tagIncest/TabooImpurity Ch. 02

Impurity Ch. 02



I got a number of comments on chapter 1 saying that the description was wrong and that Dave didn't develop any feelings towards Dawn.

My apologies. The relationship between Dawn and Dave isn't completely tangible sexually, that doesn't come until a bit later on.

For those of you who read chapter one and were disappointed by the lack of action should probably skip straight to chapter 4 (when it's been uploaded that is.)Whilst there is some action in this chapter, there are no outright sex scenes involving Dave.

I'd appreciate any feedback that you might have and hope you enjoy the story. Finally, thanks to Zebra for doing my edits.


Dave stepped out of the shower and dried his hair, trying to select some clothes for his date. He wasn't sure how to dress or behave on a first date, so he went for a smart casual look, picking out dark jeans and a black shirt with no tie. He applied a liberal squirting of aftershave and checked himself in the mirror, combing his hands through his still damp hair and making his way towards the door. He climbed into his Punto, fervently wishing the next payday would come sooner so that he could afford the new car he had been pining after, a Saab turbo convertible, 1999.

He clambered into his car before making his way across to Amy's house, a 5 or so minute drive. As Dave walked up the path to her generously sized house the front door slowly opened and his date walked out before closing the door and daintily making her way down the path. Dave's mind reeled as he saw Amy stroll down the path, her wavy blond hair left to tumble down around her shoulder, and wearing a light summer dress that came to just above her knees, leaving the rest of her well tanned legs on display. As she glided down the path she flashed Dave a glimmering smile.

"Hi Dave!" she said, giving him a light peck on the cheek, leaving him struggling for words, "you're right on time."

Dave struggled to make a reply, all coherent thought erased by the presence of this astonishing beauty.

"Uh... Hi Amy, it's really nice to see you," he stammered back.

"Shall we go then; where is it you're taking me?" she asked, cocking her head to one side and staring at him inquisitively.

"It's a restaurant over on the east side, an Italian."

Dave was relieved he had managed to reply without stumbling over a single word, and tried to calm down a little.

"Ooh! I love Italian!" Amy replied, practically leaping for joy.

They both clambered into Dave's car. He was concerned at first she would comment on its condition, but she seemed content and he decided to avoid bringing it up. After driving for several minutes Dave realised that they had been in silence for quite a while, so he moistened his lips before stammering out, "You look really beautiful."

Amy shifted in her seat so that she could give her date a good, hard stare, before blushing and thanking him for the compliment.

"I really like your car," she said.

"You don't have to say that you know," Dave said, getting the feeling that this was not her true impression of his rust-bucket.

"I know it's bad, but I'm getting a new car on Wednesday."

"Ooh! What kind?" Amy asked, glad that the conversation had picked up.

"It's a Saab turbo, the '99 convertible," Dave replied, fervently hoping that this line of conversation would last until they reached the restaurant.

"How are you paying for it?" Amy asked, genuinely interested as far as Dave could tell.

"I've been saving up since a month after I got this car; my dad's going to pay for a third."

Dave pulled into the car park of the restaurant; he got out of his side, walked around to the passenger side, opened the car door and offered his hand to Amy who took hold of it and lifted herself out of the car, giggling at Dave's formality.

"I'm glad you're not really used to this dating thing either," she said to Dave, promptly realising that she had unintentionally insulted her date and turning a rosy pink with embarrassment, throwing Dave an apologetic glance. Dave looked at her appraisingly.

"You're not used to dating?" he asked, confused.

"Why, should I be?" Amy replied, without comprehension.

Dave turned his eyes away from Amy, once again embarrassed.

"I just figured that guys probably ask you out a lot, seeing as you're so stunning," he said truthfully, once again glancing up at Amy to see a soft smile cross her radiant face. She gave him a quick hug, squeezing Dave against her.

"Thank you!" she said, beaming, "It's because I used to go to an all girls boarding school, but I dropped out the second I turned 18, so that I could join college for my last year; it was so boring there," she explained.

A waiter came and seated both Dave and Amy in a corner of the restaurant, which was romantically lit with dozens of candles; he gave Dave a grin and asked if either of them would like a drink. Amy ordered a red wine; Dave decided to only have a soft drink in order that he could drive back home, so he ordered himself a lemonade.

