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In the Park


It was a glorious spring day, the sun finally breaking through the misery of the last week to present a gentle warmth that had everyone out and about. Being on holiday I took the opportunity to take a good book and a small picnic to the park to relax and soak up the sun and perhaps take in the sights of the pretty ladies who would be there with their kids, taking in the fresh air having been coupled up at home for days. It was definitely a woman-rich environment; there were MILFs everywhere and that is where I saw you.

After scanning the area for a while, I found a spot in the shade just a few metres from where you had made camp. You were relaxing on a rug with; I guess it was your husband stretched out idly beside you - probably asleep by the look of him and a couple of youngsters energetically toddling around you. My first thought was that you hadn't really got out of the routine, just out of the house. But then I started to appraise what was before me. Despite the activity about you, you were relaxed, sitting up but leaning back with your arms stretched behind you for support. They also did a wonderful job of pushing your large breasts out against the cotton dress you were wearing. The pale blue dress suited you.

Even from my lying down position I could see how it cinched about your waist and your obviously long legs stretched out from the skirt and were lazily crossed at the knee. You had kicked off your shoes to reveal quite elegant feet that had nicely red painted nails. It all oozed the look of a lady who liked to be looked at.

I couldn't quite make out your face as you were turned to watch the children playing. By the same token I had the luxury of not having to pretend too hard to be reading while I took in the view of this yummy-mummy before me.

I could imagine that not long ago those young sprites had had the pleasure of sucking on those pointed breasts and that lucky guy who was seemingly oblivious to the beauty sitting beside him, was probably getting to stick it to you. What a delightful thought.

While watching the children you playfully bounced one foot in the air and this gently flipped your skirt up a little to give me an occasional glimpse of the long slender legs. What would it be like to kiss my way from those toes up to the thighs and find my tongue nestled in a neat thatch of pussy hair just above the wet lips of your womanhood? I was hard just thinking about it!

All of a sudden, a small gust of wind blew just as you bounced your foot and the skirt billowed up just enough to display your soft upper thigh and the blue lace panties you were wearing. Gorgeous. But like all women, your reflexes were lightning fast as you moved a hand to push down your skirt and you immediately scanned the area to see who had seen your private area that temporarily wasn't private. You looked my way and ours eyes locked briefly. You knew. You knew I knew too.

Looking into your face, I was looking at a goddess. Beautiful features with hair brushed in an elegant style. The matching red of your lips that I craved immediately to have around the head of my cock and your eyes that seemed to penetrate my soul. You held my gaze momentarily before scanning me. Not having needed to pretend to be reading until now, I was lying on my side. Your scan quickly locked on my tenting cock. Was that the glimmer of a smile in your eyes just before you nonchalantly looked away as if nothing had happened?

I took up my book and peripherally watched as you turned to the dozing male beside you and nudged him awake. Some words were exchanged, obviously quite pleasantly as he stirred himself into motion and got up. Calling the two kids they wandered away towards the playground and you settled back into your reverie, enjoying the sun.

I watched, and then I noticed. You had, in all this activity, moved so that your long legs were now pointed almost directly toward me. Again, you leaned back and I could now clearly see the pattern of your bra straining against the thin material of your dress. Bathed in sunlight as you were, I fancied I could detect the dark rings of your areolae that surrounded the taut nipples which I did not need to fancy as they stood firm atop your glorious breasts.

Again, your foot began to bounce and each little flip of your skirt revealed a glimpse of thigh and an occasional flutter of material showed your knickers. Then, to my surprise, you lifted your head to look straight at me as you simultaneously raised your knee. The skirt held to your knee and the gap beneath, from my prone position, showed your crotch. I was in perfect alignment and probably no one else in that park could have guessed except you. You knew exactly what you were displaying to me.

You gently swayed the raised knee in that casual way someone who is daydreaming might as if they were a million miles away. But you weren't - you were barely a few yards away and from that short distance the sway of your knee exposed your panties and their pale blue lace ... except they weren't entirely pale blue anymore. There was a definite dark spot that highlighted your very core.

You were wet and enjoying showing me so. The sway of your leg grew to expose more thigh - nothing a passer-by would notice except from my privileged position. You steadfastly gazed at me as I now openly stared at your open thighs and wet spot. Your wriggling toes showed you were excited by my attention. My hard and rampant cock showed you I was attracted to all that you displayed.

