tagLetters & TranscriptsHow Getting Fired Has Changed Me Ch. 05

How Getting Fired Has Changed Me Ch. 05


This is a transcript of a conversation between my wife's best friend, Jackie and myself.

As Jackie wants this published; here it is.

I am conscious that all my previous entries have not been well received; so to save people having to read any earlier parts, here is a brief synopsis:

I got fired from my job with all the ensuing depression and insecurities that come with that.

It also led to me developing a fantasy about the man who fired me (Matt) humiliating me and fucking my wife.

Through my insecurities I ended up accusing my wife of fucking Matt and understandably, given all she had put up with, Judy walked out. She is staying at her best friend Jackie's house.

Jackie is now arbitrating between us and called round on me.

Jackie showed me a video of my wife masturbating as Jackie sat and described a scenario to Judy about Judy being fucked by Matt.

What follows is the discussion we had when the video ended.

It is probably apparent that Jackie and I don't really get on.

(Apologies if this does not read well; it is a transcript of what was said.)


Jackie: "Well?"

Me: "What the fuck, Jac?

Jackie: "What?"

Me: "What do you mean, what? What the fuck are you doing? Trying to seduce my fucking wife or what exactly?"

Jackie: "Oh my! First you call your wife a slut and now you're calling me a lesbian!"

Me: "Then what the fuck is going on? You tell me, Jac. 'cos I'm sure as fuck confused."

Jackie: "A little girl to girl support in a tough time. I was helping her relax and forget what a fuck up she married."

Me: "By having her masturbate to thoughts of fucking another man?"

Jackie: "Isn't that what you did?"

Me: "What?"

Jackie: "Masturbate to thoughts of Judy fucking another man? The same man, to be exact; Matt?"

Me: "Fuck you, Jac. Yes, but I did it alone, not with another person helping me masturbate. It is hardly the same thing"

Jackie: "So?"

Me: "So you've manipulated Judy into being unfaithful to me!"

Jackie: "Really, fuck face? You want to go down this route, huh?"

(Jackie grabbed her phone and began typing. I watched and waited.)

Jackie: "Unfaithful: Definition: Engaging in sexual relations with a person other than one's regular partner in contravention of a previous promise or understanding. Wait!"

Jackie: "Definition of sexual relations: sexual intercourse."

(Some more typing)

Jackie: "Sexual intercourse; definition: Sexual contact between individuals involving penetration, especially the insertion of a man's erect penis into a woman's vagina, typically culminating in orgasm and the ejaculation of semen. FuuuUUUck you, ass hole: Judy was not unfaithful you shit for brains loser. She was just having fun and you can't handle that!"

Me: "Fuck you, Jac. Definitions aren't everything. You shared Judy's orgasm, you helped her orgasm. That's some kind of intimacy!"

Jackie: "Yeah, you got me there. Judy did look kinda hot!"

Me: "Fuck you, Jac!"

Jackie: "I'd rather not, thanks all the same. Just fucking chill out: Judy just had an orgasm and all I did was help her to imagine Matt fucking her. It's no biggie, heh; like your cock! Fuck! I thought you'd get off on it, given it's your sick little fantasy!"

Me: "Having my wife orgasm to thoughts of other men. Yeah, fab Jac. Thanks!"

Jackie: "One: you wanked off to the exact same fantasy, hypocrite Two: You admitted to wanking off about your boss and even to thoughts of me you gross little douche bag! I think wanking off to your wife's best friend is just a little bit seedier than me helping a friend to enjoy herself!"

Me: "But I didn't expose my body to anyone did I? You watched Judy naked and masturbating until she came!"

Jackie: "Changing the argument just 'cos you can't win isn't gonna help you, loser. Fine, duck the fact you're a hypocrite and a gross little pervert. So what if I've seen Judy naked and watched her orgasm? If I take my top off now am I being unfaithful?"

(Jackie stood up and pulled her gray sweater over her head, standing before me in a white sports bra.)

Jackie: "Come on then: Call me an unfaithful slut, like you called your wife. Is that what I am now: a slut as well as a lesbian?"

Jackie: "I can assure you, fuck face, this is not turning me on, but your creepy eyes on my tits sure proves a lot! So, I dunno; who's the one being unfaithful, huh?"

(Jackie stood with her hands on her hips in her bra and jeans for a while, almost daring me to look at her cleavage, exposed in her bra, and then with a look of disgust, put her sweater back on and sat down.)

Me: "It's context Jac: I didn't ask you to do that. What you did with Judy was overtly sexual!"

Jackie: "You leering at my tits was overtly sexual, creep! So was I unfaithful to John by taking my top off in front of you?"

Me: "I guess not. No."

Jackie: "So if Judy takes her top off in front of someone is she being unfaithful?"

Me: "I guess not. I just don't like it."

Jackie: "Finally: You don't like it. There's the fucking problem, douche bag: You! I took my top off in front of you and that was okay. Judy takes her top off in front of me and you 'don't like it'. You can't own someone just 'cos you married them. Judy has every right to take her top off on a topless beach or anywhere like that. It's her body and it's only nudity. You should be fucking proud you have such a sexy wife not whining about how insecure you are and trying to stop Judy have any fun."

Me: "I'm not trying to stop her having fun...I just don't like the idea of other people ogling my wife's body. Is that so weird or hard to understand?"

Jackie: "Actually, more offensive than weird, shit for brains. If you trusted Judy you wouldn't even worry about all your dumb little hang-ups. So what if other guys check out your wife? She fucking well married you; loves you; made a goddamn vow to you. Does none of that mean anything? Does another guy getting a peak at your wife's breasts really more important than your wife's devotion to you?"

Me: "Of course not, Jackie...I just get...well...insecure sometimes, I suppose..."

Jackie: "Now we're getting somewhere, loser: And why should Judy have to suffer for your insecurities? Should she feel like she has to hide her body just so appease your frightened little insecure mind?"

Me: "No...of course not."

Jackie: "No! Correct. So we agree Judy should not pander to your gross little insecurities and should be free to enjoy herself?"

Me: "Yes..."

Jackie: "Then we agree it was fine for Judy to orgasm as I described Matt fucking her?"

Me: "I suppose so..."

Jackie: "Finally! Then we also agree that Judy, having not been unfaithful, did not deserve to be called a slut?"

Me: "Yes."

Jackie: "And that I did not deserve to be called a slut or a lesbian?"

Me: "No. Sorry Jac."

Jackie: "For fuck's sake, shit for brains; this is not rocket science! Has your fucked up little mind finally grasped that Judy has had to put up with a loser douche bag husband who not only lost his fucking job but then actually wrote and published a fantasy about her fucking the guy who fired him?"

Me: "Yeah, okay Jac: I get it."

Jackie: "I haven't fucking finished! And even having to put up with all that, Judy came round to me and asked me how she could best support you. She's been more of a wife than you've been a husband, let me tell you. Judy was even generous enough to try and help you work through your sick little fantasy, even though it is seriously fucked up, in the vain hope she might regain the man she married instead of the closet cuckold wimp she's currently got!

And what did you do? Reject her and accuse her of being unfaithful! Way to go, fuck face!"

Me: "I'm sorry, Jac."

Jackie: "You're apologizing to the wrong woman, shit for brains! Fucking man up, get over your damn insecurities and win your damn wife back! Or, and I fucking mean this, I'll do everything I can to make her leave and be happy with a real man. She deserves so much more than what you are being at the moment so fucking MAN UP, LOSER!"

(Jackie stormed past me and slammed the door as she left.)

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