tagInterracial LoveInterracial Wife Swap Ch. 02

Interracial Wife Swap Ch. 02


The warm hotel room smelled of our sex and sweat. For awhile, the four of us wordlessly basked in a humid, post-orgasmic glow.

Ja'Nell got up off her knees in front of me, and sat down on the bed next to me to my right. She put her left arm around my shoulders, and gently fondled my softening prick with her right hand. She moved her mouth to my ear, and huskily whispered to me.

"Don, I love your big white cock. It felt so good moving inside me! I want to feel it in me again, baby. Please cum inside me next time." I tingled all over as her face, still smeared with my thick load, brushed my earlobe and then my neck.

Jake and Susan were sitting side by side on their bed. Jake gently ran one hand up and down Susan's back, while he languidly massaged her clit with the other. Susan slowly ran her hands up and down her own thighs, and I could see Jake's cum slowly oozing out of my wife's pink, swollen pussy.

Despite all of our eagerness to try this interracial wife swap, I'd been dreading these moments. Throughout my life, I've had a number of times when what seemed like a good idea in bed beforehand gave way to feelings of shame or regret after I'd cum. To my great relief, I found I felt none of that this time. Instead, I was almost giddy with happiness, and felt all of my sexual frustration had now melted away.

First, my wife, whom I loved, had gotten to experience sexual pleasure the likes of which she hadn't known in years from me. Watching her in ecstasy with my best friend rekindled my appreciation for Susan as a sexual being. I had loved her all along, but over the years, our lovemaking had become routine, and I suppose we'd taken each other for granted. Now, seeing each other giving and receiving pleasure from others, we'd been reminded of the deep wells of passion in each other that we'd forgotten. I knew I'd never view Susan as boring ever again – there was still a lustful tigress in her, always ready to emerge with the right ministrations.

And, frankly, my appreciation for Jake had grown as well. I learned his skills in the bedroom equaled his skills in the boardroom, and I had to admire his handsome physique and sexual prowess. I felt honored by the attention he'd lavished on my wife, and thankful for the intense pleasure he'd given her.

As for Ja'Nell, I'd always liked her kindness and generous spirit, as well as her obvious sexiness. To have such a gorgeous and sweet woman worshipping my cock made me feel ten feet tall.

Of course, the excitement of Susan and I being with new lovers was only magnified by the visible contrast between us and our partners. Seeing Jake and Ja'Nell's black skin pressed up against our white skin heightened our awareness of the newness and otherness of our lovers, while adding an element of forbidden lust beyond that which we already felt from swapping spouses in the first place. I marveled at the fact that we'd managed to experience such an erotically-charged experience with a couple we loved, respected and trusted so much.

"Get it up again, Don, and fuck me with that big white cock. Fill me up with it."

Ja'Nell's whispered demand snapped me out of my reverie, and I knew philosophy was about to give way again to more animal passion. I sensed it would be awhile before I was good to go, and told Ja'Nell as much.

"Wait here, baby," she said with a sweet but lustful smile. "I'll show you something to get you going."

Ja'Nell stood up and moved over to the bed on which Jake was still caressing Susan. She sat down on the opposite side of Susan from Jake, and lowered her head to Susan's huge, low-hanging left breast. Ja'Nell began tonguing the engorged nipple. Susan gave a brief gasp, wrapped her left arm around Ja'Nell's shoulders, and firmly pulled Ja'Nell right up against her to let her know she wanted it a little bit rougher. Ja'Nell obliged by latching on to Susan's nipple and taking it and a lot of Susan's tit into her mouth. Jake lost no time in joining in, and promptly lowered his head and did the same thing with my wife's other tit. Jake and Ja'Nell suckled on Susan's massive breasts as Jake continued swirling his fingertips around Susan's trembling clit. Ja'Nell's black olive-like nipples sprung to erect life, and her left hand made its way to my wife's pussy. Ja'Nell's middle and index fingers soon disappeared into the folds of my wife's soggy cunt. I could see Ja'Nell's fingers become slick and shiny with my wife's juices and Jake's semen as she manually pleasured Susan.

Susan's body shuddered as our black friends brought her to orgasm after orgasm.

Between groans of sexual release, my wife hissed, "That's it! Suck on my tits! Harder!" Susan looked like a queen, delighting in the pleasure she deserved.

In no time, the sight of those two beautiful black faces tonguing and sucking my wife's massive, creamy white breasts revived my cock completely. Ja'Nell noticed my obvious arousal, and pulled herself away from my wife's chest. Susan's left tit was now shiny with a mixture of Ja'Nell's saliva and my cum, transferred there from Ja'Nell's face.

Ja'Nell reached over, caressed Jake's cheek as he sucked on Susan, and then brought his head up to hers. Jake and Ja'Nell kissed passionately, and I could see their tongues meeting and sliding over each other. I loved the thought that Jake was tasting some of my seed on his wife's lips as I watched.

