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Incestuous Dream


Ram kept having this recurrent incestuous dream. He dreamt ever night that he was in bed with Sonya. He, Ram her elder brother, kissing her passionately one moment and then, they are naked. Ram bhiya to Sonya, takes her delicious looking breasts into his mouth and she moans relishing his caress. Sonya is pleading to Ram in a spasm of passion to go on; her fingers lost in his hair.

"Am going to eat you now." He smiles incestuously at her.

"Ohh my god this is unbelievable." Sonya moans back, her eyes churning in their sockets back, "oohgod donstop donstop doonstop...yesss yesss oooohhhh yesss, hmmff, oh yes Rammmmf."

He is eating her and she moans and spasms. His perversely incestuous dream ended there. He woke up to realize a painful hard on and hears Sonya calling him from the kitchen.

Ram dreamt at times even about inserting himself into Sonya's virgin cunt and savoring her flesh. He dreamt of having her. He could see clearly in his dreams, his phallus sinking into his hottie little behna. He dreamt her moaning and pleading for more. Every time he dreamt this way he knew it was a wet dream. This had been happening from quiet a while. His first dream was a month ago.

Ram wasn't perverted to think of his younger sister Sonya in a sexual way. He had never thought about her in that way. After all she was his little sister. At twenty two he was in charge of her well being when alone. He then thought back in time and realized that this all began since he started noticing her and their parents had left for the medical conference to be held in Singapore. Both the siblings shared a room. They had a normal relationship. Things began to change for Ram first in his dreams when he started getting glimpses of Sonya that he shouldn't be getting. There is nothing wrong with getting glimpses. Any bro and sis who share a room will tell you that. What was really troubling was that the dreams were making his get ideas.

Sonya was a petite and curvaceous little thing. Small but with the right curves all over. She had perky twenty yearly old breasts and an ass to die for. She had a wheatish complexion and reddish brown hair. The smallness of her curvaceous and the swell of her ass emphasized her figure. Her back was curved like an arch inward, her round ass protruding outward. When she walked body talked. Any man would go out of his mind if he'd jus look at her behind when Sonya was walking. She usually dressed in T-shirts and spaghetti straps. She usually wore her hair lose, combed, flowing like a waterfall; exquisite in its shimmering beauty. She was usually talkative and vivacious.

Ram was reading a book when Sonya came into the room.

"Ram bhiya I want a book. Its on top..." She asked, "...can I step on the bedpost and get it?"

"Go ahead why are you asking me?" Ram felt irritated, "I'll have to step over you."

"Climb on my head for all I care... just don't disturb me, am reading."

"OK OK you don't have to such a grouch every time relax... I'll go."

When she climbed up the gown she was wearing exposed to Ram below Sonya's bare pussy.

Ram's heart skipped a beat as he unintentionally saw his little behna's cunt. He continued to look as she struggled to find the book. Her pussy was smooth and tight. He could now smell Sonya as she as just above him. As Sonya spread her legs to reach towards the left Ram below could see her hole complete. He began having an erection.

'Shit! This is my sister and am ogling at her cunt, am really twisted.'? Ram thought, 'got to stop looking.'

Sonya lowered herself right onto Ram's face and the gown was now over his face almost covering it. She almost squatted over his face climbing down. Ram could smell her, Sonya smelled sweet, almost like almond oil and peppermint: terribly intoxicating.

If that wasn't enough he walked in one day on her when she was changing. He quickly turned away and walked out, but not without having unintentionally seen her naked ass and the soft roundness about her breasts. These unintentional sightings increased in frequency as days passed. Now it was usual for him to have seen Sonya's body exposed, in some way or another, under similar circumstances, at least twice a day.

Whether Sonya was a flasher a blatant exhibitionist or was it just the forced intimacy they had to share as a result of the shared bedroom, this was a question unanswerable unless you could read Sonya's mind. Unbeknownstly Ram in his masturbatory escapades, armed with little more than body oil and his hand, along with the forbidden and taboo imagery of his sister in various states of undress, enjoyed and orgasmed himself.

