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"Hold the elevator, please!" A woman's panicky voice made me look up from the email I was reading on my cell phone.

Her voice was familiar, a ghost's from my past. I dismissed the idea as soon as the improbable thought entered my mind. It couldn't be her. What were the odds?

I extended my arm in-between the closing doors and they slid back open.

"Thank you," the woman, whose face was hidden from me behind the three gift wrapped boxes she was balancing in her arms, said to me.

"What floor?" I asked her.

The sound of my voice had an effect on her. She stiffened, and slowly peeked out from behind the gift-wrapped boxes to get a look at the owner of the voice that had sent a chill through her.

We stared at each other in silence for a few reflective seconds, taking in all that was familiar, and all that the passing of seventeen years had daubed our faces with.

"Gil?" Bianca asked in disbelief.

"Yes," I chuckled.

She smiled and replied, "You look good. A lot grayer, but it suits you. It must be close to twenty years since we last saw each other."

"It's not quite twenty years," I smiled back at her.

"How have you been? What are you doing with yourself? I can't believe this is happening," she laughed nervously, "What are the odds of running into each other?"

"I don't know what the odds are. But, it's good to see you again," I replied just as the elevator came to a stop on my floor. "You didn't tell me what floor you needed to go to."

Bianca laughed and blushed, "Sorry. Nineteen, please."

I pressed the nineteenth floor button for her, and said, "Nice seeing you again. You look good, Bianca. Enjoy your party." I stepped out of the elevator.

Bianca stepped in-between the elevator doors to keep them from sliding shut, and called out to me, "Wait! That's it? You don't want to know why I left without saying good bye to you. I mean, after all we shared, you aren't the least bit curious? You aren't angry at me?"

I turned around to face her, and replied, "You had your reasons. That's good enough for me, Bianca. I could never be angry with you."

She huffed and replied, "I'm not the innocent, naive, little girl you knew all those years ago, Gil. I can look after myself, no need to go easy on me. I'm in town for three more days. Take my cell number. Call me, please." She pouted the word please.

I chuckled as I prepared to enter Bianca's number in my cell phone. "You are much bolder, and much more confident than I remember you. I like that. And I see you remember the effect a pout has on me. Give me your number, I just might call you."

She gave me her number and asked, "At the absolute least, meet with me over coffee?"

I grinned and winked at her, "We'll see."

Bianca laughed, "Jerk." She gave me her big, trademark smile. The sparkle in her eyes was just as I remembered.

Bianca was eighteen years younger than me. We met shortly after she had relocated to Toronto, from Montreal, when she was twenty-three years old. I met her at a neighborhood bar I frequented on Friday nights on my way home from work. She was in her graduating year of university, and working as a bartender to make ends meet.

I was struck by Bianca the first time I laid eyes on her. I had turned forty-one a few days prior to meeting her for the first time. She gave me a sparkly eyed smile, said hello to me, and asked what my poison was, as I took a seat at the bar.

Just shy of eleven months later, I was informed by the owner of the bar that Bianca had moved back to Montreal, on what seemed to be a whim, to get married. She never said good bye to me, or kept in touch. Bianca did cross my mind many times over the years. I was certain I'd never see her again. As to being curious as to why she left without saying good bye to me, I never was. She did what she had to do, and I respected that.

The next day, I called Bianca early in the afternoon. She answered my call, "Hello, Gil. You had me worried. I wasn't sure if you were going to call."

"You weren't worried in the least, Bianca. That cursed pout of yours saw to that," I chuckled. "I thought you were probably out late last night, and figured you could use a late brunch, instead of just coffee."

Bianca replied, "Oh, Gil. I just finished a very late breakfast. The party was a lot of fun. It was a house warming, slash, divorce party for my friend, Dana. I've never seen her so happy."

I chuckled and replied, "If you are up to meeting with me, say when and where. Or, I can pick you up."

There was a short silence before Bianca replied to my offer. "What if I come to your apartment? I am a short cab ride from you. You have coffee, right? We can sit and catch up for a bit."

My cock twitched and grew stiff. "Apartment fourteen- ten. I'll have your cappuccino ready, with chocolate and cinnamon sprinkles, of course."

Bianca laughed and replied, "Awww, you remembered. That is so sweet, Gil. I'll be there shortly, bye-bye."

