tagIncest/TabooHow She Spent Her Summer Vacation

How She Spent Her Summer Vacation


Darlene Summers didn't know what was going on in her mind. It was like her life had turned upside down in a matter of months and she was powerless to stop it. She wasn't even sure she wanted to.

All of her life, Darlene had been a "Good Girl". She never missed school, got good grades, did volunteer work in the community, was runner-up for Valedictorian -- the young brunette was the kind of girl that anyone would be proud of, never in a speck of trouble.

All of that had changed about 9 months ago. The once-scrawny teenager had turned 20 and all of a sudden, the changes came fast and furious. The term "late bloomer" surely applied, for now she was all lush curves and beautiful tits and a rather nice little booty. She grew nearly 6 inches in that time and was now almost 5'10" in bare feet -- not that she was in bare feet much anymore.

She just started feeling different, her attitude and her entire body seemed to change together. Out went the tomboy in jeans and runners, in went the sensual woman in short skirts, sexy blouses, stockings and heels. Boys noticed and Darlene let herself be noticed -- also enjoying the favored glances of a few of the hotter girls in town as well. Her parents, Dan and Emily, just didn't know what to make of the new "Party Girl" Darlene who would come home at 1 AM looking exhausted. There wasn't much they could do -- she wasn't a minor and she took responsibility for her actions, never driving after drinking and her grades hadn't suffered.

Of course, what they didn't know was in some of the subjects she wasn't doing as well in, she was getting some help. Her -- assistants -- were holding out for the promise they might get to bed her luscious body and do all the insane things with her they fantasized about.

That wasn't going to happen. She wasn't a virgin, Darlene had surrendered that particular virtue shortly after her body began experiencing carnal lusts and desires she hadn't felt before. The sex was good -- it was with a college student she'd met while out dancing -- but it wasn't great and she wanted to feel more and experience some of the wild fun her older, more experienced girlfriends had told her was out there.

Now that her first year of University was coming to an end, she planned to party, get some sun and laze around and have some fun, hot sex with whoever caught her eye. Her parents put a kibosh on that idea.

"You need to start contributing financially around here, young lady, and your tuition is killing us. We think you need to get a summer job. Fortunately, your Aunt Bri has offered to help you out."

Inwardly, Darlene groaned. Her aunt Brielle, her father's 5-years younger sister, lived in a small Hicksville community in the middle of nowhere. There likely weren't 10 thousand people in the whole town. Darlene remembered she owned an Ice Cream Parlor or something like that.

"It will just be for 6 weeks, from the middle of July until the last week of August. She's picking you up tomorrow, so go pack whatever you need. No arguments -- she's offering you better than minimum wage, because you're family."

Yeah, and because no one in their right mind would want to be stuck in the sticks like that , Darlene thought. Well, there was no getting around it -- she packed her bags that night with mostly sensible clothes, although she did include a few short skirts, some nice lingerie and some heels, should she get an opportunity to party somewhere. She didn't get much sleep that night, so she was a bit of a grump when her aunt picked her up at 9 AM. She tried to put on a happy face as she piled her bags into her aunt's Audi -- a nice little car, she had to admit. Brielle herself looked great -- fit, dark-haired and tan, you'd never know she had twin 19-year olds, her cousins Julia and Ken. She took off her sunglasses and took a good look at her young niece, her green eyes sparkling.

Brielle ruffled her niece's newly ash-blonde hair and smiled. "Cheer up, grouchy. You're going to have fun. I have a nice big pool, it's going to be a warm summer and you're only going to have to work a few hours a day in the store. If you let yourself, you might just enjoy this next 6 weeks."

Darlene sighed. "Six weeks in the boonies, Aunt Bri? I don't mean to be rude, but just what can I get up to there?"

Brielle just gave her niece a sly smile and wink. "You never know, little one. Out of sight, you could get up to all sorts of things without getting caught, now couldn't you?"

That comment caught Darlene by surprise, but it shouldn't have. Her father's sister had always been unconventional, that's why Brielle had always been her favorite relative. She'd been divorced for years and rumors abounded that she had her pick of lovers, but her mother merely dismissed them as idle gossip. Now, Darlene wasn't so sure.

