tagTransgender & CrossdressersInfluential Factors! Ch. 08

Influential Factors! Ch. 08


Closer to Home

I awoke to find Traci snuggling up against me; our arms and legs were intertwined, and our lips were inches apart. She was so cute I started to giggle which shock and woke her.

"Good morning beautiful," I whispered pecking her on the lips then smiled.

"Good morning gorgeous," Traci said softly and smiled.

"I'm sorry I got so emotional last night,"

"Don't worry about it; it's just the hormones working on your emotions,"

"Still, thanks for listening,"

"No worries,"

"Thank you, I really have to pee," I giggled.

"I need to pee too!"

We had a quick mutual peck and rushed to the restroom. I sat and released myself as I had first dibs on the toilet but only because the restroom was on my side of the bed.

"Hurry, hurry," she begged playfully.

I laughed as she bounced up and down waiting for me to finish.

"Oh gawd," she exclaimed as she quickly sat when I got up.

"Sorry, I didn't realize you had to go so bad," I giggled as I washed my hands.

"It's okay; it's just nice to see somebody wash their hands after using the toilet. Why don't guys ever wash their hands, you hear the toilet flush and they come right out; it's totally gross!"

"My mom trained me when I was little to wash my hands before leaving the bathroom," I said grabbing the towel on the rack and drying my hands.

"Mine too," she said washing her hands behind me.

I admired her beauty in the mirror and she noticed; there was something in the air between us...maybe infatuation, maybe more. Our eyes gave it away but nothing was said... or had to be said.

"What?" She smiled playfully.

I giggled and put my right pointer finger to my bottom lip as my left hand slid between her body and the cabinet and grabbed her cock.

"Really!" she teased as our eyes stayed in contact through the reflection of the mirror.

"We washed our hands now we can eat," I giggled stroking her while she dried her hands.

We kissed passionately as I held on to what was rightfully mine and after a few minutes we were lost in the kiss as our tongues danced like fire. I lead her back to the bed where we sat on the edge and kissed once more. Her free hand moved to my breast as her fingers worked their magic on my nipples.

"Mmm," we moaned.

I giggled as I looked down stroking her six inch cock; it was ready. I motioned her to lay in the middle of the bed with me and she did. I wanted to go sixty-nine with her but she's never sucked a cock; she only lapped up my cum last night to feed it to me because she felt obligated to.

In fact, I learned something about her last night; she' a virgin. She was scared of guys because of her condition; and ever more scared of the girls because she wanted to be one. Either way she would have been ridiculed or worse... beat up.

However, her SRS was getting close and for some insane reason she became very curious in the past few days what it would be like fucking a woman before losing her dick forever. That night in the bar our when eyes met she decided she would go out on a limb and make a move on me; the hot bitch in a lesbian club. When she did, I accepted, hoping to prove to Jill and myself I could still use my tool like a man.

It didn't work out that way and so far it's working out, she gets to fuck me and I get to enjoy it. I would be lying if I said I didn't want to fuck her, it's just my dick doesn't get hard enough for penetration.

Finally, my mouth was around her magnificent cock and I sucked it like a pro.

"Oh gawd April," she moaned after minutes of sucking her cock.

"Mm...mm...mm," I muttered enjoying that I had her cock in my wanting mouth.

"Arf... Arf!" the puppy barked as it entered the room minutes into my enjoyment.

"Oh gawd...I have to take him out," she panted.

"Mm...mm...mm," I continued hoping she would burst into my mouth but...

"Sorry, I have to take him out before he poops on the floor: she said rising out of bed. I really have to get him out of here," she said softly pushing me away and pouting.

"I understand, that's what you're here for," I smiled.

"Thank you," she said as she quickly tucked and slipped on her panties, short jeans that showed of her lower cheeks, and a long t-shirt that covered them; probably her brothers. .

"Bye," I said sweetly.

"Bye, give me thirty minutes and I'll be back," she said smiling; she gave me a quick peck and she was gone.

I looked around and saw a handful of clothes but not enough for the two of us to wear for a week. I thought for a second and came up with the idea that I would hurry home, it's about twenty minutes away by car, and retrieve some clothes for us since we're about the same size.

I threw on my dress and heels and started downstairs when I heard Bronco outside. The door knob turned and Bronco ran in followed by Traci.

"That was fast," I said surprised.

