tagIncest/TabooIn Between Ch. 03: Plan in Motion

In Between Ch. 03: Plan in Motion


Chapter 3 - Plan in Motion

Bryce went to knock on his aunt's door, but remembered he had a key. It still made him feel like he was breaking into someone else's house, but he brushed the feeling aside. "Aunt Vee?" He knew she had to be around since her car was in the driveway.

"I'm in the exercise room, sweetie!" Her voice called out from deeper inside.

Going into the hallway on the far side of the room, he entered the second door on the left to see his aunt was sitting on the floor. She had black leggings and a tank top that stopped at her belly button.

"Hi!" She greeted him happily. "Just doing a little yoga."

"No wonder you're in such great shape." His eyes took in the abs on her soft stomach, and her toned arms and legs.

"That and I basically stay away from every food item except for lettuce." She laughed.

"Oof. I can't say I feel your pain, but I admire your dedication." He winced. "But I'll come back later when you're not busy."

"No, no, no." I want to hear about your day.

A defeated smile appeared on him. "It wasn't too eventful. There was a really hard math test..." He forgot the next string of words as Valerie raised one leg straight into the air, while the other stayed flat on the floor. The position put her crotch on display, the tight material of her leggings showing the outline of her thick pussy lips.

"Is something wrong?" She asked without looking at him, a knowing smile tugging on her lips.

"U-Uh, no..." What the hell is wrong with you, dude! You're getting turned on by your aunt! "I was saying... the math test was super hard and it took everything in me not to cheat on the smartest girl in class who was sitting next to me."

Aunt Valerie laughed and sat up to look him. "I wish I had your willpower because I got caught cheating more times than I would've liked."

"Really?" He chuckled. "I pegged you as the brainy type."

"Never judge a book by its cover!" She laid on her stomach and raised only her hips in the air, so her ass was lifted into the air and pointing straight at Bryce. Fuck... Aunt Vee has such a fat ass. Ah! There I go again! He fought the boner fighting to come to life in his pants, but his aunt's impeccable butt filled his vision with its circumference.

"Yeah... I've made that mistake before..." response was dull and slow as he struggled to look away from her voluptuous body.

"Bryce. Could you help me with this next pose? I always have trouble with it." She got to her feet.

"Uh... sure. What do you need me to do?" He moved near her.

"Get behind me and hold my hips." Valerie noticed the slight bulge in his pants, but didn't comment on it. He has a bit of a hard-on, but we need to push him further.

"R-Right." He did as she said and awkwardly placed his hands on her hips.

Afterwards, she bent all the way down and touched her fingers to the mat. Shit! Bryce could feel Aunt Vee's marshmallowy ass against his dick and balls. And just as he thought upon their first time meeting again, her it was firm and tight, having the feel of a small, athletic one. Her butt defies the law of physics! In response, his cock got even harder and bigger. Dammit! What if she notices!? I have to back up a little.

Valerie's eyes opened in surprise, indeed feel his growing erection. His penis feels so hard like it's about to burst... But he started to pull away from her, breaking the connection. He doesn't want me to know. She held back a giggle and pretended to sway to the side. "Bryce! You have to stand directly behind me, or I'll lose my balance."

"S-Sorry about that." He reluctantly pressed his dick against her soft ass once more. Shit... I don't want her to notice my boner, but this does feel kinda nice.

A minute later, she stood up straight again and faced him, smiling coyly. "Thanks for the help."

He cleared his throat nervously. "Anytime."

A couple days went by before Valerie started phase two of reducing her nephew. "Oh. I have no idea why, but my shoulders have been so stiff for the last few days." She rolled them.

Bryce was sitting on the couch beside her looked away from the movie they were watching and at her. "Do you want me to massage them for you?"

"That would be wonderful, Bryce. Thank you." She smiled at him.

He returned it and got up to stand behind her at the back of the couch. Then, he placed both his hands on either of her shoulders and applied force to his fingers to rub her muscles firmly. "Do you want me to do it harder, or is that good enough force?" All he could see was her ponytail and top of her head.

"Oh no... What you're doing right now feels so good, pumpkin..."She breathed sensually.

