tagExhibitionist & VoyeurI Dine with Izabella

I Dine with Izabella


Izabella is having too much fun to even think of getting married. She is a tall, athletic young woman with a pretty face, long blonde hair, and a gorgeous figure. Her face is always pretty but it is even prettier when she smiles, which she does often when we are together. Usually I call her "Bella" as do her other friends but Izabella is such a pretty name that I also like to use that. Our dates usually start with me picking her up at her apartment and driving to a particular restaurant that we both favor. The food is good and the service is exceptionally good because the waiters never hover around our table, leaving us to ourselves. The best part is that the tables along the wall are set in shallow alcoves. Bella and I always sit side by side with our backs against the wall and we can't be seen from either side. That, and the non-hovering waiters, and the good quality, low-hanging tablecloths mean that we can play with each other, even get each other off, without being caught.

The last time we went there, I was wearing slacks and a sport coat and Izabella wore a blouse and a skirt that covered her very shapely legs to only halfway down her thighs. I and the other men in the restaurant were highly appreciative of her appearance as the waiter led us to our table. As we always insisted on, we were seated with our backs to the wall with me on her right because she is right handed. After the waiter left Izabella stood partly up, pulled off her panties, showed them to me while grinning lasciviously, and stashed them in her purse. She was now naked under her skirt, which was bunched up behind her so her body below the skirt’s waistband was available to my hands. I unbuckled my belt and opened my pants to give Izabella easy access to do what both of us wanted her to do.

After the waiter took our orders I reached under the tablecloth and under Bella's skirt. She took my hand and guided it to her pussy where I felt her soft pubic hair and her even softer skin. After Izabella scooted forward and spread her legs, my hand moved down to her precious clit, then even farther to her adorable love hole. She was already wet at the thought of what we were going to be doing so I slipped my middle finger into her pussy and began fucking it into her while the palm of my hand rubbed against her clit. This soon had Bella squirming on her seat. We saw the waiter approaching with our salads, so I removed my hand from Bella's pussy and licked her delicious juices off my fingers. Both of us knew it would be back there again shortly.

Izabella picked briefly at her salad and then I felt her reaching into my pants and turned slightly toward her to accommodate her questing hand. She reached through my undershorts and grasped my cock, which had been stiff for quite a while. Bella scooped under my balls and pulled them and my rigid cock completely out of my pants and into the open. She lifted up the tablecloth, saw my cock sticking up and grinned lewdly at the result she had produced. Once more her hand went lightly around my cock, and she pumped it slowly several times. We both expected her to jack me off before we were through with dinner but it was still early, and the waiter was approaching with our soup, so she let go of my cock until later.

Another thing we like about this restaurant is the seemingly unlimited supply of breadsticks. The first group was brought with the soup and they were fairly ordinary when they arrived at our table but they soon became specially seasoned. I spooned up my soup with my right hand while my left hand, holding a breadstick, reached under the tablecloth. Izabella saw what I was doing, scooted forward and spread her legs again. She continued eating her soup while her eyes, a bit glazed, looked straight ahead. I eased the breadstick into her wet pussy and rotated it slowly to soak up some of the delicious juices that had been running freely since we sat down. The trick is to leave it in there long enough to collect the delectable juices from Bella's lovely pussy but not so long that it gets soggy and breaks. My timing was perfect this time and it was soaked but still firm when I pulled it out and eagerly devoured it. It was one of the best breadsticks I had ever eaten and we still had plenty more and plenty of seasoning.

The waiter had just removed our soup bowls when Izabella's hand was around my cock again, pumping it slowly. When she jacks me off, she likes to start with slow strokes, then build up speed and take a long time. She continued pumping my cock while the waiter placed our entrees on the table. Bella could tell that I was close to cumming so she stopped to let me cool down. In this restaurant we always order food that doesn't need cutting so we can eat with one hand while our other hands are busy with more important activities. I pushed another breadstick into her pussy, soaking up more of her delicious juices. As I was enjoying this tasty treat, I saw that her face was flushed as if she was on the verge of cumming. We both like to cum with dessert so I kept my fingers away from her clit, but I couldn't bring myself to forego breadsticks flavored with Izabella's marvelous pussy juices, and I ate two more before we were done. As far as fondling goes otherwise though, I satisfied myself with rubbing her silky pubic hair and playing with her pussy lips, but generally staying away from her clit for the time being.

Just as I cleaned off my plate, Izabella reached over and gently wrapped her hand around my cock again. She started pumping it, a little faster this time, and I could tell she meant business so I leaned back and relaxed to let her get me off at her own speed. Bella’s right arm started pumping still faster until I was close to cumming and I didn't even notice the waiter clearing our plates, I was enjoying the hand job so much. I told Izabella I was ready to cum and she started pumping still faster. Just as my cock was about to shoot a big load of cum, Bella moved her hand so that it was cupped over my cock head. She finished off the hand job with her fingers, and my cum spurted onto the palm of her hand instead of being wasted on my pants or the tablecloth. Bella squeezed my cock from the bottom to get all my cum on her hand. Izabella likes flavored breadsticks too and she prepared and ate three, and licked the rest of my cum off her hand and fingers while we were waiting for dessert.