Twenty minutes later, Bianca buzzed me from the lobby. When I opened the door to let her in, my cock twitched again. She was wearing a pastel blue, skin tight, one piece mini-dress. It was obvious that she was not wearing a bra. Her breasts were proudly on display. They weren't as perky as I remembered, but the little sag in them didn't take away from how sexy they looked behind the tightness of the dress. Her legs were bare, I wondered if she was wearing a thong or nothing at all. My hunch was that she wasn't wearing anything under the form-hugging dress. The blue suede, five inch stilettos, complimented her long, toned legs. My cock stirred and throbbed beneath my pants.

"Come in, Bianca. You look lovely," I grinned and stepped to the side.

"Thank you, Gil. Gravity hasn't gotten the best of my body yet," she snickered.

She entered the apartment and turned around to face me. A serious and somber look replaced the smile on her face.

She held my gaze in silence. "Promise me you will stand right there and not move till I have said everything I want to say to you. I have to do this. Please, Gil?" Bianca asked me and shivered as she waited for my reply.

I nodded.

Bianca took a deep breath and spoke, "I couldn't have said good bye to you, Gil. I wanted to, but I couldn't. I was engaged, and you knew that. I felt guilt over cheating on him. He's a good man, I love him. We have a good marriage. I made the right choice for me. I knew that if I saw you again to say good bye, I would have stayed in Toronto. And I would have left the man I love for you. I had to leave."

I smiled and replied, "You made the right choice, Bianca. I could never be faithful, you know that. "

She struck my cheek with an open hand. I snarled at her. Unfazed, she said, "That's for the scar that's still on my left ass cheek, from the time you fucked me on the cement wall around the fountain of my University." She struck my other cheek and hissed, "That's for all the unspeakable things you did to me, and made me do, to feed your perverted desires. And for all the times you made me bleed from my pussy, and for the countless bruises and marks you left on me." She struck me again. "That's for the demon rope of yours. For all the times you bent and twisted my body to almost the breaking point, and the pain and suffering I had to endure for your sadistic, sexual pleasure."

Bianca then cupped my face in her hands, got up on her toes and placed a long, lingering, soft kiss on my lips. "That's for everything you taught me when I was young, impressionable, vulnerable, and naive in a new city. I learned so much about life from you." She broke our kiss, slid her soft lips to the corner of my mouth, and whispered, "And this is for everything you ever made me feel. The countless, insanely intense orgasms I experienced. I've never felt those things since, and I miss them so. The memory of all the pain and pleasure you made me feel mix in my mind and make each memory more beautiful every time I think about them." She slid her lips over mine, to the opposite corner of my mouth, and moaned, "That's for fucking me like no one else ever has. For fucking me how I needed to be fucked. Hard."

I stared at her, and asked, "Are you done, Bianca? Anything else you need to say to me?"

She lowered and shook her head. Her hair fell over her face. I gently placed my index finger on her chin, lifted her head, and brushed her chestnut colored hair way from her face. "Are you going to leave now, Bianca?" I growled.

She locked her eyes on mine and did not answer. Her breathing had become labored. The shiver that shot through her body was her answer to my question.

"You know I don't like repeating questions, Bianca. Answer me now," I warned her.

She remained defiant. I grinned at her as I reached behind me, found the door handle by touch and locked the door. Bianca gasped and bit her lip at the metallic click of the lock engaging. She tried to lower her head; I grabbed her cheeks and squeezed them. The palm of my hand covered her mouth; I felt each quick, desperate breath she took.

I slid my hand to her throat, gripped it tight, and lifted her on to her toes. Bianca didn't resist, or try to pull away from me.

"I'm going to bind you in my rope and hurt you, Bianca. Then I'm going to fuck you till your pussy bleeds," I calmly informed her. "But before I do, you have to beg for it, whore."

Bianca let her body go lax. She had ached to be called a whore again. She gave a slight nod, her breath gurgling in her throat as I squeezed it tighter. I struck her hard, high across her cheek with the back of my hand. Her hair flew away from her scalp, and came to rest across her face.

"Beg, whore," I snarled at the quivering Bianca.

"P-please, Gil. I want to be your whore again. Make me cry, and beg you to keep hurting me." Her plea was desperate, as it always had been.

"Good whore. Brush your hair away from your face; hold it with both hands in a ponytail. I'm not done reddening your beautiful face," I growled, and Bianca shivered.