After what seemed like an eternity, Ja'Nell broke off the kiss, looked deeply into Jake's eyes, and smiled sweetly at him.

"I love you, baby," she said, "but I've got some more work to do. Promise me you love me, you'll watch me and Don, and you'll give Susan what she needs?"

Jake returned Ja'Nell's smile, and replied, "You know it, baby."

Jake turned to Susan. "Are you ready for some more?" he asked.

My usually demure wife smirked and replied, " Make me your bitch, Jake."

Ja'Nell crossed over to my bed, and I stood up to meet her. We met in a passionate embrace. I cupped her firm mocha ass in my hands and her pulled her close. She threw her slender arms around my waist, grabbed my ass, and our lips met in a hot, wet kiss. My long, hard cock was pressed between our firm bellies, and we began grinding our hips together.

Over Ja'Nell's shoulder, I saw Susan lie back on the edge of the bed and spread her legs. Jake knelt on the floor in front of her, and I saw him lower his head to my wife's sex. Using both her hands, Susan pushed Jake's head firmly onto her. I couldn't see exactly what he was doing, but I knew Jake was now eating his own cum out of my wife. Susan's quivering pink thighs alternately opened and closed around Jake as he worshipped her moist pussy. Susan seemed to be climaxing constantly, as she screamed "Lick it all up! Oh God, YES!"

I closed my eyes, and for the next few minutes lost myself in the reverie brought on by feeling my engorged prick sandwiched between me and Ja'Nell, as I felt her warm ebony lips and soft pink tongue on my mouth. Then, I knew I had to have this woman again.

I guided Ja'Nell down onto our bed, and she lay down on her back and spread her legs invitingly. She propped herself up on her elbows, looked deeply into my eyes, patted her firm, flat stomach, and whispered "Now give it to me, white boy. I want all of that huge fucking white cock inside me."

I climbed onto the bed in front of her. To my great surprise, she abruptly put her lithe, mocha legs over my shoulders. Ja'Nell reached down and firmly seized my erection in both hands, and guided the head of my cock to her dusky, brown pussy. She slid the head of my cock up and down over her cunt lips and clit until the tip of my prick was slick with my precum and her juices. She writhed with passion, grunted, and began sliding me into her.

Because of the size of my cock, and because her legs were all the way over my shoulders, I wanted to be gentle to make sure I wouldn't hurt Ja'Nell. She could sense my caution, and looked up at me with her glowing almond eyes. She smiled and said "Don, you're sweet, but I know what I want. Give it to me, hard!"

Slowly but firmly, I plunged my cock deeply into the depths of Ja'Nell, all the way to the hilt.

"Oh God, Don, that's it! I love your huge white cock. Fuck me with it!"

I thrust my cock harder and harder into Ja'Nell, and felt her tawny body shudder underneath me as waves and waves of her orgasms washed over us. I couldn't believe that Ja'Nell could take all ten inches of me, and she felt almost impossibly tight around my shaft, but there was no question but that this feeling was exactly what she'd craved. I couldn't believe how hot, tight, soft and wet her ebony cunt felt around my cock, how firm her flat belly felt against mine, how hard her dark black nipples felt as they brushed my own nipples, and how soft her pretty lips felt as we kissed. It was magnificent.

In no time, I felt another load of cum welling up inside me. With an exultant cry, I pushed myself even deeper into Ja'Nell and held myself there. Ja'Nell closed her eyes and inhaled deeply as she felt my massive, twitching cock spurting cum deep inside her.

Ja'Nell and I stayed like that for awhile after I came, as we both panted with exertion.

"Oh baby, that was incredible!" Ja'Nell whispered.

"Ja'Nell, you are an amazing, beautiful, sexy woman. You make me feel great, and you deserve to feel that way, too," I replied.

Ja'Nell and I both looked across the room, and saw Susan riding on top of Jake as he lay on his back. Susan's white hands were braced against the bulging muscles of Jake's broad, black chest, and her massive pale tits bounced up and down as she thrust her hips up and down on Jake's erection. I could see Jake's hard black cock sliding in and out of the pink folds of my wife's pussy. The muscles in Jake's arms were taut with exertion as his hands, wrapped around Susan's pale waist and pushed her up and down on his cock.

Soon, I saw Jake's body shudder as he triumphantly shot his cum into my wife's pussy. Susan shouted, "Oh God, Jake, it's so hot! I want all of it!"

We all stayed still for awhile, enjoying the afterglow. Soon, we all stood up and met in the middle of the room. The four of us huddled up, wrapped our arms around each other, and giggled like schoolkids.

Without exchanging a word, each of us knew we were onto something good. Even as we laughed and hugged, and our sated bodies cooled in the dim light of the hotel room, each one of the four of us was already looking forward to our next rendezvous.


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