"O-Okay..." I must be a better masseuse than I thought.

"Oh god... A little more to the left." Aunt Valerie let out a groan.

Bryce swallowed, feeling his manhood get long and rigid. I really am I pervert... Even her groaning gets me rock hard, but she's so sexy! I can't help it! "Like this...?" He readjusted his touch.

She sucked in a breath. "Oh yeah... just like that. Don't stop." Her legs squirmed.

Bryce was getting more turned on as he leaned forward to look down her buttoned-shirt. Fuck. She's not wearing a bra? I just want to stick my face between those two ginormous tits. I'd probably suffocate, but it would be a good death.

"Mmm... That was wonderful. Thanks again." She tossed her head back and smiling lovingly at him."

He immediately backed up and veered his eyes to the side and off her chest. "Sure thing!"

He's so cute. Valerie mentally giggled.

She let another two days go by before phase three was activated. "Sweetie. I bought some new bikinis. Would it be a bother to ask your opinion on them?" She called back from the kitchen as she was chopping up carrots.

"I'm no expert, but of course I'll help you out." He clicked the television remote to change the channel from his position on the living room sofa.

"I don't need an expert just an honest opinion." She laughed. "Give me a bit and I'll try them on for you."

As promised, she ushered Bryce to her room and sat him on the bed in the middle. "No peeking!" She poked his nose, giggling and made her way towards her closet on the far side of the bedroom.

I'd like to say I'm not even tempted to look my aunt's naked body, but that would be a very big lie.

"Okay!" You can open your eyes."

His eyelids slowly lifted up to see her in a dark red, two-piece bikini. Her giant breast practically spilled out from the top and the bottom was narrow on her pelvis, making the outfit even more seductive.

"It looks really good on you, Aunt Vee! But can I see the back?" He tried to keep the horniness he was feeling from affecting his voice.

"Oh. I guess that would help, wouldn't it?" She had a sheepish smile and put her back to him. I can practically feel his gaze burning into my ass...

Bryce stared intently on the beautiful woman's considerable backside, his member growing larger at the sight of it. What I wouldn't give to bury my cock deep inside that... He had tried to resist his sexual feelings for his aunt time and time again, but it was impossible when she was nonchalantly flashing her pornstar body at him almost every day.

She faced him. "So?"

"Y-Yes! It looks even better from the back." He sat forward to hide his arousal.

Valerie peeked down and saw it anyway, and smiled. "Okay. I'll show you the other one now. Close your eyes!"

He closed them again and waited as the sounds of her changing filled his ears. I don't think I can take anymore of this or my dick is gonna explode.

"Alright. I'm ready."

Bryce reopened his eyes to check out her second bikini choice and involuntarily swallowed. Her first swimming wear was mouth-watering for sure, but the one she had on now... it threatened to push him over the edge. His busty aunt was sporting a black, one-piece that left little to the imagination. Her mammoth tits were squeezed at the top, causing them to look like a pair of volleyballs inside. And where the swimsuit was supposed to cover her curvy hips and pelvis, it was barely wide enough to hide her pussy.

"Do you not like this one?" She asked when he hadn't said anything.

"Oh no!" He came to his senses. "I just can't believe how beautiful you are!" That... and I was too busy picturing how sweet your pussy taste if I stuck my tongue in it. "You could seriously be a model!"

"You're so sweet. I'll show you the back too." She giggled and did.

As if it was a vacuum cleaner, her booty swallowed up the back of the bikini, so it was all it's roundness was visible. Shit, shit, shit! I really can't take anymore! "Wow. You look amazing from the back with this bikini too, Aunt Valerie."

She spun around to him. "You keep on saying the right things and I'll never let you leave here." She laughed. "So, which one do you think is the best?"

Definitely the second one... but that means other guys would be ogling her and I don't want that. Wait, does that mean I'm jealous? No... I'm just looking out for the best interest of my dear aunt. Yeah! That's all it is. "I do admit I like the second one, but guys around here are assholes and I wouldn't want you to deal with that..."

