tagNovels and NovellasIsland Prey Ch. 03

Island Prey Ch. 03


Note: Please read Island Prey Ch. 01 and 02 to get up to date. So far the women have taken to the game with open legs and with a whole day and a half to go will the men be able to keep up? All rights reserved.


Jack's eyes were weighted down with weariness when he felt fingers and then a warm tongue cover his limp tool. He tried to turn over to escape but her body prevented it. Soon her lips closed around the sore head until it expanded enough to fill her mouth. "Please let me sleep."

"Nope," Young Amy giggled. "You're all mine today."

Jack felt her softness straddle his hips and then her moist hot hole sliding down his shaft. "Easy. I think I'm raw." As she slowly lifted and lowered her pussy he tried to remember how many times they had fucked during the night. He closed his eyes and passed out.

"HEY WAKE UP!" Amy cried out when his body collapsed. She tried to shake his shoulders but he was out. After checking his breathing to make sure he didn't die she moved off and out of the shelter to take a quick dip in the pool and maybe find another man.


"Good morning sleepy-head," Eve smiled into Tommy's blue eyes when they opened. "Did you get a good rest?"

"Yes...I mean I wasn't dreaming right. We...uh...we uh.."

"Fucked? Oh yes that we did. It was amazing." Her fingers dropped onto his lap and quickly got it going again. "How do you want to do it this time?"

Tommy remembered him on top, her on top and doing it doggie style. "How many ways are there?"

"Well I've only did the three we did last night but I'm sure we can use our imagination. How about you lie there and I'll...I'll sit down on you again but this time facing your feet?"

Tommy held his white tower upward as her chocolate cheeks lowered and opened. As her body leaned forward he saw her pussy lips open and glide downward until they engulfed his tip and then his whole shaft.

Eve had never dreamed that sex could be so open and free. This eighteen year-old teen was her sex toy and she was going to play with it as much as possible. It didn't matter that her fiancée was fucking white pussy on the island because she had her own ivory stick. She also knew that there were a few more on the island after she finished with Tommy. "Good Tommy...SOOO GOOD!"

Tommy leaned back and watched her ass rise and fall. He went from an inexperienced virgin to a young stud in less than a night.


Michael and Fred awoke and glanced over at each other. They too had little sleep after switching back and forth from Hanna to Gayle. Michael put his right index finger to his lips and slowly moved away from Hanna's ass. They moved silently back until they disappeared into the bushes.

It was fifteen minutes later when Gayle awoke. She heard someone in the pond and looked over at Hanna. She lifted her head expecting to see Michael and Fred and saw young Amy floating face up on the water. After grabbing her wrist tie she moved into the pond and floated up to the girl who had her eyes closed.

"You can put it on me," Amy said holding our her wrist and not opening her eyes.

Gayle smiled and locked the tie. "So are you ready to find out about how a woman makes love to another woman?"

"Yes," Amy grinned. She opened her eyes and stood up in the water. "Is Hanna going to join us?"

"That's up to her," Gayle smiled. She took the girl's left hand and led her out onto the beach and onto the blanket next to a sleeping Hanna. "Lie down." She whispered.

Amy did as Gayle said and watched the women lift her right foot to kiss her ankle. As the lips moved to the knee she spread open her legs and waited. It was a minute later when the experienced tongue pierced her labia and found her ready clitty.

"OHHH!" Amy moaned. Her fingers curled through Gayle's short hair and held to make sure the tongue didn't go away.

"What do we have here?" Hanna whispered while turning towards the two naked females.

"Hi," Amy smiled. "Do you want to join us?"

"Oh yeah," Hanna answered. She shifted forward on her right side until she was close enough to lean down and capture Amy's tiny left nipple.

Amy had thought that Jack's tongue was good but it didn't compare to Gayle's. Her hips rose to keep the oral pressure and she didn't back away when Hanna moved her body up over hers and lowered her left breast into Amy's mouth.

Hands and lips moved back and forth until their bodies were connected together. Gayle's mouth stayed on Amy's pussy while Hanna's tongue worked on Gayle's lower lips and Amy tasted Hanna's pussy for the first time.


Cindy was asleep when Katie climbed up onto Craig's hardness again. They had fucked twice during the night and she was surprised that he was able to get hard again.

"Why did we wait?" Katie whispered feeling his penis deep inside. "I've wanted to fuck you for so long." Their mouths open and their tongue explored and tasted for another ten minutes.

