Hello again loyal readers. Thank you for the supportive e-mails. I hope you're all still with me after this last part.

For those of you just joining us, I'm Jamie. This is the third part of my story, parts one and two are, in order, 'The descent', and 'To spiral further down'. If you want to picture me imagine this...I'm petite with dirty or dark blond hair, a slim frame and nice firm c-cups, right around 34-36c.(it depends on the bra)

Back to my story. It was Tuesday night when I left off and Matt and Ben were planning something for me Thursday night. The rules at that point were that I had to remove my Bra, pants, and panties before getting into the car to go home. On the ride to and from work I was subject to having my legs spread and my naked womanhood on full display. On the ride home, I had to keep a finger inside my pussy for the whole ride.

Wednesday I watched the front window like a hawk, half expecting Matt and Ben to pull up, knowing that my husband wasn't home. It didn't happen. I was asleep when my husband got home and he was at work before I woke up. Not that any of that matters to you, but it sticks out so clearly to me. I remember that I didn't see him before I left for work on Thursday.

Thursday Matt pulled up out front, and my husband hadn't gotten home yet, which was unusual. As Matt drove up the street I reached under my shirt and unclasped my bra, which I then snaked under my blouse. Then I pulled my pants and panties off together. I then separated them and laid them neatly on the floor. I opened my legs wide, as I was now accustomed to doing and as I did we passed my husband's car.

I was so shocked to see him going by us that I barely had time to wave. I don't think he saw me, to this day I really don't. I watched the mirror on the visor as he drove on behind us, hoping he didn't turn around hoping he hadn't seen. I was so scared. The worst thing about the scare of him going by was that I never closed my legs. I drove by my husband in another man's car with my pussy hanging out in the breeze; and not even reflexes were enough to close my legs. Even Matt looked nervous for about half the ride.

We got to work and Matt parked way in the corner of the lot against some bushes. I climbed out naked, and as the rules now dictated I opened the door and climbed out half naked. Matt handed me my clothes from the floor, and I hurriedly dressed, then adjusted myself. My whole shift went by with anticipation and nerves getting the better of me. Finally it was time to leave.

As I walked to the time clock I could feel the wetness in my panties and crotch as I walked. Matt was already there waiting for me.

As we got out into the lot there were a few other people walking out to their cars. Ben was waiting patiently for us. The two of them watched amusedly and waited for me to first pull my bra out from under my shirt. Then I tugged my pants off, and finally my panties. As I stepped out of my panties Ben held the passenger door open for me and I dove into the car.

Once we were all in the car I shifted my legs up over theirs and once open I eased my middle finger inside myself. The suspense had me outright sopping. Ben snapped a picture as Matt began to drive.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"My house." Matt answered.

Matt lived in an apartment above his parents detached garage. He had told me about it before. He had a small bedroom, a 3/4 both, and a living room with a kitchenette.

"Are your parents home?" I asked and thought back to my high school days. It had been a great number of years since I had asked that question.

"Yep." Matt said. "Although where I park, they can't see antone getting out of the car. Which is a good thing, because you,re leaving your stuff here." I was rubbing myself lightly as long as I had to finger myself and came not long after he said that.

The ride to Matt's took about fifteen minutes. I realized that his house was not very convenient to mine, and now fully understood his motivations for offering to 'carpool'.

We pulled up his driveway and all the way until we were beside the garage on the side furthest from the house. I withdrew my finger from my pussy. Matt shut the car off, and Ben and he got out. Ben held the door open for me, and leaving my purse and clothes on the seat I stepped half naked into the cool night air. There was a flight of stairs leading up the side of the garage do a door at the top. I followed Matt with Ben behind me to the door.

Matt unlocked the door and flipped on a light bathing illuminating my exposed body as I stepped through the door. I was standing in a small, but neat living room. there was a couch with two end-tables, and a midsized television. A handful of girlie posters graced the walls. I was directed towards the couch where I sat on the center cushion.

"Open your legs." Matt said. As I spread my legs wide, Ben set up his camera on a tripod facing the couch, and one sat on either side of me. Ben began gently squeezing and kissing my breasts from one direction, while Matt kissed my neck and let a hand slide down my belly and over my crotch. They said nothing as they roamed my body. I felt first one, then two fingers slide inside me and a moment later I came again. I gave up on letting them own me and began fumbling for their belts as I unbuckled and freed their respective manhoods.

Once unbuckled they quickly removed my shirt completely then got naked themselves. A moment later Matt positioned himself kneeling between my open legs while Ben kissed me full on the lips probing my mouth with his tonuge. I felt the head of Matt's penis begin to enter me and met his advancement, taking him gently as deep into me as I could. When I felt our pelvises meet in a tangle of soft pubic hair I began to grind slowly and firmly against him.

