tagNovels and NovellasInternational Apartment Adventures Ch. 05

International Apartment Adventures Ch. 05


I was walking through campus on a beautiful sunny day. People were everywhere, walking to and from class. There were some guys on a small field tossing a Frisbee back and forth, and a booth set up on a nearby walk-path that read in hand-painted writing: "Save The Amazon!" staffed by some girls handing out fliers.

I was holding someone's hand. I looked to my side to see who it was; it was Nellie's. She was wearing cat's eye sunglasses and a wide-brimmed sun hat. She leaned forward and kissed me, then looked behind her and said "Come on!" She tugged on a leash she held in her other hand.

The leash was attached to Laura. She was wearing a collar, and nothing else. Her breasts jiggled up and down as she tried to keep up with us. Her hands were tied behind her back.

"Come! Come!" Nellie yanked the leash, which made Laura yelp and scuffle forward. Her ankles were bound together, too.

My dick grew hard. Nellie noticed right away, and reached into my pants and squeezed my dick and stroked it. "You're hard again?" She asked as if I were hungry and had just eaten. She gave an exasperated exhale, and rolled her eyes. She yanked Laura forward with the leash and unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down. "Go on, swallow it all this time, don't waste any or I'll spank you so hard you won't be able to sit for a week," she said, pushing Laura down onto her knees.

Laura's eyes lit up and opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue.

I stood there aghast, thinking about all the people who would see, but no one walking by gave a second look and continued on as if we were doing nothing unusual. I pulled down the elastic waist of my nylon pants, and my cock flopped out in front of her face. Laura suckled on the tip of my penis, and leaned forward as far as she could. In one smooth motion, she stuffed my cock down her throat as far as it could go. She held herself there for a long time.

"Excuse me," one of the girls handing out pamphlets at the Save The Amazon booth approached us. Her long, black hair was tied back in a ponytail that hung halfway down her back. She had an athletic, toned body like Nellie's. "Sorry if I'm interrupting anything."

"No, not at all," I said, my voice strained with pleasure.

"Did you know the Amazon Rainforest is shrinking by millions of acres a year?"

"What can we do to help?" Asked Nellie, pushing Laura's head further into my crotch. A cloudy thought passed through my mind that I didn't remember shaving my pubic hair.

"For a pledge of only $9 a month, you can save up to a hundred acres a year. We're just short of our goal this year, so every dollar helps. Even if you can't afford that-" the activist's spiel went on and Laura continued pumping my dick in and out of her throat. I looked into the activist girl's face with my mouth open and couldn't help but moan in pleasure. "Wow, she's good!" the activist stopped in the middle of her pitch, "how long have you had her?"

"Just over a mooouuuhh-" I began as my sentence turned into another moan.

"She's very well trained. Anyways, do you think you could pledge a few dollars a month to save the Amazon?"

"What do you think, Laura?" I pulled out of her mouth. She gasped for breath, spittle hanging from her plump lips.

"I think it's- guullpp" she managed to say before I thrust my hips forward and back into her mouth, pumping in and out. Nellie giggled, holding a hand up to her mouth.

"You have all of Laura's money, right?" I asked Nellie.

"That's right," Nellie smiled, patting her purse.

"Laura, would you like to donate to save the Amazon?" I pulled my dick out of her mouth again.

"I-" Laura began, but I smacked Laura's face all over with my cock, "ah!"

"Well?" I said, resting my cock on top of her head, my balls dangling in front of her eyes.

"Whatever Nellie says, I'm her slave." She hung her head down, before Nellie yanked the leash again and said, "I didn't tell you to stop sucking!"

A look of fear crossed over her face, followed be determination as she gobbled my cock back into her mouth. "Your slave?" I said, motioning to Laura.

"That's right. I've owned her this whole time. I only let her play with you because she loves you."

Nellie yanked the leash, pulling Laura back away from me. My cock popped out of her mouth as she was dragged away from me. Still on all fours, she strained against the leash with her tongue stuck out, desperately trying to fulfill her mistress's instructions..

Left so weirdly unphased by this predicament, I reflected on how odd my thought process was and the dream nearly became lucid. But my distracted thoughts tumbled back down to a worrying epiphany: Nellie was my enemy.

I was awoken by soft hair tickling my thighs. Laura was sucking me. She popped my dick out of her mouth and said "Finally, you're awake! I've been at this for a while now." She was naked save for a silver necklace with a sapphire dangling between her breasts. She stuffed me back into her mouth. She made the same guttural gulp sound as she guided myself down into her throat and I moaned involuntarily. She held it down as long as she could before her gag reflex forced her to come back up, gasping for air. "Do you think you could shave yourself, down here?" She continued stroking my cock. "I love going down on you, but hate the feeling of the hair going up my nose."

I nodded and managed to grunt. I pushed her away gently, and slid out from under her, off the bed to stand up.

