatively crossing and uncrossing her legs as she berated me for my work effort, my professional image, my interaction with customers and my general capability until I just sat humbled and deflated, waiting to be fired for a second time.

I have masturbated endlessly over memories of Suzi crossing her legs, making me glance at her exposed thighs as she belittled and threatened me. I am sure Suzi enjoyed flaunting her naked legs to intimidate me further and mock my inevitable attraction to her as she basically blackmailed me into working extra hours for free just to save my reference.

Suzi seems to see me as worth less than the dirt on her shoes. She bosses me about with a smirk and pulls me up for the tiniest infraction. All the other teenagers she giggles and laughs with, but with me, she just chastises and scolds.

And to my own disgust I go home, shattered and insulted, stinking of grease and feeling dejected, and actually stroke my cock to how Suzi treats me.

But anyway, I was working double-shifts at the burger bar over the Christmas break, barely making a fifth of what I used to earn. I was worried about debt, about my future prospects and especially about losing my beautiful wife, Judy.

It just feels like I am such a failure when I cannot even support my wife and she ends up having to lend me money. It almost makes it worse when Judy is so kind and generous towards me because it makes me feel pathetic and unworthy of her as my wife.

On top of feeling such a failure, I have become insanely jealous and insecure around my wife. Yes, I hate myself for doubting her, but really I am just doubting myself; doubting how she could ever find such a failure attractive and then I suppose I worry that she will find more successful men more attractive, and in particular; Matt Monroe, the man who fired me.

The worst night was the night of Judy's office Christmas party. I sat on the edge of the bed in my ridiculous burger bar uniform, watching Judy make herself beautiful for the benefit of my old work colleagues.

Judy had her hair styled into a cute bob and her nails manicured. She sat at the mirror putting on her lip-gloss in a black, silk mini-dress. The flimsy hem rested high on her naked thighs when she crossed her legs.

The dress was so sheer and flimsy that it clung to every curve of Judy's voluptuous body, including the outline of her small breasts. I felt sick with jealousy at the thought of Matt leering at Judy's breasts where her cleavage was exposed by the plunging neckline. The silk was so sheer that it was obvious to anyone who chose to stare at her breasts that Judy was not wearing a bra.

Almost in a panic I glanced down to check if Judy was wearing any panties. I was relieved when I saw the outline of her panties through her dress, and then sick again at the thought of Matt also seeing my wife's panties.

But what made me furious and tortured me the most was the rhinestone jewellery Judy had chosen to wear. It seemed to advertise her sexuality, to offer her body as a sex object for Matt or anyone to admire and lust after.

The heart pendant of her rhinestone necklace rested on Judy's cleavage, pulling your eyes from hers down to the sparkling stones and therefore her breasts.

Her bracelets advertised her naked arms and shoulders, and however foolish this may sound, it felt as though Judy was encouraging people to admire her naked flesh, as though she was offering them the intimate secrets of the small freckle on her upper-arm or the little pattern on her other arm caused by the inoculation needle.

How I wanted to ask Judy to cover herself up, not to leave her arms and shoulders naked, to wear a longer dress. But instead I just suffered in silence.

Above her stiletto, Judy wore a rhinestone anklet and again I thought of men standing sipping champagne and their gaze being caught by the sparkle of the rhinestones until their gaze rose up Judy's calves to her exposed thighs. And if they did this, then they would see the thing I hated my wife wearing the most; her rhinestone belt with its dangling triangular threads that directed your gaze to where her pussy lay under the flimsy silk of her dress.

When she asked, I told Judy she looked beautiful, but I felt jealous and small for hating the fact it was Matt who would get to spend time with my beautiful wife as I stood dejectedly flipping burgers for my teenage boss.

I knew how I felt was just insecurity and I hated myself for even slightly considering Judy would betray me. They were feelings born of being a failure, of losing my job and feeling inferior to Matt Monroe. Matt who would be smarmy and charming to Judy as he enjoyed ogling her charms.

I even feel jealous at the idea of readers fantasizing about her. I know it is irrational, but it does not stop me feeling this way.

The feelings of dejection were so overwhelming, but again, I was also aroused at the idea of Judy wanting Matt for his power and his arrogant superiority over me.

Anyway, Judy went to the party and I spent a miserable double-shift selling burgers to drunk groups of people out partying.

But it was in January that things changed.

Judy was doing some tipsy online shopping one evening in the January sales and for some reason was using my laptop.

I noticed her incessant clicking of the keys stop and then she sat for quite a while reading with serious intent. Suddenly she threw my laptop onto the floor and strode forcefully from the room.

When I scurried to pick up my laptop I found my story staring at me on the screen. I felt panicky and stupid, afraid and ridiculous. I was terrified of what Judy would think of her pathetic husband.

When I crawled up to the bedroom, terrified and desperate to explain and apologize, Judy was fast asleep.

I gently nestled in beside her and lay awake worrying about the consequences of my story being known.

