I'll Do It

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I offer to be a whore for my friend and her bf.
3.5k words

Part 1 of the 2 part series

Updated 08/25/2023
Created 06/01/2023
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One day my bestie, Caroline, and me were hanging out. We spent all day together. Shopping, walking the beach, laying in the sun, ended up in a bar had a few drinks then in another bar had a few more. She had been talking about her bf all day. How popular he is, how nice he is, how he bought her this and that present. To be honest, I didn't want to hear any more. I was single for way to long. I was jealous of her, and, honestly, I was backed up. Then after another drink she mentioned that even though he was perfect, he was actually too kinky for her, she hinted that he was demanding and that she could not bring herself to do all the things he wanted in the bedroom. I was curious, suddenly I was curious about my friends limits, now I wanted to hear about her sex life. After another drink I brought the topic back around and probed a bit more. She said that he wanted to dominate her and that she wasn't into it, he wanted anal sex and she wasn't into it. She said that they had discussed hiring a prostitute to help blow off some steam and release the pressure. I immediately wished she hadn't told me that, I wished I hadn't heard it, but I couldn't un-hear it. We had another drink, she started talking about other stuff, I wasn't really listening. The night went on, a few guys tried to hit on us, we laughed at them. We danced, more guys hit on us, we laughed them away and danced more.

At the end of the night we left the bar and were about to say our goodbyes when I blurted out, "I'll do it."

"What are you talking about?" she said.

"All the stuff that you don't want to do. I'll do it," I said quickly, I got the words out before I lost my nerve.

"What?" she said confused, not getting the point yet.

"You don't need a prostitute, just let him do all that stuff to me," I clarified.

"Really? No. You don't want that?" She was surprised and shocked.

"You can watch," I felt my heart rate shooting up. What the fuck was I saying now?

"Really? no?" she was still struggling to process it.

"You can be mean to me while he does it. Tell me I'm a slut while he does what he wants. Or while he does what you want."

Where the fuck did that come from I thought to myself. Do I really want that?

"What? Really? You are saying you would be my bitch? I could pass your ass out as I like?" she was kind of blown away.

Holy shit that is really hot, I thought to myself. No wait? What? Do I actually want this? Oh fuck, seems like I do actually want it!

"Holy fuck. That is really hot. Would you really let me dominate you like that?" Caroline asked for confirmation.

"Yes," I said quietly, suddenly I was using my smallest most submissive voice. "Just for you and your bf, like you said. Not just anyone. Not other people. We could try it, just once."

She was enthusiastic, "I just realize I really want to. That's why I didn't want him to dominate me. I want to be in charge! I'll be nice to you I promise. Well not exactly nice, fair, no, not fair either, lets say strict." She paused to think about it and then she said what she really felt, "I'm the fucking boss of you now. You will do what I say and you will like it. He will realize that I'm the boss and he'll do anything for me. I will reward him by letting him have you."

We said nothing for a long time. What she wanted was what I wanted. Scary. Waiting for a taxi, thinking about backing out, that would be the sensible thing to do, just unwind this shit and run away, several taxis went passed, we didn't go together or separately or say anything for a long time.

"Are we being serious?" she asked.

I said nothing.

"He is at home right now," she put it out there.

"OK," I said.

"TAXI," she flagged down a car. "If you get in the taxi you are my bitch. At least for tonight," she threw down the gauntlet.

"OK," I said, meekly.

"You don't look the part."

"Wha...t?" I said confused. After a pause I realized that she was in charge. "Tell me how you want me," I said.

"A proper whore would loose the underwear," she instructed.

I felt her power rising, she is serious I thought, I have to admit I liked the mixture of feelings that flowed through me when she took control and called me a whore. A whole lifetime of trying to avoid being called a slut or a whore and now I liked it, at least from her. Complicated, or was it actually simple, who knows. I reached up my skirt and stepped out of my panties.

"And the bra," she clarified her rule.

I reached up my t-shirt and unhooked my bra. We got in the taxi and drove away leaving my underwear in the dirt on the sidewalk. I was wet.

