tagSci-Fi & FantasyInetme'thul's Last Adventure

Inetme'thul's Last Adventure


Author's Note: this was written as a poll driven story in small sections. This is the complete version all together.


Dawn breaks over Grayfair, the city at the crossroads. And there, in the center of the city where the four roads meet sits the Crossroads Inn, the most famous tavern for leagues around. Even before the sun starts to peak over the horizon the innkeeper, a Night Elf named Maaleas Dawndancer, is awake and ready to begin meeting his customer's needs.

Beside him is a small figure, Hob the Halfling, looking bleary eyed and still half asleep. "Why do we gots to get up so early, Boss?" he asks as he rubs the sleep from his small beady eyes.

Maaleas takes a deep, calming breath before speaking. "Because, Hob," he explains calmly, "we have customers and pretty soon they are going to be waking up hungry. So we best start preparing the kitchen."

"Oh," Hob says dumbly, staring back at the kitchen. "And I'm supposed to that, ain't I?"

"Yes," the tall, slender Elf says. "Yes you are. Now get to work." For a minute he stands, watching the small round Halfling pull a stool into the kitchen so he can reach the stovetop. Hob's a good worker, but slow and often in need of having the same instructions repeated to him day after day.

After ensuring that the Halfling is busy preparing breakfast Maaleas turns to the counter in front of the kitchen and starts setting out plates and utensils. "We've got four guests," he mumbles to himself, "but it's always good to prepare a few extra in case any of the locals come in for some food. And me and Hob will need to eat, too."

He stops, scratching his thin pointed nose. Like almost all Night Elves he is tall and slender with dark ashy-blue colored skin. But the things Maaleas shares in common with the rest of his race end at his looks. Growing up he never fit in with his kind and always wanted to explore the world and interact with people of other races, something that was frowned on. When he had been younger he had lived the life of an adventurer. Now he's more than happy running his Inn, hearing all the tales of the adventurers that come through yet never having to face any of the danger they face first hand.

"Besides," he says to himself with a smile spreading over his face, "if I had stayed with my own kind I wouldn't get to see lovelies like that fire mage that stumbled in last night."

"What's that, Boss?" Hob calls from the kitchen.

Maaleas turns and leans into the kitchen, keeping his voice low in case one of the clients come down the stairs from the rented rooms up above. "I was just saying how 'hot' that Fire Mage was that stumbled in last night."

Hob's little eyes grow wide and a dreamy look comes over his face. "You mean the High Elf? With the real big, well, you know," he says looking embarrassed but holding his hands out before his little chest as if holding giant breasts.

"Yeah," Maaleas says as he stares at the imaginary breasts the Halfling is holding. "Only you need to make them bigger," he says. Hob starts to move his hands out causing Maaleas to laugh. "No, even bigger than that!"

"What a wonderful sound to wake up to," an almost ethereal feminine voice calls out from behind them.

Hob's eyes grow large in surprises and then his face blushes bright red in embarrassment as he drops his arms. "It's HER!" he whispers loudly.

"I know," Maaleas whispers back. "She can't have seen you from the stairs, though. Just make the food faster and keep quiet!" He then turns around and greets the tall Elf coming down the stairs.

She's taller than him and nearly as slender although that narrow figure is disrupted by the curve of her huge breasts, each mound of firm full flesh larger than his head. The woman is wearing a tight red dress that hugs her slim figures and both supports and presses up her prominent breasts, leaving plenty of cleavage exposed. It's cut in a style worn by many magic wielding adventurers, one that allows them the freedom of movement they need in combat and leaves much of the woman's body pleasantly revealed.

Her face is narrow and pointed, her eyebrows thin and long and colored fire red just like the hair on the top of her head. Some of that red hair is pulled forward, hanging down on either side of her face. The rest is pulled back and secured behind her head then draped down nearly to her plump perky ass. The color of her long hair running down her back gradually changes from fire red to deep orange and then to bright yellow.

As she finishes coming down the stairs, moving with the grace only possible for one of her race, she stops. Closing her eyes and thrusting her chest out (a very distracting sight to behold) she takes a deep breath and smiles prettily. "Mmmmm, what is that delicious smell?"

