tagTransgender & CrossdressersInfluential Factors! Ch. 12

Influential Factors! Ch. 12


Getting What I Want and More!

I began to cry.

"April, I'm sorry," he hugged me.

"It's not you; I just thought I was going to die," I said but it wasn't that; it was the fact that he said he loved me.

"I understand,"

"Do you?" I sniffled as we separated.

"No, I haven't personally experienced a kidnapping but the FBI..."

"The FBI,"

"Yes, I'm with the FBI and I've been assigned to your case,"

"I thought you were into computers," I said looking down at his badge to verify that he was in fact an FBI agent; he was.

"My knowledge of computers is what got my foot in the door but that knowledge comes in handy in the field too,"

"Oh," he actually had an answer.

"Did he hurt you?"

"What?" was he about to interrogate me?

"Did he hurt you?"

"Excuse me... I need to freshen up," I didn't expect Mike to be an FBI Agent and I certainly didn't expect to be interrogated; I needed some space to think.

"You really need to go to the hospital for evaluation,"



"He didn't rape me,"

"It's just protocol,"

I kissed him passionately hoping to steer him away from his inquisition.

"As much as I wanted that I may be giving you mixed emotions; I still have a job to do,"

"I need to freshen up anyway,"

"I think the hospital..."

"Overruled counselor,"

"Fine, do you mind if I take a look around then?"

"Can you start outside I just need a little alone time," I said leaning against the front door frame; the door was still open.


"I'll leave the door unlocked,"

"Fine, see you in a few,"

I shut the door behind him and rushed to the kitchen to clean up whatever mess was left behind. I cleaned the island and the floor with wipes and hurried upstairs to take a quick shower, my usual, and an enema considering what happened earlier today; in case we wanted to get down.

Now, what to wear, I still wanted to impress him. A tight pair of jeans or leggings would really show off my ass but I really felt like wearing a dress.

I browsed through my casual dresses until one caught my eye. It was a tie dye drape front Ombre dress. It was all white and faded into a light pink just past the waist line and eventually into hot pink inches from the hem.

I slipped on a white pair of thongs then the dress; very light makeup, light grey faux suede opened toed five inch heel booties, silver jewelry, and a grey purse. This was the first time in this dress and I wanted to make sure it was as perfect as I imagined; and it was. My reflection in the mirror said it all, including the huge smile on my face.

My thoughts raced back to the day when Jill and I fell in love, now, I'm a woman... or as close as I'll ever be; maybe. My point, now, I'm so much in love with a man... and I ache for him.

I've been abused by everyone since my make over and being loved would be a huge step in my life.

"Oh well, at least you're hot!" I whispered to myself.

I managed the steps and entered the kitchen to find Mike sitting on a stool at the island with a phone in his hand.

"Holy shit!" he muttered as I entered the room.

"What, you don't like something?" I stopped and twirled for him as I smiled.

"No... I mean you're beautiful; it's just strange that you just went through a kidnapping..."

"Maybe I should kill myself?"

"That's not what I meant,"

"What did you mean?" I bit my lower lip.

"I meant why are you dressed like you're going out,"

"Because I just found out an FBI Agent and myself are madly in love with one another and I was hoping the love of my life would take me to the pier for a romantic night out; you did say you loved me,"

"I do,"

"That's my line isn't it?" I was hinting marriage though I still had a million hurdles to jump over before that could take place.

I walked right up to him and kissed him; he immediately made it a French kiss and that's when I knew I had him.


I kissed him again.

"April," he put his hand lightly over my mouth.

"The report, I have to make a report, if I don't do my job they'll send somebody else out here that will do it,"


"I found this phone in your trash..."

"What about the pier?"

"The phone first,"

"We're at a standstill,"


"Do you really love me or are you here for the report?"


"How stupid could I be?"

"April, what are you talking about?"

"How could a guy like you love someone like me when you can't even accept your own new born sister?"

"April, I lied, I didn't get assigned to this case, I begged for it,"


"Agent Sanders was going to be assigned to it,"

"I don't understand,"

"Agent Sheila Sanders is an animal; she would have drag you downtown and would have paraded you in front of everyone with no mercy. She wouldn't care if you were innocent or not; even if it ruined your life. I couldn't let that happen... because I'm in love with you,"

"But your hatred for Trish,"

"It's hard to accept someone I've known all my life as my brother transitioning into a female; it's not hatred."