The truth is, during sex I often thought about other women watching me, talking to me, commenting on me, commenting on my performance, telling me I'm a slut. I had seen that dynamic in porn movies. The idea had taken root. I was open to it. I wanted it. A guy fucking me and a girl telling me what she thought about it, telling him to fuck me harder, telling me how I was doing, what I slut I was. If things got really hot I sometimes progressed to imagining her telling him to put it in my ass. She gave the order that I knew I could never give myself. I imagined her encouraging him to fuck me harder while telling me I could take it, calling me a 'bad bitch', not letting me back out, just about soothing me enough so I could just about continue, (which, I think, is the opposite of soothing). The idea of another woman witnessing my degradation was a turn on, in my imagination having her verbalize that usually tipped me over the edge. Often as I came she would comment on my value. I can't explain that detail, that is just how it is. Being watched and commented on had been in my fantasies for a few years now, but it was only a fantasy, I had never done anything remotely like it. All of this is imaginary, in my mind, till now. I had never thought about the real world steps that might lead to that fantasy scenario. I had just imagined the heat of the moment many many times. I guess this might actually be the real world steps to that scenario. My friend was not my friend any more she was the boss. It was going to happen for real.

On the back seat of the taxi she squeezed my knee and slid her hand up my thigh. I was surprised, I hadn't thought about her touching me, only about her guy fucking me and her watching and commenting. "Slut," she whispered in my ear, quiet enough that the driver just about might not have heard. But he reacted, he heard alright. I found myself sitting with my legs open. Fully open. She turned on the light on the ceiling of the taxi. The driver adjusted his rear view mirror. I looked out the window as my friend stroked my thighs, presented my vagina to the gaze of the driver. I couldn't believe it. She held my chin, kissed me then forced me to make eye contact with the driver in the mirror. He looked through me, consumed the scene as if it was a porn clip, consumed me, I felt it, I was nothing but content to him. I was a whore. in the moment I actually liked it, at least accepted it, let it turn me on. My friend was there. I was doing it for her, no she was making me do it, no, hang on, no one was making me do anything, I want this, I still have free will. "Show him your tits," she ordered, I lifted my top up above my nipples. Was that actually free will? not exactly. I felt her power. She placed my hands on my knees so I couldn't cover myself and she adjusted my clothes so my pussy and tits were fully on display. I looked out the window, held the pose that she had arranged me in. She brushed her hands over my legs and tits and pussy. I was submissive and loving it.

"There was no charge," she said after we got out of the taxi.

I was happy to take in the fresh air.

"He is big," she said.

"What?" I said.

"My bf. He is big. It isn't only that I'm too prissy for anal. I also just don't want to be stretched out that much," she said.

Oh fuck. I thought. I said nothing. With the taxi peep show and all I had forgotten about her bf for a min.

"Have you had it in the ass before?" it seemed like she went straight for the most invasive question possible.

"Ya. Twice," and just like that I admitted the most awful secret personal thing ever.

"Two different guys? Or same guy two times?" she pressed for more info.

"My ex once and then a Spanish guy on vacation last year," I couldn't believe that I gave up such information so readily. At the time I had reasoned with myself that it was OK to do it as long as no one ever knew about it, but I had betrayed myself and that reasoning now.

"Good little slut," she said, "Were they big?"

"Just average. I guess."

"Did it hurt?" she asked.

"Ya. A bit," I answered her honestly, like no point hiding anything now.

"Did you like it?" she continued her questioning

"Sort of," I said. "It hurt," I added.

"Lube only helps with the friction. Getting stretched out is another story, you just got to deal with it," she said. "It's a process," she added, not so helpfully. "Were those guys gentle with you?" she asked.

I didn't answer her. I was getting slightly overwhelmed. What the fuck am I getting into here.

"Did you cum?" she continued her questioning

I didn't answer her. That detail was even more secret. I hadn't cum but on the second time I was soo agonizingly close. I had obsessively thought about it and wished for it since then. I had googled it regularly, I was always clearing my search history. I was secretly just waiting for a chance to try again, but that didn't change how scary it was.