I woke in the morning to Judy's naked arm gently prodding me with her elbow. I rolled over and realized she was touching herself, eyes closed with one hand on her pussy and the other pinching her right nipple. I hadn't seen Judy masturbate in years and I watched mesmerized as she stroked herself until her back suddenly arched and she bit her lip, her body wracked with the intensity of her orgasm.

My cock was desperately erect at the show Judy had put on and I thrust my cock against her hand as she lightly fingered my erection.

Then her fingers trailed from my cock as her head titled toward me, eyes closed and her face flushed from her orgasm. She moaned "Ooh Matt...." and then opened her eyes and stared straight into mine, the slightest mocking smirk in the corner of her mouth.

I felt humiliated and crushed. Judy was mocking me for my fantasy; or worse, she might actually be fantasizing about Matt? I didn't find out.

Instead Judy slipped on her dressing gown and went for her morning shower.

The following evening Judy patted the sofa next to her, bidding me join her. She was still in her work suit with her tight trousers outlining the curves of her hips and legs and her blouse open to give the slightest glimpse of her cleavage.

Judy placed the laptop on our thighs and without a word opened up Matt's face-book page. I felt myself blushing and panicking. I wanted to explain everything, for this weird gulf between us to be explained and diminished so we could go back to our marriage as it had been.

But when I began blurting out apologies and excuses, Judy just raised a painted nail to my lips and said "Ssshh!"

I sat confused and with bated breath as Judy began browsing photographs of Matt. Seeing his supercilious, conceited smile again made me furious.

I hated him.

"Matt looks sexy without his shirt on in this beach picture, huh, sweetie?"

I stared at Judy in disbelief as she kept her eyes on the screen and I watched her face in profile, lit by the screen. I didn't know if she was acting out my fantasy, or taking it as a license to reveal her true feelings for Matt.

"There's some of me and Matt together!"

I stared in horror and jealous rage at the photographs from the office Christmas party. There was the obligatory kiss under the mistletoe with Judy's naked arms reaching up to wrap around Matt's broad shoulders. His hands were on Judy's hips.

Even though I knew Matt would've kissed every woman there, I was sickened to my stomach and my mind raced with ridiculous images of them making love that night.

As I squirmed uncomfortably and unsure of what my wife was doing, I felt her hand slide across to my leg and then between my legs. Judy began gently stroking my cock through my jeans, still not even giving me the slightest glance.

"His kisses were just dreamy....."

"Doesn't he look so masterful in his suit?"

Judy continued perusing Matt's photographs and commenting, all the while stroking my cock until I was achingly hard against her hand.

The dichotomy was crucifying. I did not want to be aroused by this deeply humiliating situation and yet my cock was straining and hard in Judy's hand. I wanted to plead with her, tell her this was not the real me and that I would not normally find this humiliation arousing.

Instead, I sat feeling ridiculous and ashamed as my wife manipulated my perverse arousal at the situation she had created.

Judy slowly unbuttoned my jeans and taking my cock into her hand began stroking me properly, still with no eye contact.

She made me pick 7 pictures from Matt's collection and chose the one of her kissing him as well. Then she downloaded the pictures to her memory pen and removing her hand from my desperate cock, dropped the pen beside it.

"You can cum when you've got the pictures printed, I've typed the sizes I want, burger boy!" she said, deliberately referencing my own stupid name from my excruciating story.

Then, with a patronizing pat to my cock, Judy fastened my jeans back up and stretching her arms above her head, announced she was having an early night.

I was left bewildered and aroused. Never had Judy behaved like this, never been dominant or teased me like this.

My story had involved her edging me and I wondered if that was where she got it from. I wandered a million things and understood none of them.

Mainly, I just prayed that Judy was playing a sexy game and she had no real interest in Matt, or anyone else for that matter and that my perverted fantasy amused her rather than disgusted her.

Dutifully, I got the photographs printed, practically snarling at the arrogant bastard who had fired me. His face life-size on some of the prints they were so big.

I left them in an envelope on the table for Judy when she came home from work.

We missed each other because of my crappy shift patterns, but when I got home at 7am the envelope was gone.

I could hear Judy already up and in the shower and wearily climbed the stairs to the bedroom. I didn't even notice at first, but after I had collapsed into bed it gradually dawned on me that every picture frame now contained a photograph of Matt.

In place of the photograph of our honeymoon was Matt's broad shouldered body, glistening with oil on some Caribbean beach. Everywhere I looked Matt's smarmy grin mocked me with his extravagant lifestyle and conceited self importance as I lay in my own bed, stinking of grease and burgers.

Worst of all was the exchange of our marriage photograph for the picture of Matt and Judy under the mistletoe.

"D'ya like, sweetie?" Judy asked perkily, wrapping a towel around her wet hair as she strode into the bedroom, a second towel around her body.

I just stared at her in amazement and shock. In return Judy simply shrugged and sat down at the vanity and applied her make-up. I watched her, almost in a reverie, trying to second guess my wife. I was still trying to second guess her when she walked over to me, now dressed in her work suit and gave me a kiss on the forehead.

