tagBDSMHow Getting Fired Has Changed Me Ch. 06

How Getting Fired Has Changed Me Ch. 06


There is no bondage or lifestyle content in this submission. I have placed it under BDSM simply because of power dynamics. It involves no sexual encounters either. Apologies if this is in the wrong category. It may also have fit into fetish/non erotic.

Also, below is a brief summary of previous chapters, the category in which they were published and at the end (in brackets) what other categories may have been appropriate. This is to help readers have an informed choice about reading previous parts if they want to.

Ch1: Published in 'Gay male': A description of a cuckold fantasy I had after being fired in real life. (fetish/bdsm)

Ch2: Published in 'Loving Wives': How my wife Judy found out about the fantasy and what she did. (fetish/bdsm)

Ch3: Published in 'Loving Wives': What else my wife did in response to my fantasy and how her best friend Jackie came into the situation. (fetish/bdsm)

Ch4: Published in 'Loving Wives': How Judy walked out when I accused her of being unfaithful and how her best friend mediated and introduced an ultimatum. (fetish/bdsm/lesbien)

Ch5: Published in 'Letters and transcripts': A transcript of a conversation between Jackie and I regarding a video she shot of my wife masturbating. (non-erotic)


Following Jackie's 'talk' with me, I ruminated long and hard over her advice and perspective.

It seemed more than coincidence that the readers' comments synchronized with Jackie's. I needed to listen up.

I realized that my own insecurities had put a terrible strain upon my marriage and that my submissive fantasy, on top of my unemployment, had placed Judy in an impossible place.

Now, when I thought about all the things she had done with Matt; the blouse undone on the video conference, her hair down, removing her panties at the burger bar as he had sat opposite. They seemed actions of a loving wife.

It seemed to me now that it was irrelevant if Matt had had the pleasure of seeing my wife a little exposed. That's all he got whilst I had Judy for my wife; she loved me and I was honored to have her as my wife. It was me that she chose to share her intimate secrets with.

Even the humiliation of having Matt's photographs around our bedroom and Judy claiming to fantasize about Matt; I now saw as Judy's generous understanding of my fantasy and I cried at my inability to appreciate my wife.

Even Jackie, who evidently considered Judy could have done far better than me for a husband, had tried to sort me out for Judy's sake.

True, there was still my persistent arousal at being humiliated and dominated but I figured, even if I remained fantasizing about being cuckolded, that did not mean I couldn't earn back Judy's respect and maintain equality within my marriage in every other respect.

I decided to be all that a man should be, and to put the past behind me and make Judy proud of her husband once more.

I joined the gym, I actively pursued voluntary roles as a step towards regaining my career. I won't bore you with the details, but plans were afoot to re-establish myself once again.

Arriving at the burger bar on Friday I couldn't help grinning at Suzi's impending doom when my complaint would be substantiated and Suzi greeted my overly perky 'morning' with a puzzled frown.

I was on a buzz all morning, working hard with all the adrenalin pumping in my veins at the thought of Suzi being fired.

I even had a double-date that evening as John and Jackie had invited me to a meal out with Judy. It was a chance to impress Judy now I had turned a corner and to demonstrate to Jackie that I could make Judy a worthy husband.

I even bought a lottery ticket on my break; things seemed the best they had been in months.

But 'the best laid plans of mice and men' as they say:

Suzi's boss had a preliminary meeting with Suzi before I was invited into the small office. He didn't look much older than Suzi; maybe 21 at the most.

When I was eventually called in after 40 minutes, they didn't even try to hide the smell of sex that pervaded the room.

Suzi looked flushed wide-eyed and her boss sat with his legs apart, casually, relaxed and obviously spent. It wasn't completely overt, but it was obvious to me what had just happened. I felt uncomfortable and embarrassed sitting before two people half my age who so blatantly flaunted their sexuality. It felt almost as though they were challenging me to mention it, just so they could call me a pervert.

The meeting went about as well as you would expect. I was asked to describe the event and bumbled through a description of my humiliation at wearing the 'loser of the month' sign as Suzi pretended to apologize for giggling.

Her boss just looked at me with disbelief as I described the situation.

When Suzi was asked for her account she pulled out her phone and showed her boss the photograph of me smiling with my thumbs up and the sign around my neck.