Maaleas smiles back at her. "Breakfast that Hob's cooking. Nothing fancy, just greasy Inn food. I'm sure a High Elf like you is used to much finer."

"Oh, you'd be surprised," she says, winking at him. "I've been an adventurer for a long time now and whatever it is your little man servant is preparing is going to be a feast compared to the dried traveling rations I've been eating for the last two weeks."

The wink draws his attention away from her large breasts and up to her eyes. Like many powerful mages they glow from the energy she has stored inside her. But unlike any other mage he's ever seen her eyes glow different colors. One side glows bright yellow, the other bright green.

Noticing he's staring at her she smiles again then self consciously pulls some of her hair behind one of her long, pointed ears. Unlike his ears, which are pointed but not much longer than a human's, hers extend out to about a hand's length from her head. Her extended lobes are covered with piercings; beautiful golden and red gemmed jewelry hangs from them.

Being she's an adventurer most of that jewelry is certain to be more than just for sure, he thinks to himself. That thought makes him realize the woman is unarmed and free of the traveling pack she was wearing when she stumbled into the Inn last night. He mentions this and asks her if she plans on sticking around for a bit.

"Yes," she says with a nod of her head. "A bit. But not too long," she adds as she walks up to the counter Maaleas is standing behind.

He leans over it, raising an eyebrow inquisitively. "And why is that?"

"Because the rest of my party should be meeting me here over the next day or two," she replies. "And then we can begin our next adventure!"

Maaleas smiled. "I love having parties of adventurers in my inn! Have a seat and I'll bring you breakfast as soon as Hob has it done. After that feel free to make yourself at home. I'm sure you'll find the company here to your liking. Lots of other adventurers and the like come through here."

She nodded politely and took a seat.

He then turned to face the kitchen, hiding the huge grin on his face. "And knowing the other members of your party won't be here to watch your back for a bit gives me time to have some fun..." he mumbled to himself.

* * *

During the day the sexy fire mage mostly keeps to herself, sipping slowly on a goblet of Elven wine. Through polite conversation over the course of the day Maaleas discovers that her name is Inetme'thul and that she is the leader of her little band of adventurers. They have been together for some time and had recently taken a short break to each take care of personally business and are scheduled to meet here in his tavern over the next week or so.

The High Elf seems uncertain of when the rest of her party would be arriving which meant if he wants to get up to any shenanigans he'd need to do so soon. That very evening an opportunity presents its self and he jumps right at it.

All of the other guests had left but right around supper time two large, burly Orcs wander in. Maaleas knows them well: they work as mercenaries in the area and are fairly civilized as far as Orcs go.

As he servs them, and the High Elf, their evening meals he notices the looks they are all giving each other. The Orcs had been in the wilds for some time and it was obvious by the looks they were giving the haughty Elf's large breasts that they would like nothing better than to spend the evening exploring her delicious body. And from the disgusted looks she shot back at them it was clear that doing such would be the very last thing she would enjoy.

A proper inn keeper would have left things there or maybe even stepped in to stop the Orc's lecherous looks. But Maaleas was no proper inn keeper. The thought of the two huge, brutish, green-skinned Orcs fucking the proper pale skinned High Elf made him chubby. He decided right away that he'd use all the tools at his disposal to give two of his most loyal clients a proper treat.

The next time the High Elf needed a refill on her Elven wine Maaleas added a little extra to her cup. He put in some Ewelic oil knowing the substance would have a powerful effect on the High Elf along with a few drips of a powerful drought that would lesson her ability to draw on her magical abilities for the rest of the evening, just in case. But before he brought her the drugged goblet of wine he made sure he had a potion of sleep and a draught of forgetfulness at the ready for once the evening's festivities were finished.

"Here you go," he says, placing the goblet before the pretty woman. He quickly moves away from her table, heading towards the two Orcs with two large mugs of ale for them. He wants to make sure the woman has no chance to see even a hint of deviousness on his face. He knows full well that a fire mage such as her could burn his whole inn to the ground with the flick of a finger if she suspected she was in danger.

