tagIncest/TabooI Could Be an All Day Suckler

I Could Be an All Day Suckler


We all start out the same way, a bundle of hungry and an inborn ability to suckle milk from a woman's breasts. Is it any wonder then that most men and many women are fascinated by those marvelous mammaries? In those years before our memories formed we knew where that nipple was to be found, we wanted it, we needed it, and when we had mommas that could make milk we got it. It sustained us, it comforted us, it satisfied us. Those are powerful experiences lying in our subconscious minds. So, let a pair of hard nipples be seen poking through a sheer top and everybody looks. I know, some women think it's too exhibitionistic, but I think they're just jealous and deep down wish they could poke them out there too. Why do I think that?

For one thing, I know that the nipples on a woman's breasts are very sexually linked to their pussies. Watch a woman masturbate and more than not one hand will be tweaking her tits as the other diddles her clitty. Watch a man doing foreplay with a woman and he'll spend some time making her nipples stand to attention because he knows it will cause her pussy to start making itself ready for his cock. Watch a woman getting dressed to go out and she'll roll her shoulders back in front of a mirror to see how her boobs project because she knows that's where the eyes will first fall in meeting someone. Remember the old way of measuring sexual progress between a couple, first base was the kiss, second base was groping the boob, third base was feeling the pussy, and the home run was fucking. Even in that old scheme the boob was halfway to a cum and every nursing mom knows that being suckled is, for the momma, more than half way.

I loved breastfeeding, many women do, that link that every man knows between a nipple and a pussy is so alive when breastfeeding. There wasn't a time when my pussy didn't show it's appreciation for what was going on at my titties. It would moisten, it would slightly swell, it would experience little tingles, it would pulse with every heartbeat, it would sometimes burst into an orgasm, a tsunami of pleasure cascading through this breastfeeding momma. Amazing isn't it that a suckling mouth can make a pussy cum? Great design I believe. So, it doesn't surprise me that women sometimes want to experience that pleasure even though there isn't any need to nourish a youngun. That brings me to Dorcas.

Dorcas is my cousin. She's a few years younger than me, she's been a widow for over 5 years, she likes to read erotic stories and diddle herself. She found stories about lactating women who had "milkers", a sort of stable of men or women who would suckle them and who themselves got pleasure from suckling even as she got pleasure from giving it. So, Dorcas set out to be a "Hucow", a woman with enlarged boobs, boobs that produce milk, lots of milk, and would attract lots of sucklers, and would in the process produce lots of cums for Dorcas' pussy. She had to start somewhere and with someone who would understand her motives and so she started with me. Why not, I have a mouth, I am bi-sexual anyway, women's breasts are a great attraction to me, and maybe if I help her she'll let me lick her out, better yet her lick me out too. I love cumming too you see.

She'd already found a lot of information about how to start lactating, tons of massage on a schedule, gobs of herbs and pills to stimulate milk production, hours and hours of suckling to awaken the hormonal sequences that made it all happen, and oh boy did I love that part of it. I think having a nipple in my mouth is almost up there with having a cock or a clitty in it. You bet, I'm very oral, that's why I enjoy sucking cocks and licking pussies, and that's why suckling a woman making milk was right down my alley. It didn't take a lot of persuasion to get me to agree to be a suckle-buddy for her, and so it began.

I was teaching and that meant she had to adjust to my schedule. To make that simpler, she moved in with my husband and me and my mother. We're all nudists so she had to do a little adjusting too, she'd not been in that lifestyle. It didn't take her long, by the end of the first week seeing all of us in our birthday suits and realising how convenient that made so many things, she had gotten down to panties and a nursing bra. in another week she was naked as Eve without a figleaf. Part of her rapid progress into nudity was that all of us were helping with the suckling. Gammy, as we called grandmother, took the late morning and early afternoon shift. Hank, my husband, took the early morning and late afternoon times and I got the Noon and bedtime sucklings. Each time she was to be suckled for a half hour. Easy for Gammy and Hank, rushed me a bit during my lunch hour, but oh baby did I ever love that bedtime routine.