She brushed her hair away from her face and held it in a bunch with trembling hands. I grinned and flashed my teeth at her. "Look at me when I hit you. I want to see the first teardrop roll down your cheek."

Bianca gasped in anticipation and nodded, waiting to feel the sting of my hand on her cheek, and feel the sting slowly turn to heat. I struck her again and called her a whore.

"You come to my apartment with your tits hanging out of your slutty dress, already dripping from your whorish snatch. I can smell your whore juice that's running down your legs." I snarled each syllable and slapped her again.

Bianca let out a sob and held her breath as her eyes started to well up.

"That's it. Show me your pretty tears." I slapped her harder.

It was my words, not the hot sting in her cheeks that started her tears flowing. She took ragged breaths in-between sobs. I grabbed the neckline of her dress and pulled it hard, down and away from her chest. The thin shoulder straps tore away easily from the bodice. I yanked till both her breasts were exposed to me. I released my grip from her throat and my cock twitched hard as I watched where my fingers had dug in to the flesh of her throat change slowly from white to red.

Bianca welcomed the look of hunger in my eyes. My insatiable hunger was for her. She pulled her dress down over her hips and stepped out of it, removing her stilettos as each foot left the ground. Her hands reached for my fully erect cock and she grabbed the throbbing meat in my pants and begged, "I need to suck it, Gil. I need to feel your thick cock fuck my throat and mouth again, please."

I nodded. Bianca dropped to her knees, pulled the zipper down and reached inside my pants. She pulled my cock out and glared at it lustfully, as she moistened her lips with her tongue. "Your cock is as beautiful as I remember it," she moaned.

Bianca kissed and licked at my frenulum. She was all too familiar with it being the most sensitive region on my cock, and how much pleasure it brought me to have it stimulated. She looked up at me and grinned as my cock twitched and I grunted in pleasure, as she teased.

I grabbed her hair, pulled her mouth away from my cock, and ordered her to open her mouth. Bianca took a deep breath and opened wide, anticipating the heat and hardness of my cock in her mouth. I pulled her to me and moaned when I slid down her warm, wet, tight throat. Bianca worked her tongue on my cock's shaft as she licked the tip of it over my balls.

"Stop," I snarled, and pulled my cock out of her mouth.

I led Bianca by a fist full of her hair to my bedroom. I forced her to crawl on her hands and knees beside me. When I reached my bed, I pushed her face into the mattress. Bianca grabbed at the covers with both hands and braced herself for whatever wretched and vile act I was going to unleash on her. Her pussy quivered and clenched in anticipation.

I removed the belt from around my waist and rolled the buckle into my hand. "Don't fucking move till I tell you to, whore." The command was peremptory; my tone raised the hairs on the back of her neck.

I whipped the belt across her back. Bianca reacted to the blow with a yelp and raised her hips in the air. I struck the leather across both her ass cheeks. Bianca pressed her face into the mattress and screamed. I laid the leather across her ass one more time, harder. Bianca twisted at the hips and pulled at the cover on my bed.

"Whore," I growled low and deep, and whipped the leather belt between her legs.

The sound of the impact was a wet, sharp smack. Bianca crumpled to the floor and rolled onto her side. She cried out in agony as she squeezed her legs together and brought her knees to her chest. I struck the belt across her hip and ass, then across her arm and back. Bianca squirmed and let out a high pitched shriek.

I placed my foot on her shoulder and rolled her onto her back. "Spread your legs. Offer your cunt to my belt, whore."

Bianca shook her head, with tears flowing from her eyes, she meekly begged in-between sobs, "No more, please."

"Now, Bianca. Offer your cunt to my belt or you may leave," I grinned down at her quivering form. "I know you can take much, much more. I also know you'll cum, if I whip your cunt hard enough."

Bianca shut her eyes tight and slowly rolled on to her back, keeping her knees bent, she spread her legs wide and lifted her hips high off the carpeted floor. Her pussy glistened almost red with wetness. The blow from my belt had turned her pussy lips as pink as her inner folds. I positioned myself over her with my legs spread and on either side of her slender shoulders.

"Good whore. You remember the position," I taunted her as I let the belt slide over her dripping pussy.