"Don't worry. I'll tell him to be gentle... At first..." she said, "Or more to the point I'll make sure he is only just about as un-gentle as you can handle."

Now my friend was describing something very close to my secret fantasy. Part of me was excited part of me was terrified.

She kissed me strongly with open mouth and held it for a long time. The kiss caught me by surprise. She was a good kisser. I felt electricity when our lips were touching. "Bend over," she ordered. Then she was gone, behind me, touching my ass cheeks. Sliding my skirt up, exposing me. I was bent double on her front porch, my hands on my ankles, staring at my toes. She was crouching behind me. I felt her breath on my skin. Yes. Then, I felt her breath on my actual asshole. I had never been rimmed before, those guys had gone straight for the main event. I felt her tongue on my asshole. Oh fuck. Yes. I let her do what she wanted. How does she even know how to do this? I slid my hand up my leg towards my pussy.

"No," she said sharply, before going back to her work.

After another minute she followed up, "Ask permission."

Oh my goodness, I thought, I really want to cum. "Can I touch myself?" I asked.

She took her time before eventually answering, "May."

"What?" I honestly didn't know what she was saying.

"May not Can," she clarified.

"May I touch my pussy?" I corrected myself, my best friend was eating my asshole and giving me a grammar lesson.

No answer. After another minute she asked, "Do I need to give you a lesson in good manners as well?"

"May I touch myself? Please?" I just about managed to get the words out breathlessly then heard myself adding another, more urgent, "Pleeeease?".

After what seemed like an age she said, "Yes. Touch yourself. Cum for me. Cum like a good girl."

As I slid my fingers between my legs, I felt her wet finger circle my asshole. I touched myself and felt my orgasm building slowly and steadily as she gently worked her finger into my ass.

"Yaaa," I heard myself emit a low involuntary moan.

As I got closer I felt my face stretch as my mouth strained wide open. I don't know if I made a noise or not. She was all the way in when I came, I felt my ass contracting and pulsating on her finger as the orgasm flowed through my body. I knew she felt it too. That was about as intimate as I have ever been with anyone, ever, more intimate probably. She knew me better than anyone and now she knew my body more intimately than anyone else as well.

"Good little cum slut," she said in her master voice.

"Thank you," I said meekly.

We went in the house. "How do you feel?" she said. Back using her familiar friend voice rather than her new master voice. I guessed she wanted a signal that I still wanted to go through with it. My body was still hot from orgasm. I wanted more.

"Do anything you want to me," I said, "I'm your slut."

"Good little whore," she replied.

I didn't know if we could still be friends after this, but in that moment I didn't care.

We moved to the kitchen and she told me to strip. "Leave your heels on," she specified. I placed my skirt and top on the kitchen table and stood there naked except for my heels as she rifled through several cupboards looking for something. She was not quiet, her bf will hear. She came back with a wide red ribbon and some velcro straps. She tied the ribbon around my waist and made a huge quadruple bow at my left side. Gift wrapping me for her BF, I understood. I was an object. She was giving me to him, I couldn't give myself any more, I understood the meaning. Then she brought my arms behind me and tied my elbows together with the velcro, then added a second strap to my wrists. My ex had tied my wrists once but this was different, wrists only is not actually that restraining. But this! I felt a new level of respect for Caroline, somehow I was surprised that she knew what she was doing. She knew what she was doing. My arms were out of use for as long as she wanted. My body was in her hands, she was in control of me. Then she went to look for something else. She came back and put a leather collar with metal spikes around my neck. I don't want to know if this is a person collar or a dog collar, I thought to myself, I don't know which would be worse.

She kissed me again, broke off and spanked my behind, loudly. My motor was still running, so to speak, the sensation and sound of the spank were extra fuel. I took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. The position of my arms tied at the elbows made me lean forward slightly which made my ass protrude. I leaned forward a tiny bit more so my ass was even more prominent and waited for the next slap. I was too keen, the next slap didn't arrive. Or, I should say, the next slap was verbal not physical.

"You like when I slap you?" she observed. "Good slut," she gave her verdict. "What does a whore need?" she asked. I really didn't know what she was asking so I said nothing. "What does a whore need?" she repeated.