Dorcas would lie back against the bed pillows, her legs pulled up and spread apart so I could lie between them. Part of my weight on her torso so that my hands were available to massage her breasts as I suckled. Her hands cupping and lifting them to present her nipples more prominently. Hank lying beside us, stroking his dick as he watched, and me in a state of arousal, about 8 on a 10 scale, with my lower belly rubbing on her pubic mound and sucking more than titty on my mind. 5 minutes on the left, 5 minutes on the right, constant massaging, do it over again 2 more times. By the end of the second time my pussy would be drooling and she'd be humping against my belly. Hank would be urging us on and stroking like a madman and it was all I could do to refrain from sliding down and burying my mouth in her wanting womanhood. I stuck to the program, I wanted to taste her milk, I knew that when the routine was done we'd swing into a 69 and devour each other while hank finished off in me from behind. It was all worth the effort, worth the time, 5 more minutes on each tit and my pussy grasping for a filler every other second and cumming every one of those minutes. Her pussy pulsing and pouring out it's juices as it rammed itself against me. It was suckling heaven for me.

At semester's end I adjusted my schedule so that I could do the early morning and the bedtime routines. It was double the pleasure, double the fun. Dorcas and I perfected our mutual cunnilingus and Hank had gotten a cock and ball ring to maintain his hardon. In that early morning session Hank would do one tit while I did the other, each of us lying beside Dorcas. Her hands would be stroking his dick and fiddling my pussy. My hands would be massaging her boobs, Hanks would be rubbing her pussy and fingering her hiney hole, Gammy would be watching from a chair, running her vibrator on her cunny and telling us what to do.

Sex sounds and scents filled the air and stirred our primal fires. We got the suckling done just as the schedule called for and when it was done Dorcas and I used our perfected cunny-lapping techniques, Hank took turns plugging each of our hungry pussies and Gammy would be shouting her usual obscenities as she cummed. Dorcas whimpered, I moaned, Hank grunted as our own cums overtook us and It was absolutely fucking great!!

7 weeks, that's what it took to get her started. 7 weeks of suckling and licking and fucking. 7 weeks of pure sexual indulgence. Gammy and Hank evolved into 69ing while I suckled. I took Gammy's place on Hank's cock while Gammy suckled. Gammy and I would suckle while Hank fucked Dorcas or she and I would 69 while hank suckled. It was absolutely the most prolonged sexual event in my whole life. And then that first few drops of milk.

We hardly noticed when her milk began coming down. Hank was suckling and a drop had stayed on his lower lip. Gammy saw it and called it to our attention. Dorcas saw it and grabbed her tits and began crying. I dove in and started suckling again. Her milk was thin and slightly sweet and I could only get a few drops at a time. We kept on the schedule, her volume increased. She could squeeze and squirt her milk. We suckled it, we gathered it, we drank of her, and we suckled and fucked because we loved it and Dorcas was cumming to beat the band.

Her purpose met, her tits leaking milk, her pussy soundly eaten and fucked, Dorcas was ready to take on the lactating world. She posted an ad in a swinger magazine and on a dozen dating sites. She stocked up on breastfeeding bras and crotchless panties. She joined a "Lactating Moms" organization even though she wasn't a mom at the time. And the contacts began.

Emails, phone calls, by the score, flowed in and Dorcas milk flowed out in response. Weeks passed and then one day Idell showed up in the email. He was just an ordinary man, 50ish, mostly bald, slender and fit, and experienced as a suckler with references to back it up. They built a connection, then a relationship, and a meeting was arranged. They hit it off, they suckled, they fell in love, and they married. Dorcas and Idell are still together, they visit occasionally, and they belong to a group of lactating women and suckling others that keeps the milk and the happiness on tap. Life is good!

It was a wonderful experience and I miss those big, cushy, warm tits, that sweet milk, and those hot fucks and boiling cums, and I wish I could do it all again. So, now you know why I could be an all day suckler.

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