"And me?"

"I fell deeply in love with you that first night; ever since then I haven't been able to get you out of my mind. You wouldn't return my calls so I moved on,"

"Still, I'm trans-gendered,"

"I know, I can't explain it,"

"And that's okay with you?"


"Wow, the FBI agent and the transsexual!" I giggled happily as the hormones played with my emotions.

"Please, let's get back to the report,"

"I didn't get dressed like this to stay home you know,"

"I promise, we'll go where ever you want to go after I get my answers,"

"It should be the man's idea, ask me out on a date," I toyed with him.

"April, would you like to go out tonight?"

"Sure, where are we going so I know what to wear?"

"I thought we would go down to the pier for a romantic diner and then go out for a few drinks,"

"Great, what time will you pick me up?" I laughed.

"How long will it take you to be ready?"

"I'm ready now,"

"And you look amazing!"

"Do you really love me?" I asked with no uncertainty.

"My whole world stopped when you text me that you were kidnapped,"

I kissed him passionately for I don't know how long but I knew I better check my makeup just before we left for the pier.

"The phone; is it yours?"

"No, I found it by the gas meter yesterday morning. It was dead and figured I would charge it in hope it would give me a clue to its owner,"

"It probably has a password,"

"Not necessarily; anyway it probably belongs to the meter reader,"

"Did you see him?"

"No; but they read the meter every three months and this would be the week they would read it,"

"Why was it in the trash can?"

"I had it charging on the counter when PJ arrived,"

"Did you invite him over?"

"Yes, we were just having a normal conversation..."

"What were you talking about?"

"Life in general, marriage, he wanted to elope; to just get up and leave without saying a word,"

"Did he say where he wanted to go?"

"He didn't say,"

"What else did you talk about?"

"Not much, I told him I didn't want to elope because I wanted a big white wedding with all the bells and whistles,"

"And then?"

"How much longer will this take?" I pouted.

"Just a few more minutes,"


"And then what happened?"

"He pushed me against the island and forced pills into my mouth demanding that I swallow them as he held his hand over my mouth. I tried to fight him off but he was so strong; much stronger than me," I pouted but differently this time leading him to

"I understand; then what happened?"

He tilted my head back a little further and poured water down my nostrils,"

"Then what happened?"

"I had no choice; I swallowed them,"

"Please continue,"


"April, please, we're almost done,"

"He held me there until the drug took effect, my legs weakened, and I fell to the floor where I laid there paralyzed but coherent,"

"Then what happened?"

"He went out into the garage for a few minutes, maybe longer, I couldn't tell really,"

"So you were left alone on the kitchen floor paralyzed?"

"Maybe immobilized is a better word because I could move but... it was like slow motion, like in the movies,"

"Then what happened?"

"Is that all you can say?"

"Please, the faster we get this over with the faster we can get out of here,"

"Fine, I don't remember the exact sequence..."

"Because you want to get it over with,"

"No, because I don't remember the sequence,"

"Okay," he laughed, "but if I don't get what I want they'll send someone else out to get it,"

"Kiss me,"


"You heard me, kiss me," I moved in closer.

We kissed with the same enthusiasm as we did earlier which calmed me tremendously; but not my libido.

"While he was in the garage I began to move my hand toward my purse which apparently fell from the island during the scuffle and was just a few inches away; it took me the amount of time to reach it as he was in the garage due to the drug he gave me,"

"Eventually he came back in from the garage and went to the fridge; he ate a cold slice of pizza and drank a Mountain Dew. He didn't pay much attention to me which gave me adequate time to grasp my purse,"

"Then he noticed the phone charging on the island and thought it was mine. He said something about I wouldn't need my phone where I was going and threw it away thinking it was mine which was his only mistake because mine was in my purse,"

"Eventually, he picked me up and put me in the trunk of my Jaguar. He drove around for a while giving me plenty of time to retrieve my phone and text and call the police,"

"I thought he was definitely going to kill me the entire time until the car stopped, the trunk popped, and he let me go,"

"I roamed around mindlessly until finally ending up on the curb of 7-11,"

"Is that when you called for an Uber?"

