tagLoving WivesIs She Cheating?

Is She Cheating?


My wife has been acting strange of late. It all started right after Valentine's Day. She comes home from work happier than she used to. Now she seems to go to happy hour with the girls at work more. But in return she has opened up in the bedroom more as well.

Maybe I'm just being paranoid. After one such outing to the pub Edna (my wife) came home really rather frisky. I was already asleep when she wakens me and wanted to kiss. Edna had never waken me before not for sex anyways. While I must say that I was very surprised it was a delight. Edna had not bothered to undress, so after getting over the initial shock. I began to get into the mood of things. I kissed her back and ran my fingers through her red hair. (All real, all her, being Irish and all)

As I began to unbutton her sweater I notice the sweater she was wearing was rather tight. It really did show off her 38D breast. But what really made it tight was the fact that the top four or five buttons were skewed. Which did not seem to register at the time I had other things in mind. Instead if worrying about buttons I pulled the sweater off over her head. I began to kiss on her neck, when Edna pulled back jumped off the bed to quickly remove the rest of her clothes.

I was already hard as I watched in awe, because Edna has always been conservative and in the six years of marriage she would never let me look at her nude with the lights on. Edna jumped back on the bed as I pulled the covers away to make room for her. Since things were happening in an unusual way, I took the opportunity to look at my lovely wife. I kissed her soft lips as I allowed the tip of my fingers to lightly brush her smooth white skin. My fingers were first trailing around her neck area and proceeded to move lower. First I ran down her arm and back up, I felt a chill move in her body as I stopped kissing and watched my fingers work toward her breast.

Edna lay there with eyes closed and her breath held it seemed as I took in all 5'9" of her beauty. As my fingers circled one breast and then the other I was still laying next to her inhaling the each other's air. I could see to wisp of light red hair that I knew enclosed her pubic area.

I raised my head and lowered my body as my fingers began to work their way down to her navel. Edna raised her knees allowing her legs to part a bit. I kissed her nipple as I allowed my hand to reach the top of her pubic hairs, then I purposely veered to the top of her leg just reaching above her knee before rubbing lightly on the inside of her thigh. Just I as was to reach her slit I went down her other thigh. This caused Edna to raise her hip a bit and her legs to open even more.

I continued to tease her as I licked the other nipple. When I finally cupped her pussy I could feel the heat coming off of her pussy. As I began to lick my way down to her navel I let my fingers reach into her slit. Edna was very wet which is unusual for her. Edna normally is not wet till after I have fingered her a bit.

Now I lowered my body as I inserted a finger in her pussy. This was the first time I was so close to watch my finger slide in and out. I added a second finger as I watched her pussy open up and accept my digits. Edna's body shook as I lowered my tongue to her clit. I sucked into my mouth as my tongue played with it.

Edna screamed, "Fuck me, Fuck me now"

I brought up my body and lined up my hard cock and I slowly penetrated Edna's wet pussy. This was the first time I was able to watch as my cock made its way into her pussy. I started the slide in and out watching her lips hug into my cock the view was too much for me and I came after about twenty strokes.

I collapsed on top of Edna as she grabbed my head bring it to her to kiss me deeply. Edna had never been one to kiss me after I had gone down on her.

I caught my breath, as Edna rolled me over she proceeded to lick her way down my neck. She sucked on my nipples and worked her way down to my cock. Edna grabbed my deflated cock and looked right at me. She has never enjoyed sucking my cock and never to completion and this would be the first time after I had already fucked her.

Edna began to lick my cock as she had never before. She started at the base and lick up; she licked on each side then lowered her mouth over my cock all the way down. Edna had never put that much in her mouth even when I was soft. Of course I did not stay soft for long. My cock began to grow in her mouth, but Edna just kept right on sucking. Bobbing her head the entire length. I thought I would cum again, when she stopped, lifted herself up and sat on my hard cock. The look on her face was satisfaction. As she sat there still for a minute.

Edna then began to lift herself up and down, she was fucking me. As she talk like a porn queen.

"Ohh yhea, ohh yhea, ohh god, fuck me, fuck me"

I had just come once and was on the brink again. It did not take long for me to cum flooding her pussy again.

So my wife now will allow me to see her naked, she will take my cock in her mouth gladly, and now she talks when we fuck all things we had never done before.

Another time she came home late at night (3am). She woke me by sucking on my cock. It seems as every time she goes out she comes home horny. This time as she sucked on my cock she was also pushing a finger around my asshole. Edna was looking straight into my eyes as she began to push her finger in me. I could not hold back any longer and I came into Edna's mouth. She just swallowed and smiled as only a little bit of cum leaked out the side of her mouth.

Edna just got up and walked into the bathroom. And I laid there stunned at what had just happened. I heard Edna taking and shower as I began to wonder what was happening to my wife when she went out. Should I care if these are the results? Edna came back to bed and kissed me goodnight as if it this was normal for us.

Still another time Edna came home horny. Only this time it was earlier around 12. I was in the bathroom shaving, when saw her in the mirror. She began to undress as I finished. She was down to just her panties when I began to kiss her. Edna just pushed down her panties; jumped on the counter spread her legs open and asked me to fuck her. No foreplay or anything. I dropped my boxer and lined my cock up to her already wet pussy. I had never seen her so wet that I had to take a closer look, instead of penetrating her I lifted her legs up and brought my face to her wet pussy. I must say that there was no over whelming smell of sex just her normal women fragrance. I licked her pussy for a long time before coming up to fuck her. We fucked there on the counter for ten minutes before I picked her up and slowly with Edna still attached I walked her to the bed. We must have fucked for ten more minutes before I came.

I noticed that she had soaked the sheets with her cum even before I added my own. I do not know if she is cheating on her nights out, but I sure like the results. What do you think is she cheating? Should I ask her what is happening on those nights?

* * * * *

Writer's Note: I hope you have enjoyed this story please comment and vote. I need some input as to what my next story should be on. Adultery, one on one, slut wife or any other topic. Or maybe I should just quit writing as I am no good at it. Thanks for any input.

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