tagInterracial LoveI Had No Clue Ch. 02

I Had No Clue Ch. 02

byearl kider©

Author's note: The first story I wrote was simply to share my preferences in women. I received a number of encouraging feedback emails and thought that I should follow up with another installment about these two lovers. Please allow me to qualify the story. I write about making love to a beautiful black woman because it's how I feel but also know that I have great respect for women, especially those who are unafraid to show their essence or being. We, men, could take a few lessons.


She stirred slightly amid the rumpled sheets and pillows, her velvety dark brown skin glistened in the after-glow of loving. Her upper lip sparkled with the fine perspiration of 'just enough.' Our noses were infinitesimally close. I was inhaling her exhale. She pursed her full, dark lips and moaned slightly, "ummmm...." Her eyes fluttered open slightly, a smile eased across the after-glow of her beauty, "Steven...that was sooo wonderful. But I think I'm beginning to feel the effects of that collision."

I stroked her face then kissed her eyelids, her nose and her lips, "Carrie let me take you to the doc..."

"No baby I just need some rest and Motrin," she tightened and relaxed her lips, almost grimacing as she turned closer to me.

"Let run a hot bath for you and pour you some wine," I countered.

"I don't drink baby but the bath sounds good," she sighed.

My lust tried desperately to overtake me but I disentangled myself from her and stepped quickly into the bathroom where I began running the hot water into a Jacuzzi garden tub. I found an assortment of Caswell-Massey bath salts selecting one with lavender, not knowing what she might want. I began to sense that this woman was more special than her looks, her carriage and her sexual prowess...I couldn't quite believe how I was feeling. I tried to shake those feelings as I returned to the bedroom to retrieve my aching, slumbering lover. I lifted her into my arms. She groaned a bit, slipped her slender arms around my neck and rested her forehead on my chest as I carried her into her waiting bath. I stepped into the tub with her and sat down, turning her back to my chest so that she could lean back against me. The crack of her ass pressed against my swelling dick. She inhaled slightly and moaned.

I knew I should get out of the tub and let her relax but my other brain was in charge...but she broke in, "baby I can't right now. Please don't be upset."

I kissed her head and wrapped my arms around her just letting the warm water surround us both. God she smelled so good.

"Just lean back against me and relax," I whispered.

"Steven maybe I will let you take me to my physician," she whispered back.

Physician, who calls their doctor a physician I wondered. "Sure baby, let's get washed and I'll take you." I kissed her neck and we bathed. I dried her body and kissed the sore spots, lingering over her pubic area and breasts and ass-cheeks an inordinate amount of time.

"Steven," she giggled, "are you messing around or are you drying me off?"

"A little of each I guess," I grinned

"A whole lot of messing and very little drying baby...I think," she grinned letting her grin turn into a lip rolled under the upper teeth. I could hardly stand it. My dick swelled and I shook. What is going on here I wondered.

By the time we got to her 'physician's' office she was moving slowly. I expected a long wait at the doc's but when we walked up to the window the receptionist stood up, "Dr. Whit! Are you okay?"

"Yes Letha, I just need to have Carol check me out. I was in an accident." She turned to smile at me and saw me standing there with my mouth open, "what is it Steven?"

"Dr. Whit? You're a re doctor?" I stammered.

"Yes Steven, don't you think black women can be doctors?" she spoke defensively.

"Ah sure but I didn't know...I mean...I didn't know. That's all. Of course black women can be doctors...it just caught me by surprise is all. I simply thought you were independently wealthy...I didn't know," I sounded stupid to me.

She leaned over and kissed me to the shock of the people in the waiting room and the medical staff behind the reception desk, "I guess we didn't have much time to discuss that did we?" The receptionist broke our interlude and called her back. "C'mon baby I need you with me."

I slid my arm around her waist and she leaned against me and smiled. My heart was pounding. What was wrong with me? I have known this woman about six hours and I'' behaving liked some dumb-assed schoolboy who'd just gotten laid for the first time. We met her girlfriend and classmate from Howard Med School, Dr. Carol Maitlin, who told her in no uncertain terms to get her ass into bed and stay there. Complete rest. She looked at me and smiled, "Rest. Okay? You two have a story that I want to hear later but rest is my order today."

I saluted her, "Yes ma'am. Rest it is." I took Dr. Carrie Whit home. The muscle relaxer that Carol gave her was kicking in. I got her home and for the next few days I stayed over at her house making sure that she healed.

On the fourth morning we were laying in bed, spooned and snuggled tightly. My dick couldn't take any more of this celibate behavior. I was not a monk! Although my bald dick head looked like a monk's head. Her naked ass cheeks were pressed tightly against my naked groin. She was moving her ass in her sleep and it was grinding against my dick. Each little wiggle caused my dick to surge and swell. In just a few seconds I was fully erect and her cheeks had spread apart taking my hardened shaft between them. She gyrated against me and whispered, "fuck me baby...I need you."