There is always a single event that changes the course of events in a story. Such an event took place on the 13 of July on a Thursday. Ram was trying his best in the privacy of his bed to enliven his fantasy as realistically as possible when suddenly Sonya walked in on him. There was no way out for Ram at this moment. She just looked at him grimly as he sulked with guilt and embarrassment. She turned around and walked out without saying a word. Ram thought this would change every thing between them. He was extremely afraid. This would effect him in very serious way if his parents came to know about it. He expected his sister to go and sleep in their parents room for the remained of the vacation. He was in for a small surprise.

That night Sonya walked in and asked Ram if he was masturbating that time when she walked in on him. Ram was shocked and didn't say much immediately. Sonya, his own sister issued a tantalizing threat that made him speak.

"Tell me Ram bahiya1 what were you doing with you wily?"

"I ... this is embarrassing.."

"Tell me or else I'll tell Pitaji2 and Ma3." This was enough to evince a response from her brother.

"Well yeah I was masturbating."

"Tell me who were you thinking about...?" Sonya raised an eyebrow inquisitively.

"I can't tell you that." He avoided eye contact.

"Then I am afraid your secret is going to be a family secret.", She sang devilishly enjoying this brief position of authority over her brother.

"This isn't fair, this is blackmail... I can't tell you I am sure you'll feel offended."

"How come ...?! I .. offended.. what's it got to do with me.", She was puzzled.

"Well its got every thing to do with you."

"Every thing....?!?!", she raised and eyebrow, "...wait your not telling me that you were fantasizing about m..." her voice trailed off as she saw Ram her own elder brother, her Ram bhiya nodding his head at her question.

It was a guilty nod. It was a self judgmental nod. She didn't know what to think just then. She mustered the courage to ask him again a question that had started troubling her suddenly.

"Why... how can it... but I am your... Ram bhiya.. this is ...?"

"Yeah I know you're my sister but then I just can't get the images of your perfect body out of my mind."

"Perfect???!!!" She looked at his with a happy cheerful grin. "You think I have a perfect body?"

"Yes your heard me right your one hot babe Sonya."

"This is a little unsettling, but go on...you calling me your dear behna a hottie."

"Oh what can I do if my bahen is a hottie, oh hell I feel so hard am a lucky guy to have a sexy little sister like you."

"Wooh ho... hey hold the horses big bro aren't we going to far into no man land here."

"Am being frank, I cant help it it's the way I feel."

"Just what is it that's gotten you so worked up about me?" "every thing..."

"Like?" "Tits, pussy, figure, dear behna4 your one hot piece of ass."

"wow! am flattered. You make me feel like the best woman in the world."

"Well in my world, you are."

"Wow." She looked at his lovingly and then said, "I think I wont mind if you jack off thinking about me, infact I don't mind if you do it right now."

"No I can't... I shouldn't."

"Ok am going to go to bed now. If you change your mind let me know Id like to see."

"See what?"

"See you jacking off."


She was about to go to bed when suddenly she though: If he's been fantasizing about me then he's been thinking of fucking me right. Huumm. I think I should ask him.

"Hey Ram bhiya?"


"Well I was just wondering... when you were jacking off... what exactly were you thinking about doing to me then?"

"I can't answer that."

"Why ... because you were imagining that you were doing me, that you were fucking you own sister, right isn't it??????"

This made Ram jump out of his bed it was not as much the question as was the way the words that his innocent little sister had used that rocked him out of his senses. He had a raging hard on and he had to contend with her very explicit and inquisitive questions as well. He cursed himself under his breath. This was one unenviable situation to be in. As Ram fidgeted, it was obvious to Sonya that she had successfully unnerved him. She intended to shock him and she had done more than she thought she could do. No she had only to see where this would lead. Thinking this made her a little nervous as well.

"Well If you were masturbating then its obvious that , you want to do it with me?"

"... I can't say anything, what do you want."

"Come here Ram bhiya."


"I want to see what you have there?" This blatant display of courage allay all of Ram's fears.

"Here see its so big and red, want to touch it behna?"