Cindy was awake as the two were lost in their lust. She smiled and moved back so as not to interrupt them. She knew now that she wanted Jack to fuck her to make their friendships complete but she didn't know where he was. After sneaking down the path to the pond she froze when she saw the female daisy chain on the beach. She grinned as she slid into the water and quietly snuck up to them.

"Pardon me," she said normally.

Gayle looked up. "Do you want to join us?"

"Yes, but maybe later. Have any of you seen Jack?"

Amy lifted her dripping face from Hanna's pussy. "He's down that way about a hundred steps. When you get to a small opening he's in the bushes to your right."

"Is he alive?" Cindy giggled.

"Barely," Amy replied proudly.

Cindy pulled her thong up tight and moved in the direction Amy pointed. As she got to about fifty steps she froze when she saw Fred sitting on a log. "Oh shit!" She turned to run but he stopped her.

"Wait! Don't run! I'm not going to chase you."

"You're not?" Cindy asked surprised. 'Why not?"

"Because those two lesbians fucked me all night," Fred said. "Are they still by the pond?"

"Yes, they are sharing the young teen girl right now." Cindy walked up to him and saw his backpack. "You can put a bracelet on me if you want."

"Thanks," Fred grinned. He did as she said and sat back. "Maybe if I can get some energy later we can...you know."

"Maybe," Cindy grinned. She turned and started counting her footsteps. "Fifty-one, fifty-two, fifty-three..."

Jack woke up suddenly expecting Amy to still be on him but realized that she was gone. He sat up and was grabbing his backpack when he heard his name. "Jack." He peeked out from under the bushes and saw Cindy standing in the clearing.

"Cindy." He moved out and stood almost naked in front of her. "What's going on? Is Katie all right?"

"Yes, she spent the night with Craig," Cindy said moving closer. "Are you alright? Young Amy told me where to find you?"

"Shit keep her away from me," he said seriously. "Katie and Craig...so that means..that...they.."

"More than twice last night. They were doing it again when I snuck away."

"Jesus, our spouses fuck three times last night and we are standing here like nothing happened." He glanced at her thong. "You haven't..."

"Not yet," she grinned and held out her wrist. "I mean if you want to."

"Uh...hell yes," he said putting on the wrist tie. He looked back at the hidden area. "Here?"

"No, I want to do it in front of them. Come on and I'll show you the way."


Mary was more than sore when she awoke in the small tent. Bennett had fucked her twice and the boys twice each. She rolled over onto her back and grinned. She knew that one on one sex with Fred would not do it for her anymore. As she rubbed her clit she thought about her boss back at the company and wondered if he and his wife would consider swapping. After getting nice and wet she moved to her knees and peeked out at the Bennett boys sitting on the beach. "Good morning boys."

"Oh shit," one brother said to the other. "She's awake. Hurry, get on the boat."

"Wait!" Mary yelled. She tried to scramble out to catch them but they had climbed on the boat and pulled up the boat ramp. "Your dad said anything we wanted."

"Not today," they said running into the cabin finding their father passed out on the small bed.


Katie and Craig's bodies were frozen together and not moving. Their eyes were locked together as well while she squeezed his cock deeply inside of her pussy.

"Stop or I'll cum," he whispered. It was loud enough for Cindy and Jack to hear it.

"Don't cum yet," Jack grinned as he walked up and looked at the base of Craig's penis pushing up into his wife's moist oven.

Katie leaned around and smiled. "I'm glad you finally joined us."

"Are you?" Jack asked. "Cindy said you two have been fucking all night."

"So who have you been fucking?" Katie asked sharply back.

"Amy," Cindy answered for him. "I don't think there is much left for me." She moved onto the blanket next to Katie and Craig's and pulled Jack down next to her. "I think I'm the last one to get fucked." She pushed down her thong and lay back into Jack's arms.

Katie and Craig stayed frozen but watched as their spouses kissed and touched. "This is so crazy," Katie whispered watching Jack suckle on Cindy's large nipples. She felt a tinge of jealously but it quickly went away when Craig flexed his hard-on. "Ahhh."

It was crazy for Jack as well. He was kissing and touching another woman while his wife lay connected to another man next to him. But when Cindy's mouth found his hard cock he quickly forgot about everything but her tongue. "OH YES!"

"Do you want to wait for them?" Katie whispered knowing that Craig was ready. "Or should I ask if you can wait."

Craig grinned. "Your pussy is so good. I never want to stop fucking you." He never would have believed he would be saying this to Katie.