As Bella was eating her ice cream I reached my hand under her skirt again. This time my middle finger went all the way into her dripping love hole while the rest of my hand was massaging her sweet clit. I pumped my finger in and out and I could feel her starting to cum. Izabella humped her pussy against my hand and when I increased the speed of my finger, she fucked her pussy faster. Just as she finished her ice cream, Bella climaxed with a jerk, lifting her ass off the chair and dropping her spoon. Dinner was now over, including the best part of the meal. I closed my pants and Izabella straightened out her skirt and pulled it down around her ass. It was my turn to pay for dinner and I used a credit card, adding a generous tip for what we considered to be excellent service.

As we left, all the men were again eying Bella's beautiful legs. She turned to me and said in a soft voice “George, I feel like bending over and giving all these guys a real thrill.” Because her panties were still in her purse, it would have really been a thrill for them, and Izabella would have enjoyed it too. She resisted the urge though, and we walked serenely out to the parking lot.

On the way back to her apartment, Izabella again opened my pants, pulled out my cock and balls and began fondling them. I drive a large pickup truck because I like driving a large pickup truck with a roomy interior and I keep the seat pushed back. Bella turned sideways and had plenty of room to put her head between my belly and the steering wheel and suck on my cock. The drive to her apartment house was a short one, so she was just preparing me for the love-making that was soon to come. “Here we are”, I said when I pulled up in front of her apartment house. Somewhat reluctantly, Izabella removed her mouth from my cock, which was stiff and ready by then, and got out of the truck. After stowing my cock away and zipping up my pants, I followed her through the door, up the stairs and into her apartment. Inside her hallway we stopped and hugged and kissed passionately. I lifted her skirt and caressed her bare hips and ass and then we both headed for the shower.

Izabella turned on the shower and while it was warming up we shed our clothing. Bella has a beautiful figure with large, firm breasts and a curvy ass. Her bathtub is large and enclosed in glass with the shower nozzle on one end and a flat area that is used as a seat on the other end. We took turns washing each others backs and then I soaped up the front of Izabella's beautiful body, actually doing more caressing than soaping, but who can blame me. After the soap had been rinsed off, I took one of Bella's luscious titties in my mouth and began slowly sucking on it. She gently washed off my balls and my cock, which was now stiff again. “Let me sit down”, she suggested, pulling me toward the other end of the tub.

Izabella backed up and sat on the flat end of the tub while I followed her, and knelt with one hand on each of her beautiful mounds, keeping my mouth firmly wrapped around one of them. The warm water was still washing over my back as I sucked on her beautiful titty, my tongue flicking and licking the nipple and tracing the areola. I moved my mouth to the twin of the first beauty and continued flicking and licking and sucking. Bella leaned back on her hands, her head against the end of the glass enclosure, enjoying the attention I was paying to her gorgeous glands. Even through the smell of the soap, I detected her delectable juices running in her pussy again, so I began licking my way down her firm belly. I stopped at her belly button and she giggled, and said “Keep going George. My pussy is the wettest part of me.” When I reached that wettest part, I started licking the insides of her thighs, which are an erogenous zone for Izabella. Then I switched my attentions to her adorable pussy.

I began by licking up the drops of juice that clung to the edge of Bella's love hole, so they wouldn't go to waste. After licking all of it off there, I feasted on the trickle of juice that was dribbling out of her pussy, and then I squeezed my tongue into the delightful hole where I could feel and taste a few crumbs left behind from the breadsticks. They added to the delightful flavor of Izabella's pussy juices. After I cleaned out this part of her pussy, I started licking her labia. Using my lips only, I nibbled on one of her outer pussy lips, planting sweet butterfly kisses. Between kisses, I dragged my tongue across her inner pussy lips. Back and forth, I switched, from one pair of lips to the other, stopping now and then to harvest the fresh nectar from Izabella's love hole. She was leaning back on her hands, moaning her pleasure, her pussy slowly fucking into my face as I continued to nibble on her pussy lips. The warm water still beat against my back.

Izabella really loves it when I spend a long time eating her pussy, and her pussy is so beautiful, and the juices so delicious that I also love to spend a long time eating her. She could almost cum from what I was doing but we both knew that she wouldn't cum until I started sucking on her clit, so I stayed away from that delightful love button until we were both ready. After planting a multitude of nibbly kisses on her outer pussy lips I started running my tongue in the channel between her inner and outer labia. Izabella started fucking her pussy into my face faster. She was moving her beautiful thighs like pistons as she jammed her pussy into my face and I knew she was ready. “Suck my clit, George”, she begged me. “I’m ready to cum.”