As he gives the Orcs their ale he leans in and whispers to them, informing them of his plan. They smile wide, their pleased grins showing their tusk-like canines. "Finest inn in all the land," the larger of the two says.

"We can always count on you to make our stay worth every coin," the other adds.

Maaleas bows then scurries to the front door, quietly closing and locking it once he is sure the High Elf isn't looking. She had been reading all day, thick well-read tomes written in High Elven that he was unable to read the titles of.

With the front door locked and no chance of interruption Maaleas returns to the counter that serves as both bar and his main perch in the tavern-like lower floor of the inn. With dinner served Hob had done the washing and headed off to bed early.

Like Maaleas the small Halfling had a small room in the back of the ground floor of the inn. He thinks about going back and seeing if the little man is still awake so that he could be invited to come watch the show that was about to begin but he thinks better of it. Bringing the Halfling back out might arouse the suspicions of the High Elf before the drugs in her wine are able to start effecting her.

Taking a seat on a stool Maaleas starts some busy work, wiping clean a number of mugs and goblets with a rag. All the while he keeps glancing over at the High Elf, waiting for signs that the Ewelic oil has begun to affect her. He can see that the two Orcs are doing the same, their expressions full of carnal hunger. Luckily Inetme'thul is so engrossed in her books that she fails to notice the frequent expectant looks the three men around her are giving her.

And then, just like that, it begins. Inetme'thul's pale cheeks began to blush red. Everyone in the room can see that she is beginning to breathe faster, something that makes her large firm breasts rise prettily with each heavy breath. She starts to shift in her chair uncomfortably, her hand dropping below the table to adjust the bottom of her dress. Then her hand is up at her breasts, tugging on the top of her dress as she fans her cleavage.

"It's suddenly very hot in here," she says rather stupidly with a strange, distant look on her face. She puts her book down and looks over to the inn keeper. "Do you think you could, perhaps, not put any more logs on the fire for now?" she asks, looking concerned and a little confused.

"Of course," he says with a kind smile, not pointing out that he had yet to light the fire that evening. It was still the middle of summer and there was little need for the warmth of a fire till it got very late.

The High Elf then put her book down and placed her face into her hands, rubbing at herself as she breathed even heavier. She moves her hands up her face into her hair, pulling her long red locks back out of her face and fixing the band of cloth that keeps her long hair secured behind her.

She then leans back in her chair, arching her back and pressing her breasts out and closing her eyes as she continues to breathe heavily. "So hot," she mutters.

Maaleas and the Orcs watch in silence, knowing she still needs time for the Ewelic oil to run through her body. Of course till then they'd have a nice little show.

Still leaning back in her chair they can see her reaching under the wooden table and hiking her dress up so she can spread her legs wide open. Her hands disappear in between her legs and she starts to moan in relief as she begins touching herself. "So hot," she mutters again, "but this is helping relieve the heat." It's clear that her mind is muddled and that she's forgotten that she isn't alone in the room.

Soon she pushes her chair back from the table. Her legs are spread wide open and everyone in the room can see that the silky undergarments she wears under the dress have been pulled to the side so that she can finger her pussy with ease. Like all Elves her cunt is smooth and totally free of hair and they can all see that its fleshy pink folds are moist with arousal.

One of her hands wanders away from her cunt, snaking up her thin frame to grope at her overlarge breasts. This causes her to moan loudly in surprise as if she hadn't expected doing so to feel as good as it does. A moment later she has hold of the front of her tight dress and is tugging down on it, an action that causes her large breasts to come spilling out.

Once free of the dress the men in the room can see that they are even larger then they had looked pressed up in her dress. They are perfectly round and huge, pale white fleshy orbs with pretty blue veins seen through her pale skin and perfect pink nipples that are rock hard from arousal. In fact her breasts are so perfectly shaped that, compared to a Human or Orc's breasts, they look almost too perfect to be real. But that is just how it is with High Elf women which is what makes them such a carnal treat.

She is now masturbating with one hand while the other pinches and tweaks her hard nipples, groping and massaging her large, firm breasts. She is leaned back with her head tilted over the back of the chair as she moans in pleasure.