"Yeah, he was really ready to let lose, a good thing I took him out,"

"Let's go to my house and pick up a few things to wear; you don't really have anything here and we're about the same size,"

"Sounds like fun, let me put water and food out for Bronco and then we can go,"

We got in her car and chatted all the way to my house.

"You really need to consider changing your gender," Traci giggled.

"Why do you say that?"

"Listen to yourself sometime; you're exactly like me and I know I'm a girl,"

"I'm not a girl," I giggled.

"You're one-hundred percent a girl and I think you know it,"

For some reason Traci made me feel like a real girl but I still don't know why.

"Here we are!" I exclaimed as she pulled into the driveway, pulled out, and parked against the curb heading toward the direction we just came from.

"This is your house?" she asked as we were walking up to the door.

"Yes," I giggled.


"It's just a house,"

"It's a mansion,"

"We're here for clothes remember?"

"I'm sure you have a lot of them too,"

"Stop already," I laughed as we walked in.

"Oh my gawd... it's beautiful,"

"Thank you,"

"I can't wait for the tour,"

"Can I get you something to drink; water, juice, coffee, tea, Mountain Dew?" I asked once we were inside.

"You know... I'm going all in for the Mountain Dew," she replied.

"That's my favorite too,"

"Actually, I've never had one before," she laughed.

"You're kidding me, right?"

"No, I'm not,"

"Are you serious?"

"How do you think I maintain my girly figure?"

"Are you sure that you want a Mountain Dew then?"

"No, I'll take the water but I'll split one with you just for curiosity,"

"Okay, two waters and a Mountain Dew,"

She continued to look around.

"The kitchen is this way," I took her hand. She giggled.

"I'll have to invite you over once you're done watching Bronco,"

"That would be awesome,"

"Psst!" I popped open a cold can of Dew.

"It's carbonated,"

"Yes," I handed it to her.

"I'm sorry... but its way too sweet for me, you can have it. In fact, you should seriously consider your figure every time you open one of these," she said after sipping it and handing it back to me.

I took a sip... then another...then put it on the counter.

"You just gained five pounds and an inch around your waist," she giggled.

"Whatever," I smiled tilting my head and placing a hand on my waist line.

"Is that a rip in your dress?" she asked sternly pointing eagerly.

"What!" I freaked out looking at my dress and running my hands all over my body.

She laughed hysterically.

"Very funny," I giggled.

"Fruits and veggies are in your immediate future; and don't forget plenty of water," she giggled.

"That's it, I'm not losing my figure over this," I said as I poured the rest down the sink.

"You're such a girl," she giggled.


"You're such a girl," she giggled again.


"Your reaction was so girlish and was to die for," she giggled.

"You're right... I should be watching my figure," I said after taking a sip than pouring it down the drain.

"You did that for me didn't you?" she flirted moving closer to me.

"Yes, but your right, it was way too sweet. In fact, that's the last sugary drink for me if I want to keep my model figure; alcohol excluded of course," I smiled.

"Don't worry, I'll watch your figure for you," she said as she kissed me. Each kiss seems to be more special than the last.

"Where is your room?"

"Come on, I'll show you," I took her by the hand and lead her up the stairs to my room.

"Wow, this is a huge bedroom...and it has a master bathroom too!"

"It's just a room Traci," I laughed.

"Maybe a room to you but a luxury suite to me," she laughed.

"Let's grab some clothes and get out of here; I don't feel like answering a million questions,"

"Or...we can finish what we started earlier," she flirted.

"Mmm!" we consolidated as we kissed.

The next thing I know we're pulling off our clothes. Her cock is rock hard and I want it desperately in my mouth; I drop to my knees and engulf her entirely into my mouth. I grab her firm round ass and start pulling her forward.

"Oh gawd!" Traci yells.

"Mm...mm...mm," I moaned as I furiously sucked her cock.

"Oh gawd...ah gawd...April...April please..."


"April," she giggled as she gently laid her head on my head and softly thrust forward.


"Oh gawd April," she panted hysterically with laughter.

I released her from my mouth, stood, and accepted a long passionate kiss from her as we slowly climb onto the bed. We were both panting hysterically and laid flat on the bed; I roll a bit and retrieve the lube from the nightstand and hand it to her. I spread my legs and raise my pelvis giving her plenty of access to lube me properly. She does, and then tosses the lube to the side as I wait in anticipation.