The waiter left and quickly came back with the drinks' orders, asking what the couple would like to eat. They asked for olives to start and for him to leave the menus. After the olives came Amy settled down onto her elbows and stared at Dave; he began to shift in his seat uncomfortably.

"So," he said.

"So," Amy replied.

"Where did you go to boarding school?" Dave asked.

Amy delicately speared an olive with a toothpick.

"It was some tip up in Norfolk," she replied, waving around her olive before placing it between her immaculate lips and softly chewing it. Dave began to feel slightly outclassed and made mention of this fact to Amy. She giggled politely, before placing her hand on top of Dave's on the centre of the small table.

"It wasn't all that terrible, but spending every waking moment with members of the same sex starts to warp your mind a little," she replied.

Before Dave could think on what she had just said she cut across his thoughts with her question, "So how long have you been doing judo?"

"About 10 years," Dave replied, "since I was 8."

"Wow, you must be pretty good," Amy remarked.

"Well I suppose so," Dave said, attempting to be modest, "I'm at the top of the score list in our group; but I suppose Mike and I are pretty much equally matched."


"He was my training partner before you," Dave explained, "but he sprained his leg last week, so I got partnered with you."

"That's pretty bad luck isn't it?" Amy asked him.

"Why's that?"

Amy gave him a blinding smile.

"Because that means you had to get partnered with me," she said plainly.

Dave was dumbfounded.

"Why is that bad luck, I'm on a date with you now aren't I?"

Amy bit her lower lip.

"Yeah, but you do realise that I'm gonna try my hardest to corrupt you, right?"

Dave felt the blood rush towards his groin, causing a tent in his trousers that was becoming more and more noticeable by the minute. Not knowing what to say in reply, a welcome distraction came when the waiter returned with their main courses.

They passed the rest of the meal talking about inconsequential things. Amy delicately swirled her spaghetti around her fork whilst Dave attempted in vain to look remotely sophisticated; he assumed that Amy's boarding school had been big on etiquette. After they had finished they stayed for another drink and then Dave paid the bill before leading Amy out of the restaurant.

"Thank you for that meal, it was delicious."

To illustrate her point Amy ran her tongue across her painted red lips; Dave had to suppress a moan at the sight. She slid her arm through Dave's as they walked towards the car. They climbed in and Dave began to drive back across town.

"We're not going home already are we?" Amy asked Dave, disappointed that the evening was already over.

"Well, it's only half-nine, what else would you like to do?" Dave asked, having no idea what to do on a first date.

"Well, you've lived here longer than I have; where is there a nice spot for a stroll?" Amy asked.

"I know where we can go," Dave said, not slowing down as he passed Amy's house. They drove for another few minutes before stopping in a forestry car park and climbing out of the car. Dave noticed that there had been an unexpected drop in temperature, so he grabbed his coat out of the back seat of the car, passing it to Amy.

"Wear this, you're not properly dressed for this weather," he said, seeing Amy bite her lower lip once again and stare into his eyes; she walked towards him and grabbed his hand, guiding it across her shoulder and began to walk. Dave left his arm draped across Amy's shoulder, escorting her on a walk around the forest to which he had driven them.

Amy said nothing, seeming content to walk in silence. Dave noticed that she continued to knead her lower lip between her perfectly formed teeth, and was beginning to breathe slightly more heavily. After they had been walking for a few minutes Dave was about to suggest that they turn back when Amy turned to face him and forced him backwards until his back was pressed against the trunk of a broad oak tree. She moved herself closer against him.

"I had a really nice time at dinner," she breathed; her lip began to appear swollen due to the constant attention it had been receiving.

"Thanks," Dave replied, feeling slightly apprehensive, "I had a great time too."

Amy moved ever closer into him before rising up onto her toes and giving Dave a quick peck on the lips. Dave was beginning to feel disappointed as she threw her arms around his neck, forcing his head down towards her own.

Dave felt a tingling sensation running through his body in pulses, originating at his lips. As Amy continued to knead his lips between her own he began to feel lightheaded, realising he had not breathed in for quite a while. By the expression on Amy's face she was also beginning to run out of air, but was equally reluctant to break the kiss; finally the need to breathe won over, and Amy pulled away, though not before grabbing Dave's lower lip between her own for a moment. They both desperately tried to draw air in, feeling woozy from the lack of oxygen.