She was turned on by his nasty words. "I never want your cock to leave my pussy." They were so lost in their dirty words they were not aware that Jack was now between Cindy's thighs pumping his hard long cock in and out.

"IT'S SO BIG!" Cindy moaned feeling parts of her pussy touched for the first time. "FUCK ME JACK!!!"

Both Katie and Craig turned and watched their spouses fucking. "Why did we wait so long?" Craig asked again.


Mary gave up getting onto the boat and headed back into the jungle. She made it about fifty feet when she saw a naked Eve heading towards the pond. "Hi. Have you seen Fred?"

"Not since I gave him a blow job," Eve giggled. She noticed the red marks on Mary's breasts and thighs. "What the hell happened to you?"

Mary looked down at the marks. "I took on the Bennett guys last night."

"All of them?" Eve asked remembering the huge tools they had hanging. "Oh my God."

"It was amazing," Mary said bragging. "But I think I wore them out."

"Same here with young Tommy," Eve smiled. "But not before he fucked me six times."

"Does he have anything left?" Mary looked in the direction that Eve had walked from.

"Maybe. He's only eighteen. Go for it."

"I think I will," Mary said before heading towards Tommy's hiding spot.


"Duck!" Michael said to Fred after hearing someone heading their way. They dove into some bushes and peeked out as Mary wiggled by.

"It's my wife," Fred whispered. "If you want her this is your chance."

Michael saw her nice full breasts but moved back. "I need to give my cock some rest."

"Hide," Fred said moving out of the bushes. "Hey!"

Mary heard a male's voice, smiled and turned. "Shit, it's you."

"Shit, it's you," Fred frowned. "That's what I get."

Mary sighed. "Sorry honey. What do you want?"

"Nothing. I don't want to stop you from getting fucked by every man on the island."

"Good," she said noticing the red marks on his body as well. "Looks like you've been pretty busy as well."

He realized that she shouldn't hold anything against her. "Yeah, last night was amazing."

"And we have less than a day left. Happy hunting," Mary blew him a kiss and turned towards where Eve said Tommy was hiding.


"I'M THERE!!" Cindy screamed when her body exploded. Her heels were wrapped around Jack's ass. "AHHHH!"

"OH SHIT ME TOO!" Jack cried out.

"Is he always that noisy?" Craig asked Katie.

"Is Cindy?"

"Not really," Craig whispered back.

Katie smiled. "I think it was for our benefit." She pulled Craig deeper and yelled. "GIVE IT TO ME CRAIG! GIVE ME YOUR COCK!'

Craig knew it was supposed to be a serious moment but he knew she was screaming to match Cindy. He started to yell out but he had to bury his face in her neck to keep from laughing.

Finally Katie and Craig climaxed and the four of them moved next to each other on their backs looking up at the blue sky. "So what do you all want to do now?" Craig asked.

"Sleep," Jack answered before turning over onto his stomach.

"Good idea," Craig added before doing the same.

"I need a bath in the pond," Katie said to Cindy.

"Let's go."


Tommy heard the person coming and sat up. He looked at his limp tool lying across his leg and tried to will it to rise. "Up...get up Eve is coming back." But it didn't move. The noises were getting closer so he grabbed it and stroked.

Mary saw the ledge and leaned under some palm leaves to see the young stud playing with his penis. "Now you don't have to do that young man."

Tommy glanced up expecting to see Eve but saw the older woman. It was like he was being caught jerking off by his mom. "Mrs. Mary." He jerked his hand away and she laughed.

"I didn't mean it couldn't be touched. I was just suggesting that I do it for you." She moved next to him and pushed his hand away. "You are a man aren't you?"

Tommy started to smile but realized he was not getting hard. "This has never happened before."

"I guess now you are a man," she laughed. "The older you get the harder it is to get and stay hard." She pushed him back and licked up and down the pink tower. "How many times did you fuck Eve last night?"

"I...uh..can't remember. I don't think we uh..ever stopped. I'm sorry."

Mary frowned but leaned up to kiss him. "Maybe an hour of sleep will help? I'll come back later." She stood and slipped away.

Tommy lay for a few minutes but decided he needed a cool dip in the pond first. He moved quickly towards the path that lead to the pond.


When Cindy and Katie moved out from behind the rock they paused seeing Gayle, Hanna and Amy on the pond beach. From their positions it was obvious what they had just completed. "Do you want to join them?"

"But what about the other men?" Katie whispered. "We could be captured."

