tagIncest/TabooI Caught My Sister Muff Diving

I Caught My Sister Muff Diving


It was summer break, and I was spending a couple of weeks at home. The folks had made plans, so over this one weekend it was going to be just me and my younger sister Tracy. It was a Friday night and she was going to a party with one of her girlfriends. I'd told her after a night partying with some buddies, I probably just end up crashing at one of their places. And that's why Tracy wasn't expecting me to show up. But, as things worked out I actually beat my sister home.

It wasn't even midnight when Tracy showed up with her girlfriend Julie in tow. It turned out that they hadn't realized I was home. And, I'd didn't know that they were, until I headed in for a shower.

Our bedrooms are at either end of a hall, with our bathroom separating them. So, I heard them giggling, and thinking they sounded a little buzzed, I stopped to listen. It was obvious Tracy was trying to talk Julie in to something. But all I heard was "Come on, don't be chicken...you said you wanted to try it...and anyway, what's the big deal?" Of course, I was instantly curious, my naturally dirty mind flashing to an image of the two of them naked and sixty-nining. But thinking, my sister, no way; I started for the shower.

Curiosity peaked, I stepped in to, and right back out of the shower, deciding sneaky quiet was in order. So silently, I pushed the bathroom door open, and listened. And I was in time to hear Tracy's "Yeah, well you're sure you're good with it?"

There was the sound of shoes hitting the floor, and then the unmistakable sound of a zipper being pulled. And it was Julie I heard saying "Sure, yeah why not...oh fuck, sure, as long as you're not expecting me too!"

Leaving my wet bathing suit behind, I wrapped a towel around my waist, and crept silently down the dark hallway. But even before I reached the door, I could see Tracy's bed in the reflection from her closet's mirrored doors. And despite my very active imagination, I still could barely believe my eyes. Julie was stretched out on the bed, bare ass naked, with my equally naked sister laying between her spread legs. Tracy had her hands resting on Julie's thighs, and I wasn't the only one staring hard at her fully exposed pussy.

Julie's the same age as my sister, and they both just graduated from high School. I'd always thought Julie was pretty cute. She's a red head, and as I'd just discovered, one with only a tiny trimmed triangle of pubes. Tracy's prettier, but for sure Julie's big round tits and her tight curvy ass make her a real hottie! But then, with my sister lying on her stomach, I couldn't see her tits anyway.

Creeping a little closer, I still had that mirror view, but I also had a direct look up between my sister's legs. And I sure hadn't expected to find myself staring at my sister's pussy, or to discover that she kept it shaved completely bare. But then, I wasn't expecting to find her lying naked between her girlfriend's legs either! Now I don't mean to whine; only, neither angle gave me a view of what Tracy's tongue was doing to Julie's pussy. Tracy had squirmed in closer, and then just gone straight for it. And whatever she did it sure didn't take her long to turn Julie's giggles in to a breathily gasped "ooh...ooh...God yes...yes, like that!" And considering she'd seemed reluctant, it surprised me when Julie grabbed a double handful of Tracy's hair. Oohing and aahing, she held Tracy's head in place, like maybe she was afraid she'd stop or something.

No worries! Nope, because what Tracy did was, slide her hands under Julie's thighs, lift them, and push them even wider apart. Awesome, because then I could clearly see my sister's tongue in action. Tracy still held Julie's thighs pushed wide apart. So when Julie let go of her hair, and used her fingers to fold back her pussy's labia, I could see the darting tip of Tracy's tongue race, flicking over one thoroughly exposed bit of very tasty, and very wet looking pussy.

My towel had fallen away, back when my cock first sprang to rigid attention. But, it wasn't until I saw Tracy start tongue fucking Julie's pussy that I reached for my cock. I watched my sister's tongue popping in and out of that tight little opening. And it sure had me wishing I was up there between Julie's legs, furiously pumping my cock in and out of that pussy. But I couldn't help wondering; if there positions were reversed, would I have the balls to crawl up between Julie's legs? I figured, no way would I pass up the chance to bang Julie, and for sure not if I'd get to watch her eat my sister's pussy while I did it!