Whilst on the drive home Dave and Amy continued their small talk, Amy's hand wandered towards Dave's lap and began to stroke him through his trousers. Dave tried to concentrate on the road while Amy's efforts became more and more pronounced. Dave's concentration dropped for a moment and he found himself drifting into the opposite lane.

Dave quickly realigned himself and took Amy's hand out of his lap, instead incasing it in his own.


Dave threw his keys on the counter, making his way up the stairs and into his bedroom; he considered dropping in to say hello to Dawn, but decided to go straight to bed. As he flopped down onto his bed he heard a gasp, the sound emanating from his cupboard. As he neared the hole in his wall the gasps grew in volume. Throwing caution to the wind he placed his eye against the hole and drew in a sharp breath, surprised at what he saw.

He saw Jo seize Dawn by her shirt and force her backwards onto her bed, before climbing on top of her and clasping her head between her hands. Their lips met and contact was held for several minutes before they broke apart. Jo slid down Dawn's body, reaching for the hem of her nightshirt and ripping it upwards. As Dawn's breasts were exposed to the cold air she gasped with pleasure, whilst attempting to do the same to Jo.

Jo smirked at Dawn's failed attempt to undress her. She sat up and dragged her shirt above her head before throwing it to the floor. Jo then continued to slide down Dawn's body, jerking her red underwear to the side, and slowly slipping a finger between her juicy lips; Dawn once again gasped with pleasure. As Jo began to pump her finger in and out with increasing speed Dawn's gasps and moans increased in volume.

Back on the other side of the wall Dave could almost hear the sounds of wet sloshing as his sister was pushed closer and closer to climax.

He gasped as he saw Jo pull his twin's panties down to her ankles, and lean in closer; she began to swirl her tongue around Dawn's lips, making ever smaller circles around her clit; she finally slipped her tongue inside and Dave heard Dawn's moans loud and clear. A sheen of sweat began to appear across her forehead and her breathing began to increase to a rapid rate.

Dave could see Dawn's breasts rising and falling at a rapid speed, and as her breathing became more and more laboured she interwove her fingers in Jo's hair, forcing her face closer and closer into herself; as her moans intensified Jo increased her attack on her best friend. Eventually Dawn collapsed on her pillow, pulling Jo across her, and locking their lips in a deep kiss, running her tongue across Jo's teeth and forcing her own tongue into her mouth.

Dave staggered back from the hole, before collapsing onto his bed, completely stunned by the activity being performed before his eyes. The revelation that his sister was a lesbian came as a great shock to him. He was struggling to suppress the images that flashed across his mind, and he began to feel tightness in his boxers. He gritted his teeth and tried to think of something more innocent. For several minutes he battled against his perverted imagination, before finally giving up and climbing underneath his duvet, slipping his boxers down his legs and submitting himself to a night of debauchery, constantly thinking of the sight observed through the hole to his sister's bedroom.


Dave awoke the next day feeling distinctly sticky, his mouth felt fuzzy and there was a bad taste present; he glanced at his clock and saw it was past 11; Dave groaned and rolled out of bed, slowly making his way downstairs.

"Morning," his mum said.

He grunted back in reply, struggling to keep his eyes open and pouring out a bowl of cereal.

"You were back pretty late last night," Louise said, "Where was it you went?"

"Just out with Mike," Dave replied, not wanting to let his mum know about Amy. "We went bowling."

Dave's mum shrugged, obviously not satisfied with Dave's story, but not wanting to pry. She grabbed Dave's empty bowl and made her way to the sink.

"So what are you going to do today?" she asked her son.

"Nothing much," he said, "Maybe a bit of revision; what's Dawn up to?"

"She's already gone out with Jo. I think she should be back in a couple of hours," Louise replied.

"Cool, I think I'll start on some work then."

Dave made his way upstairs with every intention of working, but somehow wound up on one of his bookmarked pornography sites; he played music and turned the volume down on the video, before spending the next hour doing very little work. The loud music drowned out the sound of his sister coming up the stairs, having returned from shopping; Dave had only a few seconds notice as she knocked on the door, quickly closing the browser window and spinning his chair around to face the door.