Bianca shivered as I dragged the belt slowly across her slick slit. I flicked my wrist and let the belt land harmlessly on her pussy. Bianca winced and clenched her fists, knowing full well the gentle lick of the belt would soon be a distant memory. I flicked my wrist again and the belt made light contact with her clit. She moaned and turned her head. Her legs began to shake, her thigh muscles rippled under her tight skin.

"Tell me when, whore," I growled.

Bianca gasped and shook her head. "No! Please, Gil! Just do it. Don't make me tell you when, please! It'll hurt more!"

I taunted her again, "Yes, it will hurt more. That will please me. You know I get aroused knowing you willingly take pain from me. Don't you want to please me, whore?"

Bianca moaned and squirmed as she near stuttered her reply, "Yes! I want to please you. You know I do. Please just whip my cunt. I'm so close to cumming. The waiting for your pain is killing me. Hurt me, I need your pain, I need to cum."

I grinned and shook my head as I continued the mind fuck. "No, Bianca. You will tell me when to strike. I can wait all night."

"Fuck!" Bianca lamented. She took three deep breaths, closed her eyes and braced herself for the pain of the blow. She gathered up her courage and cried out, "Now!"

I looked down at her and tisked. "You don't want to watch the belt bite into your swollen cunt, Bianca? That's no fun." I lowered my voice and growled the order at her, "Look between your legs, and don't you dare blink. Now, tell me when to whip your cunt, whore."

Bianca nodded her head and bit her lip. "I'll obey."

She took a deep breath and gathered her courage again. A few seconds later, she squealed, "Now!"

I lifted my hand to shoulder height, and brought the belt down hard between Bianca's trembling legs. Her ass crashed to the floor. She grabbed on to both my legs, and her body began to shake violently. My cock grew stiffer as I looked on and watched as Bianca's pain peak and then subside, and give way to stimulation, then to pleasure, and finally into an intense orgasm.

Her wails and sobbing soon turned into moans and whimpers. I undressed as she rocked back and forth gently on the floor. She had become oblivious to everything but the tingling and stinging between her legs. As Bianca recovered, I grabbed three coils of rope from my dresser.

She opened her misty eyes to see me standing over her. I grinned and uncoiled one rope as I got down on my knees in-between her legs. Bianca closed her eyes and allowed her body to go limp. I grabbed her left ankle, folded her leg, and wrapped the full length of rope tight around it, starting at her ankle, and ending on the top of her thigh. I was not gentle. I did not weave the rope in any intricate or symmetrical pattern. It was wound around her flesh and bone with the sole purpose to make her suffer, and to keep her leg in the folded position.

Bianca moaned and grimaced as I closed the tie with a knot that dug and bit deeply into the top of her thigh. I tied her other leg in the same punishing position. I started the tie at the top of her thigh, and left enough free rope to tie, and lock her crossed ankles in place.

I grabbed a fist full of her hair and pulled her up into a sitting position, as I shuffled on my knees to get behind her. Bianca crossed her wrists behind her back. I quickly tied them, then pulled the rope in-between her arms and sides, and wrapped the rope around her breasts, brutally tight. Rope burns marked the soft flesh of both breasts as I purposely pulled the rope fast and tight against her skin.

I stood up and looked down at Bianca's twisted body. My rope looked angry against her delicate flesh. There was a brutal beauty in the chaotic pattern of the rope against her skin. I swooped her in my arms and tossed her like a rag doll on to my bed. Bianca moaned as her body bounced against the mattress and landed with her shoulders on the edge of the mattress. Her head dangled off the edge of the bed.

I wanted her mouth and throat again. I grabbed her head with both hands and aimed my throbbing cock at her mouth. When the tip of my cock touched Bianca's lips, she eagerly opened her mouth wide. With one quick thrust and a grunt, I sent my cock down her throat. Bianca gagged and coughed. I eased my body onto hers, keeping my cock buried in her throat. Her head was wedged tight between the side of the mattress and my pelvis.

I slid my hands around her hips and shoved two fingers from each hand deep into her pussy. I attacked her clit with my mouth, as I pried her drenched pussy apart. With her clit firmly between my teeth, I began to fuck her face. I pulled half the length of my cock out of her mouth, and then thrust it quick and hard down her throat. Bianca's pussy clenched tight around the four fingers I had shoved knuckle deep inside her. I slid a third finger of each hand inside her, and stretched her pussy wider, as my tongue flicked and licked at her swollen clit between my teeth.

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