"That's the idea," Cindy giggled. "Come on."


Bill Bennett sat in the monitoring room on his boat looking at the various views. "Boys! Come here and look at this."

His two sons ran in and looked at the five naked women on the beach lying on their backs with no concern. "What the fuck?" Bennett son number one said. "Why aren't the men ravishing them?"

Bennett sat back laughing. "Unbelievable. Look at monitor number three and seven."

"Shit the men are hiding," Bennett son number two gasped.

"I never dreamed that this would happen," Bennett said leaning forward to see the five pussies on the beach. "Shit, here comes Mary to join them."

The Bennett men watched Mary walked up and then lie down next to the women. "I was going to suggest that we go and take care of their needs," Bill said but that woman almost fucked me to death last night.


"So where are the guys?" Mary said looking at the line of bare boobs lined up next to her.

"Hiding and resting," Hanna answered. "We decided to rest some ourselves before we start hunting them."

"Can I join you?" Mary asked wondering why Gayle had not captured them. "Are you a hunted one now?"

"No....yes...it depends," Gayle smiled. "However I would appreciate it if I can put one of my wrist ties on you."

"Sure," Mary said wondering how it would be having a woman give her oral sex.

Gayle stood and walked to her backpack. After grabbing her wrist tie she turned and saw Mary walking into the pond. She moved behind her and placed the wire tie on before cupping her hands with water to rub over the woman's back. "Let me give you a bath."

"Let's help," Amy giggled to the other women lying down. They all laughed and ran into the pond. As Mary stood upright between them they splashed and rubbed water all over her nakedness.

The touching soon got them all going so they started pairing off. Katie moved into Eve's arms, Cindy into Amy's and Hanna and Gayle stayed with Mary. After frenching and finger each other they once again moved to the beach to explore female-to-female sex.

"I've never...," Eve whispered to Katie. Their white and caramel breasts and thighs rubbed together. "God, you are so soft," Eve whispered cupping and squeezing Katie's buttocks. "I'm not sure what to do?"

"I'm sure you will do ok," Katie giggled. Their lips met and opened. Next to them Cindy and Amy were already turned around enjoying 69 pleasures. "How about...?"

"I'd like that," Eve said while turning around and kissing Katie's navel. When she felt her own navel being kissed her body moved down Katie's body. She licked into the bush until she found the raised and ready clit. "AHHH!" She moaned as Katie's lips sucked hers out of her moist lips.


It was after lunch when the women walked to the docks to get some food that Bennett left for them. The old man stood proudly on the bow of his boat as they ate and drink on the beach.

"Hey Mr. Bennett," Cindy yelled standing on the small dock. "How about I come on board for a while?"

Bennett turned and looked at his sons. "Guys?"

They both glanced over at Cindy's nice tits. "Sure." They had rested long enough.

"Hey! Wait for us," Katie and Eve cried out when they saw the men reach down to pull Cindy on board. They ran towards the boat and Katie got their first.

"One more?" Bennett asked back at his sons.


Katie kicked Eve's hand off of her ankle as she was lifted up on board.


"Where did they all go?" Jack asked Craig after walking down and peeking into the pond area. "Do you think it's a trap?"

"Maybe," Craig said. "You go first and check it out."

"Chicken shit," Jack grinned. He slid down into the water and moved under to swim undetected to the other side. When he surfaced and saw no one he stood up and waved back at Craig. When Craig made it over they walked up onto the beach and heard someone coming through the bushes.

"Shit," Jack said hoping it wasn't Amy who didn't seem to ever want to stop fucking. "Whew," he smiled seeing Michael and Fred. "I thought you were the women."

"You guys too," Michael grinned. "The two lesbians about fucked Fred and I to death last night. We need to find a place to hide."

"Come with us," Jack grinned. "Our wives know where we will be but we should be able to handle them." The four guys moved across the pond when young Tommy ran up behind them. "Wait for me."


By the time Katie made it down into the boat bedroom area Cindy was already on her knees sucking one of the Bennett boy's hard sucker.

"Last night was her first blowjob," Katie whispered to Bennett.

"I think she's a fast learner," Bennett laughed while reaching back and cupping Katie's nice ass. "What's your choice?"

Katie had fucked Craig who was smaller than her husband. When she saw how well endowed Bennett was the other day she knew what she wanted. "This."

Bennett was shocked that the woman was so forward because she reached down and grabbed onto his growing cock. "I was hoping you would chose it." He turned and as they kissed she used both hands to explore his monster.

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