Upon their arrival, Darlene was bowled over by her aunt's sprawling home, which she'd only bought a few years back. It had 8 rooms and a huge pool out back. Sitting by the pool, looking relaxed and tan, were cousins Ken and Julia. Julia was wearing only her bikini bottom and lying on her front, she tied it and stood up to give her cousin a hug, showing off a nice set of 36C boobs she hadn't possessed last summer.

"Wow -- when did you grow those?" Darlene giggled as Ken got up to join them.

"Didn't -- hated being flat-chested, so Mom paid for 'em! Worth every penny, too!" Julia giggled as her brother hugged Darlene. "Yours are nice!"

"I'll say!" Ken chuckled. His sister swatted him playfully.

"I grew a few sizes this year -- thank God!" Darlene smiled. Her aunt joined them on the patio.

"We'll have a cookout later on tonight; tomorrow I'll take you to the store and introduce you to the other staff. Would you like to go for a swim?" Brielle asked her niece.

"Not right now Aunt Bri, I'd love a nap -- that was a long drive!" Darlene smiled. Brielle was right, it wasn't going to be so bad and maybe her hot cousins had some friends they could swing with. It was worth a shot, she'd ask them after dinner.

As she was drifting off into some much-needed sleep, Darlene heard some noises coming from a distance, noises she couldn't quite identify. She decided not to worry about it and let herself fall into a deep slumber.

She was up bright and early -- too early for civilized people, Darlene thought -- the next morning and after a moderate breakfast; she went to her aunt's Ice Cream Shoppe and was introduced to the other staff. Two other girls and the assistant manager, a very nice young man named Brock. All of them were attractive, Darlene noted to her aunt.

"Of course, darling. You have two cute girls and an attractive man working in your store, people tend to come in. The girls know it, Brock knows it -- they're all cool with it. Of course, it doesn't hurt that the girls are scrumptious little nymphets and Brock is an outrageous flirt."

Despite her misgivings, Darlene enjoyed her day in the Ice Cream Shoppe. The girls were cute and appealing, Terry and Katy, and her aunt was right -- she caught Brock checking out her short-skirted ass more than a few times. There were some nice-looking men and women coming into the Shoppe as well -- Darlene was beginning to think maybe this summer wouldn't be so dull after all.

She got home a bit after 5 PM and didn't see her aunt or cousins out by the pool -- which Darlene thought odd on such a beautiful day. There were no cooking aromas, Aunt Bri hadn't even started dinner, so Darlene was about to help out by making a pot of spaghetti when she heard some odd sounds coming from upstairs. She listened and then realized what the noises were -- her curiosity getting the better of her, Darlene snuck upstairs -- wondering if it were Ken or Julia having sex. She made her way down the hall silently, then realized the noises were coming from Aunt Bri's room.

Well, good for her , Darlene thought. I could use a good lay myself, sounds like she's really enjoying herself . She peeked through the crack in the door and saw her aunt's gorgeous, curvy, rippled body on all fours, her dark hair falling loosely, a rather impressive cock fucking her with hard, rapid strokes. Aunt Bri was groaning and fucking back, she looked amazing in the throes of sexual passion. Darlene reached under her skirt and moved her thong aside, stroking her pussy and clit and finding herself already damp as she watched her aunt being screwed like a bitch in heat.

Darlene had never seen a porn film and had never watched anyone fuck before -- it was all very exciting, she tried to get a good look at the nicely-muscled stud who was screwing her aunt -- dear Lord, it was Ken. Ken was fucking the hell out of his mother, who was yelling for him not to stop.

"Save some for me, Mom, you slut!" came another voice and now Julia came near the bed, wearing a leopard-print bustier, stockings and heels. She bent down to kiss her mother and their lips and tongues mingled -- they were obviously quite comfortable with each other sexually.

"Always baby," Aunt Bri said in a husky tone. "Your brother has more than enough for us both, you know that. God baby, they sure did a good job on your tits -- you look so fucking hot!"

"Thanks Mom, I'm glad you think they were worth the expense!" Julia smiled as she got on the bed and joined her mother. They kissed and played, Ken's cock left his mother's pussy and now he thrust deep inside his sister's welcoming cunt. Darlene couldn't move -- she was rooted to the spot. It was all so evil and wrong, yet every lewd second of it was getting Darlene hotter and more aroused. Ken was a bit more gentle as he fucked his sister -- slower, more precise, smoother. Julia and her mother didn't miss a beat, they continued to stroke and caress each other, kissing sweetly, fingers grazing through their hair. They were almost in a fugue state, like they were all involved in some sensual, erotic dream. Ken's head was thrown back and he was just keeping up the pace.