"Bye bye, burger boy, you stink!"

And then picking up a photograph of Matt and kissing it with an exaggerated smooch;

"See you soon, Matt darling!" and with a mischievous smirk she left the bedroom.

And so it has continued since January, for two months now, with Judy shushing me every time I try and talk about my humiliating story or what all her strange actions mean.

Judy introduced a bedtime routine where I have to stand at the end of the bed naked, stroking my cock as Judy makes me repeat the ten reasons Matt Monroe is superior to me in every way from my last story.

Judy strokes herself under the sheets as I repeat like a mantra;

•My wife finds Matt Monroe more sexually attractive than me.

•Matt Monroe fired me whilst he keeps his job.

•Matt Monroe earns more than me.

•Matt Monroe does not work shifts on minimum wage and does not stink of grease and burgers.

•Matt Monroe can pleasure his wife.

•Matt Monroe is a success.

•Matt Monroe does not have a need to suck cock.

•Matt Monroe does not humiliate and degrade himself for other people's pleasures.

I am not allowed to cum but have to stroke and edge and repeat my humiliating words until Judy brings herself to an orgasm. Judy then lets me climb into bed beside her and has me kiss a photograph of Matt goodnight before she does so herself and turns the light off.

I am left so aroused, desperate and humiliated that it is unbearable. It hurts that my wife can treat me with such dejection for her own amusement and I often lie awake watching Judy sleeping soundly and hoping I have not lost her.

Deep down I think this is all just a game she is playing, but the feelings of jealousy are so intense and I lie awake kissing her naked shoulder with more devotion than ever in my life.

It is as though Judy is making me live out my fantasy, to accept something I do not want to about myself. My beautiful wife has created such an intense and erotic experience that I feel overwhelmingly grateful, aroused and ashamed all at the same time.

Other nights Judy has me lick her to orgasm, always ignoring and denying my needs.

Judy has never mentioned if or when I can orgasm. I sometimes masturbate in the bathroom, but after I orgasm I feel so puny and dejected that my wife has no interest in my sexual pleasure.

Since January the only sexual contact I have had with my wife, other than mutual masturbation to Matt's superiority over me, are the nights she allows me to lick her pussy. Even then, I am forbidden to cum.

In all our years of marriage we have enjoyed a loving intimate sex life, but never anything out of the ordinary.

Judy's current behavior is so left field that it has me both excited and frightened, but I have to admit; even with the orgasm denial, Judy has created such an intense sexual experience and my only fear is that she actually does fall for Matt.

It is her casual indifference to all of these sudden and weird changes to our marriage and sex life that leave me bewildered and beguiled by my beautiful and sexy Judy.

Lately, two situations occurred that escalated the situation and led to me having to write up what has happened.

The first situation occurred when I was getting ready for an afternoon shift at the burger bar. Judy was working from home and called from the 'office' to bring her up a coffee.

I finished off putting on my uniform and then made my wife her drink. When I walked into the office I found my wife video conferencing with Matt Monroe.

"There, burger boy" Judy told me smiling up at me sweetly and pointing to a mat. As i put the hot cup down I glanced at the screen and saw Matt's grinning face watching me serve Judy in my ridiculous burger bar uniform.

"Wait up, Sweetie." Judy sounded almost pleading.

"Can you show Matt what you look like with your cute little hat on."

I couldn't believe Judy's cruelty: To have me debase myself by performing in front of the arrogant bastard who had fired me. Judy just sat with her head turned to face me, eye-brows raised expectantly, as if what she was asking for was nothing.

And I did. I obeyed with Matt openly laughing in my face until Judy dismissed me with a flick of her wrist and turned back to the screen.

Judy's flippant dismissal after the torture of degrading myself in front of Matt was overwhelming and it genuinely scared me the amount of control Judy could now exert simply by flicking her wrist.

It wasn't until I left the room to the sound of their joint laughter that I realized Judy had her hair down, which she never did for work, and that her blouse had been unbuttoned an extra button for the conference call.

Again, I just prayed this was a game, an amusement, and that our marriage was safe. Having had to see Matt's face again and endure his mockery certainly made the whole thing feel incredibly horrible and real.

It was an incontrovertible fact that my wife had made me perform just to share a joke with Matt at my expense. True, in some ways it didn't matter, I am unlikely to ever have to see Matt again, but the fact Judy did this meant there was some kind of relationship other than work colleagues developing between them.

True, it could simply be a joint amusement at me being fired; true, it could be Judy using Matt to play out my fantasy unwittingly; but what was also true, was the possibility Judy was flirting with Matt.

The not knowing is torturous and most torturous because I find myself doubting Judy and then hating myself for being so pathetic. Judy is a marvelous woman and an amazing wife. To suspect her of infidelity is unforgivable.

At times when I feel like this I long to have my status back, my income and independence and not to have had my embarrassing fantasy shared with my wife.

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