tagIncest/TabooIn Between Ch. 05: Make Up

In Between Ch. 05: Make Up


Bryce left the room and her house as fast as his legs would let him. I was such an idiot to think a gorgeous model of a beauty like that would actually want to date me! Sure she slept with me - which is twisted, but I kind of understand the logic of trying to get closer to me that way, especially after being apart for over a decade. So then should I really be upset because she only looks at me as a nephew even after having sex twice? I don't know! This whole situation is screwed.

Using his key, he opened the front door of his house and entered to see all the lights were off. Guess mom's already asleep. He headed to his room, but paused and turned the other way. His mom's bedroom door was cracked open, so he peeked through and saw that she laid on her stomach. Small, string panties barely covered her bubblebutt and she wore a sports bra. The sight of her so exposed made his dick start to grow in his pants. What the hell is wrong with me?


What the hell!? Should I stay silent?

"Sweetie, is that you?" She turned sideways to him fully.

"Y-Yeah... Hi mom." He pushed the door open and walked into the room.

Noticing the state she was in, Angela pulled the quilt to her left over herself. "Did something happen? I thought you were staying at your perverted friend's house."

He laughed. "Well, I got homesick I guess. Anyway, sorry for waking you up. I'll head to my room. Goodnight."

"Bryce?" She stopped him before he went to turn around. "Do you want to sleep with me tonight?"

"I'm not eight anymore." He chuckled. And I think it's a bad idea with my hormones running wild right now.

"I know... but we won't get too many more chances like this before you go off and leave your poor mother all alone." She mock pouted.

"Unbelievable. Are you trying to guilt trip your own son?" He held back a laugh.

"No..." She paused. "Is it working?"

"You really don't play fair." Bryce let the stored laugh go.

"I keep telling you." Angela grinned. Making his way over, he settled behind her. Relax. This is your mom. What you felt before was just confusion.

"Why are you so far away? This isn't my idea of cuddling." She frowned, turning her head back to him.

"I object. The defendant didn't say anything about cuddling or spooning." He did his best impression of a confident lawyer.

"Overruled. My house, my rules." She scooted back into him, her ass press lightly against his groin.

Fuck! We've done this so many times so of course this is all normal to her right now, but I'm dying over here! He prayed to anyone and anything that was listening to keep his half boner from being fully unleashed. "...Fine. You win again."

She laughed. "Duh. I never lose."

"Yeah, yeah. Goodnight, woman."

"Goodnight, sweetie."

As the night went by at a snail's pace, Bryce remained wide awake, unable to control his arousal from his mom's ass backed up into his crotch. Fuck, I can't take it anymore. He removed the quilt off them both to gaze at her superbly crafted butt, not an ounce of fat or cellulite on it. She had always been a heavy sleeper, so when he reached out and caressed one of her asscheeks, he knew she wouldn't wake up. Though she did wake up when I was standing at her door. Whatever.

He slid down to put his head into the valley of her butt and kissed one of the buns. This is so fucked, but I can't fight it. He timidly grabbed one and spread it to expose one of her pussy lips. Shit! I bet it tastes like candy... But I shouldn't go any farther than this. He returned to his original spot behind her and covered them with the quilt again. A vibration from his pocket made him flinch. Taking out his phone, he read a text message on it from Aunt Valerie.

I really am sorry Bryce. I shouldn't have laughed like I did, but I really wasn't trying to make you feel as if you weren't good enough. It's just that I'm an old woman compared to you and you would be much happier with someone your age. Again, I really am sorry.

He inhaled through his mouth and blew it out his nostrils. I knew she meant well, so I'm not as mad. But I think I'll skip my visits to her house for the time being. Bryce thought about his reply and responded. I understand and I'm sorry for leaving so abruptly. It was immature. I'm not mad anymore.

Valerie replied right away. Thank you for being so understating! We can put this night behind us and start fresh. Goodnight

He agreed and fell asleep shortly after. For the next week, she would call or text him to come by but he always had an excuse to why he couldn't. Right now, he was getting out of his car from a recent trip to the mall and happened to catch his aunt as she was throwing out her trash.

"Hey, Bryce..." She turned to him a timid smile on her. "I texted you earlier today... I made your favorite lasagna."

"I actually already ate, but thanks." He politely responded.

"O-Oh okay..." She glanced at the ground. "Do you want to -"

"I'm a bit tired. Can we talk later?"

"Of course... I'll... talk to you later." Her voice was weak.

Man, that was awkward. Bryce headed into his house and threw himself on the couch. I'm just not ready to resume our relationship yet. When his mom came home from work, they ate the pizza she brought home and played video games until going into their respective rooms when it was bedrooms. However, a couple hours into the night, a knock on his window made him tumble out of bed. Ow, my ass.

Another knock made him jump to his knees. What the hell is that? Taking light steps, he moved closer to the window and peeked through a crack in the blinds to see his aunt standing there. What the heck is she doing? Pulling the string that controlled the blinds, he made them rise all the way up so that he could open the window. "Is something wrong, Aunt Valerie?"