Then, almost as if they'd rehearsed it, all heads turned in unison to the slightly-ajar door and they all saw Darlene watching them.

"Busted!" Julia blurted out with a nervous giggle.

Darlene got up from her crouching position and opened the door fully, walking into the room. She was at a total loss for words, the silence was almost unbearable. Fortunately, her Aunt Brielle wasn't the type to hold back.

"I suppose this was bound to happen baby, with you staying here for the summer. Yes, I fuck my kids -- and vice-versa -- and I'm not embarrassed or in the slightest bit ashamed. I love sex -- I taught my kids to love and appreciate what their bodies can do. You'll find lots of very sexy people around here, my darling niece, two of the sexiest being your cousins."

"We have a pretty hot Mom, too!" Julia spoke up.

"The hottest!" Ken added.

Still not entirely sure what to say, her mouth not quite forming the words, Darlene said "My folks ..."

"Your mother would have a conniption fit, yes. Your father -- not so much. Not if he remembers all the fun things he and his baby sister used to get up to when he was in College."

"You and Daddy ?" Darlene spoke up for the first time.

Brielle nodded. "Your father was quite the stud before he met your mother and his just-legal sister was quite happy to make herself available for his nice cock. Your Mom must be pretty good in bed to have tamed him, too bad I'll never get to find out. Now Darlene darling, I would bet what my daughter and son are thinking echoes my own thoughts -- is the daughter like the father?"

Darlene didn't think she even blinked. "A-Are you asking me ...?"

"If you'd like to join us? Yes dear ... you were bold enough to watch us, you were bold enough to walk in here and confront us. Are you bold enough to take the next step and let all of us make love to you -- become a part of our very loving family?" Brielle smiled sweetly.

He who hesitates is lost -- and Darlene didn't want to lose. Had the changes she had been feeling over the last number of months been the emergence of her true sexual persona? Was she an uninhibited slut underneath it all -- like her aunt, cousins and even her Daddy? She hoped so -- she began undressing like her life depended on it.

"My God Mom, look at her!" Julia said appreciatively, eyeing her cousin's nude, perfect body. Darlene smiled softly and slid off her shoes and now only wore a tiny thong. A perfect pair of 36DD tits was on display, tits Julia would have killed to possess -- but in a way, she would possess them soon enough.

Darlene sat between her aunt and cousin Julia, not sure what to do. Brielle took matters into her own hands -- she reached out and drew the younger girl to her and kissed her, sliding her lips against her niece's while her daughter fondled the big, round tits she'd been admiring. Ken just watched and enjoyed the show his family was presenting. He had two of the most beautiful women he had ever known at his disposal -- now having a third, it was beyond his wildest dreams. From the second she'd shown up yesterday, Ken was hoping he'd get a chance to fuck his gorgeous cousin -- but seeing his Mom and sister lez it up with her was freakin' hot !

"I don't ... I mean, I've never ..." Darlene murmured as the two other women continued to stroke and fondle her body.

"Don't worry Darlene," Julia smiled as she ran her hands over her cousin's shoulders, back and fondled her tits again.

"You can and will, baby!" Brielle said as she laid her niece out prone on the bed. She began moving down the girl's sexy body while Julia played and laved her nipples with her tongue. Darlene couldn't believe how good it all felt -- beyond imagination -- she didn't have thoughts about the incest or the lesbian acts, she just let herself get lost in the moment.

"Feel good, princess?" Brielle murmured as she neared Darlene's warm, neatly-trimmed bush.

"Yes Aunt Bri, feels amazing -- keep going, I want you to!" Darlene sighed. She felt like a swimmer about to jump into the deep end, but she didn't care -- so far, it all felt wonderful. Then she looked down and saw her aunt's head go down between her thighs and her world changed forever. Brielle's tongue began lapping at her pussy and Darlene knew she was a true lover of women -- Aunt Bri was really going down on her, Julia was sucking her tits -- she wanted to join in, but she figured it made more sense to let the others run the show for now.