Sadly you dropped your knee and I thought that my show was over but you didn't avert your gaze except for a brief glance about. Then you slowly sat more upright and reached under the flap of your skirt at the side and then you repeated this at the other side. I was puzzled until I saw you extract your hand and in it was a flimsy piece of lace that had long strings to each side. You had removed your panties that apparently tied at each hip. You stood up and walked in my direction looking at me the whole time until you were within a yard of me and you dropped the lace in front of me and kept walking past.

After a few paces you looked back over your shoulder and winked and nodded your head as a gesture to follow you. I saw the ablution block you were heading for and I was up and striding after you. I watched the sway of your womanly hips and tried to picture how your wet lower lips were rubbing together in every stride. I followed as you rounded the corner to the entrance to the Ladies. I rounded the corner and you were there. You pursed your lips and raised a silencing finger before I could say a word.

You stepped into me and kissed me, pushing your crotch against my enraged cock and your swollen breasts forged a path into my chest. You ground into me and then pulled away and took my hand leading me into the toilets. You took me to the far end cubicle, passing some woman who was just leaving. She looked at you, then me, then you again. Whatever she saw in your expression just made her smile as she glanced down at my loins.

You steered me into the cubicle and closed the door. In a second you had shrugged off your dress and it fell in a pile on the floor. You turned to me and leaned in to kiss me again only this time it was a more lingering and sensual locking of our lips. Your tongue pushed its way into my mouth and you pressed your body into me harder. I moved my hands to your hips while yours roamed over the outside of my pants, squeezing my hard cock through the material; I was about to caress your nether regions when you again asserted yourself.

You pulled back and sat on the toilet seat and quickly undid my zipper and belt. You reached into my boxers and wrapped your long slender fingers around my shaft and pulled it from its confines. Momentarily you stopped to examine your find and dreamily looked up into my staring eyes and then you leaned forward and engulfed the head of my cock, swirling your hot tongue around it and under my foreskin as you sucked in the pre-cum I had been oozing for you for the last half hour.

Your eyes never shifted from mine as you traversed the length of my shaft with your hot mouth up and down, up and down in a steady rhythm. I could not see but it was obvious that below my cock you had buried your fingers into the wet lips and you were frigging your clit to arousal. When you had decided you were ready, you buried my cock to its full length and then extracted it slowly until it popped out of your lips with a soft smack. You surprised me when you stood up and turned around - you leaned forward to brace yourself against the cistern and wriggled your glorious derriere at me.

Here before me was this wonderful figure of a woman on heat. Your aroma filled the cubicle as I glanced down at the fat outer lips of your cunt and saw that your ministrations had dragged your wet inner lips out. I could not resist and nor did you want me to. I stepped in and found my shaft nudging perfectly at your hole. I gripped your hips and slid into you all the way, my fat 6½ inches stretching you wide. You pushed back into me and we developed a steady rhythm of me pulling out to my tip and thrusting into your wanton and wanting cunt, filling you with each stroke.

I was able to move my hands to grasp and caress your pliant tits through your bra. They were firm and full and even through the material your nipples stood out hard and craving attention. I gripped and squeezed and I was amazed to feel the warmth of your milk oozing from your breasts. Flowing between my fingers as I pulled on your nipples, the warmth and aroma of fresh milk aroused me more and I increased my ramming cock's pace as I felt that urgent release building. You were slamming back against me and whimpering in the glory of the hands on your tits until I could hold back no longer. One final thrust found me sending my semen deeply into your womb as spasm after spasm of my release flooded you. You had again been delving into your cunt flesh and tweaking your clit and as the final spasms of my orgasm erupted you ground hard back into me and shuddered - the guttural moan you released showed you had peaked too.

You stayed motionless for a short while and then you leaned forward to allow my softening cock to plop from your wetter lips. You turned and took some toilet paper to mop up the leakage from your loins while I had my first vision of your beautiful full and wet tits. I was mesmerised as you stooped and gathered your dress and slipped it back on. I was about to speak, our first conversation, but - sensing that was the case - you put a single finger to my lips to silence me before I began. You leaned in again and gently kissed me, the taste of my cock was still on your lips. And then you were gone. The door was open and I was rapidly re-arranging myself so that I could leave quickly before being found in the women's toilets.

By the time I got back to my blanket and things, you and the family were already half way back to your car. I would always have your freshly used panties and my memories, but would I ever see you again I wondered.

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