tagMind ControlHow to Get the Best from a Girl

How to Get the Best from a Girl


Well I knew I shouldn't but I couldn't resist. At the cocktail farewell at the Melbourne museum there was a young American student from Seattle- Lara. I couldn't really help myself and soon we got chatting. The reception finished at 9:00, she knocked off at 10:00 and I would wait for her at a bar in Fitzroy. Of course she came down at 10 and by that stage I was already feverish from fantasising about what might be. She was still dressed in her hospitality black. Short dark hair, slim build, but an energy about her, announced by the flash in her eyes. She was soft-spoken, yet confident, and obviously intelligent well beyond her 20 years. I guess anyone who lives halfway around the world from home has to be.

I knew what I wanted to be to her. And the moment just felt right for both of us. We drank another bottle of Veuve, and talked, moving ever closer. I knew she was ripe and that she wanted what I wanted. I started to use the power of suggestion, and turn the conversation toward what might be- she was eager; she was willing. I asked her questions; favourite colour, favourite taste, and favourite sensation. All the time digging deeper into her psyche; suggesting that we liked the same things; thought the same way. Looking into her eyes, both of us fixed in concentration, oblivious to the rest of the bar. Asking her what she would like to get away with if she could be invisible. What things she would do if she could be guaranteed anonymity. Suggesting that we wanted the same things... suggesting we needed the same things. I smiled as she opened her mind to me, as she started to give me her will, as she slipped under my spell and under my powers.

Back at the hotel, I continued on my simple plan of suggestion- using the seeds I'd planted, I knew now they'd now bear fruit. "More champagne? Don't you love the flavour and the cream of the bubbles? I love the sensation of it in the mouth... I love the gentle colour..."

Her eyes were alive with excitement, with enthusiasm for the game we played.

"What would you do if you were invisible? Watch people? Spy on people and see what they really get up to behind closed doors? And if you could be guaranteed anonymity, would you pose nude in that magazine? Of course you would."

So we start playing, jumping on the furniture, and laughing. Clothes come off. She poses for me in her underwear. It's 'our' favourite colour. Blue and matching. She is relieved and delighted she decided on the combination impulsively before work. Interesting. She is especially pleased that she might have intuitively worn it just for meeting me. My underwear is blue too- we pose together in front of the mirror and then, unexpectedly and naturally, we embrace. Our touch is light and playful, and then I start to massage her, another of her favourite sensations. Some moisturiser from the bathroom; she lies on the bed and I do her shoulders, then her lower back, then her thighs. Rubbing until her legs relax and spread and I see her ripe cunt peek out from around the elastic in her panties. It's swollen with desire, hairless and open.

My hands slide up her thighs spreading the cream up over her buttocks, opening her. I feel her youthful innocence, strength and arousal beneath me. My eyes are fixed on the damp patch on the fabric between her legs; I move my hands so I can catch another glimpse of her cunt. I'm delighted when I hear her moan. I touch high on the insides of her thighs and she widens their angle. I press my fingers into the fabric, greeted by hot damp open space. And then my face is pressed into her buttocks, my tongue attacking the fragrant fabric, slipping past the elastic, lapping at her juicy wet cunt. Her only response is to moan more loudly and spread her legs further. Soon my fingers have joined my tongue.

First one, then two, then I slip her panties off. Now she is naked to my mouth. Then three fingers move into her young tight cunt. She has large labia that are now completely open, pink and wet, and her large clit is erect and exposed. I lick her ass, as I twist my fingers inside her. I spread her cheeks wide and lap at her clit. I roll her onto a pillow on her back. Her eyes are closed, cunt exposed, legs spread. Fingers work her pussy, pumping, twisting while my mouth works her clit, flicking, licking, and sucking. Her moans are louder and louder, and then she starts to talk.

"Oh, oh... yes... oh yes... oh god, yes" repeated over and over, louder and louder, before she warns, "Oh yes... oh yes... I'm going to cum. Watch out!"

She bucks backward, snapping her head back into the bed and lifting her ass off the pillow, my fingers still hard against her g-spot and my mouth on her clit as she cums like a rocket. Squirting her girl cum. A fine clear trail of cum, jetting from between my fingers sprays over me. I can feel the contractions, I can see the squirts, and she writhes and groans.

Instinctively her hands go to mine to remove them, but I resist and keep working her pleasure zones, I want her completely under my control. She opens her eyes for the first time in ages, pleading with me silently to stop. I know it must be almost excruciating, but I keep massaging the inside of her cunt with one hand and working her clit with the other. Again she asks me to stop, feebly, and tries to stop me with her hands, but I continue. She writhes beneath me, but I use my body weight and position to pin her.