"He like totally gets a kick out of being humiliated...He makes me call him 'dorky' and stuff like that in front of ever one. It's like so freaky, and he stares at my ass and everything."

Suzi went on like this, playing the victim, pretending to cry and claiming I had threatened her if she didn't agree to humiliate me. The whole thing was like a pantomime, with her boss pulling shocked or sympathetic expressions on demand.

Eventually he called a break and I left.

When I was called back in he berated me like I was a child, telling me he had never heard of such sick behavior. I waited to be fired but after belittling me and calling me a pervert, he announced that against his better judgement, Suzi's overwhelming kind heartedness had convinced him not to fire me on the spot as long as Suzi and I could reach an agreement.

He left us to it and Suzi sat with her long legs stretched out from under her mini-skirt, looking at her feet as slipped off her shoe and wriggled her toes. Her mini-skirt was so short that if I leaned forward I would be able to see right up her naked legs and up her skirt.

"You kinda like so need to keep this job, it's totally lame."

I looked at her as she gloated over me, waiting for her demands.

"Soooo, like 'cos I'm super generous an' everthing...if you do one tinsy little thing for me...you can keep your job an' go back to being 'dorky' the loser. How fab is that?"

I just sat and waited, cringing at her humiliation of me. When I glanced over at her she was watching me with amusement, stretching gum from between her teeth with her fingers.

"All you gotta do...dorky...is have a chew on whatever's in the waste basket." Suzi said, nodding towards the trash. I wandered over to the waste basket and stopped stock still.

Flopped over the rim of the empty basket was a used condom, untied with the tip swollen with pooled cum.

Suzi turned her head to look over her shoulder with an expectant look.

The coincidence of me having a cuckold fantasy that involved me swallowing cum and now in reality, having my boss demanding me to do a similar act was simply surreal.

I felt my world collapsing, as though my mind could not embrace the reality around me and suddenly feeling dizzy, I ran out of the office, down the stairs and out of the burger bar.

Outside, I stumbled along, dazed and confused. I just couldn't grasp the difference between what was real or in my mind anymore. Had my fantasy somehow become obvious to everyone?

Could people tell I was a closet cuckold? Was I a closet cuckold? Only this morning I had been determined to sort myself out, and in less than half a day I was reeling from the intrusion of my fantasy yet again. This couldn't just be a coincidence; people are not asked to chew condoms by their boss in real life.

I started scrutinizing people as they walked past, trying to see if they were disgusted by me, or saw me as a victim or a pervert.

I went home completely uncertain of everything and feeling like I was breaking down. The only thing for certain was that Suzi's snigger as I ran from the room meant I had lost yet another job.

How could I have ended up in a situation where a boss suggested I eat cum from a used condom? It was so absurd it was surreal and I began to doubt if it had happened, that maybe I had misheard or misunderstood. Maybe I was ill.

For the rest of the day I paced up and down my sitting room, anxious and confused. I didn't understand what had happened. I was scared I was losing my mind. I was scared that somehow I was inviting people subconsciously to treat me as a victim.

Could that even happen?

In a desperate attempt to still the terrifying turmoil in my mind I lay on my bed and furiously masturbated. I wanted to fantasize about taking my wife, to be aroused by how attractive my wife is, but to my shame, I ended up cumming to images of my teenage boss laughing as I chewed on the used condom.

I had even made an appointment with my GP when my phone suddenly bleeped.

It was a text from Jackie.

'1:0 to you.'

I just stared at the screen in shock and disbelief as the truth slowly dawned on me and I realized the lengths Jackie was prepared to go. Jackie must have actually visited the burger bar, met Suzi and told her all about my fantasy, somehow convinced her to play along and then agreed to present me with the sick opportunity to see if I would be pathetic enough to eat cum to save my job.

What did Jackie think I had become?

It was nearly as unbelievable to imagine how Jackie could have contrived the whole scenario and as equally unbelievable that she was happy to cost me my job, or expose me to such extreme humiliation.

At least now I had an answer to the insane situation, but having the answer provided no reassurance other than I wasn't losing my mind. Terrifyingly, Jackie was more than happy to put me through extreme tortures that left me genuinely doubting my sanity.