Tracy was giggling when she released Julie's thighs, pulled back, and lay there with her chin resting on her hands. Then, almost sounding dreamy , she explained "Fuck Julie, I love doing it! Honestly, it's a total turn-on! And seriously Julie, if you don't reconsider, you're an idiot!"

"Yeah, yeah, we'll see," Julie told her, sounding like she meant it, when she added "Now do it to my clit some more...Jesus girl, you almost made me cum!"

Instead of the smartass response I expected, Tracy "blurted out a surprised sounding "Really, no shit!" And then wrapping her arms around Julie's thighs, my giggling sister teased "You want to cum...really? Hey, I can do that!" And unfortunately, for several long minutes, I couldn't see any more of Tracy's tongue, or Julie's pussy either.

Still, it sure didn't look like my sister's novice tongue was going to have any problem delivering as promised. So while I stroked my own cock, I watched Julie wriggle and writhe. My sister held her girlfriend pinned down, her head whipping back and forth, as she alternately whimpered and pleaded. And then suddenly I was listening to Julie scream "More, more...yes, oh God yes...you're going to make me cum!"

Only I figured Tracy backed off way too soon. Seriously, Julie was still gasping out yes's, her back was arched, and her outstretched arms were quivering a foot off the bed. And when Tracy released her thighs, and pushed herself in to an upright kneeling position, Julie cried "Hey, don't stop, come on, again...yeah one more!"

When Julie tried giving Tracy an encouraging nudge with a foot, Tracy caught it. Then she grabbed the other one, ordered "Leave them right there," and positioned them against her shoulders.

Now that was fine by me, because it gave me an absolutely terrific look at Julie's practically dripping wet pussy. Seriously, even her thighs were glistening with her juices! Then Tracy, with just a hint of sarcasm, asked "So you won't do me huh...yeah, but you want seconds?" But she was giggling when she added "Well it lucky for you that I just happen to really like eating pussy, now isn't it?" Only, at the same time, she was running her hands down Julie's inner thighs. Using a thumb and finger to spread Julie's labia apart, without hesitating, Tracy pushed two fingers in to her exposed vagina. Only when Julie bucked up to meet her next hard thrust, she yanked them out.

Julie squawked an unhappy sounding "hey, what the fuck!" But Tracy was already swirling her fingers around her vaginal opening.

All I could think, was no fucking way, when Tracy ordered "Come on Julie, let see you fuck my fingers... yeah do it, fuck my fingers!" And surprising the Hell out of me, Julie started bucking her hips up, rather energetically fucking Tracy's fingers!

A hand pressing against Julie's belly and Tracy's barked "Enough," put a quick end to that bucking! And then, as she started to piston her fingers in and out, she reached in, and began rubbing a finger tip over Julie's clit.

As soon as Julie started imploring "Yeah I like that...yes, do that," my tease of a sister stopped! Tracy dropped back on to her stomach, and her face disappeared between Julie's thighs. And even if I could only guess about what her tongue was up to, I could still clearly see her fingers pumping in and out of her girlfriend's vagina. And then there wasn't anymore almost about it; because Julie was screaming "I'm cuming," over and over again in fact! She didn't gush or anything, but by the time Tracy stopped finger banging her, my sister's hand was shining, and wet clear to the wrist.

I didn't know what to think! Maybe they might just decide to call it a night, or were they just catching their breath? But what I did know was that I sure didn't want to get caught playing voyeur, especially with my dick in my hand. So, I grabbed for my towel, intending to beat a retreat. Only I banged an elbow against the wall, and hadn't even straightened up, before I heard Tracy yelling "Robert...its you isn't it...oh you bastard!"

Slinking away was out of the question, even if my hard-on had already deserted! But my sister started to laugh, so I didn't panic, not quite anyway!. So hoping I didn't look half as embarrassed as I felt, I wrapped the towel around my waist, and walked in to Tracy's bedroom. And yeah, I felt like a total dork!

I was wearing that dumb towel, and they were standing there bare ass naked. At least Julie looked embarrassed, but Tracy had her hands on her hips, and was laughing hysterically. Shrugging, I gave them my winningest smile, and told them "Sorry, but once I saw what was going on; seriously, its not like I could walk away!"

