tagIncest/TabooI'm Sorry I Lied Daddy Ch. 01

I'm Sorry I Lied Daddy Ch. 01


Madison awoke last Saturday morning on a cold tile floor. She lay there, shivering and hungover reflecting on the night before. Her Mother and her Stepfather, Rick, were out of town at her Grandmothers' while she was ill.

As she opened her eyes slowly, Madison tried to roll over but found her wrists had heavy leather cuffs connecting both of her wrists together. She remembered coming downstairs to Rick's room, a place that had been off limits since she was a little girl and breaking in with some guy. Rick's room looked like a scene from Fifty Shades of Grey. She had often fantasized about being Anastasia.

Madison began to remember more and more of the events that transpired. She did remember fucking Matt, but there were so many questions unanswered. What time did everyone leave, or were they still here? There must have been over twenty people here and most she didn't even know.

Madison tried to sit up and realized that she also had a set of leather restraints on her ankles. Her head was spinning. What, she thought? She had no memory of these. She struggled and finally sat pulling her dress down from around her waist. She tried to remove the ankle cuffs but were padlocked, ... and what of this rope attached to her wrist cuffs that went to the ceiling? She had to find the key.

"Problem?" A deep voice spoke from across the room.

Madison screamed being startled, thinking that she was there alone.

Realizing that it was her Stepfather, Madison caught her breath and asked softly. "Rick?" "What are you doing home?"

"What am I doing home?... Hmmm"

Rick stood up, pulled hard on the rope attached to Madison's wrist cuffs which pulled her arms quickly above her head.

"What the fuck?" Madison screamed out.

"Stand up." Rick said in a firm voice.

"I can't, ... Why? Rick?"

Rick pulled harder on the rope slowly raising Madison off the floor.

"Ow, stop, ok ok, I'll stand."

She had never, ever heard Rick so pissed. She struggled to her feet quickly as Rick took up the slack and tied off the rope. Madison watched Him walk around the room to the wall with the restraints, floggers and crops. Rick picked up one of the riding crops and walked to Madison.

"What am I doing home? I think there should be other questions asked, what are you doing in here? Why is the house all tore up? Did you have a party? Oh, and how's Grandma?"

"How is..."

Interrupting, "Shut up, I don't want to hear you speak unless I ask you a question. Understood?"

"Yes," She mumbled.

"What?" Rick asked firmly.


"Madison, I am very disappointed. I have known you since you and your Mother came into my life twelve years ago last month. I never had children of my own, but always thought of you as my daughter."

"I'm sorry Dad, I'm so sorry." She said almost crying.

"I am going to ask you some questions. The more honest and truthful you answer, the less severe your punishment will be. Understand?"


"Did you have a party last night even though you knew that you weren't supposed to?"

Madison hung her head and whispered. "Yes."

"How many people were here?"

"Five or six."

"Any alcohol here?"

"A little."

"Where there any drugs here?"


"Did you break in to this room?"

"It was open."

"Ok, ... Did you bring anyone else down here?"

"No." She answered quickly.

"Did you touch anything in here?"


"Have you ever been in this room before?"


"Now that you have seen what is in here, have you ever seen the movie, Fifty Shades of Grey?"

"No. ... Will you unlock these? "Madison asked looking at her cuffs.

"Hell, no I'm not going to unlock those! You wanted to know what happens in here, now, ... I'm going to show you."

Rick walked around her with the riding crop. He lifted her dress up in the back. Madison turned and tried to get away. "Hold still!" Rick said as he connected with the riding crop firmly across her ass.


Madison looked at herself in the mirror that filled the wall. She was completely helpless and frightened.

Rick walked to the table in the center of the room where a knife was laying. "Did you bring this in here?"


Rick stood behind Madison. "I think you are lying." He then cut the spaghetti strap on her right shoulder.


Madison struggled to get away, but could only turn. She was completely naked under her dress.

"Hold still." Rick said as he cut the other strap releasing her dress from her body and falling around her ankles.

"Dad?" ... "Daddy?"

"Quiet, Madison. You have never called me Dad, or Daddy since you've known me. It has always been Rick. Now that you are in trouble, it's Daddy. Bullshit! And don't look at me with those big beautiful green eyes and that sad face. That's over. You have violated your mother and my trust. What do you think your Mom's going to say when she finds out?"

"Nooo, don't tell her, please?"

