tagExhibitionist & VoyeurKitten Ch. 02: How I Seduced Sir

Kitten Ch. 02: How I Seduced Sir


Hi, this is Kitten. I have been The_Waterman's sub since I was 19 years old. I met him because I was living at home and he was a friend of my parents. Sir (I call him Sir because he is my Dominant and I am his sub) came to the house once in a while because my parents enjoyed his company and they would invite him when we had get together with friends.

The first time I saw him, he took my breath away, and when he spoke of his travels, I just wanted to rip his clothes off and fuck him...I am attracted to intelligent men.

Sir has traveled and lived all over the world and has the most interesting stories of the different cultures in which he has lived.

Let me say here, that I have always been sexually precocious. I remember masturbating by rocking my pussy on my foot when I was a child. I would masturbate myself to sleep nearly every night. Before I knew it was masturbation, I would put my Teddy Bear between my legs, roll onto my stomach and squeeze my legs together until I felt some relief.

As I matured into my early teens, and my body and my cravings were developing, I looked up on the internet, everything about the male and female anatomy, sex, birth control, masturbation and anything else pertaining to sexuality.

I was trying to figure out why I was so damn obsessed with sex and why my pussy was always wet and throbbing.

Once I had the concept of sex down, I hooked up with an older boy and seduced him to fuck me and got my Virginity out of the way. I then had a couple of female lovers (Discovered Bisexuality) - I kissed a girl and I liked it!

By the time I was 19, I had had 5 male and two female lovers, a three way FFM and discovered I liked being seen nude by strangers.

Then I met Sir. He had me from the first minute I laid eyes on him.

He had a steady girlfriend for a while, so I didn't see any chance to be with him. I sure fantasized about him, and masturbated over the thought of him fucking me though.

Lo and behold, his girlfriend moved out one day, and I found out about it. My parents were talking about how sad he was. I saw my opening (As it were) and went to his house with some little trinket I had made for him.

I was pretending I didn't know about his girlfriend moving out. He was so sad and told me, and I just walked up to him and put my arms around him and hugged him. I loved that I could offer him some comfort, and I loved the feeling of his strong arms around me and his body against mine.

A few minutes later, we walked into the kitchen and he offered me a glass of Grape Juice, which I gladly took. He always got my sisters and myself grape juice when we came over to his house with Mom or Dad..

We sat in the living room and he turned on Jeopardy and I watched the show with him. He should have been on the show. He correctly answered probably 75% of the questions. I was blown away!

We were sitting close to each other on the couch and I started getting very wet and moved my leg over to touch his. He didn't notice, so I moved away and moved my leg to touch his leg again. I was wearing shorts and could feel the roughness of his jeans against my leg. He didn't seem to notice.

We watched Jeopardy together every night, sitting close together on the couch. I tried touching his leg with mine and he didn't seem to notice. One night, He was wearing shorts and when I touched his leg with mine, he noticed, He pulled away.

I moved over and again touched his leg with mine several more times. He seemed to be ok with our legs touching. I was determined to get him to notice me as more than the girl from down the street. I wanted him to see me as a woman...with needs!

The next night, I wore a see through white blouse and no bra, a very short pleated skirt and very see through panties. We ate popcorn and when finished, he took the bowl into the kitchen. I crossed my legs on the couch Indian style, and pulled my skirt up so I knew he would see my pussy through my panties, and my breasts through my blouse. He had already noticed my breasts, as he kept looking over at them when we were eating popcorn.

From there it was all downhill. He came back into the living room, stopped for a second, obviously startled at what he saw. He then composed himself, came over and sat down next to me and kissed me on the lips.

I nearly had an orgasm.

I returned his kiss with plenty of tongue, and he gently placed his hand on my leg. His fingers were trailing up and down my inner thigh, making me wet, and causing me to jump. He wasn't moving high enough on my thigh, stopping about six inches from my panties. He was being a gentleman...Damnit!

I grabbed his hand and pulled it up to my aching panty covered pussy and looked at him and said, "There!" I was soaking wet, and there was a wet spot on the couch where I was sitting.

He backed off and said something about our age difference, I being only 19 and he being in his 60's. I was so afraid this was going to make a difference and he wouldn't want me as badly as I wanted him.

I had to think quickly. I held his face in my hands, looked him in his eyes, and said, "I want you to fuck me to death right now!" I told him to think of me as 35 years old. He thought about it for a few minutes and said he was ok with the age difference.

He took me by the hand, lead me into the bedroom, peeled off my panties, pushed me back on the bed, lifted and opened my legs so my knees were under my armpits, and very gently, slowly slid his cock deep into me.

I had a huge orgasm! I had never before felt a cock as big as his!

I know now that he is just above average in length and girth, but it took me two weeks to be able to accommodate it easily. I thought it was the biggest cock in the world. He fucked me for about 30 minutes.

I couldn't stop cumming, my pussy clenching this new massive cock that was invading my body causing me pain and giving me amazing pleasure!

I asked why he wasn't cumming in me. He said he wasn't a teenager anymore, and was concentrating on giving me pleasure. I said he had succeeded. It was only a short few minutes before he unloaded in me. I love the feeling of hot semen being pumped deep into my vagina. I had another huge orgasm!

I had never felt so fulfilled, so loved, so totally satisfied in my life...


We made love at least three times a day. He has a huge capacity for sex, as do I.

I had had a 24 year old boyfriend before Sir. We broke up about 6 months before I seduced Sir on the couch. I thought my previous boyfriend was the best lover ever. He fucked me like a beast!

Sir fucks me like a God! Kitten.

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by Anonymous

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by magicwindow_606/07/18

Some Potential

Story had some realistic elements, therefor believable.

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