tagRomanceIsis' Adventure Ch. 1

Isis' Adventure Ch. 1


After having spent Christmas in Denmark with some distant relatives, who had contacted Isis some months earlier about a heritage from a grandmother's unknown brother, Isis was ready to fly back to Goddessville, not very rich but still much of than when she arrived in Denmark.

Finn had checked in on the same flight for a business trip to the US and they were seated together. Finn noticed immediately how attractive Isis was, her beautiful smile, her lovely face, her adorable mouth, and beautiful blond hair. He smelled her scent and was intoxicated.

When Isis's thigh brushed against Finn as she took her seat, he even imagined sensing her soft skin. And he was not gentleman enough not too peek down her cleavage enjoying the sight of her lovely big breasts.

On the flight they had no real conversation except pleasantries about the weather, flying and late departures and arrivals.

A couple of hours into the flight the Captain announced due to very bad weather conditions all North American Airports were closed and we would be landing in Iceland to await clearance to fly on.

Their flight landed at Reykjavik and taxied to the gate.

Isis was not fond of crowded areas, neither was Finn, so they were the last passengers to exit the plane. Unfortunately the 'temporary stay' in Iceland dragged on. Everybody had to spend the night in Reykjavik. By the time Isis and Finn reached the podium, the available hotel rooms had already been distributed and they were told they would have to spend the night in the airport lounge.

They objected strongly but with no relief, not until Finn presented his Platinum Executive Frequent Flyer card, then suddenly Presidential Suite became available. Having no other options and assuming a suite meant at least two rooms, Isis agreed.

Due to the invasion of the Hotel the dining room was very crowded, so Finn suggested they might dine in their suite. They finished their drinks in the bar and went to the room.

The suite's dining area was fabulous, which probably inspired Isis to make the most out of it with the few items she carried in her hand luggage. Their luggage was still on board the aircraft. While waiting for room service to arrive with dinner they showered. Finn, being a gentleman, suggested Isis shower first. She had turned on the television and although she didn't understand the language, she was being entertained by the erotic action! Her eyes were glued to the screen as she motioned for Finn to go ahead showering first.

He was singing away in the shower. His off key melody was somewhat muffled by the crashing sound of cascading water. Isis was perched on the edge of the bed, undulating forward and back against her hand, her fingers buried inside her sweet moist nest as she watched the screen intently. The climax was nearing and so was hers.

"Your turn Sweetie!" Sounded from the bathroom, starling her from her orgasm as Finn stepped out of the shower stall. " And I saved some hot water for you!" He added with a chuckle as he grabbed a towel from the bar.

Isis jumped up, leaving a wet spot on the bedspread. Turning the television off she was walking towards the bathroom when Finn emerged with a small towel draped around him, barely covering his mid section. Her eyes were drawn immediately to his flaccid organ dangling from beneath the towel's edge.

"Hummmm…" She sighed. "Have a nice relaxing shower did you?" She asked with a wink, her hand sensually grazing his exposed groin as she passed him in the narrow doorway.

Finn blushed, frozen in his step, feeling his organ react to her soft touch as his eyes followed her into the bathroom.

Isis did not turn as she began peeling the clothes off her shivering frame. She felt Finn's eyes watching and it was fueling her fire.

Draping her blouse over the towel bar so as not to wrinkle it, she slipped her fingers inside the waistband of her skirt, inching it down her over shapely hips until her beautiful globes popped out.

Finn let out a silent gasp as she continued to push the material down her toned thighs, bending over, pooching out her cute big ass as she stepped out of the skirt, hanging it next to her blouse before stepping inside the shower stall.

With a raging hard on, Finn scurried out into the bedroom fearing Isis would look around and see his excitement!

Already back into his clothing, he was pouring the complimentary champagne as Isis emerged from the bathroom covered only by the skimpy towel. Finn, with quick thinking whipped a sheet from the bed handing it to her with a grin.

"Toga eh?" She took the sheet, dropping her towel to the floor. There she stood for an instant stark naked before wrapping the material about her, tieing it in the center of her chest above her heaving very big eatable breasts.