"Madison, you are in no position to ask me of anything. Look at yourself in the mirror. Look! You are twenty years old, drop dead gorgeous. Long brown hair, perfect little five-foot six body." Rick set down the knife and grabbed Madison's tits. "Look at these. What are they, 34C?"

"Yes, Rick, ... stop, ...no."

Rick pinched her little nipples hard.


Rick released her and picked up the riding crop. He stood behind her as she watched him in the mirror. "Spread your legs."

Madison just stood there with her legs tight together.

Rick connected with the crop on her right butt cheek.


"I'm not going to ask again."

Madison opened her legs slightly as she watched Rick raise the crop again.

"Wider." Rick said as he guided the crop between her legs touching her labia. "Wider."

Rick tapped her pussy with the riding crop. "That's it, good girl. Now don't move. What a cute little shaven pussy."

Rick went to the wall and hung the riding crop back up in its position. He then grabbed a bar and proceeded to kneel behind Madison. She shut her legs back tight together as he knelt. "What, shy? I watched you sleep on the floor for over two hours with your dress pulled up around your waist and your legs spread. Who do you think put the ankle cuffs on? Now spread those legs again young lady," as he slapped her hard on the ass.

She reluctantly spread her legs as Rick attached one end of the bar to her left ankle cuff. Rick adjusted the bar to a longer length. "Wider," he demanded as he tapped on the inside of her right thigh. He then attached the bar to her right ankle cuff.

"Rick, ... why?"

Rick stood up and walked around in front of Madison. He gently grabbed the sides of her face and kissed her softly on the forehead. "I love you."

Madison stared in the mirror at her helpless body as Rick walked away. He opened a drawer and put on a pair of blue protective latex gloves. He bent over and picked up a used condom off the floor. He walked over to Madison and held it directly in front of her face.

"Do you want to revise any of our previous stories? You fucked someone in here?"

Madison stood mute knowing that she had been busted.

"So, ... I bet you sucked him off too, right?"

"I don't do that Daddy..."

Rick threw the condom on the floor. "You will clean that up later."

She watched him retrieve a laptop on a small rolling stand. He set it up in front of Madison so that she could see the screen. Rick then went to a nearby drawer and pulled out a ball gag. He grabbed Madison's pussy with his right hand firmly. As she let out a scream, Rick forced the ball gag in her mouth with his left hand. "Quiet."

"Enough, ... Madison, I, ... I'm so upset right now, I can hardly talk. Enough with the Daddy. I don't even want to hear Rick. From now on, you will be re-earning my trust. When answering a question, you will answer with yes Sir, or no Sir. If I hear you call me Daddy again, you will restart your punishment! Do you understand?"

"Yes." She mumbled through the ball gag.

Rick grabbed her nipples hard. "What?"

"Ow, ... Yes Sir." She shouted but was barely understandable.

He kneaded her breasts gently before exploring the rest of her body. He spread her cheeks enough to slide a finger between her labia. "Well look how wet we are."

Madison cringed as Rick touched her wetness. She watched him in the mirror as she stood there completely helpless.

Rick stood up and turned on the laptop. He clicked on a file and a video began to play. Madison immediately recognized the location. She stood in horror knowing that this was a video of last night. Rick paused the video."I installed video cameras in here almost two years ago. Smile, you're on camera now. There is one outside too."

Madison started to cry. Rick walked over to the wall and picked up a flogger, He connected with it across her ass. "Don't you dare cry."


Rick resumed the video. It showed Madison breaking into the room with a knife with this guy right behind her. They opened every drawer and played with some of the toys. It showed this boy pretending to smack Madison with a riding crop, then a paddle as she raised her dress for him.

"Shut it off, shut it off!"

Rick hit pause and pulled out her ball gag. "What?"

"Shut it off, ... Please?"

"We are just getting to the good part." He said as he reinserted the ball gag. "I really like the part where you wanted to be Anastasia in Fifty Shades of Grey."

Madison tried to turn away when Rick pushed play. Rick grabbed her face and turned it to the screen. She was horrified when it showed her dropping to her knees and undoing his pants. She immediately took his cock into her mouth... Rick hit pause.

"So, ... Daddy's little girl doesn't suck cock? My little girl is a little whore. No panties, no bra. You don't care who see that little pussy of yours."

Madison tried to struggle with her restraints, but she was helpless.