I clamped my lips around her adorable clit and started a strong sucking action. My tongue was probing that sweet love toy and licking all around it when Bella started to cum. “Yes! Yes!” she trilled with pleasure. “I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Suck my clit”, and she grabbed the back of my head to press my face tightly against her pussy. Izabella didn’t didn't want me to let go of her clit, but she had no reason to fear. No way would I leave such a delightful place at such a delightful time.

At least not deliberately. Just as she climaxed, Izabella slipped from her seat on the end of the tub and slid down the slope into the shallow, soapy water in the bottom. My lips came loose from the delightful place they had found and we ended up with me on top of her, both of us laughing. Neither of us was hurt but because of the soapy water, I would not be able to enjoy the wealth of fresh cum juices that had been produced by Izabella’s pussy. I felt some sense of loss but I anticipated there would be more juices later. We lay together giggling for a few minutes, then got up, rinsed and dried off and headed, naked and clean to the bedroom.

I lay on my back on the bed. Izabella knelt beside me, leaned forward to suck my cock. She likes to use her tongue and pull my cock into her mouth without touching it with her fingers. My cock was soft after the accident in the tub, but that was what Bella wanted because she likes to feel me grow stiff in her mouth. She held it with her lips, wrapped her tongue around it, rolled it around in her mouth and pressed it against the inside of her cheek. With treatment like that, my cock quickly stiffened and Bella took it out of her mouth. This was the point in our love-making where I never knew what would happen next. Sometimes Izabella swings her legs over my face and presents her pussy to me for a 69. Sometimes she gets out a condom and wants to fuck. Either choice was fine with me because my tongue or my cock were equally at home in her beautiful pussy and my cock very much enjoyed being in her talented mouth.

On this occasion, Izabella chose to get out a condom and roll it onto my cock. She straddled me, on her knees, working the tip of my cock into herself then slowly lowered her body, impaling her lovely pussy. When she was ready, my cock was all the way in the place it wanted to be in, her legs were on the bed outside mine and our bodies were in full contact. Bella prefers this over the cowgirl position because of the greater intimacy of the full body contact. She has such a beautiful body and such a wonderful pussy that I would fuck standing on my head if she wanted to.

Izabella supported most of her weight on her hands and knees and started a slow circular motion with her pubic area. I timed it and thrust my cock in every time I could get maximum contact with her clit at the top of her love hole. “I love that”, Bella sighed with pleasure as every thrust massaged her charming love button from the inside. “Your cock really knows what to do with my clit.” My hands were on her hips for leverage and every thrust of my cock went into her pussy to the maximum depth. Izabella continued her circular motion at the same slow rate and my cock caressed her clit with every stroke. Although strong, the thrusts of my cock were at fairly long intervals. I could continue fucking at this rate for a long period of time, and I knew of no better way to spend my evening.

Izabella stopped her circular motion and began sliding her pussy back and forth on my cock. I matched her pace by stroking my cock in to match the backward slides, again achieving maximum penetration into her pussy and maximum contact with her clit. I took my hands off Bella's hips to allow her to set the pace. She was breathing harder now, and her sighs had become moans of pleasure. “Oh, God, just keep doing that”, she murmured, as my cock plowed into her juicy pussy.

I knew she would be cumming soon and I prepared myself to cum also. Izabella shifted so she was in the cowgirl position, on her knees, straddling me, with her beautiful breasts bouncing in front of me. She likes to cum in this position, so I knew it wouldn't be long. She started moving up and down slowly with my cock in her pussy all the way to my pubic hairs, rubbing her clit against me with every stroke. Tempted by her beautiful, bouncing globes, I reached up and began to fondle them. Bella leaned forward and I took one of the gorgeous twins in my mouth, and sucked on it while licking the nipple. Then I did the same to the other lovely titty. From her louder moans and the torrent of juice running from her pussy, I knew Bella was ready to cum. I was ready also.

She straightened up and began bouncing on my cock faster. I put my hands on her thighs and pistoned my cock into her pussy to match her faster strokes. "Oh, oh, oh" she trilled and I knew she was cumming. After a few more minutes of the faster thrusting, I couldn’t hold back any more and I grunted and let fly with a load of cum into my condom just as Bella climaxed with a jerk of her body. With her body relaxed, she smiled and her pussy muscles squeezed the rest of the cum out of my cock.

Izabella straightened out her legs, and sprawled on top of me. We hugged each other and lay together in a glow of pleasure and affection. My cock slipped out of the place where it had taken and given such pleasure and Izabella's fresh cum juices dribbled out onto my legs. I hated to let those delicious juices be wasted but I was enjoying the closeness of our bodies so much that I let them go. I would be tasting her pussy juices many times in the future, either plain or on breadsticks.

Thank you for reading this story. I would appreciate having your opinion, either good or bad, either posted publicly or emailed to me. I have found that feedback helps and encourages me to write more and better, and I always reply when I receive it.

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Sticky Fingers

I’ve been cumming back to your stories almost daily, and this is one of your best. I always skim over the part about a condom, but drool over the detailed pussy tonguing. I was stroking my clit betweenmore...

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