"Yeah, I've never seen one. Its so big like an elephants trunk."

"Yeah see hold it like this." He said putting into her hand and closing her fingers around it.

"But what about the balls? I want to see the balls also."

"You want to see bhiya's balls?"

"Yes." She said with a grin.

"Then remove my pant for me."

"OK" she fumbled with his pants for a while and then pulled them down she had pulled them down to his knees when he urged her to pull them all the way and stepped out of them.

"Like it?"

"Yeah your balls are so hairy."

"Sonya you saw my buli, can you show me your pussy?"

"Ok...", She stepped back and pulled the chord that fastened her shalwar and it dropped down to her ankles. Ram prompted her to step out of. She then hooked up thumbs into her red polka dot chaddi and pulled it down all the while looking at her bhiya. He urged her to go all the way.

"Lift up your Kurta5 I can't see it."

"I think I'll remove this also."

"Ok." She quickly unhooked her Kurta and got rid of it. Her slip6 followed.

"Wow you have a great body Sonya, can I touch your tits?"

"Sure but don't press them."

"Come close to me and hold bhiya's dick na7."

"Ok." She agreed.

Ram massaged her nipples with his fingers and she tensed up getting aroused instantly. She intuitively arched her crotch towards him and it touched Rams dick. Ram slid his hand down to her cunt and stroked it.

"Hummm hummm mmmfff." She said.

"Come lets go to the bed, bhiya will make you very happy."

"But bhiya this is a sin."

"What's sin? You don't worry I am there no. I wont hurt you."


Ram held Sonya's hand and took her to the bed and allay her there. And then her put his mouth on her nipples and sucked her and aroused her like he had dreamt."

"Mufffff ooohohhhhh, biiiyaaaaaaaaa...tooooo nice don't stoppp" twisted Sonya in her bed. Ram slipped a finger into Sonya's virgin cunt and fingered her. He gradually moved it into her and ask her.

"You like that?", he grinned at Sonya with lust filled eyes, "you want bhiya to finger fuck you?"

"Yes its nice.". she hissed in a desperate voice, "why did you stop? goon noooo."

"I want to do more..."

"What more?", Sonya managed, "what more can we do? we are brother and sister. We have already gone so far."

"I want to put my bulli8 in your chut9.", Ram sank his finger more into Sonya's cunt and turned it around.

"Oh bhiya but I want to remain a virgin.", Sonya gasped at the sensation Ram's finger was giving her, already debating if she should go all the way with Ram.

'Should I do it, oh my Goooddd his fingers are so nice..., I know, I really want to do it... OK let he pop my cherry. Oh yess Ram bhiya is going to pop my cherry!" she thought when Ram interrupted her.

"What virgin it will be nice.", Ram twisted his finger while teasing Sonya's clit with his thumb.

"sssssssssss yesss your fingers feels so nice yessss... ssssssss, YESSSS Ram bhiya do it, Fuck your own sister, put your bulli in your behna's choot sssssss... chod mujhe chod, chod mere bhainchod bhiya chod."

"That's more like my behna, beg me beg bhiya to eat your pussy."

"Oh yes bhiya no more up... yesss ahaha that's it more inside, ohhhhhh mmmf ff oh not so hard a little softly."

"Like this mmmffff sssrrrrppp hmmmm aaaaaa. Like this you like it? you like your bhiya licking you delicious cunt. Huh?"


"Am going to tongue fuck you."


After this first oral orgasm that Sonya had she thought to herself that she would give her cherry to her dear brother her bhiya.

"Bhiya do it no, put it in there."

"Oh ok but remember it will pain and don't tell any one."

"Ok." He came between her and put the tip of his bulli into the crevice of her cunt and asked her.

"How does it feel Sonya... my sexy little sister, want me to put it in more?"

"YES put it in fast no..."

"You like this lauda in you choot? Here take it more... how is it...?"

"Oh nice SENSATIONAL .. please put more no..."She took his hardness and pressed it into herself and could feel the throbbing flesh on the insides if her cunt.