She slid down onto her knees onto the pillow that was still on the floor, and sucked me in and out of her mouth with a regular, machine like rhythm. When she needed to come up for air, she turned her head slightly so my dick poked into one of her cheeks.

"Tell me when you cum, I want to taste this time," she said. I nodded and she went back to work. She got into a steady rhythm of repeatedly driving my cock in and out of her throat, making that throaty, guttural, somehow both disgusting but incredibly sexy gulp gulp gulp sound.

My balls clenched and boiled over. I felt the cum seeping up through my shaft. Just before it left the tip, I tapped on her head and withdrew until only the tip was left in her mouth. I exploded and she gulped it down like she was sucking on a straw to her favorite soda. I came powerful spurts into her mouth while she spiraled her tongue around the tip trying to coax more out.

When I finished, she did the customary suck, lick and kiss; the blowjob version of a cherry on top. I laid back down on the bed to bask in the post-orgasm afterglow.

"Thank you for the delicious breakfast," she said in a sing-song tone, springing up to her feet and rifling through the pile of clothes on the floor, looking for her panties. "I read in Schlepper's blog that semen has lots of protein and hormones that contribute to a healthy female psyche. So I hope we can do this most mornings, at least."

I wanted to say something about thanking Schlepper, but all I could do was grunt in reply.

She couldn't find her panties. Slipping into her tight, torn jeans over her pale thighs, her pantiless landing strip disappeared into denim. I smiled as I watched her dress, my arms crossed behind my head, watching her squeeze her big breasts into her frilly, black bra. She flipped open a small makeup case and mirror, and began to fix her hair and apply some foundation to her makeup-smeared face. "Ugh, no time for shower, next time just stand up right away if that helps you cum, OK?" she said without looking at me, and then was out the door before I could even reply. I thought about going for my usual morning run, but being sucked off so early and cumming so intensely didn't put me in a very physical mood, instead I basked in the rays of sun casting down through my window, warming my body and drying her saliva.

My mind snapped alert. I had completely forgot about a Technology in Media assignment due in a few hours. Still naked, I burst out of my room to take a quick shower and ran into Hiro. He looked away with a grimace at having seen my cock. Neither of us knew what to say, so I just sidled past him.

After my shower in my room, I was just about dressed and ready to head out for the day, when I heard a knock at my door. Did Laura get back in and want to suck me off again? I thought, but it was Hiro at the door.

"Hi," he said awkwardly as ever.

"Hey, Hiro," I started past him, but he had a different kind of expression on his face, like he wanted something-

"Uh," he said, his eyes were wider, as if worried about something. I was eager to actually hear him speak in the manner of a normal conversation, even it was him requesting not to fuck the girls I had over so hard and loud.

"My Mom," he said- and pointed down the hall towards his room, "she said she'd like to speak with you."

"Your Mom... me?" I said, and pointed at myself.

"Uh huh," he nodded quickly, and pointed again towards his room with an open door. I

Inside Hiro's room, a thick blanket hung over the window; the only light was the pale blue glow from his monitor. The walls were adorned in super-hero art. I turned the corner to see what was on the computer's monitor, and Skype was open. His mom was waiting on the screen, reading something just below the camera's vision. She was young and pretty, with large almond eyes and a bob haircut. She was wearing what looked like a satin white dress-shirt with a small golden necklace. She looked up slightly away at her screen, then turned her eyes to the camera. She crossed one hand over the other in front of her, smiled and tilted her head slightly

"Oh Hi! Are you Mark?" She said in perfect English with no discernible accent, and gave a little wave.

"Uh, hey, yea that's me." I said, tentatively approaching the monitor in the dark room.

"Hi! Nice to meet you! I'm Karen, please, have a seat. Oh, and shut the door behind you!" I turned around to see Hiro peeking into the room, then close the door. It felt strange to be in Hiro's room myself with the door closed behind me. She motioned an upturned palm to the chair in front of the monitor. "So Mark, I thought maybe you could help me with something." She paused, and looked at me, waiting for me to respond.


"Look, Hiro has always had trouble socializing, meeting people. I had to force him to go study abroad for a year. I was hoping being out of his comfort zone would get him to blossom. He's 21 now, and has never been with a girl."

"Oh," I said. There was a pause, like she was waiting for me to say more.

"He tells me you have girls over."

"Yea, but just to study..."

"Hey," she said smiling, putting her hands up, "I know what kids do in college. I went to college in the US. It was probably some of the most fun I've had on my life. But I remember even back then, before all the video games and computers and phones were everywhere, there were some people who just kind of missed out on it, who didn't really engage with the social aspect of it, and I always felt bad for them."

"Oh, yea, me too..." I said nodding. I already knew where she was going with this.

"And from what he's telling me, Hiro is basically holed up every day in the apartment."