"Yes, I borrowed a phone from a woman to call,"

"Where were you when he let you out of the trunk?"

"I don't know; I was drugged up, remember?"

"So you don't have a clue?"

"That's the same question I asked myself the entire ride home; I just can't remember,"


"Even if I remember in a minute or a month from now I wouldn't tell you. He didn't hurt me and I'm thankful to be alive; I just want to forget about it and get on with my life so can you drop the cop act now and take me out; I'm starving?"

"This is going to be difficult; you know that don't you?"

"Not any more difficult than the last few months,"


"Fine," I tilted my head.

He stood, took my hand, and led me toward the door.

Where are we going?"

"Fiche's Fish Tank for starters?"

"Oh my gawd, I love that place!" I smiled.

Mike opened the front door for me as he placed his hand on my lower back and upper cheeks as he led me through the door. He locked and closed the door behind us as he put his arm around my shoulder; I grabbed his hand with both of mine as he walked me to the car and opened the door for me. I turned to look at him and then we kissed... I was in heaven.

I got in and he shut the door; he then got in and started the car.

"What kind of music are you into?"


"Well, then I'll leave it to you to find the station," he smiled.

"Thanks," we flirted back and forth as I rounded the stations, stopping at every song I liked, and singing them to Mike which produced a large smile.

"We're here,"

"Great, I can't wait," I started to open the door.

"Wait, not so fast,"

"What!" he startled me.

"Let me get that for you,"

"Mike," I giggled.

"Please," he said lending me a helping hand as I got out of the car.

I giggled; it was exciting to finally be treated like a female.

"A romantic table for two please," he told the waitress once inside.

"Sure, follow me," she smiled.

She took us to the back room reserved for couples; it was a romantic table in the corner for just the two of us. It had a candlelit chandelier with three small lit candles on the table.


"My name is Amy; can I get you something to drink?" she asked.

"What's on the menu?" Mike asked.

"We have beer, wine, and champagne," she smiled at me.

I wasn't into champagne or wine because I always thought of them as the 'female' drink; but considering my circumstance I ordered a white wine.

"Good choice,"

"What do you have on tap?" Mike asked.

"Bud and Coors but we do have Rolling Rock, Blue Moon, Samuel Adams, and Heineken,"

"I'll have a Blue Moon,"

"I'll be back with your drinks in a minute; it'll give you time to think about your order,"

"Thank you," Mike took control.

We made small talk until she returned with our drinks.

"Have you decided yet?"

"Yes, I'll have the grilled shark, vegetable medley, and Cole slaw," I ordered.

"I'll have the Fish Tank Platter, two too many fries, and the Cole slaw," Mike ordered.

"Good choice," the waitress flirted with him before leaving.

"You noticed that right?" I asked Mike.


"You're kidding me right?"


"The waitress; she flirted with you right in front of me," I giggled.

"You're imagining it,"

"A girl knows when another girl is flirting with her date Mike,"

"Well, if she did, she was probably trying to get to you through me," he smiled.

"Whatever," we laughed.

"I mean, you're gorgeous right?"

"I would sound pretty conceded if I answered that,"

"You're right; you are gorgeous, no doubt,"

"Good, when she comes back you can say it in front of her,"

"Are you serious?"

"Yes I am,"

Time passed as we talked.

"Here you go," the waitress said placing my dish in front of me.

"You're the most gorgeous women I've ever laid my eyes on," Mike said in front of the waitress as she placed my dish in front of me.

"Thank you,"

"Here you go sir," the waitress said placing his plate in front of him.

"Thank you," Mike replied.

"Anything else I can get for you?" she asked.

"Nothing for now, thank you," Mike told her.

"Wow, I'm impressed," I said.

"It's the truth so it wasn't really that hard,"

"Thank youuu," I giggled.

"You have a very pretty smile,"

"Thanks," I smiled.

We finished and headed back to the house because I wanted to change to more appropriate club attire.

Once inside I rushed to my room and changed into a black bodycon dress that had laced sides and little length; the kind of length you had to pull your dress down to sit and cross your legs type of length. I changed my booties to the exact same pair except black and kept the same silver jewelry" Are you ready?" I said as I entered the living room where he was looking at the stone fireplace.

