It's Only Money


The party had been going for a few hours and as usual I was drinking far too much and in my drunken haze I was flirting with my boss’s wife. Innuendos were flying between us faster than concord and like a couple of fools we wandered out into the garden and found what we thought was a hidden spot. Within seconds our tongues were down each other’s throats, while my hands moved swiftly beneath her clothes until I found her pert but very stiff nipples. That was as far as I got when out of the shadows stepped her husband his face full of fury that he directed at me. Debra his wife quickly put all the blame on me which George readily accepted, come Monday he fired me but thankfully he offered a reasonable lump sum for me to just vanish and to say nothing to no one.

That was six months ago, I’ve been looking for a job since my rapid departure but it seemed George had put the word around that I shouldn’t be employed, my life in IT was over.

I began to apply for just about any job, I was desperate to get some money rolling in and was prepared to lower my sights a great deal. I attended many interviews but I reckoned that being over 50 was not aiding my chances of success.

Eventually I was able to find temporary employment at a department store, it was only to help with the Christmas rush, the money was crap but I was running out of alternatives and at least this would get me over the Christmas period.

It was a family owned business, the people I worked with were great and each day one of the owners would take a tour of the store. The senior owner Edward appeared to be only a few years older than me in his mid fifties and was always pleasant and polite to all his staff.

The end of January arrived sooner than I wanted and I hoped that they would keep me on as I had become to enjoy the work and interaction with the customers.

On my final week I was summoned to the personnel office, this was it I thought the thanks but no thanks meeting and back to the job centre. The personnel manager Ralph explained that no decision had been made yet and Edward would like to see me in his office immediately.

I knocked and entered and Edward directed me to the chair directly in front of his large expansive oak desk while he set about pouring two cups of coffee.

“John we have been extremely impressed with your contribution to the store our records show that your sales have been slightly above average compared to your colleagues and therefore we may be able to offer you a permanent position.”

I suppressed a smile as he spoke, if only he knew how desperate I was to keep this job.

“Are you married John?” he asked looking me straight in the eyes.

I couldn’t see what that had to do with anything but I replied in the affirmative adding that it was my 30th wedding anniversary this year.

“You get plenty of sex then,” he enquired causing me to blush.

“S.sorry,” I stammered, shocked by his question.

“Sex, you obviously don’t go short of it being married. My wife and I divorced five years ago, you’re a lucky man,” continued Edward.

Little did he know sex with my wife hadn’t been on the agenda for a good few years which is why I get into trouble with other men’s wives.

“I have a proposition for you, if you accept then you have a job and I’ll even double your wages. If you decline this conversation never happened and you will be on your way,” he stated as his hand moved to pick up his cup of coffee.

“I’m listening,” I replied not sure where this was going.

“Since my divorce I have not been involved with anyone and I want, no I need a sexual partner,” he said without any sign of embarrassment.

“So you want me to find you a woman,” I interrupted.

He laughed not loud more of a nervous laugh as he continued, “I want you to be that person, I want to have sex with you, you will be my woman,” he said glancing away from me.

I was transfixed in my chair not sure if I heard correctly what he said. I had never thought about sex with a man, it wasn’t something that turned me on, without doubt I was a pussy man.

“I take it from your silence that this isn’t something you’ve ever tried or thought of trying, let me encourage you a little, I will treble your wages if you agree,” he said as if bartering for a piece of meat.

Treble salary would put me closer to what I used to earn, but could I do what he wanted, I would be selling my body to him, damn shame he wasn’t a woman I thought.

“My final offer four times your normal wage,” he said bringing me back from my thoughts.

“I have to be honest even if I agreed I don’t know if I could do it,” I replied being lulled into it by the money on offer.

“Hmm it seems you are not totally against trying, so if you try and then find that there is no way you can do what I ask then you will still have a job. If you are okay with it then financially you will be happy and sexually so will I, what have you got to lose,” he said as he moved towards the door and turning the key locked it.

“Well okay, but I can back out any time right,” I blurted out and got a nod of his head as a reply.

I was nervous more nervous than I had ever been in my life this was not turning me on at all, my uncertainty was rendering me speechless.