"Bryce... I'm sorry for what happened between us last week. I know what I said was wrong and insensitive..." She started to get emotional the more she talked, which caused her voice to rise and tears to stream down her cheeks.

"Aunt Vee, shhh!"

"I've ruined the most important relationship in my life..." The woman trudged through his pleas. "And now you hate me!"

Geez! She gets any louder and even mom is gonna wake up. "I forgive you, remember? And of course I don't hate you." Bryce tried to brush away her trepidations.

"But..." She sniffled. "You won't even come over and spend time with me anymore..." Her tears flowed freely. "So you do hate me!"

What do I do to calm her down!? He lunged forward and stuck his head through the window to kiss her. "See? Would I do that if I really hated you?"

Valerie wiped her eyes. "I guess not..."

"Here, why don't you come in for a bit before mosquitos invade my house?" He offered her a hand and helped her inside his room, then shut the window.

"Do you really not hate me anymore...?" She stared at him, almost looking like a child who was on the verge of bursting into tears after being denied favorite toy.

"I promise." He held up a hand and smiled.

"I believe you... But if that's true, why don't you want to come to my home anymore...?" She lowered her voice to match his.

That's a bit complicated. Bryce scratched his head and looked away. "I've thought a lot about what you said after we... did what we did, and realized that I was stupid for thinking I could date a knockout like you." He focused on her again. "So I wasn't abandoning you or anything, I just needed to be apart from you to let those feelings calm down."

"...You don't need to do that." She moved directly in front of him and put her hands on both sides of his face.

"What do you mean...?"

"I've thought a lot about what you said too and also realized something - that you truly make me happy." She pressed her forehead to his. "I was just confused on the dynamics of our relationship. But as long as we're together, I don't care in what capacity it's in."

"His heart starting beating faster. "Wait. So you're saying..."

"That's right..." She gently kissed him. "I'm all yours. I belong only to you." She gave him another peck.

His aunt's words made Bryce's ego and dick get bigger simultaneously. "I'm not going to pretend like those words don't make me incredibly happy, but are you sure? I don't want you to be with me just because you're scared to lose our relationship."

She shook her head. "I wouldn't make such an importantly decision like this just on a whim... I care about you more than that. I love you with all my heart Bryce." She smiled and undoing his pants. "But it seems I'm going to just more than words to convince you."

Oh man! She's about to blow me! I can officially die happy now.

His dick flopped out and hit her in the cheek. "Oh!"

"I'm sorry, Aunt Valerie!"

She responded with a girlish laugh and gave that head of his throbbing rod a tender kiss. "It's my fault for letting you build so much up in the first place." She lowered her head and let her warm tongue slide up from the base.

A shiver went through his body as she then opened her mouth wide and put almost his entire member in her mouth and down her throat. "Ah... Valerie..." She's actually deteriorating me... He placed his hand on her head, groaning. Even though he wasn't looking, he could tell she was smiling as from the way her mouth moved.

"You like that baby?" She briefly popped his pulsating dick out to grab it with a hand and stroke it.

"I love it..." Bryce breathed and made direct eye contact as she stared up at him.

She laughed a little and extended her tongue out to accept all of his length again, his tip gliding in and out of her agape mouth. Sticky saliva covered his member and spilled onto the carpeted floor as she continued her fellatio.

"Lick my balls." Bryce took his dick out and lifted it to give her access.

Bryce is much more aggressive when we're having sex... Valerie reached down and stuck one hand in her skirt to rub her moistening pussy. Following his order, she tilted her head to the side and sucked on his left nut. A sigh of pleasure escaped his mouth as she did before she switched to the other one and placed the whole thing in her mouth to fondle it with her tongue.

After tending to his balls for a bit more, she greedily gobbled up his hard-on again, but this time placed one hand around it, giving him a blowjob and handjob in unison.

He felt the familiar pressure of his loins threatening to spill over and started breathing harder. "I'm about to cum, Valerie...!"

She released his cock from her mouth, though she kept stroking. "Cum in my mouth! I want to swallow all your jizz!" She stuck it back and her mouth and felt the slick goo of semen spray unapologetically into her mouth.

Bryce watched her as she pressed her lips on the head of his shaft and literally sucked him dry, pulling every last drop of sperm straight from his urethra. Holy...! His knees got weak from the powerful sensation.

"Mmm... That tasted even better than I imagined." Aunt Valerie smiled evilly after she swallowed and stood up to kiss him.

He hid his slight discomfort of kissing her. I might kill the mood if I made a fuss about kissing her, considering the fact I just came in her mouth - which was awesome by the way.

"I want to make love to you." Bryce ran his hand through her hair.

"That goes without saying." She giggled. "Do you have any condoms here?" She looked around the dark room, the only light from the moon streaming in.

"I want to feel every inch of you tonight. And a condom would ruin that." He caressed the side of her face.