Ben then stood on the couch and with one foot on either side of me, his rock hard penis bobbed before my lips. I looked up at him and he down at me. Although not fond of oral sex, I took the not so subtle hint and wrapped my lips around his cock. As I hunkered down over his penis he ran his fingers through my hair while gently massaging my temples. Everyone was moaning softly and I had another orgasm. As I did I felt Matt begin to tense up. Ben held my head carefully, but firmly, and I couldn't tell Matt to pull out. A moment later I felt the first of several blasts gush into me as Matt buried himself in my pussy and came. Before that sensation was over Ben began to come as well and gobs of stringy sugar coated my throat and tongue. He held me insuring that I would swallow as much as I could. Matt slipped out of me, as Ben finished ejaculating into my mouth. I looked sheepishly around the room as the two of them nuzzled my sweaty naked body in the afterglow.

About twenty minutes passed and Ben shifted himself down to between my legs and began to enter me. I had been dripping semen for a number of minutes and I heard the squelch as he pushed his way in. A moment later he was picking up steam and Matt was taking Ben's former position at my face. this time was much more aggressive and I was beginning to get sore when they both tensed up in unisom it seemed and deposited more sticky cum inside me.

The time was nearing eleven thirty and they told me that I had better take a quick shower and then they would drive me home. In the bathroom I was shocked to see naked pictures of myself on the wall above the toilet.

"Matt do you leave these pictures out all the time?" I asked as I climbed into the shower.

"You bet." Matt said as he and Ben came over to watch me shower. "I've got a bunch of friends that can't wait to meet you, but I've gotta' save something for later."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"You'll see." Matt said.

When I got home my husband was asleep and I remembered passing him earlier. I now felt dirty and ashamed about what I had done. I got into a nightshirt and sat alone on the couch feeling the waves of sensations wash over me. I touched my swollen pussy and found it still sensitive from the action it had just gotten. I slowly pushed my index finger deep inside myself and swished it around. When I withdrew it, it smelled of sex, and glistened with cum. I thought of what Matt had said about his friends and I knew that at this point I was on board for whatever happened.

I got up early in the morning so I could see my husband before he left for work. He asked me how the birthday had been and I told him it was a lot of fun. We got a little cake and joked for a while. He seemed happy for me. He even told me it was good to work with people you could relax around. After he left I felt really bad. I cleaned the house and tried to keep busy, but eventually I found myself masturbating. The thought of what Matt and Ben could do to me made me so horny.

That night my husband and I rented a movie and stayed in. After the movie I fucked his brains out and he LOVED it. Little did he know that with my eyes shut and my crying oh god and panting, I was picturing being manhandled at Matt's house. Saturday morning I fucked my husband again, he asked what was up. I told him I was just really horny lately. 'No complaints.' He said heading out to do yard work, while I showered and got ready for work(and Matt).

When Matt arrived to bring me to work, my husband was still out mowing the lawn. He waved happily to Matt, and Matt waved back, smiling graciously. To watch it as I skipped across the yard was almost surreal. Here I was, the one in the middle.

As we rode away I made sure my husband had gone back to mowing the lawn, and began undressing. Soon my legs were spread and Matt was addressing me.

"So how have you been?" He asked. "Did you have fun Thursday?" I nodded in reply. "Why don't you go with the finger." Matt continued.

"Now?" I asked.

"Why not." In the spirit of sex and adventure." He added. I shrugged, now willing to comply with almost anything. I carefully stuck a finger into my pussy as the car jousled and bumped up the road. When we got to work I climbed out and reached for my clothes, Matt held them back a moment as I looked across the parking lot, which during the day had a fair amount of traffic in it. My pussy tingled and my stomach danced, I was going to get caught. After a second or two, which felt like twenty Matt handed me my panties which I quickly put on, then he gave me my bra, which took a good minute or so to work on. Finally he gave me my pants and I was thankfully covered. Work was busy and I found myself coyly sniffing my finger every so often and looking forward to the ride home.

Tonight they made me strip down, before they would even unlock the car, and once I was naked Matt opened his door and reached through. Only then was I allowed to get into the car. There sitting between them in an oh so familiar way, I spread my legs and began to insert a finger.

"Better make it two." Matt said. I obliged and worked both my index and middle finger into my willing and wet gash. While we drove Ben reached under my shirt and kneaded my breasts, tweaking my bare nipples. After a while he awkwardly reached under me from behind. I felt a finger rubbing circles around my anus, and realized that moisture from my pussy had leaked down to make it slippery. My eyes got wide as I felt it begin to enter me. By the time we were turning onto my street Ben's finger was firmly lodged in my ass and when he pulled it out I think I almost shit on the seat, but I managed to squeeze shut. Hurriedly I dressed and managed to clasp my bra, just as Matt pulled to a stop out front. My husband was still up, and I said goodbye to Matt and Ben.