"Yea..." he began. "Wow!" he exclaimed as he turned around.

"Maybe I should change into something more conservative,"

"No, I think that's fine," he said nodding.

"Just fine," I pouted slouching to one side toying with him.

"No, I meant, it's perfect,"

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure,"

"Because it'll only take me a minute for me to change into something else," I said pointing toward the staircase.

"Nope, you're... you're perfect,"

"Well, if you like it,"

"Oh... it's perfect,"

"Great, I'm ready."

There was a line around the corner when we arrived at the club.

"Come on," he said taking my hand. He walked me to the entrance and nonchalantly showed his badge and we walked right in.

"I need one of those," I giggled once inside.

He threw a twenty down on a passing tray and took to beers off of it and handed one to me.

"I meant a badge," I laughed.

"Sorry, I thought you meant a beer,"

"I know," I giggled.

"I can call the cat-girl back for a refund," we giggled referring to the waitresses in a skimpy feline outfits with cat makeup; like cats except with a lot less clothing.

"Let's hit the dance floor," I told him as we chugged or beer and gave the empties to a passing feline.

There was something in the air as the magic happened again between Mike and me.

We smiled and gazed into one another's eyes, flirting when we danced apart and kissed when we were in each other's arms on the slow dances. His cock wasn't quite there yet but I could feel it pulsate on the slow dances as I pressed against him; it was time for a different type of tease.

"I'm a little perched," I told him.

The truth be told; something happened when I first met Mike... something special and strange.

Though a cross-dresser; I went from being a totally normal married heterosexual into a bisexual cross-dresser which then mutated into a cock loving transsexual.

My point, I want to bed Mike, I want every inch of his manhood deep inside me and beyond; I want him to fuck the living hell out of me until I pass out from exhaustion.

Though Mike came forth and admitted he loved me there's still one thing that could get between us, my little dickey.

I know, I know, it shouldn't matter at this point but love has nothing to do with getting down and dirty, and when it comes to that... it's me that has to make him comfortable enough to over look it if I want to continue this romance.

That means, getting him fucked up and horny as hell so he'll want to see me again.

He pulled out his wallet and grabbed another two beers before I could say anything. I took both from his hands and handed them to another couple.

"I was thinking more in the line of some shots," I told him.

"Sure, let's head to the bar," he said placing his hand midway between my lower back and my butt.

I smiled knowing he was turned on by me.

"What will you have?" Mike asked.

"Rum," I smiled as I took an empty stool and he stood between me and another occupied stool.

"What'll you have?" the bartender asked.

"A shot of whisky and rum," he replied.

There was no time to talk as the bartender put two shot glasses in front of us and quickly poured. Mike tossed him a twenty, the bartender waited on another customer, and we downed our shots.

"It hit the spot," Mike smiled.

I snapped my fingers and the bartender jumped to attention and I gave him the peace sign.

"Two more?' the bartender asked.

"Yes, and keep them coming," I told him.

He poured two more.

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

"What's the problem, you can't hang with a girl?"

He laughed, and then I joined in knowing I had him exactly where I wanted him... well... not exactly... but close.

We had seven shots each; I really wasn't worried about getting wasted and getting taken advantage of because that was my intention from the start.

We went back out on the floor; Mike wasn't so tight and tense this time around. I kept eye contact with him the entire time until I turned and brushed up against him.

In return he wrapped his arms around my waist while I grind against his manhood; my only objective was to get him horny as hell.

Eventually the alcohol and music took over as I took Mike's hands and placed them on my breasts and held them there.

I looked up to see another woman looking at me; I smiled as I slid my hand behind me and fondled Mike's cock through his pants. She smiled and then began to giggle as she spun on her man and did a reach around copying me. I winked and she winked back.

I looked down, bit my lower lip, closed my eyes, and enjoyed the feel off his cock in my hand.

What I really wanted was to get on my knees and blow him into oblivion; like a nuclear bomb. That wasn't to happen here on the dance floor in front of all these people; but... if there was a room we could slip into.

Another forty minutes of dancing had passed and it was time for a refill; at least for Mike.

"Honey," I whispered tilting my head back and kissing him.


"I think more shots are in order," I whispered and kissed him again.

"Do you remember; I'm driving,"

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