tagLoving WivesI Guess I Asked For It

I Guess I Asked For It


This is a nearly true story. I've filled it in some but I won't tell you what parts are true and what parts I've added. I will tell you that the places and the people are real. I haven't even changed the names, because there are no innocent to protect.


It started out as a wife swap. We had known Pat and Linda for years. Linda was Lois' friend from high school and I'd met Pat in the Job Corp and we went from there to Upward Bound together. It was there we met Lois and Linda. I had always been interested in swapping. I even suggested to Pat, while we were still in school, that we get adjoining rooms at a motel some weekend and make it with the girls and then trade through the adjoining door. It never happened. But that was several years before that actual swap.

Actually, the swap was a year in the making. I'd managed to get Lois to admit that Pat was kind of a hunk and I know that he liked to flirt with her. I'd even seen him pat her butt, usually masked as a kind of "discipline" thing. So when I talked up how much she might enjoy a romp with Pat to the point her of thinking maybe she would like it if we all were in agreement, I set the stage.

We were going over to Pat and Linda's to play cards. I had Lois wear her red knee length dress that showed a lot of cleave and no pantyhose. She wore no bra and I tried to get her to leave off the panties, but that was a no go. Well, we went to their apartment, an upstairs in a duplex. After the usual preliminaries, we sat at their kitchen table for a game of Rummy. I maneuvered things so that Lois sat opposite Pat across the narrow side of the table, while Linda and I sat on the ends.

Pat immediately kicked off his shoes. I could see him eyeing Lois' cleavage. Then about two hands into the game, he took the bait. I don't think he could tell that it was obvious to me, but he did a tentative little brush on Lois' foot and she just looked up at him, when he did it the second time, she glanced at me an then Linda, who was oblivious to the whole thing. This time it wasn't tentative, he blatantly played footsie. Then he even surprised me. He took off his socks and started in again, not being satisfied with the foot, but progressing up the calf. I got the details from Lois later.

He spent about three minutes stroking her calf with his bare foot and then escalated the process. It didn't take long before it was up to her knee. I've got to give him this much, he was a good actor. He pretended not to even be paying attention to her. Leaning back, he began to tell stories and act as if he was really into the game. Even with the distraction of his foot on my wife's bare leg, he played well. I couldn't say the same for Lois. It was beginning to get to her. She began making dumb plays that she should have known better than to do.

She told me that he really got to her when his foot went up between her thighs under the hem of her dress. He began swapping back and forth between legs without really loosing contact. This to spite the fact that she had spread her legs to accommodate his advances. I could see her chest rise and fall as her breathing became a little labored, though she struggled to keep it even. He scooted forward on his chair ever so slowly as he advanced further up her legs. She cooperated by scooting forward a bit herself. I saw her breath deep and her eyes rolled back a little as she fought to maintain at least a semblance of concentration on the game. The game lasted about fifteen minutes more. Lois tells me that most of that time his big toe had pushed aside the crotch of her panties and was stroking her clitoris and even penetrating her. Lois was getting hot, what's more, so was I. Just thinking about what he was doing really got to me.

Not surprising, Linda won the game. After all, she was the only one giving it her full attention. "I've got to use the potty," she said by way of excusing herself.

I took the opportunity to broach the subject of a swap with Pat.

"Pat, Lois and I were wondering if you and Linda would like to swap partners with us. You know get a little strange?"

Well, he was concerned about Linda's reaction and said, "I could go for it, but we can't make Linda think we've been plotting behind her back. Wait until she comes back and bring it up again."

I agreed and then said, "You know, I don't remember if I locked the car. I'd better go check it," and left, having no intention of going out to the car. Instead, I went about four or five steps down and sat in the dark stair well. Since there was no door at the top of the stair well, I could easily hear every thing that went on in the kitchen just through the wall from me.

I heard a chair scoot back and Pat say, "I wondered why you were so receptive to what I was doing. I expected you to object the second time I touched you and if not then, at least when I got above your knee."

"Now you know," Lois replied.