"I... I... I don't know," I admitted.

"What makes a whore, a whore?" she continued. I started to see what she was getting at but I didn't say anything. Did things have to get that real? Maybe she will move on, I thought, hopelessly. I wanted her to spank me again. "Answer me. What makes a whore, a whore?" Jesus, she really is going there. I still didn't say anything. "What is the difference between a slut and a whore?" she changed tack. "Have you ever been a slut?" she pressed me for an answer. Had I? Two boyfriends and three one night stands. Does that make me a slut? "That shit in the taxi was pretty slutty," she reminded me.

I couldn't argue with that, "Yes. I've been a slut," I conceded.

She gently stroked my arm from the shoulder down to the velcro tie at the elbow. The feeling of her fingertip on my strained arm muscles was delicious.

"Have you ever been a whore?" she continued.

"No," I answered.

"Are you going to be a whore tonight?" she asked.

"Yes," I said. She is playing me like... "I'll be a whore for you," I confirmed.

"And my BF?" she asked.

"Yes," with a word I had given all my power away. I had handed all power to her. Suddenly I felt free, kind of weightless. I just have to wait now to see what she will do with me. Free and terrified at the same time.

"As I understand it whores take payment in advance," she said.

I didn't know what to say, so again I said nothing. She took out her purse and produced a bundle of notes. She got some scotch tape and taped a 10 to my torso just under my tits.

"I want him to see how much I have paid for you," she explained, unnecessarily.

Being paid was not a feature of my fantasies so I did not often think about any kind of 'pretty woman' scenarios, but any such thoughts that I might have had were instantly evaporated. Richard Gere would not be paying me thousands of dollars, my friend would be taking control of my body for a few bucks. Holy shit, I'm cheap. I didn't see this coming. This is actually real. I didn't anticipate how difficult this would be. She is making me into a prostitute. I had offered to be instead of their prostitute but now I realized she had manipulated me into being their prostitute. I was not exactly OK with this. She turned me around and taped another 10 to my upper back. She pointed to the note on my front and said, "for your mouth and your pussy." She spun me around and put her finger on the note on my back and said, "For your ass." As if that was not bad enough she then added, "He will be looking at this money back here as he unloads up in your whore ass hole."

I was speechless, lots of emotions were swirling, mixed, too much humiliation. I didn't see any way out. A feeling of overwhelmedness rose to drowning point before slowly receding. As I just about felt like I could breathe again she kissed me before I could gather my thoughts to think about it all. She had me where she wanted. My fantasy was back in focus. I wanted her to kiss me again. I wanted her to spank me again. I wanted her to talk to me and direct her bf as he fucked me. She had proven herself to me, she had proven that she was a dom. My dom.

She clipped a lead onto the collar.

"Do you want a safe word?" she asked.

Honestly, before this evening I would have said safe words were only for weird porn and erotic stories, not for anything in the real world, not for anything in my world. But, I knew now that she was capable, she was not my friend right now, she knew what to do, and was driven to do it, I felt her power and I was helpless in her control. I really wanted a safe word.

"Yes," I said breathlessly, "I really want a safe word now."

"Your safe word is Istanbul. I hope you don't need it," she said in a tone that conveyed something closer to 'here is your safe word but I know you won't let me down by using it, now will you'.

She led me to the stairs... I followed without a word, my breathing was shallow, my pussy juice was all the way down my thighs.

To be continued...

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AnonymousAnonymous21 days ago

More please... Lets see where it goes for these characters...

InfiniteXaosInfiniteXaosabout 2 months ago

I don't know about her being the boss of him too, kinda like the idea of them both being equally dominant

AnonymousAnonymous3 months ago

Lovely preise.

Nice story line.

Good set up.

Five stars.

AnonymousAnonymous5 months ago

This was fucking HOT! There was to be so many stories tied up in this fantasy! I really need to see how the relationship evolves with the 2 females. How much control does Caroline get? How much is given…

Does Caroline really like females to?

Please give us more

Olive_DDOlive_DD5 months agoAuthor

If anyone is interested the moderators just released some minor edits to the above story.

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