"Kay behna meri pyari behna you want your bhiya's cock up your virgin pussy? You want bhiya to pop your cherry? Tell me beg me to pop your cherry. Here take some more of my cock. Moan meri sexy behna, moan my sister moan shout, fuck bhiya."

"YESSSSS AHHHAHAHAHAHA, OHMY GOGGGOGOGOGOGOGDDDD." As ram drilled his phallus into Sonya's virgin cunt popping her cherry she moaned a loud moan the end of her virginity and initiation into the ministrations of incest.

"DEERRPPER DDEPER bhiya deeper fuck your little sister's cunt cum into her cunt make her cum on your cock." She panted before a tidal wave of an orgasm over took her.

"YES behna yes meri bhaaan meri bhaaaahhhhnnnnnaaaaahhhh aaaah oh yeah am cumming teri gand maron ooooh ... ley bhiya ki randi ley."

"Haan bhiya mar meri gand mar, our chod mujhe our chod, bohot maza a raha hai."

"Maza a raha hai? Yeh to starting hai ley mera lund ley, ley meri pyari bhiya chodan."

"Hana aaaah main bhiya chodan, choooooodddd meri choot phad de mujhe chod. Ooohhh yes yes yesssss haaaan aaaaahh main bhiya levan."

"moan you brother fucking slut moan."

This sent Sonya over the edge and she began thrusting along with Ram. She arched to meet his every thrust and moaned inexorably. He started to go deep into her with slow long strokes, she gasped every time he went back into her. Sonya wrapped her legs around Ram and pulled her brother closer, Ram could feel her tits mashing into his chest as he felt a groan escape his mouth. Just then he came shooting into Sonya's incestuous cunt. Her cunt milked him dry and she felt a warm after glow. He was still conjoined with his sexy little sister and it get great. Ram kissed Sonya in the lips passionately with out breaking the tight embrace. She kissed him back. They began licking the sweat off each others face.

"That was wonderful." Sonya kissed Ram, "can we do it again."

"oh yes but I have to get hard again."

"I mean after today...".


"...I want that cock up my pussy when ever we can."

"Like now, I am growing."

"I can feel it, don't move I like how its feeling right now."

"After it grows just ride me like a horse, just keep it in you and move up and down."

"ok but you'll have to help me with the position."

He turned her around and head her on top of him and then asked her to kneel, and use her legs for thrusting. She began the motions and felt sensational.

"I Love this big brother, I am totally in control here. I can do any thing now."


"Like this." She bent down and kissed him while she rode up and down his cock, " suck my tits."

As she felt Ram suck her breast she felt her cunt's muscles tighten. She tried to control them and sudden heard Ram gasp with pleasure.

"And this how do you like it bother", she saw Ram's face contorted with pleasure, "its tight and deep isn't it you sister fucking bastard?" she grunted working her muscles sending Ram over the edge her orgasm followed there after and she could feel her cunt twitch with Ram spurting load after load of incestuous brotherly seed into her cunt.

"Take my seed you brother fucking slut, take my cum oh ya oooooooohhhhhh sonyaaaah."

"Ohohohohoh oooooooohhhhhh yessssssss bhiiiiiiiiieeeeeeyaaaaaaaaaah ahaha ah ah ah."

She just collapsed into his embrace and they both interlocked into a lazy kiss, exhausted.

"Behana tu to sabse acchi bhiya levan hai, you fuck good sis." Ram gasped.

"Mere bhainchod bhiya chode muje phad be meri choot, aj se mi teri randi behna." Sonya whispered between breaths. "Am your slut sister, and your whore bigbrother."

"I love you behna."

"I love you too bhiya."

I enjoy writing erotica and have been doing so form the past few years. I have written this as there are many Hindi speaking Indians out there who search for stories in an Indian context. There is a shortage of good Indian writers. I love to write. Though I don't abet or encourage any of these actions, neither do I indulge in any of them. I am working on many more Indian sibling incest stories. I hope you like this story. If you have comments and suggestions, requests please mail m. Anonymity is guaranteed.

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