I was scared of the power Jackie had over me and the extent of her vindictive nature. Once I calmed down I rationalized that Jackie knew Judy earned enough to support us both and that the burger job wasn't so important.

But even so, the fact that Jackie was willing to ruin my reputation with work colleagues, however temporary the job was, was terrifying.

However, I still felt less crazy and as I showered ready for my date with my wife, Jackie and John, I masturbated thinking of the intensity of Jackie's sexual cruelty towards me. Somehow her cruelty seemed to adorn her beauty like jewellery, enhancing her sensuality and sexual presence.

The whole situation is insane. Writing up what happens each time is making me reflect on the situations and I guess in some ways, forcing me to accept the lessons there-in. If this is some kind of tough love on behalf of Jackie and Judy, it's pretty tough, is all I can say.

I was still reeling from Jackie's scenario at the burger bar as I arrived at the restaurant that evening.

John, Jackie and Judy were already seated at a table and I found myself studying Jackie as I approached the table, looking for some sign of the vindictive monster that lay beneath her beauty. I found none.

The vacant seat was beside Judy and opposite Jackie. Both women were dressed identically with the flesh of their upper bodies exposed in diamond shaped segments by the black wool of netted sweaters.

Their breasts were hidden under white silk scarves, placed to cover their otherwise naked nipples. It was obvious from their bare shoulders on show through the netting that neither woman wore a bra.

I had never seen Judy wear anything so overtly erotic in public, but even that was a minor change compared to her general appearance. Judy's blonde hair was dyed a dark red, exactly matching Jackie's usual style and her nails were painted a deep red to match. Both women had an identical bright red streak in their dark bobs.

It wasn't the physical changes of hair and nail color, or the change in style that bothered me as much as the obvious influence Jackie was exerting over my wife. The dark hair and nails felt like symbols of ownership or signs of my wife changing under Jackie's influence at the same time that I became more estranged from Judy.

After the terrible mind fuck Jackie had orchestrated earlier in the day, these dramatic and sudden changes in my wife easily sent me off keel. I felt out of my depth and disorientated.

I was beginning to believe that this was exactly where Jackie enjoyed seeing me.

I handed Judy the flowers I had bought for her and sat down. Judy gave me a big smile and I gave her a peck on the cheek.

"Thank you, Sweetie."

My heart sank when the next thing she did was raise her wrist band to my lips.

"Kissy, kissy, Matty!" The words destroyed me as I kissed her wrist band. These moments of humiliation and servitude destroyed any chance I had of ever regaining my status.

It was as though despite their claim that they wanted me to man up, Judy and Jackie's actions always ended up degrading me further.

But what followed made Jackie's earlier manipulation seem gentle. She sat opposite me with her eyes sparkling with sadistic pleasure, her painted nails clinking against her glass as she seemed to ponder her next move.

The dark nails and black lines of wool in a stretched diamond pattern across the exposed pale flesh of Jackie's body pulled my gaze to her naked body.

Jackie acknowledged the power of her beauty with a sneer.

I felt Jackie's stiletto heel drive between my thighs and jab my scrotum through my jeans. I squirmed uncomfortably.

"Hey! Good news, fuck face!" Jackie suddenly announced perkily, her face animated and friendly as her heel jabbed into my balls. I jumped at the pain and looked at her in disbelief.

"Guess what Dorky? You didn't lose his job...yet!"

Yet again Jackie had me bewildered, my mind stumbling to catch up with events in my own life that she knew more about than I did. Again I felt helpless, clumsy and stupid, as though all I could do was dance, jump or roll over at Jackie's whim.

Jackie was in her element; she was in control with an audience ready and willing to lap up her outlandish scheming. Smiling round the table and giving my balls another vindictive jab and giggling as I squirmed, Jackie explained that when she read about my complaint in my last submission, she had simply had John call and pretending to be me, annul the complaint.

Jackie had been getting to know Suzi ever since I had mentioned her in my submissions and it had been Jackie's idea to have me fail the test and be made to wear the 'loser of the month' sign. According to Jackie, Suzi hero-worshiped Jackie for her ability to come up with such 'wickedly delicious' plans and together they had concocted the complaint meeting.

The 'boss' was just Suzi's boy friend and the whole meeting was done to satisfy Jackie's curiosity of whether I would actually eat cum to save my job.