His aunt watched him for a bit. Oh my god... He is just the sweetest nephew ever! "Thank you, honeybunch. I'll go with the other one then."

The very next day when he came over, she set her final step to seduce him in action. After they had both settled down beside each other in the living room watching a romantic comedy, she began running a hand through her hair. "Bryce? Could I bother you to get my hairbrush in the bathroom? It's on top of the dirty clothes hamper."

"It's no bother." He flashed a smile at her and went to retrieve it. When he reached the aforementioned place, he saw a blue brush, but a pair of lacy, purple panties sticking out from the hamper is what stole his attention. No... you're not actually thinking about smelling your own aunt's panties are you? That's sick! His inner voice tried to admonish him for his lewd thoughts, but he ignored it and glanced behind him.

The door was slightly open, but his aunt wouldn't come looking for him after just a few seconds; he was safe. Picking up the sexy underwear, he sniffed it and smelled the strong scent of body odor and slight stench of urine; it was also warm to the touch. Did she just take these off? Fuck. He pulled down his shorts to see he had a full erection, the various veins in his dick throbbing. Stuffing the panties even more into his nose, he began stroking his steel-like rod.

Immediately after Bryce made his way towards the bathroom, Valerie had followed him and peeked through the crack in the door. His She'd purposely left her lingerie hanging halfway out the hamper to entice him. Beforehand, she had made sure to rub her pussy all over it to leave her a more powerful stink. And even though it was her plan, her heart started beating faster when he did actually start sniffing her panties and started masturbating, although his back was turned to her at an angle so she couldn't get a clear view of his penis.

He's... he's jerking off while smelling my dirty panties... Her hands slowly strayed down into her skirt and further into her underwear where her hot pussy was. I'm getting wet. She put a finger on her slit and felt the moisture. I wanted to seduce him... but am I sexually attracted to him too?

"Ohh... Aunt Vee... I wanna ram my cock into your tight, little pussy so bad." Bryce groaned in a quiet voice.

She had to strain her ears, but his words were clear to her. I want you to fuck me too, baby... I want to feel your rock hard dick deep inside me... She put to fingers over her clit and started rubbing in a circular motion, the tiny bulb getting bigger from the action.

"And after I'm done ravaging your cunt, I'm wanna make you drink all my cum...!" He grunted, moving his hand even faster on his member.

Yes, Bryce, I'll drink it all for you and won't leave a single drop! Her own hand began to move more violently as she stuck the fingers that had been rubbing her increasing, wet vagina into its small hole.

"Fuck...! I'm cumming! Take all my cum, Aunt Vee!" A surge of powerful pleasure traveled the length of Bryce's hard-on as white streaks off semen sprayed out and onto the tiled floor.

I'm cumming too, honey! A spray of liquid dribbled out of Valerie's pussy, completely soaking her panties. Oh no! If I sit on the couch like this he'll notice for sure! She peeked down at the moisture seeping through her skirt and scurried off to her bedroom to clean up.

Bryce on the other hand, was dealing with his own mess as he cleaned up the goo on the floor. Probably not a good idea to so carelessly jerk off here. I might actually her caught next time... But shit that felt amazing. He made sure to place the panties back in their original position before taking the brush as he intended to do to begin with, and left the bathroom.

"Aunt Vee?" He didn't see her when she reached the living room.

"Sorry about disappearing, it was a little chilly so I wanted to change into something warmer..." She was wearing sweatpants now.

"Right..." He was finding it difficult to make contact with her after his recent, inappropriate deed. "Here's the brush." He held it out to her, still not looking at her.

He's probably nervous about masturbating with my panties... He keeps getting cuter by the day. Tomorrow, I'll finally put the last step of the plan into motion. "Thank you, sweetie."

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Nephew's safety

I got a little worried when she talked about "reducing" him. but then I realized it was just another writer who didn't bother proofreading!

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Fun Story

Older women can seduce young men with a bit of cleavage and a few "accidental" flashes. Leaving strong smelling panties for guy to find has been used quite often with good results.

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Nice story

Great continuation but could you make it a bit longer

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Beautiful story of love

All aunts and nephews should experience such uninhibited love.

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