tagTransgender & CrossdressersIrene's Photoshoot Ch. 01

Irene's Photoshoot Ch. 01


It all started with a mail: "Hi Irene, I've seen your pictures on Flickr and I love them. I know you have been out only once but I also know that you are craving to do it again. So here's the deal: I offer you a private photo shoot, I'll dictate the poses and the outfit and I'll pay you 500 Euro's for it."

OMG, he had been waiting for an excuse to go outside in Irene-mode again and this sounded like an offer not to be refused... He felt his hands were shaking while he responded, "Mmm, that sounds good, what are you proposing? Xoxoxo!"

The answer came quick: "Ok, that's settled then. I want you to be at Café Engels, next to Rotterdam Central station at Friday the 1st of July at five o'clock in the afternoon."

His heart was pounding when he replied shyly: "Ok."

The swift reply made him shake even more: "I want you to wear that black latex cat suit and that stiletto high heeled over knee boots that seems to be quite popular in your photo stream."

OMG, this was way more than he had ever fantasized about... but his fingers just typed a meek "Ok."

The night before sleep was restless. He had taken Friday off from work to prepare for the adventures ahead. Soaking in a flower-scented bath and removing every hair from his body got her in the right mood. Time for makeup. She decided to go a bit further than usual and went for a heavy smoky eyed effect around her piercing blue eyes. Half an hour was spent to attach long false lashes and layers and layers of volume boosting mascara... Finally blusher, contouring and, mmm, the painting of her soft lips in bright red...

She put on her long blonde hair and then that magical moment of looking in the mirror..." Hello again, gorgeous!" Irene said, enjoying the sight of the pretty girl smiling back at her...

Then the next step of nipping and tucking. Irene decided on a black lace thong with a matching bra, and of course the black waist nipper. Breathing out, she pulled the strings as tight as she dared, giving her a feeling of being a bit drunk. "OMG, should I really do this?" she murmured.

Then it was time for the latex cat suit. She squeezed into it, and closed the zipper which conveniently went from her chin to the top of her firm ass. The boots came next. Irene always loved stepping into them and zipping them up. The feeling of standing in high heels was magical and she did some girly steps in front of the mirror.

Irene painted her nails a bright red and accessorized her hands with big rings on every finger, a bit of her trademark on Flickr.

Earrings, necklace and a warm, deep smelling feminine perfume. Irene looked in the mirror and thought: "Wow girl, you rock!"

Then the truth hit home. "OMG, I have to go outside to meet a guy..." Her heart started pounding, she thought about just to chicken out but then she decided that if there ever was a chance go outside it would be this.

So at four o'clock she opened the front door and stepped outside, with shaking knees. She had donned a long trench coat which only revealed her booted legs. Taking a deep breath she started to walk to her car which was parked some streets away. She passed a neighbour who looked at her ass and some young guys who made cat-whistles at her. Irene was getting braver now and passed them while she wiggled her firm derriere.

She made it to her car, a small red MX5. When she started it, she was faced with a new problem: "OMG, how I'm going to drive in stiletto heels?" Irene chuckled.

Somehow she managed and Irene arrived in Rotterdam in time. Driving on the highway dressed as a pretty blonde was exciting enough. She walked the little distance to the terrace of Café Engels, enjoying the sensation of walking in the centre of the city, dressed as a pretty girl. She ordered a white wine against the nerves running along her spine, using her best feminine voice. The waiter didn't seem to notice although he had an interest in her legs...

Just after five a handsome young man walked onto the terrace and asked politely: "Miss Nyman?" Irene followed him to a waiting car, her heels click-clacking on the pavement, with the faint feeling that there was no way back now...

During the drive into the Rotterdam harbour the driver didn't say much, just that he was instructed to pick up a pretty girl and bring her to a place in the outskirts of the harbour.

The place turned out to be an old warehouse. The driver brought her inside and left. Irene felt very nervous, anxious what would happen next. Then she heard a voice and turned around.

She saw a tall middle aged man standing in the door opening, quite handsome, sharp dressed, and smiling at her. "Hello Irene, glad you are here. It's nice to see you in real life and I must say that cat suit really suits you."

He told her to relax and after some talking he suggested that they should start the photo shoot. "I always like the contrast of a pretty girl against an old industrial backdrop." He instructed Irene to assume various poses while shooting away. She did all the poses she usually did in her personal photo shoots and did her best to look sexy and seductive. She really enjoyed it until suddenly he said: "I want to try something."

From a bag he took a white rope and, suddenly changing the tone of his voice, he said "Turn around!" A bit surprised, Irene turned around and felt the client grabbing her hands behind her back and wrapping the rope around her wrists. "Wait a minute!" she protested but he pulled her petite body against his. "Don't worry babe, I just want to play a bit with you."

Irene panicked and wanted to run away but the client wouldn't let her. "Oh no, you don't! "and pushed her toward a small office in the corner of the warehouse. Irene started to scream. "You talk too much, honey," he said and produced a cloth from his pocket which he stuffed into Irene's mouth. Roughly he put her into a chair in the office and tied the rope around her wrists to the back of the chair. Irene struggled and tried to push the gag from her mouth. He quickly wrapped another cloth around her head and picked up some more rope.

The client started to tie Irene's right leg to the chair. Irene kicked him and the client slapped her in the face. "I do not want to ruin that pretty face, so never ever do that again!" he shouted. Irene surrendered, her head was spinning. Here she was, dressed like a hot girl, tied up in a godforsaken place in the harbour... She tried to fight the feeling but she was also becoming very aroused. "OMG, what is happening to me?"

The client began taking pictures of her, obviously enjoying it. He lowered the front zipper of her cat suit to show her cleavage while fondling her body. Suddenly his hand was in her crotch, squeezing and exploring through the latex and Irene was squirming and moaning in her bondage. Oh yes, take me, more, more, more!... Suddenly it stopped and the client walked out of the door.

Irene was left in the room. It was getting dark and her head was a tornado of confusion. Obviously she was on her own and she had to get out. She struggled and struggled but it was no use. She started to feel the sweat which was covering her body between the latex cat suit and her skin. The pressure in her mouth from the gag became almost unbearable. She felt a strange mixture of extreme excitement and a will to break free.

Suddenly the door opened and the client came in. "Are you having a good time, Irene?" he asked with a smile. "Mmmmph!" was all Irene could say. The client started to remove the gag. He also loosened the ropes around her wrists. The blood rushed in again. Irene tried to scream but only a croaking sound came from between her red lips.

"You like this, don't you?" the client asked. Irene nodded shyly. The client removed the ropes which tied Irene to the chair and lifted her over his shoulder, gently patting her ass. "Ok babe, let's go on then."

He lowered her on a desk, face down and her hands still tied behind her back. Irene tried to say something. "Oh no, I do the talking," the client said and took a large red ball gag. He pressed it against her lips and slowly Irene felt the red monster fill her mouth. The straps were fastened under her long blonde hair.

The client took some more rope and grabbed her ankles by her stiletto boots. He expertly tied them together.

He then bowed to Irene's head and whispered in her ear: "How about a nice hogtie, sweetie?" Irene tried to answer but all she could feel was that she was starting to drool...

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