"See you monday." Matt said. "Oh yeah, monday night, we're getting together after work for a little card game."

"I headed inside trying to walk normally still feeling the intrusion into my anus and my husband was not only awake, but feeling 'randy' We fucked for almost an hour and twice the following day. Aparently I had awoken something in him, and the need in my belly was growing exponentially.

Monday came too quickly. My husband had no problem with the card game. 'You're a night owl anyway' he told me when I said I'd likely be late. 'Enjoy' he said as we passed him coming home, I going out.

The two finger option had extended to the ride into work.

"What are we doing tonight?" I asked Matt as I rubbed my clitoris and ground against the two fingers.

"You'll have to wait and see." Matt said. "I will tell you this, there won't be any card playing." Matt smiled and I had masturbated to orgasm on the way to work. My shift went by agaonizingly slowly, and by the time I got out I was ready to explode.

Tonight they had me undress in front of the car and then Matt gave me the keys.

"My door first, then walk around and let yourself in." My cheeks were scarlet as I let Matt in, and then trotted around the front of the car and let myself in. This had to slow down soon, or I would be caught for sure. Ben slid a finger up my ass, before we even left the lot, and I had kind of expected it. I also had a pretty good idea it wasn't going to be the only thing in my butt tonight. As you'll see I was right.

We pulled into Matt's house and my heart froze in my chest as I saw two cars already parked there and a light on in his little apartment.

"Ahhhhh," Matt said. "Time for a little party."

"No?" I asked. "How many?"

"Does it matter?" Matt asked.

"I just want to know so I can be ready." I said. My fingers as well as Ben's still planted firmly inside me.

"Seven, including Ben and I." Matt said.

I groaned partially from fear, partially from lust, and partially because Ben had just pulled his finger out of my ass. A moment later I was following Matt up his steps, upstairs I could hear hushed exchanges no doubt heralding our arrival.

Matt opened the door as I stood framed in the doorway.

"Ohhhh yeah.." Someone inside said, as Matt nudged me through the door.

The view that greeted me was five college age boys, all holding a beer, all looking at me. As I walked in the three on the couch stood and began to approach and the two that were standing crowded me between them and Matt and Ben. I felt hands at my shirt hem. A moment later it was lifted over my head. There were hands on my breasts, lips on my buttocks and the back of my neck. A writhing mass of senses surrounded me and all that I could see was men. I felt a finger rubbing then entering my yearning pussy. My ass cheeks were gently spread as another finger wormed it's way up there, lips appeared on my mouth and a tongue began to enter my mouth, I kissed back as I felt my toes leave the ground. Suspended by many hands and being felt up by all of them I sensed that I was moving. A moment later I felt my angle changing and cuchions beneath my body. fingers were withdrawn from me and quickly replaced with the familiar shape of cock!

The first one entered me vagnally and a moment later I know he stood up still inside me lifting me from whatever I had been laid on. When he laid me back down, there was another dick this one pressing assertively on my anus. Hands from both directions squeezed and rubbed my breasts and when I turned my head I was not surprised to have another cock presented to me. With all three holes full at this point I was in an unbelievable flurry of sensations. It lasted for what seemed like either hours or minutes. The guys essentially passed me around doing whatever they wanted to me and I enjoyed every second of it.

I looked at the clock, it was one thirty, there was only one person fucking me, I still don't know any of their names. I felt him tense up and withdraw spraying cum all over my belly. As he headed to the bathroom to clean himself up I lay on the couch. Only Matt, Ben and two of the young men remained. I ran a hand over my body feeling the coating of semen smear all over me. When I reached my crotch there was an outright swamp between my legs. Cum flowed freely from my gaping pussy. A moment later the young man came out of the bathroom dressed and left with his friend. Only Matt and Ben remained.

"We'd better get you home." Matt said. At some point he had gotten my clothes and he and Ben dressed me. My clothes clung to my sticky body. I was too tired to protest as they helped me to the car. I half dozed the whole way home and only when they let me out of the car and I found myself a cumcaked mess in front of my own house did I realize my full situation.

I crept into the dark house smelling nothing, but the musky smell of a ton of sex. I showered quickly and quietly, burying my clothes in the hamper. By the time I crept into bed with my husband I was exhausted and too well fucked to do more than pass out. the last thing that I saw was the alarm clock as it siwtched over to three AM. My husband was gone at noon when I came to, and to this day, I don't think he suspects a thing. As long as he's well fucked he's happy. As for me, my life is 'interesting'


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