I figured I was forgiven, when Tracy said "Yeah sure...ok, so what the fuck...anyway, what's the big deal?" But then she pointed an accusing finger at Julie, bitchily informing me "Only gosh, its too bad you won't get to see her going down on me...because...yeah, she doesn't want too!"

Still blushing, Julie fired back, pointing and exclaiming "Hey, I'll tell you what's too bad...really, just look at that big old bulge...I mean wow, , come on, don't you want to see what the shit's hiding?"

Catching me off guard, Tracy reached out, and tore that hastily secured towel away. True or not, it was embarrassing hearing Julie's "Ooh, look at that...oh fuck Tracy your brothers hung!" But, it was a total turn-on too!

And even if it was my sister chiming in with "Yeah big...fuck, and hard too," it was still pretty hot!

But then she was behind me, with her arms around my waist, and teasing "What do you say Julie...hey, if you're too chicken to do me...maybe you'd like to go down on Robby?" Only, it was pretty damn obvious, so she didn't need to have her fist wrapped tightly around it, when she told a staring Julie "Ooh, yeah Robby's cocks real hard alright!" Giving my ass a playful swat, Tracy plopped down on the edge of the bed, before mercilessly coaxing "Come on Julie, do it," reminding her girlfriend "Really, you're always telling me how much you absolutely love sucking cock...yeah, so go for it already!"

No way, I told myself, she'll never do it, not a chance! But I was wrong!

With a shrug of her shoulders, and a cheery "Oh, what the Hell," Julie dropped to her knees in front of me. And after Tracy's razzing, I figured I was in for Julie's vest effort. And I liked that she never used her hands, only a slowly flicking tongue and a pair of soft lips. But, her dancing tongue had licked and teased its way up from my balls clear to the jerking tip of my cock, and back down again, before I ever got to feel those lips. Julie kissed my balls, and took her time kissing her way up my cock's shaft, before she kissed the throbbing head of my cock. Those soft lips closed around it, drove down, swallowing half my hard thick length. Only, even though she pounded her lips up and down, popping a glistening head in and out of her mouth, she never managed to make it much more then half way down my cock's shaft. Unfortunately for poor Julie, that left her wide open for my sisters ribbing.

At least Julie had a big mouthful of my balls, so it could have been worse, when Tracy said "Wow OK, you're pretty good alright...only gosh, aren't you going to...you know...like deep throat it or anything?"

It went back and forth between them, with Julie saying "Right, and I suppose you could?"

Tracy answered "Of course, piece of cake!"

Not buying it, Julie told her "yeah well, brother or not, I'd sure like to see you try...fuck yeah, I'd be impressed!"

"Un-huh," responded my sister, grinning as she asked "Really, impressed enough to try a little pussy if I do...yeah, that'd work!"

I figured Tracy was just kidding. Only, it was real obvious she really wanted Julie to go down on her. So while I watched Julie trying to make up her mind, I was thinking; OK, it's only oral! And OK, I could imagine myself looking down, watching my cock sliding in and out of my sister's mouth, sort of anyway. But picturing myself shooting a load of cum in to her mouth, wow, I just didn't know! Only, no one was asking my opinion anyway!

Mind made up, with an emphatic clap, Julie announced "Fine then smarty, you're on!"

Tracy didn't say anything, just slid to her knees beside her girlfriend. And then, without any hesitation, my sister leaned in, and began popping the head of my cock in and out of her mouth. The tease paused, with just the head in her softly sucking mouth. And then in one smooth maddeningly slow move , she slid those soft lips down, all the long way down. Effortlessly holding me fully deep throated, her eyes darted back and forth between Julie's face and mine . Satisfied, the show-off put her hands behind her back, and began absolutely slamming her mouth up and down the full length of my cock. And every single hard downward thrust drove the head of my cock deep in to her throat.

With Julie squealing "Oh fuck, oh fuck, I just do not believe it," I exploded a monster sized load of cum straight in to my sister's throat. Her eyes went wide, but Tracy took it, grabbing my ass, and fucking my cock with her mouth. She didn't slow down either, not even when one spurt went wild and ended up splashing across her cheek. So what had I been worried about? It turned out that I liked seeing my sister with a big mouthful of my cock after all. Yeah, and I liked watching her gulping down my cum even more!

