tagIncest/TabooI Think My Dad Wants to Fuck Me Ch. 02

I Think My Dad Wants to Fuck Me Ch. 02


I slept well that night. No dreams, I was too tired to think. The events of last night felt like a far away dream, until the morning.

We met on the stairs. He was dressed smart but casual, a well-fit button up and slacks. He had his favorite stern expression on his face.

“I’m working from home today. Do you need the car for anything?”

Always gruff. Always straightforward and stern.

“Uhh...sure Dad. Is it okay if I go shopping with your card?”

“Of course. Just remember to send a pic of everything and get it checked off with me. Keys are on the table in the kitchen.”

“Of course Dad. Sure thing.” I took another step down.

“Also, Jenny?”


“Call me Daddy.”


It felt a little wrong. Almost gross, especially after last night. But it was so hot. I could feel myself blushing and I walked down quickly. I looked over my shoulder. He didn’t.

I went into the kitchen. Mom was making herself breakfast, shuffling around with tired eyes. I grabbed the keys from the edge of the table.

“Hey Mom. Sleep okay last night?”

“Yeah. Heading out?”

“Yeah, just...hanging out with some friends.”

“Oh, okay. Have fun.”

I headed out the door, Mom heading upstairs with her breakfast as I walked out the door.

Dad’s car was beautiful. What was his job? I still had no idea. He was such a secretive and mysterious guy. I could see why Mom was into him - he was attractive, clearly talented in the bedroom, but a terrible Dad.

I got into the car and drove off. It looked like there was a really nice mall about 20 mins off, so I headed there. I thought about what I was going to get. It was clear Dad had a thing for me. At the very least, some weird Daddy-Daughter fetish. That, along with the fact that he clearly made a good living, meant I could probably treat myself. He was clearly strict though, so I didn’t want to go too far. My plan, I decided, would be to test out my boundaries.

I parked and headed inside, wandering around. There was one clothes store that dominated the second floor, so I decided to head inside. I picked up some things here and there: tight skinny jeans, a pair of denim short shorts, a black skirt that reached lower thigh, a tank top. I also grabbed a bit of underwear, nothing extravagant - I had to send him pics, obviously. Just white with a little lace. I could get more daring later, how could he check?

My favorite choice was a beautiful dress. This was going to push the spending, but it was good to really test the boundaries. In the fitting room, it clung tightly to my body, showing my curves and showing off my legs. A perfect mix of classic and sexy.

I took pics of them, laying them out on the bench. I even decided to take pictures of me wearing the tamer ones. I sent them all to Dad.

Almost immediately, he responded.

Yeah that’s all fine.

Well, he couldn’t complain about the cost. I took everything to checkout and texted him again. By now, the charge should be in his account.

Not too expensive, right?

You can spend as much as you want. Just remember the rule.

I shrugged. I wasn’t complaining. I headed over to the car and drove home. No one seemed to be around. I headed up to my room to put my clothes away.

But when I started putting stuff, I noticed things missing. Yesterday’s outfit, a loose skirt and spaghetti top that I’d left on my desk, had disappeared. One of my bras was also gone. I frowned. Putting my new stuff away, I headed out. Maybe Dad or Mom was home. Did she take stuff for laundry or something?

Her door was open. I peered inside. Empty. I looked down the hall. Dad’s room was open, just a bit. I headed over to look inside again, nestling myself again in the staircase to look inside without being seen.

I gasped. I could see him, sitting on his chair, at his desk. He was on his phone, probably texting. Looking up something on the internet.

And at his feet...Mom. Giving him a vigorous blowjob. In my outfit from yesterday. The exact same skirt and top...no mistaking it, she must have taken it. Was this her idea, for his attention? Or his, for his fetish?

“Do you like it Daddy? Is your little girl good at head?” She asked in a high pitch voice as she raised her head, slowly stroking him.

“Keep sucking that, baby. You look so cute today.”

“I want to look cute for my Daddy.”

She engulfed his cock again. He stroked her hair. “Good girl…”

“Please Daddy...fuck me…”

He looked at her. “Show Daddy that ass.”

She stood up and turned, bending over his desk. “Fuck your baby girl, Daddy, I need your cock!”

He chuckled. “You know I fucked Stephanie today, right? I didn’t even take a shower. You sure about this?”

“Just...shut up and fuck me.”


“Don’t tell me what to do. Good little girls don’t talk back to their fathers.”

“I’m sorry Daddy” she choked. “Please…”

She gasped as he entered her. Pounding her against the desk, wood against wood on her stomach and her ass. She moaned softly.

“Say it. Who owns you?”

“You do Daddy…”



He groaned happily, slapping away. He reached out and grabbed her hair, pulling her head up. Her skirt rode up, exposing her thighs and bare red ass as he viciously used her.

It was so fast and sudden. The animalistic movements, the rawness of his thrusts. I could see cream running down her legs, just a bit. She was probably soaked. I started feeling myself. I felt a little wet stain under my pants.

He pulled out, pulling her down. “Look at me.”

“Give it to m-”

He erupted over her. Over my clothes too. His seed spread everywhere, thick and white and sticky.

He looked over her. Pulling his phone back out, he took a picture. Then sat back down.

She just lay there on her knees next to him for a while. Cum staining my clothes. I could see some dripping down her chin. She slowly stood up a few minutes later, walking out. I hid behind the staircase as she returned to her room. But that sight, seeing my mother in my own clothes, disheveled and used...it was such a terrible turn on.

I returned to my room.

new message

It was from Dad. I opened it, already knowing what it was.

I bit my lip as I looked at my mom, on her knees, in my clothes...and covered in his seed.

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by Anonymous03/21/18

More please!

Really looking forward to more!

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by Anonymous01/28/18

In LOVE❤️❤️❤️

I absolutely love this sorry and can't wait for the nxt part 😍💋💋

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by Anonymous01/09/18

Bratty little girls.

Do continue....

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by Anonymous01/05/18

Mkre. Im so close to erupting from these

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by tcss196801/03/18

Oh Ya

Great story. I hope she goes lingerie shopping with mom ;) Cant wait for ch3

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