"Please, please" she groans and moans, but I keep working her desire. I can feel her cunt open right up now, three fingers are easy, and so I make it four. She is not a big girl, but her arousal allows her to take it. Her pleas are now just grunts. Her hands and gripping at the pillows, her surrender complete. I can get my mouth back to her clit... It doesn't take long... her cunt begins to twitch and she begins a low pitch wail... her cunt begins to open right up... and then her wailing gets higher in pitch... until her cunt begins to spasm and she screams... letting go completely... and she floods me, drowns me as her body lets go.

I let her rest for a moment and disappear to watch her from the kitchen. She lies heaving silently on her back, legs still spread, and cunt completely exposed, nipples so hard they look painful, eyes closed. I slink back quietly. I touch her and she looks up with a start, as I rub the banana along her wet pink slit. She looks at me, shocked, but I just gaze back and she settles. I wait until I can see her juices coating the tip of the banana. I lick at them so she can see. We agreed before that banana was a favourite flavour. I hold the fruit to her mouth and she too licks with her lovely slick tongue. I take the banana and rub it against her clit while she shudders, and then taking aim, I plunge it into her open cunt. She looks up with a start again, but I stroke her hair to calm her. My voice soothes her. I fuck her with the banana, and stick my fingers in her mouth. She sucks on them. I push them deeper and she devours them.

Kneeling I straddle her face and lower my head so its now over her cunt, and I'm watching the banana as it moves in and out of her. I take a bite. It is delicious. She slips my cock into her mouth and I bury my face in her cunt. I lick her clit and tongue her deeply. I gasp, surprised as I feel my cock slide down her throat. I now start to finger her ass in time as I thrust into her mouth.

I know I need to release now, so I pull out. Once again she looks at me, staring into my eyes. I just stare back calmly. We don't need words, she has given her will to me. For that reason I will treat her kindly. I lead her to the shower and turn it on. It's a big glass cubicle, and the water is like a mist of warm rain. I guide her in and push her against the wall kissing deeply as I slide my hands up and down her gorgeous, naked, flawless body. She follows my every lead, matches my every kiss. Responds to my fingers on her neck, nipples, stomach, clit and butt. Another look into her eyes and I know she is mine.

Hands on her shoulders and I push her down to her knees. She doesn't need instructions; she takes me in her mouth- carefully, sensuously, and deeply. I'm so close, I so want to let go, but I check myself. I lift her to her feet, turn her to the wall, smear some lube over my cock and push straight into her ass. I'm not brutal, but I meet with resistance. She wants it, and with a grunt, and with my even force, she opens and my cock slides inside, easily. She gasps in shock and takes a moment to adjust, pressing her hands to my thighs to stop my attack. I bite her neck. I cup her breasts, tease the nipples, and caress her cunt while I wait for her. I reach down between her legs, delighted to feel a vacant cunt and my shaft lodged deep in her ass. Then I start to thrust slowly. There is little resistance now, and she pushes her ass away from the wall, back toward me so I can grab her tits. I keep a slow pace, but increase the length. She takes it easily, right to my balls. I test her by pulling all the way out. I wait for a second, and she stays open long enough for me just to slip back in. This girl is completely mine. I fuck her now, as if I own her.

And it doesn't take long. I feel that urge. Her heat, her heartbeat; her ecstatic moaning. Her neck is arched back and she is electric. So am I. And just as I feel my balls rise, I pull out, spin her around and guide her to her knees. I stop for a moment, to let her see the shower cascade over me, cleansing me. She strokes me a few times quickly with her hand and then slides me into her mouth as she cups my balls. She milks my cock and my knees buckle with orgasm as my balls explode. I lose my load in her mouth, shooting a never-ending orgasm of passion down her throat as I hold onto the wall. She drinks me down, strokes me and then looks up into my eyes, wanting to know that I am pleased. I waver before smiling down into her eyes because my head is spinning. Having just cum down her throat my cock is still throbbing and leaking. She had swallowed my whole load and there is a trace of smile on her face. My legs are still trembling, knees weak, my hands against the wall. It's almost as if her gaze upwards lifts me up against gravity. She keeps still, in position, kneeling on the tiled floor as the shower rains down on us. Another favourite sensation shared between us both.