She casted her sight down to the floor, her expression trouble. "Bryce... I don't think that's a good idea. What if I got pregnant?"

He pulled her closer and stuck his wet tongue in her ear, making her let out a small loan. "Just for tonight."

I really don't think It's a good idea, but I'm afraid if I say no after saying I was all his would push him away again... And he said only for tonight... "Okay... But you can't cum inside, alright?" She moved her head back to look him in the eye.

"I promise." He smiled and kissed her on the lips. Then, he undressed her and laid her on his bed before climbing over her. "I love you, Valerie." He smiled wide at her.

Oh god... He's about to put his dick into me raw... "I love you too, Bryce."

Waiting no further, he gripped his thick penis and slowly shoved it into her dripping entrance, her pussy lips spreading to receive his entire length.

Ha's opening me open even more tonight... She covered her mouth to stifle the moans that fought to be free as he pumped deep into her pussy over and over again, his nutsack smacking into her ass with each motion. "Bryce... wait... "

"Are you okay?" He stopped moving, a concerned look on him.

"I can't hold my moans anymore. Can we do in another position, so I can put my head in the pillow?" She managed to get out through her uneven breathing.

Bryce held back a small laugh and slapped her ass and smiled. "Hurry up."

I'm really starting to get turned on when he's so straightforward and aggressive. But a part of me is scared that I won't be able to say no to him as time goes on. I can barely say it now... She flipped over and arched her ass towards, her top half still flat against the bed. Licking his lips and clutching her hips, he jammed his twitch cock as far as it could go, the feeling of her womb kissing his tip causing him to almost orgasm.

To stave off the desire, he changed his pace and strokes to be more shallow and slow. Lewd, dribbling noises sounded from Valerie's slit as he fucked her. God, it almost sounds like I'm queefing, but it feels so damn good... She gripped the sheets under her hands and pushed her face deeper into the pillow to combat her moans. Without warning, Bryce suddenly stopped moving, forcing her to look back with confusion. "Why did you stop...?"

"I've been doing all the work. Don't be so lazy." He smiled wide. I can't help but want to tease her; does that make me the sadistic type? "

Valerie immediately started throwing her giant ass back against his dick. "You're so mean..." She moaned, moving faster and faster each time her butt slapped against his pelvis.

"A little bit..." He leaned his head back, the verge of an orgasm close as his cock began to swell.

"Are you gonna cum, baby?" His aunt asked breathlessly.

"Yeah..." He gulped and put his view on her again, her vivacious hips rocking against him. "I'm close. Where do you want me to come, Aunt Vee?"

"In my mouth!"

After a little more sliding in and out of her stretched pussy, he yanked his cock out and hastily put it in her mouth as she spun around to him. "Ah..." He convulsed, cumming in her mouth for the second time and watched in awe as she took it all. "Let me see..."

Valerie opened her mouth to show him the white cream before swallowing it all at once.

"You really like the taste of my cum, don't you?"

"I told you I did." She felt her stomach. "It makes me feel like we're connected even when we're apart."

That's actually kind of sweet... Bryce smiled and kissed her, not caring about the possibility of coming in contact with his own semen.

Done having sex, she laid on his chest, running her fingers along it. "You called me 'aunt' when we were having sex."

"Did I? Sorry, I didn't even realize."

She smiled. "It's okay. This is a new relationship after all, so it'll take some getting used to."

"You're right." Bryce kissed her forehead. "And not to ruin the mood or anything, but I don't think it'd be a good idea to stay over since mom isn't working tomorrow."

"I'm guessing she's still a heavy sleeper?"

"You know it..." He responded with a strained laugh. "But I was still nervous she might hear your moaning, even though they were dulled by the pillow."

"Sorry... It just feel so good when you're inside me." Valerie gave his chest a peck.

How the heck can I say anything when she says sexy stuff like that!?

"You have school in a few hours anyway, right? I'll stay over until then, but..." She moved up to kiss him. "You better come see me as soon as you're free."

"My, you're quite the clingy girlfriend, aren't you?" He chuckled softly.

"It's too late to run away now, whether you like it or not." She giggled.

He ran his fingers through her hair. "Oh, trust me, I like it."

She laughed again. "Good..."

"What's wrong?" Bryce noticed the frightened look on her face.

"I was scared of Angela's reaction when she eventually found out about you spending time with me behind her back..." His busty aunt shook her head. "But now? I'm terrified if she were to learn of... us." She was staring up at him.

"Do you trust me?" He stared back at her, unblinking. L

Why is he asking that? "Yes, but -"

He quickly kissed her, cutting off the statement. "Then I'll handle everything, okay? I love you."

"I love you too..." I'm still scared out of my mind, but I have no choice but to go along with whatever he says.

"Good. Let's get a little rest before we have to get up." Bryce settled more into his pillow.

The two then spent the rest of the night together until Bryce inevitably had to head off to school.

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