"Let's watch some more, shall we? ... And play."

Madison only sucked his cock for a about thirty seconds when she turned around, pulled her dress up and waited for this kid to put the condom on and mount her. The video didn't last long after that.

"Do you want me to play it again?"


Madison stood there wondering what Rick was going to do. She glanced in the mirror to look away from Rick. Her mascara was running down her cheeks as the ball gag was dripping with saliva. Her legs were weak from standing with them so far apart. What could she do now to get out of this.

" You know that you have to be punished, right?"

Madison hung her head and nodded yes.

"You had a party with alcohol here when you are under twenty-one, ... You lied about being in this room before. I have the video. You lied about breaking in last night, you lied about someone else being in here, you lied about touching anything, you lied about sucking his little cock, and you even lied about seeing the movie Fifty Shades of Grey. Anything else?" "Do you feel like Anastasia yet? I don't think this flogger is worthy of your lying ass. Let's see, ... this paddle should do nicely."

Rick grabbed the paddle off the wall and pulled a wand from one of the toy drawers. He plugged in the vibrator directly behind Madison in one of the many floor outlets.

He stood in front of her looking into her sad eyes. "I am going to spank you with this paddle ten times. Every time you feel it, I want you to count out. If you scream, tell me to stop, or lose count, ... we start over. Shake your head if you understand."

Madison nodded as Rick stood behind her. She watched in the mirror, but nothing could have prepared her for the sting of that paddle.

"One." She said quietly through the ball gag.

Rick pulled the gag from her mouth and wiped the tears from her eyes. He pinched her right nipple slightly as he walked again behind her. Crack.


Rick didn't hit her hard, but the flat paddle on her little taunt ass stung like crazy.


Again, and again Rick met his mark while Madison took her punishment.




Rick rubbed her red bottom softly until his fingers found her wetness. He parted her lips slightly as Madison felt excited by his soft touch.

"Your pussy is soaked!"

Madison heard the wand vibrator and watched Rick raise it up between her legs. He pressed it firmly to her clit and held it there. The more she squirmed and tried to get away the harder Rick pressed. The clit stimulation was enough that Madison though that she could cum.

Rick watched her body language and turned off the vibe.He picked up the paddle and placed it gently up against her tender flesh. Madison cringed as the paddle connected."What happened to the count?" Rick asked as he pulled the ball gag from her mouth.

Madison whispered, "I don't know. I can't remember."

Rick connected again.


Rick picked up the wand and turned it to high. He moved it up and down on her clit vigorously.

"You have no idea what number we are on, do you? Maybe we should start over?"


"No? ... No, what?"

"No Sir. Oh, ... oooooo oh, you're gonna make me cum, ooooo...""

Rick quickly pulled the vibe away.


"I'll let you know when you can cum. Are you ready?" Rick asked as he picked the paddle back off the floor.

"Yes Sir."

Rick stung her cheeks again.

"Ow, Eight, eight, ... sorry Sir, eight!"

"That's okay, you're doing fine." Rick said as he turned the wand on high and again teased Madison's clit.

"Mmmmmmm, oh, ahhhhhhh, ahhhh..."

"Don't you cum." He said pulling the vibe away.

Madison tried to thrust her hips forward as he pulled away. She was so close.

Rick stood up and played with Madison's nipples. They were so hard and sensitive. "You like this, don't you?"

"Yes Sir."

I have something that you just may like." Rick said as he walked over to the toy drawers. He retrieved a set of nipple clamps. Slowly, he adjusted the left one until tight. The right nipple he adjusted tighter and tighter until Madison winced. The clamps were connected together with a small gold chain. He tugged on the chain gently to make sure both clamps were secure.


"What count are we on?"

Very quietly, Madison whispered, "Eight, Sir."

Rick picked up the paddle and walked to where Madison's rope had been tied off. He loosened the rope slightly lowering her arms to shoulder height. As he walked behind Madison, He touched the cool paddle to her tender ass. "Bend over."

Madison's knees were weak as she bent over slightly.

"A little further."

As Madison bent over as far as she could, Rick connected with the hardest of them yet.

Madison held back the tears, and caught her breath. "Nine, Sir!"

She watched Rick in the mirror as he knelt on her left side. Her heart raced as he picked up the wand. The anticipation of that first touch was excruciating.