"I want it now!" I pant.

"Wait for it," she whispers as both her hands reach for my breasts.

"Please Traci," I buck.

Her body splits my legs as her fingers fondle my nipples, driving me absolutely crazy until I'm panting heavily and begging to be fucked.

She stops, leans over me, and kisses me softly. The pressure of her cock was against my anal opening which was just about to give way to her luscious cock when...

"Hello, anyone home...April," Jill shouted.

"Shit," Traci jumped and had a look of terror on her face.

"It's okay," I whispered in a calming voice.

"Please, I can't," she whispered rolling off of me.

"We'll get dressed and leave as though nothing ever happened okay," I whispered.

"Okay," she replied softly as my words immediately took a positive effect on her.

"Come on," I told her softly putting one foot on the floor than the other. I then held out my hand to help her to the floor.

"Thank you," she said picking up her clothes from the floor.

"Leave them," I said taking them from her.


I took her hand and led her to my closet; I handed her a pair of white slim jeans, a red plum crochet long sleeved tunic with key hole, and three inch cork wedge sandals with gold straps.

"Quick, get dressed," I said with a smiled and a pecked on her lips which produced a flattering smile from her.

I grabbed a pair of pastel pink slim jeans, a white five button tunic with low neck line with half sleeves to mid forearm, and three inch natural faux suede slip-on booties and quickly dressed.

A spray of perfume, a quick make-up check, and a few jewelry items for both of us completed our look.

"Look at us, we're beautiful, thank you," she giggled as we peered into the mirror.

"We better go," I smiled at her reflection.

"Kiss me!" we turned to one another.

There was something about Traci... something different... something special, and it wasn't her cock!

"Let's go," I gathered her clothes and a plastic bag. We waited by the doorway in anticipation of our next move but I heard no movement from downstairs.

"April," Jill yelled again as I heard her shoes hit the floor one by one as she slipped them off and then started towards the staircase.

"Hey babe, I thought I heard a voice," an inquiring asked.

"Were you lying out by the pool?" Jill asked.

"For about a half an hour," Niki replied.

"That suit looks good on you,"

"Really, you don't think the shoe string hides too much?"

"Just enough to make me want you," they laughed.

"So how did it go?" Niki asked.


"That's good to hear,"

I peaked over the railing to find Jill and Niki locked into a long time consuming kiss.

"I was just making something to eat; care to join me?" Niki asked as they began their stroll toward the kitchen.

"Sure, let me change first," Jill said as she put her hand on the staircase railing.

"Later, I want to talk,"

"Okay, I don't even remember the last time we ate,"

"Last night, after our dates fucked the hell out of us they took us out to dinner,"

"You're right; it's funny, I don't remember eating but I can remember getting fucked all night," they laughed.

"Well, you do remember eating me don't you?" a curious Niki asked.

"Oh yeah, and you tasted so damn good too!" she answered.

Niki then pulled her in for another passionate kiss.

"Oh, by the way, have you seen April?" Jill asked.

"No, Bill dropped me off an hour ago. I went upstairs, undressed, and took a few laps in the pool; I haven't seen her,"

"Really, there's a car parked in front of the house that doesn't belong to any of the neighbors. I thought maybe she was home but she didn't answer when I called," Jill pondered.

"It's probably nothing,"

"You're probably right,"

Come on, let me feed you! We definitely need to keep up our energy if we're going to please the boys again tonight," Niki smiled.

"Who's pleasing them!" they laughed.

"Good point! We walk away happy or its next man up!" they laughed.

"Well, I'm just so happy April's taking to transitioning so well; I don't know how much longer I could take her lack-luster sex at best,"

"Was it really that bad?"

"I'll tell you if you promise never to mention it again; especially to April,"

"I swear... I promise I won't say a word," Niki promised.

"Okay, well, the courting was absolutely perfect, I mean, I was totally in love. Her barely seven inch cock was fine because I was in love but her staying power went down to a meager minute. It's just everything collapsed after the first year, she no longer instigated sex, and, well... what else can I say... April's transition says it all," Jill explained.

I looked at Traci.

"Don't worry, you're perfect in every way," she whispered than kissed me.

Traci had a way of making everything right.