Then it was quite for a while and I thought I heard Lois moan, just a little. Then there was a sound I recognized. It was a large slurping, popping sound. It was the sound of someone sucking breast and coming loose with the suction in full force. Another chair moved and I heard them walk to the living room. I crept up the stairs and peaked around the corner. They were standing just inside the living room door. Lois grabbed him and planted a huge, wet, passionate kiss on him. I could tell there was tongue involved - hers in his mouth. He of course returned the gesture. When they came up for air, he blatantly lifted her dress and stuck his hand in her crotch. She sucked in her breath sharply and kissed him again.

Breaking again, he did something in front of him with his left hand and then, with his hands in her hips, he pulled them into his and ground himself against her. She ground back and hugged him tightly, her eyes rolling back as he moved his hands around to her butt and tried to pull her closer. She began to hump in little short strokes. Could he be big enough to actually penetrate her standing up? I thought. The answer, I learned later was yes, by at least three to four inches. God I was hot watching that.

All to soon, Lois pulled back and said, "We shouldn't be doing this."

"I know," he replied, "but it feels so good."

"What if Linda catches us?" You notice, she wasn't worried about me catching them. Had she seen me peeking around the corner when he pulled her hips to his and then since I was only watching she just closed her eyes and enjoyed it?

He acquiesced and I heard his zipper. He then took her in his arms and began dancing to the music on the radio. Just then, I heard the bathroom door open. I slid back down the stairs and sat quietly, hoping that Linda hadn't noticed me. I guess not, since she breezed right by the open stairwell without so much as a glance. I heard Pat say, "We were just dancing," sounding every bit as guilty as he was. I became aware of the throbbing in my groin. I was near creaming my jeans. It took several minutes get the thing to subside enough so I could walk into the room without advertising my arousal.

We tried our best to sell Linda on the idea of swapping but she became the holdout and when it became clear to Lois that Linda wasn't interested, she gave up the idea. That night when we got home, I extracted a blow by blow from Lois and jumped her bones in greater passion then I had ever known.

I thought the whole idea was dead in the water, and didn't bring it up again. But I often thought about what I had witnessed that night, especially when I was making it with Lois. The mental picture recalled of her grinding her hips into him, humping his well endowed member was enough to drive me to a frenzy.

A couple of months later, my father died and my mother needed someone home with her, so we packed up and moved to Illinois. We weren't there more then six months when my wife informed me that she wasn't going live there through another tornado season. So, mom back on her feet, we moved again, back to Portland.

A couple of months after reconnecting with Pat and Linda, he confided in me that just before we moved Linda had been considering taking us up on our swap offer. Well that rekindled my thoughts on the subject and I became obsessed with the idea. One night when they were over, we got to sexually joking around and I brought up the idea again. This time while they were both in the room. I had told Lois about what Pat said and warned that when I felt the time was right, I'd bring it up, so she wasn't taken off guard by the suggestion. Pat suggested that he and I go somewhere while Lois and Linda talked about it and he'd go with whatever they decided when we came back. So we made a drink run to "one stop shopping" store. While we were there, we looked at lingerie and I bought Lois a cute little nightie that would barely cover her buns and told Pat, "I may just be buying this for you to enjoy." He grinned lecherously

To my dismay, the girls informed us there'd be no swapping that night. Well, we tried. But there was no saying that we couldn't still have some sexual fun. After giving the mood some time to relax, the sexual innuendoes began to flow and there was some talk of body parts. I don't really remember all that led up to it, but some how Pat and I ended up stand in front of the wives being egged on to do a strip tease. Which we did both wives giggling wildly. When we finally were naked, we did a little dance that made our members flop up and down and even wobble in circles. Then we each sat down next to our wives and began necking. Of course they each began to stroke us gently. Then I heard Pat say something like, "You've just seen him naked and you're worried about him seeing your boobs?" Well, as soon as I could, I snuck a peek. Sure enough, her boobs were hanging out and he was massaging one, while suckling the other. I watched blatantly while feeling Lois up and nuzzling her neck.