"I think she's ready, boys," Maaleas says with a lecherous grin. As the two large Orcs get out of their chairs and start to undress he simply reaches into his pants and pulls his cock out. He loves to fuck but there are times where watching is just as good and today is one of those days.

A few moments later the two Orcs are naked and standing on either side of Inetme'thul, their large green cocks hard and in their hands. The High Elf seems to sense them standing on either side of her so she opens her eyes. "Oooooh," she says in pleasant surprise when she sees the two large cocks being held in her face. She licks her pretty lips then leans towards the closest one. She tries to take it in her mouth but it is far too thick for that, so instead she starts licking and sucking on the bulbous green cockhead as she continues to masturbate, seeming to savor the taste of the precum leaking out the tip.

The other Orc, not wanting to be left out, grabs the hand that is groping her breasts and pulls it towards his cock. As soon as she touches it she wraps her slender fingers around its bulk and starts jerking it off. Both Orcs groan in pleasure but Maaleas knows they won't be happy with this for long.

As he expects they soon moved to change positions. Carefully, knowing they can't be quite as rough and direct as they want less they knock the High Elf out of the sexual daze the Ewelic oil has put her in, they begin stripping her out of her dress. She moans and ooh's as they do this, reveling in the touch of their large, rough hands. They lean in and kissed her, licking and sucking on the perfect soft flesh of her neck and plump lips.

She kisses them back, deeply and passionately even as she seems to shake in revulsion at the act. "Disgusting beasts," she purrs, making it clear that at least in this moment of drugged sexual arousal 'disgusting' is exactly what she wants.

As soon as her clothing is off the Orcs grab hold of her and lift her into the air, causing her to squeak in surprise. They spread her legs and lift them up then positioned themselves in front and behind her. The one in front of her grabs his throbbing green cock and begins to rub it up and down the slit of her moist cunt, smearing messy precum all over her pussy. Then, slowly but firmly, he starts to press himself into her. Her eyes shoot open wide as his huge girth fills and stretches her cunt hole to the point that it brings tears to her eyes. But the Orc knows that Elf pussy can take an Orc cock, even if it means entering slow at first till her cunt has a chance to stretch and accommodate to his full size.

She whimpers at first, pulling her arms in and balling her hands into tight fists as tears stream down her face. Yet the sounds of pain and discomfort are quickly replaced my moans of pleasure. "Oh, yes, so big and thick," she mutters. "Fill me, you disgusting beast, fill me till I break!"

Maaleas sits, jerking off to the sight. He knows it's the Ewelic oil talking, the potent drug that has turned this haughty Elven mage into a drooling slut. He is glad he's put so much into her drink. Any less and the thick Orc cocks might have knocked her out of her altered mental state enough to realize what was going on. He knows the real test of whether he had used enough would start when the Orc behind her begins to enter her.

He waits to his partner manages to get himself balls deep into the High Elf. Only once she is moaning like a cheap whore in a brothel as he fucks her cunt does the Orc in the back spit on his hard cock then begin to rub his throbbing member on her puckered asshole. Her body has eased but now, as he starts to press into her, it tightens up again. He goes even slower than the first Orc has gone, pressing in just a bit then pulling out and pressing back in a tad further. Slowly he works his way into her back end, the ample precum leaking from his massive cock helping lubricate the way.

Once more she pulls her arms in tight and clenches her hands in little fists, groaning in confused pain and pleasure as she begins to cry again. "It's too much," she howls then, surprising everyone in the room, begins to shake and moan loudly.

"She's cumming!" Maaleas declares with glee.

The two Orcs grunted, having to press in hard to get passed her tightened, clenched holes as the High Elf cums. They are both all the way in her now, holding her body up between them as they fuck her from both sides. The grunt like animals, slamming into from the front and then the back. Inetme'thul moans and gasps and shudders more as she comes a second time, overwhelmed by the feel of two so large cocks filling her narrow insides.

Maaleas quickly reaches climax, cumming into his hand. Not long after the two Orcs seem to be heading towards climax as well. They pounded her harder, making her scream in pain and pleasure before filling both her holes. Even from across the room Maaleas can hear their cum squelching out around their massive cocks. Orcs cum hard with loads so large that they make a Human's spunk look like Orc precum.

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