Finn caught a quick view of her beautiful lean frame as he pulled a chair out for her.

During dinner Isis and Finn toasted with a smile. Finn was falling in love just looking into her beautiful clear eyes and her absolutely lovely kissable mouth.

In between bites, Isis was eyeing Finn, drinking in his handsome appearance and 6'6" athletic body. She found his Danish accent quite charming.

After dinner Finn rose and stood behind Isis pulling her chair out. As she rose they were very close. He wondered if she could hear his heart racing inside his chest.

Finn graciously took Isis's arm leading her to an easy chair when the lights suddenly went out. Finn gathered the candles from the dinner table, placing them onto the nightstands before pouring the remaining red wine into their glasses.

An hour had past, with still no return of the electricity. Their conversation had distracted the growing coldness in the room. Finn thanked Isis for a lovely evening with a goodnight kiss on the cheek, before grabbing a candle, escorting her to the next room and the king size bed. Finn returned to the sofa main room.

Their luggage was still on board the aircraft so they had nothing to change into to sleep in. Isis could not stay warm. Hearing her soft moans and rustling sheets, Finn would return to her room, making several attempts at tucking her in with no avail.

"Oh Finn… " Isis said in a shivering whimper, " This is hopeless. Just crawl in here, Honey and let's keep each other warm!" Without hesitation, Finn peeled his clothing off and crawled in between the cold sheets next to a nude shivering Isis. Finn got so exited, she smelled so good, she is so much of a woman, and she felt so good. She was just so lovely.

Finn looked at Isis's beautiful eyes in the candlelight as his mouth got closer and closer to hers. First a very little kiss where their lips barely touched, then their excitement grew and the kisses became more and more intimate. Finn was sucking Isis's tongue into his mouth, drinking from her beautiful full soft mouth, breathing though her mouth.

The kisses were so intimate they forgot all about the power cut and the world around them. In the candlelight Finn could enjoy the beauty of Isis, he loved her scent and the feeling of her soft white skin against his body.

The lights and heating returned, but they hardly noticed. Finn kissed her beautiful eyes, her cute nose, her ears, her lovely soft cheeks, her neck, and her shoulders. He licked her moist armpits then turned to her beautiful young big white breasts kissing and sucking her exited big nipples almost as if he were trying to suck fluid from her succulent, lovely very big juicy breasts.

He kissed and licked her soft white stomach, licking her lightly moist navel. Gently turning her around he kissed her beautiful soft shoulders, down her back onto her firm white ass cheeks.

Hugging and kissing her beautiful big warm round globes, he inched closer and closer to her beautiful little tight brown hole. Finn was pleased the lights were back on, so he could clearly see Isis's beautiful white ass before he started kissing her little brown hole. He licked her ass pressing his tongue up as far as he could into her beautiful frim white ass, licking her inside.

They had all but forgotten about time … Finn turned Isis over, and with his tongue slowly approached her beautiful, smelling tight little pussy. He kissed and licked her soft barren mound, down between her moist nether lips to her little pucker returning to lick her clitoris, sweetly assaulting it until she came.

With his hungry mouth, Finn sucked the juices running out of his sexy Isis's beautiful spent sex.

He enjoyed the delicious taste of Isis's pussy juice, literally drinking out of her intoxicating smelling pussy before he returned to her clitoris. With long slow licking and sucking he brought Isis to another orgasm.

Finn was so fond of Isis's lovely big milky breasts; he played with them so long time. He enjoyed her moist armpits, finding them so sexy before he finally entered her for the first time.

Isis and Finn made slow love really enjoying each other. Finn again was intimately kissing her beautiful sensual mouth almost sucking her dry. He felt and enjoyed the smooth skin all over her beautiful soft body before cumming inside her sweet pussy, while he was fondling her very big milky warm breasts.

They continued to lie close together, hugging and kissing. When Finn got out of bed, walking into the bathroom, he could hear the snowstorm raging outside. It had been snowing continually since they arrived and there was no way they would be able to leave Reykjavik the next day. Finn returned to Isis's bed with a snicker and a smile...

To be continued...

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