When he broke loose to kisses her, I said, "Switch!" He responded immediately. We were with the other's wife in a second and Linda had bare boobs. Pat quickly planted a kiss on Lois and grabbed her tit. She didn't resist, so I kissed Linda. She must have been a bit turned on because she didn't object when I felt her bare chest nor even when I began sucking a nipple. I buried my hand in her crotch and got no resistance, in fact she took a hold of my hard on. That was it for me. I had to get her in bed before I made a mess all over her and the couch.

"Let's go into the bedroom," I said and she willing got off the couch and walked with me, even entering the bedroom first when I paused at the door to allow it. I wasted no time in getting her blouse and bra completely off and us onto the bed. She was responsive and made no resistance as I removed her panties and jeans. In a few minutes, I was between her legs.

I nearly had a heart attack when Pat showed up in the door dressed. He said, "We're going over to our place for a while. We'll be back later." With that he left, taking my wife with him. I can't say for sure what they did, but I jumped Linda's bones in a flash. She was more then willing. I wish I could say that it was a wild couple of hours of unbridled sex, but I was so hot, it only took about a dozen strokes to get me off. I don't know if she got off or not.

I napped a little. When I awoke, Linda wasn't in the bed. I found her on the couch dressed watching television. She eyed me as I retrieved my clothes and began to get dressed. I pulled on my jockeys only to find they had way too much room. It was then I realized I had mistakenly put on Pat's.

"Opps," I said, "wrong shorts. Pat must be huge judging from the room in those."

"Yes," Linda replied.

Pat and Lois were gone so long that I finally called over there to see if everything was OK.

"Hello?" he answered.

"Pat? Did everything go OK?"

"Better then OK," he answered.

"Is Lois OK?" I asked.

"Here. Ask her yourself."

"Bill?" Lois asked.

"Yeah. Are you OK?"

"I'm fine," she said dreamily, "just fine."

"You and, ah, Pat, ah, did everything work out."

"Oh yes!" she said enthusiastically. "Everything work out, and in, and out, and in and out and, oh well, you get the idea."

I did indeed. I was beginning to get a little turned on again.

"When are you guys coming back?"

"He wants to know when we're coming back," she said, away from the phone.

"Any time, I guess," I heard Pat say.

"We'll get dressed and be right there," she said cheerily.

It was a long forty-five minutes before they came back. I had to wonder if they decided to get in a second round. I was hot again at the thought. But Linda's mood wasn't one to invite the suggestion that we get it on again.

Pat and Lois finally showed up, acting as if they were coming to visit us. We were all dressed, but I gave Pat back his underwear stating that he had forgotten it. He allowed as he was a little distracted when he got dressed and right there, in front of God and everybody, he took off his pants and put them on.

We sat down to play some cards and I was so hot thinking about the fact my wife had just been in the sack with another man that I couldn't even tell you what suit the card I just played was. Soon the party degenerated into sex games and Pat and I were exposing ourselves and the girls went topless. There was a lot of touching and not wives touching their husbands or husbands touching their wives, but males touching females and females touching males without noticing who was who. At one point each of the girls had a different hard on in each hand. At another they had a different mouth suckling each nipple and then Pat and I got a different woman's boob in each hand and even had our face buried between two different boobs. It was great.

Finally, Pat said to Lois, "Let's go in the living room."

I took the occasion to kiss Linda and grab her boobs again. She responded by grabbing my exposed hard on and some serious petting ensued, which included her doing some oral on me. It was then I led the way to the bedroom. Well another round ensued before we broke up for the night.

We decided the Lois and I would go to their place next Saturday night and I'd bring Linda home instead of Lois and we'd trade back the next evening. I've got to tell you I thought of that nearly all week. Saturday rolled around and I was rearing to go. We showed up over there as we had done many a time. The only difference was Lois was wearing that red dress again. Nothing really unusual happened until about nine-thirty when Lois mentioned that she had been up early that day and couldn't wait to get to bed.

Linda got her coat, and Pat and Lois walked us to the door. Pat gave Linda a quick kiss and said, "Have fun."

"I hope," Linda replied.

I kissed Lois and said, "You to."

She smiled and said, "I'm sure I will."