Her body began shaking as my dick head pushed forward, touching her pussy lips. I filled my hands with her tits. Her nipples quickly hardened like two very large pencil erasers. I could feel her juices starting to leak onto my hard dick. I suddenly found myself kissing her shoulder and arm, down her back, lifting her arm kissing her ribs. I rolled her onto her back and continued my libidinal quest. Every square inch of her body fell prey to my tongue. I kissed and licked and nibbled this gorgeous woman like a man possessed. I was too. Never had a woman so captivated me. She was so irresistible that I fight ten Roman legions to keep her. But right now the only fight going on was the one my tongue was in trying to gain control of her swelling, dripping clit. My tonguing was sliding and tweaking every inch of her pussy. I licked and bit each lip in succession, taking each pass with a deft and deep lick into her drenched pussy. Her whole pubic area was dripping wet from my saliva mixed with her pussy juices. Her pussy emanated sex; the odor was making me drunk with lust. My dick felt like it was going to explode, killing all living things in its vicinity. She was quickly reaching an orgasm. I lifted her legs onto my shoulders as I pressed my own shoulders against the bottom of her cheeks. Suddenly she thrust her pussy upward, almost knocking me off of her, "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH.......OH......UHHHH......NOOOOOOO...OH GOD!!!!!" She screamed at the top of her lungs. This was her hardest and most powerful orgasm yet. I kept licking. Her pussy juice was making me mad-dog crazy. I decided that instant that this was a woman who could make me write bad checks. She bucked and bucked with my chin and tongue riding through storm. She let out one low, guttural moan, like nothing I've never heard before. "God...Steven...oh god...what have you done to me...oh baby...oh...I can't move..." her body shook and sweat had popped out all over her body.

I lifted myself up on my elbows, pulling myself up to her face that was buried backwards, exposing her neck to my advances. My dick head reached her pussy almost in unison with my lips on her neck. The reaction was amazing. Her legs spread and a guttural begging emerged; "now baby...fuck me...now...oh my God!" My dick found it's perfectly formed sheath and slid in all the way to the hilt. Her legs locked around my ass and she tightened her pussy around my dick almost squeezing by boy lifeless. So I wiggled my ass and pistoned once then withdrew. God she followed me up as I withdrew...she looked at me, "fuck me...don't mess with me. Fuck me Steven."

This was a possessed woman. I drove into her belly hard and she responded with muscular and powerful squeezes. I didn't know how my stamina was going to fare with this treatment. I began sliding in deeply and withdrawing as far as I could, each down stroke gaining momentum until the pistoning rhythm was like that of a old iron horse locomotive with it drive shafts propelling the massive engine forward. The noise and heat coming out of my beautiful black lover was phenomenal we were driving hard, my balls slapping her ass with wet, smacky syncopation. I felt her first rumblings of orgasm and that began to fire up my cum-generator. She started thrashing and wildly driving her pussy hard against me...she was totally oblivious to anything going on...me too...I was wasted. We came hard...my ego says that I held out until she came at least forty or fifty times...but that is a flat lie...I erupted without any knowledge of where her orgasm was...we drenched one another. No condom and I still didn't know if she was on birth control. She sure wasn't using a diaphragm or if she was, we wrecked it a long while back. The bed was drenched with our sweat and juices. I wasn't even gonna try to pull out of her. I simply rolled onto my back bringing her with me.

We kissed with such deep, hungering kisses. Our mouths were simply other forms of lust for one another. My body was shaking like I had run a four-minute mile. Her hair was dripping with sweat...I'm not sure whose sweat was where. I didn't care. The smell of sex filled the house. We fell asleep, waking two hours later in the same position.

I opened my eyes and she seemed to sense it, opening hers too. "Doc," I teased her, "no way you learned that in medical school."

"And you Steven sure don't behave like any accountant I've ever known," she kissed me, smiling as she pulled back. She bit her lower lip, closing her eyes and shaking her head.

"What?" I prodded her.

"No...I am not gonna say it...it can't be...no!!" She just shook her head.

"Say what Carrie? I love you?" She was shocked, "no Steven, we can't be in love."

"Why not?"

"Because..." her voice trailed off and tears formed in her eyes.

I sat up, "what is it baby? Please tell me."

"I...I..well..." she just couldn't say it.

So I said it, "because I'm not black?"

She wept, "yes." I cradled her against me. She sobbed and her body shook.

"Carrie have you ever felt this way before?"

"No but..."

"Then just love me like I love you..." I responded.

We were both raised in the south. We knew the boundaries that had been there for two centuries. Those boundaries were being shattered with each kiss and with each second that we refused to give up our deeply entwining souls. What was happening to us was nothing short of amazing. We had lust and love and like all rolled into one huge sexually charged relationship. We couldn't get enough of one another.

She looked at me with tears rolling down her cheeks, "Steven...I do love you and I want to tell the world."

"Okay baby, I'm ready when you are..."

There's more to come...

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