Brielle had been a lover of beautiful women since she'd been young and passed on her sensuality to her children. Sadly, her ex-husband hadn't shared her passions, but once he was out of the picture, she had seized the opportunity to seduce her kids into her bed once they were of age. Both kids were nasty little perverts and now they had another little slut to party with -- Darlene was obviously one of them .

Moving away from her cousin, Julia got out of her bustier and moved beside her brother. "Come on, brother-lover ... fuck me while Mom shows Darlene the ropes. I need your cock, I need it bad!"

"Fine with me, sis!" Ken smiled as his sister mounted him. He loved to see his sister riding him and her new tits bounced very nicely when she fucked. He'd never thought his sister needed the boob-job, but it had made her happier and more uninhibited, so he just stayed quiet on it. Her body shook and moved every which way, Julia was almost their mother's equal in the fucking department. He wondered if Darlene had the same kind of heat?

His mother had showed Darlene how to move into a sixty-nine and now Brielle and Darlene were making slow, gentle love. Darlene was already figuring out exactly what to do, where to lick and touch and Ken and Julia knew their cousin would fit in very nicely with the household. Brielle was moaning and gripped her niece tight, so brother and sister continued to fuck with fire.

Darlene and her aunt broke apart -- lesbian sex was fun, but Darlene hadn't enjoyed cock in a bit. She tapped Julia on the shoulder and asked "Can I borrow him for a while?"

Julia smiled and asked "What's in it for me?" Darlene leaned forward and kissed her cousin, fondling her tits softly.

"Consider that a down-payment!"

"Can't wait until you make full payment, gorgeous!" Julia said, dismounting her brother. She moved over to where her mother lay and mother and daughter embraced and kissed while they watched the newcomer make the next move.

"Do me like you were doing Aunt Bri, Ken lover, I really want to feel you!" Darlene sighed. Ken didn't hesitate, he grabbed his cousin by the hips and moved his cock into her dripping pussy. He gave it to her with harder strokes than he'd used on his sister, but not quite as hard as the vastly-experienced Brielle. He was shocked to see how easily Darlene took his cock and without any complaint -- she was just as big a slut as his Mom and sibling, hip-hip-hooray for that!

"Fuck me cuz, damn, you lucky bitches, to have this cock around 24-7, you're going to have to share it from now on, oh God, I feel like such a whore, fuck me Ken, really FUCK ME!" Darlene howled as her aunt and Julia made slow, gentle love beside them.

She came within short order and so did Ken, there was momentary panic when Darlene realized she'd ridden him bareback. "Let me help with that!" Julia suggested naughtily. She clamped her lips down on her cousin's sweet cunt and sucked her dry, her tongue going almost as deep inside the pink hole as her brother's cock had previously gone. Darlene cried and moaned and carried on while mother and son enjoyed another vigorous fuck. It was almost 10:30 when they finished and no one had the strength to cook anything, so they ordered a large pizza. When the doorbell rang, Julia threw her bustier back on and went down to get their food. She came back a minute later with the wonderful-smelling pizza. They all opened the box and began eating.

"Who delivered the pizza?"


"Did you pay her?"

"Gave her an IOU." Julia said with a very naughty wink thrown in.

"When is she coming to collect?" Brielle asked, a still-confused Darlene listening.

"Tomorrow. She says she'll bring the whipped cream."

Darlene clued in. Her eyes went wide, but there was a sexy bit of mirth behind it. Brielle explained.

"Darlene dear, this is a small town, but a few of us have our fun. There's a community of like-minded, naughty people here, but being a small town, we practice discretion. Everyone knows how to keep their mouths shut. Why do you think I hire such sexy staff? If you think can be equally discreet darling, we'll introduce you to some of them -- because I think you're just as naughty a slut as your Auntie and cousin Julia. What do you say?"

Finishing a bite of Italian Sausage pizza, Darlene said cheerfully "I say, count me IN, Aunt Bri!"

The six weeks flew by and at the end of August, Darlene's parents couldn't understand why she chose to forego the fall term and stay with her aunt Brielle. Fortunately, they accepted at face value, her explanation of wanting to earn a bit more money for tuition and other expenses.

Well -- her mother seemed to. Daddy? Darlene wasn't as sure of him, but she figured that particular issue was something she could deal with some other time. Darlene was looking forward to that other time coming real, real soon.

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