I just knew that Pat and Lois we in the sack before we were two blocks down the street. It took a little over half an hour to get to our place and I could think of nothing else but Lois on her back and Pat pounding his meat into her with abandon. I was in a fevered pitch when I finally got Linda into the bedroom. I was in no mood to wait. She seemed ready to me, so I quickly let out my pent up lust. I was over the top; a real animal. I was sure she loved the passion. I know I did. We got it again in the morning. And then again right after lunch. And finally one more time just before a late dinner.

Pat and Lois showed up about nine-thirty. Lois was hanging on him like teenager, and had a really dreamy look in her eyes. Pat had to work in the morning, so he soon took Linda home.

I was hot again, looking at the way Lois looked and took her to bed, my mind filled with imaginings as to what they had been doing. She wasn't horny, I wonder why? So she was just as happy with a quickie. In the morning she complained about being sore. Something she hadn't done since collage when we were dating. Indeed her thighs were bruised and she did walk a bit gingerly.

The next weekend, we decided to "double date" to a drive-in movie. We took our station wagon since it had more room. Linda and I in front and Lois and Pat in back. The idea was we'd go to the drive-in, do some heavy petting and then when we got back, Lois and Pat would go to their house and Linda and I would stay at ours. Well, heavy petting was right. Linda was a bit more reluctant then Lois. I mean Lois really got into it. The girls were both wearing skirts and blouses, with no hose, for easy access. Lois' buttoned down the front and the previews were hardly over before there wasn't a button still buttoned. I think Pat had been feeling her up on the way to the drive-in. I know I caught them in a sloppy kiss in the mirror more then once on the way.

Anyway, I tried my best to follow suit with Linda and I did manage to undo her bra and get a hand on bare tit and my hand up to her crotch for some fun and games. But every time I bared a tit, she covered it again. I only got my mouth on it once. I knew that Lois had a hook in the front bra and a quick glance in the back seat reveled that she was completely bare-chested and Pat was suckling her tit while his hand plumbed the depths under her skirt with many gyrations. I went to work on Linda. She got a little worked up, but never really responded the way Lois was. After a time, I was distracted by a movement in the back seat.

Pat was laying on his back, holding Lois' panties while she straddled him. I watched her reach between them and make some kind of adjustment before lowering herself on him. When she leaned forward, I could see Pat's side. His buttox was half exposed and his pants were open. I watched as Lois humped up and down and Pat matched her gyrations. My breath came short and I burned with lust watching it. It was better than any porn movie I'd ever seen. It made me throb and ache. Each stroke she made caused a pulse in my hard on. She lifted a little and Pat began sucking her boobs and he pulled her skirt up and began to kneed her lily white butt as she pounded into him. From the angle I was viewing all this, I could now see the actual penetration from behind. I knew from our sex games, that he was big, but at the top of her stroke, he had more exposed then I had all together and there was still plenty inside. This was more then we had agreed on, but I loved it. I couldn't get a deep breath. I saw him close his eyes and shutter as he thrust up and quivered. Lois, by now, was oblivious to anything but her own rhythm. After a few moments, Pat recovered and again matched her thrust for thrust. It didn't take long before Lois arched her back and grunted repeatedly and loudly with each stroke, Pat ground back helping her. There were about five such strokes then she leaned forward, slowed her pace for a minute or two and then began to build again. In less then a minute more she was grunting and moaning, throwing her head back. I thought sure that was the end of it, but with only slight rest she was at it again. Pat with a look of determination on his face was pumping back to meet her each time she plunged forward. The third time she wasn't nearly as vocal and collapsed on him afterward.

He kissed the side of her head and stroked her hair with one hand and rubbed her bare back with the other. After a time she lifted her head, kissed him passionately and said, "Thanks, that was great." All the while she remained impaled on him. I expected a flaccid member when she got off him. Much to my surprise, it was still hard and a white stringy sinew stretched from her pubic region to the tip until she was a good foot away.

The whole time they a been at it, I had been absently fondling Linda's breast. I looked at her and saw she had been watching as well. I took her hand and put it on my hard on and thought I was going to explode right there. I kissed her passionately and glanced toward the back seat again. Lois had made no attempt at getting herself back together and was sitting, legs akimbo while he kissed her gently and alternated between caressing her breast and stroking her inner thigh while she stroked his still hard member.

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