"I still think you're a cum eater!" Jackie told me as a final comment, folding her arms across her breasts and grinning straight at me.

"Don't be cruel, Jac. Well done, Sweetie!" Judy told me, patting my thigh under the table.

Judy's words were worse than Jackie's goading. What did Judy think of me if she thought I had done well to not eat another man's cum to keep my job?

To all outward appearances we looked like four old friends enjoying a meal and on one level we were. The conversations returned to the usual banter, Jackie talking like everyone in the room was going to listen and as always with an attentive audience.

I laughed in the right places, answered questions when asked but it was hard to contribute with my mind drowning in the confusion and bewilderment Jackie had created. Jackie's tests of me 'manning up' were making me anxious as I just didn't understand the rules. I mean on the one hand I was ready to take Judy back, to assert that she just came home after the meal like any normal husband would.

But on the other hand I had agreed to wait this out and prove to Jackie I was man enough for my wife. That was wrong in itself, but what confused me the most was that all the while I tried to prove I was a man, Jackie and Judy seemed hell bent on proving I was a wimp.

How could I prove I was a man if my wife made me kiss her wristband with Matt's name on it?

As we ordered coffees I decided I would make Judy come home with me and end this ridiculous charade. Little did I know what Jackie had in store.

Taking a sip of her coffee, Jackie simply said "Look into my eyes!" and then held my gaze as she reached across the table and pulled Judy's scarf from around her neck.

It dawned on me that my wife's breasts were now exposed, not only to the whole restaurant, but were naked under the black wool mesh right across from John. I had an overwhelming temptation to turn my head towards Judy, but Jackie' glare held me still.

"I think we agreed that Jude getting her tits out wasn't being unfaithful, didn't we?" Jackie asked, smirking as her boot heel found my balls again.

Jackie held my gaze for the whole time we were sipping our coffee's and a whole gamut of exchanges took place without any words. Mainly her eyes twinkled at my discomfort and seemed hungry at any opportunity to mock me further.

Eventually she finished her coffee, and grabbing John by the wrist, pulled him towards the lavatories.

"We'll give you two little love birds a few minutes together!" Jackie said, waving at us from behind.

I took the opportunity to tell Judy how much I loved her and missed her and that I wanted her back. That I was sick of Jackie's games and things had gone far enough.

I didn't get much further before she put her painted nail to my lips "Ssshhh, sweetie."

Judy sat smiling at me, her features so familiar and so strange at the same time. Her hair and nails so different and my usually shy wife sitting with both her nipples in plain view through the back net top. I was bursting with questions and demands. I wanted to know what the changes meant, what masturbating with Jackie present meant, did she still love me. A million things, but I held back at her command.

"Sweetie, promise you'll do what Jac says...for me? Judy squeezed my hand reassuringly and I nodded and smiled.

Jackie and John sat back down, John clearly looking uncomfortable.

"What's up, bud?" I asked. Our friendship was still strained, but I thought it had seemed less so during the meal.

"I just want no part of this, Jac!" John said and walking off, asked for the bill.

"Of what?" I asked Jackie. Jackie gave a cute shrug.

"Anyways, I was watching this film about these tribes people in a jungle and they caught this animal right?"

Judy and I nodded. I was already bored.

"And these tribes people chopped up this...I dunno...like this huge guinea pig with tusks or something and handed out parts to different people to help them with what they...erm lacked; Like one guy ate the balls to make him more fertile. Gross or what?"

"Is this your critique of Mel Gibson's Apocalypto by any chance, Jac?" I asked facetiously.

"If so, the animal was a tapir and the movie was more a dialogue around the cyclical nature of the rise and fall of successive civilizations than eating testes in my humble opinion."

I gave Judy a glance, hoping she would be enjoying me trying to take Jackie down a peg. She was too busy fiddling with something under the table.

"Nope! It was about icky jungle men eating balls, okay?" Jackie said, sitting back, giving me the finger and smiling condescendingly at me.

"Time to go. You gonna kiss Jude or what?" Jackie said, leaning back in her chair.

I turned to Judy and she cupped my cheeks with both hands and to my surprise kissed me passionately, parting my lips to push her tongue into my mouth. I responded eagerly and lovingly until I felt her practically spit into my mouth and then force her tongue right into my mouth.

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