She does not move. I rub the head of my cock over her face, leaving a matted spider web of cum against her wet features. Forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks and finally lips. Then opening her mouth, still perfectly still, her eyes locked on mine; I push the head of my cock back in her mouth and she obediently suckles. Her eyes are unquestioning. There is no doubt in them. They are clear and confident. She is wanting for more.

As she rubs her tongue on the underside of my glans, the pleasure is almost unbearable. But there is no stopping her. We must continue immediately or the moment will be lost. Her hands, still balancing her on the shower floor, while she holds my shaft still with her mouth and flicks me with her tongue. It's her sweet revenge for my forcing of her second orgasm before. I keep hold of the wall, not showing the intensity of overload until it passes. Hard again, I start thrusting into her mouth.

My arousal rises exponentially, and I am hungry for her again. Now thrusting into that sweet mouth I want to fuck her. The shower on my back, the warmth on my skin, the heat of her mouth. Pulling from her and she makes a popping sound. I rub my cock all over her face as she smiles and I tell her to stay there. Stepping out of the shower and grabbing all the towels and robes, I spread them on the floor. Once the makeshift mattress is complete I look to her. Without a word she crawls over. I motion and guid her onto her back. She spreads her legs wide, and in moments I had mounted her missionary style, her open cunt swallowing me whole to my balls. No need to be slow at this point, we fuck hard right from the start. Fingers, palms and hands locked, our pelvises slamming together. I can feel her clit stroking along the top of my shaft with every thrust. We kiss deeply, desperately. I push my tongue down her throat and she yields.

Completely open and each thrust with all my strength, plunges into her. Lifting her legs until her knees are over my shoulders, and I slam her harder yet. She squeals into my mouth. I bite her nipples and she responds with an ecstatic yelp. Pushing right down and I feel the head of my cock pressed against her womb. Her cervix nipping at the tip of my glans. I pull right out, and then fall back into her open cunt, jamming my cockhead against her cervix again, wanting to fill her with seed. She responds by lifting her hips off the floor, for a moment it felt as if we were locked together, cervix to glans. If it lasts a moment more I would have filled her, impregnated her, claimed her and kept her.

Still on her back, I slide out, and rising, once again present my cock to her mouth. She swallows it whole. I rise up and down, plunging in and out of her mouth as she passively consumes me and then releases me from her throat again. I look down at her; she seems so blissful, lost in her own little world of desire and lust. In looking at her, I know she is mine. Totally, completely wholly. She had now given herself over to me, allowing me complete control. I knew what she wanted. I knew.

I stand, hold out a hand and she gets to her feet. I motion toward the shower and she steps under the rain again. Scooping up all the towels and robes, and turning off the lights, I keep the door ajar, to let the smallest sliver of light in. Just enough to see by. Throwing the jumble of soft cotton into the shower I follow it and slide the glass doors shut behind me. I grab and lower the hand held showerhead down its silver bar so I can control it from the floor. I spread the soaked towelling on the tiles and against the wall so I can lie at an angle. And then on my back, I motion to her to join me. She lies backwards against me, my jaw resting on her shoulder, so I can whisper in her ear in the near dark. My hands sweep over her, enjoying the wet skin and fine hot spray. Teasing her nipples, pinching them, twisting them painfully. She writhes deliciously against my body, my hard cock pressed into her back.

I massage her head and whisper to her. She lifts her ass off the floor and I slopped some wet towels beneath her. Rubbing her clit and fingering her as I tell her to hold her breath. She does. In the darkness there is no sound except the water on tiles. I feel her chest push out. I keep rubbing and playing with that beautiful cunt. She starts to breathe out but I tell her to hold it. She tries. I pinch her labia, and pull hard on them to open her cunt right up. She gasps and takes a breath back in. I tell her to hold it and I feel her shudder. Flicking her clit, then strumming it, I tell her to breathe out.

The showerhead is in my hand and I spray it onto her breasts as I command her to breathe in. "Hold", and I direct the water toward her cunt again. She holds her breath as long as she can and then I direct the water straight at her clit as she continues trying to hold on. I don't give her permission; in fact I refuse it. Her body now rigid, almost trembling, "Breathe", I command as I feel the air rush out of her as I start rubbing her clit.

She starts to moan, "Yes, yes, please, yes..." and I feel her cum hard as my hands work her and her body rocks violently against mine.

She is limp, and I lift her up, sliding her smoothly along my body. My hand around my shaft, I search for her asshole. I lift her and let her slip downwards, as the head of my cock notches below her slit.