There was nothing half way about that blow-job either. And when my sister's tongue whipped out, swiping up the last bit of cum oozing out of me, I sounded off like Julie, whooping a loud "Oh fuck...yes!"

Snickering all the way, Tracy got up, crawled on to the bed, and stretched out with her head on a pillow. Cheerfully calling out "My turn," Tracy spread her legs, and pointed a jabbing finger at her pussy.

Brushing past me, Julie whispered "Yeah well, I want another chance!" But then she was kneeling between my sister's legs and staring down at her very wet, and very, very bare pussy.

Both sounding, and looking incredibly nasty, Tracy spread that glistening pussy open with her fingers, inviting "come on Julie...trust me, you're going to love it...so...like, eat me!" And as soon as Julie dropped down, Tracy settled her feet up on her shoulders. Taking advantage of my good view, I was right there on my knees, eyes fixed on the darting tip of Julie's tongue. She went right for it too, barely pausing to swirl her tongue around my sister's opening, before she dove tongue first in to it. Backing off she licked her lips, stuck her tongue out, and began bobbing her head.

Awesome, so I watched Julie tongue fuck my sister, making her whimper and writhe. And I got a kick out of Tracy's gasped "Told you so...ooh, oh God yes, do that...ooh, ooh...yeah, oh you love it alright!"

Not taking any chances, Tracy had her hands in Julie's red hair when she breathlessly panted "OK, OK...you can stop if you don't like it!" But of course, Julie didn't stop! Instead, she brushed Tracy's fingers out of her hair, and put her own fingers to work . And that time I had an awesome close up look, as Julie pushed a pair of fingers deep in to my sister's wide open vagina. Even better I was close enough to see the tip of her tongue flicking over Tracy's clit. Julie seemed to like twisting her fingers around deep inside my sister, at least when she wasn't furiously pumping them in and out of her! No doubt about it, they both liked it; especially, when Julie started teasing Tracy's visibly erect clit with the lightly flicking tip of her tongue!

Tracy was cuming hard, and being loud about it too! And she sure didn't seem to mind pleading, frantically insisting in fact "Oh shit Julie, don't you dare stop...oh God, oh god...fuck , I'm cuming!" Stop, was she kidding? Julie's tongue was a blur, and it didn't slow down, even when Tracy started begging for her to stop!

I was hard again; so, no wonder I noticed that Julie's cute little ass was up in the air, practically inviting me to take advantage of it. So while my sister came all over her girlfriend's face, I swung around, and knelt between Julie's legs. She didn't stop me when I grabbed her hips and pushed the head of my cock right up against her opening. And when my sister started screaming "Yes," after "Yes," I did think about holding back! But, looking down past that sweet ass to where the head of my cock nosed against her opening; I knew, no way was I waiting! So, while Julie sucked on Tracy's clit, I drove my cock deep in to the fiery wet heat of her exquisitely tight vagina.

Not having a problem fucking a chick for my own selfish pleasure, I didn't even mind being more or less ignored! Besides, I knew I wasn't going to last long. But while I lasted, I intended to pound all the hard cock in to Julie that I could. Only, I made the mistake of looking down. And there was my amazing sister, the girl I was fucking munching away on her pussy, while this big glob of my cum glistened on her face. And I totally lost it! I banged Julie so hard that she's probably lucky I didn't push her head right in to Tracy's vagina. And when I heard Tracy cry "Yeah fuck her bro...yeah...go for it," well fuck, I shot off! But I went right on slamming thrust in to Julie, just as fast and as hard as I could hammer them home!

I figured it was my cock jumping and jerking deep inside her , while it tried to pump her full of cum that got Julie's attention. Or, it could just have been my energetically screamed " Fuck, fuck...oh fuck yes, I'm cuming!"

Whatever, she stopped working over my sister's pussy long enough to yell "Hard...yeah fuck me...go for it,...cum in me!" Only, I'd already done that! But I figured it was still early, and who knew what might happen later!

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Great Story!

Great story! One of the best I have read on this site! Good job!

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My sister and I ( Allyson and James ) started 'messing about' when we were 17 and 16 respectively... Allyson had long blonde hair, great legs and huge tits ( mums double ) .. I had started to noticemore...

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