"Hello?" he called out; Dawn opened his door and dropped down onto his bed.

"Hiya Dave," she said in greeting, "What are you doing?"

Dave began to feel embarrassed and tried to keep his face from flushing.

"I was planning on doing some revision, but I ended up just browsing," he replied. Dawn seemed happy with this and lay back against the wall.

"Ugh! I hate shopping!" she said in exasperation. "Jo wanted to have a look in every single shop, and I just wanted to leave."

Dave grinned at his sister; he felt highly amused at her discomfort. However his smile quickly faded when he remembered the sight he saw last night. He tried unsuccessfully to clear his head, and it took several seconds to compose himself. When he finally regained his composure he saw Dawn staring at him inquisitively.

"Something wrong bro?" she asked, concern in her eyes.

"No, I'm fine." Dave rubbed his eyes. "Just a bit of a headache, all that work got to me."

Dawn giggled and twitched her fingers to emphasize her point.

"Yeah 'work'," she said exaggeratedly, before smirking at him. Dave gave his twin a withering look, before they both got up and made their way downstairs and made some lunch. The whole time Dave's mind kept wandering towards what he had seen his sister do; as they made his way up to the room he decided that he wouldn't be able to resist temptation and that he should inform Dawn that he knew about the hole in the wall.

"Hey Dawn, I noticed something last night," he said casually.

Dawn's reply was equally offhand.

"What's that Dave?"

"I saw a light coming out of my cupboard, and I found a hole in the wall," he said, surprised by her lack of surprise. "It's positioned right between your room and mine, and there's a really good view of your room."

"Oh yeah? Did you see anything interesting?"

Dave gulped and tried to remain calm.

"Not really, just you and Jo asleep," he said, praying that Dawn would accept his story; she nodded, seemingly happy.

"I'll look into it."


Dave slept restlessly that night, rolling from side to side in his bed. He finally gave up and made his way to his cupboard, from which a beam of light pierced his room. As he placed his face near the hole he saw a flurry of movement on the other side as Dawn lay back on her bed and kicked the covers aside. Dave couldn't help but watch as she began to furiously force herself to an orgasm; Dave watched for a few moments before tearing himself away from the hole and flopping onto his bed, his mind reeling.

'She can't have forgotten!' he thought to himself, 'I told her about the hole not three hours ago.'

Dave was shocked at the realisation that she had purposefully put on a show for him. It was the only explanation as to why she had positioned herself in front of the hole so that he could see every little detail. Dave lay awake all night as he considered what to do about his sister's advances.


Dave once again woke up feeling distinctly sticky; he had the same bad taste in his mouth, which felt like it was full of cotton; he wondered if he was coming down with something. He got up and made his way downstairs.

As he came into the kitchen he saw that his mother had already left and his sister was the only one home. Dave groaned inwardly as he noticed what his sister was wearing - a T-shirt, which was obviously several sizes too small, and nothing underneath except for a skimpy pair of bikini bottoms.

"Hi Dawn," he said, trying to strike up a conversation with his sister as he put some bread in the toaster, trying not to think about what he had repeatedly seen his sister do.

"Hiya Dave!" his twin sister replied brightly, completely unfazed by her lack of clothing. Dave had to make several attempts before he could strike up a conversation, distracted as he was by Dawn's indecency.

"So what are you going to do today?" he finally managed to say.

She glanced up at him innocently.

"Oh nothing much, just a lazy Sunday really, thought I might watch a bit of TV. D'you want to join me?"

Dawn continued to gaze at Dave; he nodded in affirmation and followed her into the front room with his toast. Dawn put on 'Family Guy' and glanced across at her brother.

"Is something wrong?" she asked, genuinely concerned about her brother's unusual demeanour.

"No, everything's fine."

Dave shifted his gaze towards the television.

"Just a bit tired, that's all."

However Dave knew that everything was not fine as he began to feel a stirring in his jeans; as he tried to repress images of his sister, with little success, his erection began to grow even larger. He could see his sister eyeing it.

"Are you sure Dave?" she asked, a glint in her eye, "You look a little uncomfortable."

Dave raised himself from the sofa and made his way back towards his room, muttering something about homework to his sister and trying to hide his swollen cock from her eyes.

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