Madison screamed as Rick forced it against her wetness. She squirmed, but he met her every move and was unforgiving. Madison felt an intense feeling that she had never reached before. She could make herself cum while masturbating, but nothing like this!

The intense vibrations on her tender clit, the vulnerability of being restrained and punished was too much for Madison to handle.

"Oh, my Gawwwd, fuck, ... Oooooooo ..."

Just then, Rick connected hard with the paddle, yet never easing up with the wand. ... Crack!

Madison convulsed with pain and pleasure as Rick was un-relentless with the vibe."Ten! Oh my God, ... ten, ten, TEN!! Fuck! ...oh shit stop, ...oh stop, please stop, Sir?. ten, ten, ten..."

Rick shut off the vibe, but kept if firmly against her lips as Madison continued to shake uncontrollable. He let her catch her breath before turning it back on.

"Owwwww, NOOOOOO!" Madison screamed.

Rick pulled the wand away and again Madison's body continued to shake. She watched as he knelt before her. He reached between her legs pausing his fingers between her labia.

"Nooooooooo, ..."

Rick slowly eased up two of his fingers deep inside of his daughter, the wiggled them.

Madison knees weakened with every movement of Rick's fingers. She could feel that feeling inside again building.

Rick pulled his soaked latex covered fingers from Madison's pussy slowly. He stood and wiped his fingers around her mouth until she accepted his fingers to taste her own sweet juices.Rick gently kissed Madison on the forehead before kneeling and disconnecting the spreader bar that held her legs apart.

Madison put her legs closer together, but they were still very weak. Rick untied the knot from her wrist cuffs lowering her arms in front of her.

Madison held her arms out front for Rick to unlock the cuffs.

"I have to pee."

"What, do you seriously think that your punishment is over? We haven't even begun yet."

Rick went to a drawer and pulled out a small bucket, then dropped it at her feet. "There ya go."

"I can't while you watch." Madison said softly.

"Go, and I'll get you some aspirin and some orange juice."

Madison squatted down and moved the bucket into place. She looked at herself in the mirror noticing how wet and swollen her pussy was. She felt so humiliated. Madison tried to hurry before he returned, but remembered the cameras. She couldn't wait any longer and began to urinate in the bucket. It felt so good to finally relieve herself when she noticed Rick was standing behind her watching, but, she couldn't stop.

Rick handed her a couple of tissues as the loud sound in the bucket subsided. Madison gently wiped, then Rick helped her to her feet. Rick handed Madison the aspirin and the orange juice. She quickly took them and drank all the juice. He then knelt and attached a short chain between Madison's ankle cuffs.

Madison watched Rick move the bucket out of the way and replace it with a half barrel looking thing. He went to one of His toy drawers and pulled out a dildo looking object and placed it on top of the barrel. The cock toy was about six inches high and had stimulators in front.

"This is called a Sybian. Probably one of the greatest inventions ever." Rick said laughing. "I want you to fuck it.

"I'm not going to sit on that!" Madison said bluntly.

"You didn't have any problem fucking that guy in here last night. That's right, ...I have the video. Let me just cruise through your contacts on your phone, ..."

"Nooooo, ok, ok."

"I have a bigger cock that goes on there to if you like." Rick said slapping her tenderly on the ass.


"Let me get this ready for you." Rick walked to the table and picked up some lube and a condom. He applied the condom to the Sybian's cock and applied plenty of lube. He also covered his fingers of His right hand and rubbed Madison's pussy inside and out.

Madison winced as Rick's put his forceful hand on her tender lips.

Rick plugged in the machine and then grabbed Madison's hands. He guided her to down to the cock that awaited her swollen lips. Between the lube and her wetness, the small cock slid all the way inside her with ease as she knelt.

She couldn't tell Rick, but she loved how good it felt inside. Her ass was still tender from her spanking, but still it felt good to sit down.

Rick unhooked her wrist cuffs from each other, "Put your hands behind your back."

Madison complied slowly as He reattached the cuffs back together. She was now unable to stand, but only able to rock forward and back.

"This device has two functions. One, that little cock inside you will rotate, ... like this." Rick said as he turned it on very slow.


"The second function is a vibration." Rick hit the switch and turned up the rheostat slightly.

"Mmmmm, ... I like this."

"You will, ... sit here until I believe, that you can tell me the truth. You lied to me eight or nine times, just this morning. I believe that there is still honesty behind those eyes."

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