"I mean, I'm not here a lot Ms. Hoga-"

"Please, call me Karen." She adjusted her shirt slightly and I could see the outline of her breasts. She smiled at me. I couldn't believe it, but Hiro's mom was pretty hot. I felt my cock twitch, and shifted in my seat a little and her smile grew wider.

"I'm not sure I can help him, Karen." I looked down at her shirt, and could see her perky brown nipples through the sheer white fabric. I was fully erect now and was struggling not to start stroking myself.

"Couldn't you take him out with you? Just once? He's a really nice kid; he just gets stuck in his own little world. Sometimes he just needs a little push."

"Sure Ms. Hoga- Karen. I'll try to help him out."

"If you get my son laid, Mark, I'll make it up to you somehow," she winked at me. My cock, fully erect in my pants, twitched. Her phone rang, and she answered in Japanese. "Nice talking to you, Mark! Could you tell Hiro to come talk to me?"

I stood up, and she saw my erection sticking in my pants.

"Oh my!" she said, putting her hand to her mouth, giggling.

I walked away, embarrassed and excited. I felt ravenously horny again. I wanted to go back to my room and jerk off thinking about Hiro's mom.

Hiro walked by me in the hall, "Your mom wants to talk to you," I said.

"What did she say to you?" he asked.

"She was saying, uhm, that you could tutor me in Japanese."

Hiro looked at me, expressionless.

"Ok, she said she wanted me to help you with... girls."

"Oh," he looked down with a similar grimace to the one he'd seen me naked earlier.

"Look man," I put a hand on his shoulder, "I know it's embarrassing. But there's a ton of cute girls out there. I could help you. It's up to you though man, it's your life. I know it's pretty personal. I won't tell anyone about it. Just think about it."

"I would... I would like your help."

"Alright, I have to finish this assignment, we'll talk later, OK?"

For the first time since I had met him, Hiro smiled.

Despite my invitation, Laura didn't sleep over again, saying she was too busy writing a paper.

Though she never spent the night, Laura developed another new habit: For the next three mornings, Hiro, ever the gentleman, let her into the apartment where she then let herself into my bedroom. She would shake me awake, and pull on my wrist in order to get me out of bed and stand up. She took off her shirt and bra first. Just watching her tits shake free got me hard. I leaned my bare ass on the wooden bed frame, and let her get to work. Letting her lick and suck at first. Usually the session would end by me grabbing her head and face-fucking her until I came.

On the third day, I woke up to Laura closing the bedroom door shut behind her. With my eyes closed I smiled, waiting for her to begin.

She said something in Dutch, with what sounded like the word "mom" in it.

I mouthed "what the fuck?" at her, seeing she had her phone to hear ear, but her expression didn't change and put her index finger up to her lips.

She continued on in the unintelligible tongue. Her speech sounded much different when she was speaking Dutch. Her words had a bouncy quality still underpinned by her usual hardlined authoritative way of expressing herself.

The person on the other line-what must have been her mom- went into a long speech and Laura took the opportunity to climb onto the bed. She pulled my boxers down and my half-erection flopped out. Grabbing the base with her thumb and forefingers she held it up to grab it with her lips. She sucked and I couldn't help but let out a moan as she began to work her lips all the way up and down the shaft. Her mom must have heard me. She stopped sucking.

"Niks, niks, mam!" she said and winked at me, then went on to explain something in Dutch, while jerking me off. Her conversation on the phone continued and she alternated between sucking me off and talking to her mom while pumping my cock with her hand. At one point, I forced her head down my shaft till I was down her throat.

Her mom's voice sounded worried, "Laura? Laura? Ben je daar?"

She looked at me with desperation, tapping my thigh with her free hand. I rammed in harder, smashed my pubic hair up into her nose, then let her go. She gasped for breath, and wiped the tears that were running down her face. She recovered, her face red and eyes veiny, and explained something to her mom and continued her conversation. After what felt like forever, though it was probably only a minute, she hung up the phone.

"You're very rude you know! Trying to fuck my face when I'm talking to my m-" she managed to say before I reached up and grabbed the back of her head, and guided her mouth back to my cock. I fucked her face extra hard, instructing her to keep her hands clasped behind her back. My ass cheeks clenched the sheets as I nutted streams of goo into her mouth.

We fell into a routine of starting the day with her performing oral on me to completion. She would remark on how good it tasted, and how her last boyfriends cum had tasted salty and bitter, whereas mine had a much more agreeable, silky texture, and tasted sweet and not too salty. Every time she sucked me off, she got could go deeper, longer, and made me cum with less effort. Although I felt like I had dominated her the first night, it was starting to feel like she was the one taking control. By the fifth day, she told me she could already fit into her tighter jeans since she had started on her new morning-cum diet.

She still didn't want to fuck, though. I knew she was still a virgin and knew she must feel incredibly tight, but maybe she just needed to feel a little peer pressure.

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