"Spread yourself"- she writhes to give me access, and I push inside her anus. God, she is so open, I just slip in. I ease into her, until she is hooked on my cock, lodged snugly, locked in place. I reach down and feel my balls, then the base of my shaft, then her open cunt, then her clit. The sensation is electric.

I lock my thighs beneath hers and place my arms under hers, immobilising her whole body. I listen. Her breathing is rapid, heightened. She is trussed up on my cock. She is almost completely mine. How far will she give up control? I'm ready to find out... "Breathe".

She breathes in. Her chest rises beneath my arms. I open her labia and pull down hard as she breathes in. Her big thick labia feel fantastic between my fingers.

"Hold, Hold, Hold." I repeat it over and over, starting to lose control of myself as her ass squeezes my cock. It seems like forever. I can feel her bursting to breathe. I start to strum her clit and tell her again to "hold". I feel her shudder, and the sensation is incredible as her asshole begins to spasm.

"Breathe...", The air rushes out of her. "Breathe..." Silence except for the water.


This time I lift my arms and cover her mouth and nose. "Trust me, hold..."

She stays completely motionless as she holds her breath, but her body is totally rigid and still, save for the pulsing of her anus around my shaft. The sound of the shower seems to have disappeared and we seem to be lost in a silent rain. One hand over her mouth and nose, one arm pushing down so she is locked onto me. I wait for her to run out of air. It's only a matter of time.

She is so brave. So willing. She holds on so long. I feel her asshole start to convulse around my cock, and she becomes restless realising she no longer has the choice to breathe- that power now belongs to me. She is completely mine. She is totally mine. I have complete control.

"Hang on...", I whisper, "Relax." I soothe her, "Hold on for just a little longer..."

She kicks her heals into the tiles and her body starts to jerk against mine. I feel the air from her mouth and nose building pressure trying to break out. I wait a moment longer and drop my hand to her throat, holding her head in place as the air rushes out. I feel her asshole relax, she pants... moaning, groaning- thankfully it sounds like pleasure. "Breathe..."

She responds again, drawing in that breath so deep, knowing it has to last. Knowing she won't have air again until I allow it; trying to relax her body, trying to remain calm for as long as possible. I feel her anus relax around my shaft. But as her air starts to run out, it is the first tension I feel. And then the tight ring of muscle begins to pulse around my shaft. And it pulses in time with my throbbing cock. Almost as if she is milking me.

I try to reassure her... "Hold on..., relax..., just a little bit longer..."

As her breath runs out the pulsing in her ass gets stronger and I get closer to orgasm. It feels synergistic, it feels mutual, it feels like we are one, but this time she can't make it and I let her breathe again...

Her body is now racked by sobs and deep breaths and panting all at once. I feel her hands on my thighs, stroking them, reassuring me that she is ok as I ask, "Can you go again?"

The sensation around my cock is gorgeous. I almost cum when I hear her response- "uh-huh".

"Breathe..." and she sucks in the hot steamy air. As she does, I pull her labia open again, and flick her clit, before closing my hand across her face. I nuzzle her neck as the pulsing in her ass starts, and the tension tightens. I pinch and pull her nipples with my free hand. She pushes down, bearing right down on my shaft. She writhes.

"Hold still..." I tell her. She does.

"As long as you can now." I tell her again, "Relax."

I hold my breath too now. My orgasm is rising as her ass pulses. I rock her back and forth on my cock, it's just enough. The tension is building, I can feel she is close too, her fingers move down to her own clit. She starts to run out of air.

"Hold..." I whisper again, "Hold!"

She starts to buck and writhe, clearly out of breath, only my hand holding her air in. Her body flushes hot, as if it is about to burst. One hand works her clit feverishly, as her heels press down, and her ass slides up my shaft, pulsing all the way. I try to pin her and she starts to wriggle desperately. At the last second I feel her asshole open completely around my cock before wrapping tight around the shaft. I let go of her mouth and the air bursts from her lungs with a scream. I hold her tight and push inside her as her asshole milks me wildly; she is orgasming involuntarily. I feel my balls rise and then a single pulse of her ass triggers my climax and colours burst in the darkness before my eyes. She is screaming and sobbing with wanton lust and pleasure all at once as I ejaculate into her. I groan as I flood her ass, my balls aching as they let go. My cum filling her as I wrap my body around her holding her tight. Then, spent, we lay still together on the shower floor beneath the spray of warm rain...

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Oh lord

That was phenomenal! The way you described the passion in the moment is what really helped me get off. Don't stop writing!

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