"Wow, I would have divorced him right away,"

"I didn't want to hurt her,"

"Aw, you're so sweet,"

"Anyway, April's transition is the best thing that's ever happened to me. Now I can at least spread my legs get the hell fucked out of me,"

"Yeah, like a fucking whore," they laughed as they entered the kitchen. They spent a few minutes inside the kitchen before the screen door opened and closed.

"Let's go," I whispered.

We carefully managed the steps and then took off across the hardwood floor the best we could in our shoes. Traci opened the door and we escaped without a word; thank gawd!

We laughed all the way to the car.

"We still only have the clothes on our back, now what are we going to do?" Traci giggled.

"We'll go shopping for clothes,"

"I can't afford that," she said concerned.

"I can,"

We bought a couple dresses, skirts, tops, and shoes, from Missy's At The Mall. Then we went to The 69 in the mall. We both chose a teddy, a chemise, a baby doll, a bra and garter set, and a few miscellaneous items we wanted to see the other one wear. One more stop, and that was to Club Closet; they specialized in club dresses. Now we were on our way home, well, to her brother's house.

When we got there Bronco was happy to see us and wanted to go out again.

"Sorry, I'll be back,"

"Let's take him down to the trails,"

"You mean through the woods?"

"Of course, he'll love it!"

"That's guy stuff, we're girls, we don't play in muddy trails,"

"They're paved for the most part,"

"Fine, but you are up to something, I know it," she smiled.

"Let's change into something more appropriate for our walk,"

Traci chose a pair of very short washed out jeans, a white seamless low cut tank top, and white sneakers. I chose something similar; a pair of just as short cut-off white jeans, a short solid strappy cross front tee that showed my cute little belly button, and a pair of white sneakers.

"We're bound to bring home some strays dressed like this," Traci remarked.

"Arf, Arf!"

"Not for you Bronco," Traci remarked as we laughed.

"Oh well, let's go stir up the natives," I said as we continued to laugh.

"Come on Bronco," Traci told him.


Traci grabbed the leash and we headed to down the street catching the eyes of all that we passed. Finally, we reached the cul-de-sac where the trail begins.

"How long is the trail?" Traci asked.

"The trail connects to all the recent developments built in the recent years so there's miles upon miles of trails in the area,"

"They actually got together and did something nice,"

"Actually, it's the same developer just different communities with different builders,"

"We're not going to get lost are we?"

"No, I've been walking and jogging these trails for years,"

"So you know your way around,"

"Yes," I giggled.

"Is it safe at night?"


Obvious it didn't take long before our conversation shifted to the clothes that we had bought earlier. We kept walking and talking as two guys were jogging toward us.

"Hi," they said as they passed by.

"Hi," we responded and then giggled.

"They were soooo hot," Traci whispered.

"I know," we giggled.

A few people passed; everyone was friendly and acknowledged us.

We came across these two women who were letting their dogs sniff around; possibly looking for the right place to do their duty. Bronco got really excited and one of the women said it was okay if he wanted to play. Both women were extremely friendly and had no idea we weren't part of their club; then we were off.

"They were really nice," Traci smiled.

"You'll find most of the people are relatively friendly in this area,"

"Yeah, they're not what you find in the city,"

"You live in the city?"

"Yeah, I'm renting a small apartment in the city,"

"Why don't you stay at your brother's house?"

"Right, we get along but he doesn't really accept my transition which makes it a bit of a struggle,"

"I'm sorry, I didn't know,"

"I'm good, at least I know my place,"

"How do your parents feel about your transition?"

"My mom's accepting but, my dad, he's a little freaked out but he doesn't shun me,"

"Well, you're awesome...don't let anyone ever tell you different,"

"Thank you," she laughed.

"I want to show you something," I turned towards the woods.

"Where are you going?"

"It's a surprise,"

"But my clothes,"

"That's why we changed,"


"First, let's make sure no one sees us ducking into the woods," I looked both ways before taking her hand and leading her deep into the woods to my special place; a huge fallen tree across a small slow moving stream.

"Wow, its beautiful...and the flowers!" she exclaimed.

"I thought the ferns and flowers would give it a...,"

"It's so inviting...so feminine... so Disney,"

"Oh my gawd I never thought about it before,"

"It's so girly,"

"Thank uuuuuu!" I blushed.

"I think SRS would be so fitting for you; you're so feminine," she posed.


"How many people know about this place?" she said excitedly and pecked me on the lips.

"Just the two of us,"

"How do you know?"

"Trail cameras in the trees," I answered pointing to them.

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