“The door is locked so to seal our deal I want you to give me a blow job then I know I can trust you,” he stated as his hands disappeared beneath his desk.

I heard the sound of his zipper being drawn down, my heart was thumping away in my chest, it was now or never. Moving around the table I knelt between his open legs, his bulge was still hidden by his underwear. Clumsily my hand worked his cock out, he was big at least ten inches long, the end of his cut cock glistened with pre cum. Tentatively I flicked my tongue over the tip, the taste was bitter but not as unpleasant as I had expected. Instinctively he grabbed my hair pulling me closer and allowing four inches to vanish between my lips in an instant. I sucked his cock trying to remember what I enjoyed most when a woman was going down on me. Placing my hand at the base of his cock I was able to stop myself gagging each time my mouth slipped over it. With my other hand I fondled his balls causing soft moans to escape his lips. I sucked faster and by his jerky movements I knew he was close to coming. Try as I did his grip on my hair stopped me from escaping the torrent of cum that exploded in my mouth, it was either swallow of choke. Having my mouth full of another mans cum disturbed me, I had resorted to this all for money while he still held on to my hair until his cock shrunk back to its limp state.

“That was wonderful, how do you feel?” he asked.

I felt dirty, defiled, ashamed and disgusted with myself, but my reply was “not so bad thanks.”

“Tomorrow I want you to come to my house, I will inform your department that you are doing a job for me,” he instructed as he passed me his address.

That night I barely slept the guilt was tearing me to pieces, I was undecided as to whether or not to go but in the end my greed for money decided for me.

At 9am I drove up the drive to his house, god I thought as I got closer it must have at least twenty bedrooms. The door was opened by what I assumed was his butler who led me up the stairs and into a suite of finally decorated rooms, he beckoned me to take a seat, passed me an envelope and then left closing the door behind him.

Ripping the envelope open, inside were just a few lines telling me to enter the second door from the left and do exactly as I was told.

Inside was a woman wearing a white overall, she was overweight and not very good looking, I was curious as to why she was here.

“Remove your clothes and lie face down on the bed please,” she asked politely.

Her request somewhat confused me, “why” I enquired.

“I have been paid to remove unsightly hair, your testicles and body are safe but your backside must be shaved, that is my instructions,” she replied. “So do as I ask.”

“Where do I undress?” I asked while casting my eyes round the room looking for a curtain to conceal my embarrassment.

“I do this for a living so just get undressed will you,” she demanded with a hint of annoyance.

I turned my back to her and undressed as fast as I could and without facing her I managed to lie on the bed. As the first dollops of shaving cream hit my arse I flinched, the fear that she may accidentally cut me ensured I remained perfectly still as the razor began removing my hairs. She prised my legs apart so that she could get deeper into my crack, but instead of shaving me she began drying the exposed area.

“This will sting a little as I use wax strips for this area, it’s safer and simpler,” she said as she pressed the strips deep into my exposed crack and without hesitation ripped the strips back out causing me to let out a loud screech of pain.

I lay there with tears in my eyes and gritting my teeth until the pain eased, I turned my head to say something to her but she was gone, the only thing left was another envelope.

This one instructed me to enter the room on the left where I would find clothes to put on and as soon as I was dressed I was to come back to this room. Lying on the bed were clothes but there had to be a mistake they were women’s clothes, then I remembered our chat, he said I was to be his woman.

Picking up the panties I stepped into them, they felt funny and in some ways erotic maybe because they were silk at least I hoped that was why. Next with some difficulty I put the bra on, it had been made with silicon inserts that actually gave the impression I had tits. Next came the stockings and suspenders and finally a short skirt with matching blouse and finally a pair of high-heeled shoes. I looked around for a mirror but there wasn’t one so I wobbled back to the previous room where once again the fat ugly woman was waiting.

She pointed to the chair in the middle of the room and I stumbled towards it just managing to reach the chair before I lost my balance.

I spent the next hour being shaved with a cut-throat razor and then the make up was added with a great deal of care and attention. She took my hand and led me to a full-length mirror that was on the inside door of a wardrobe. Quickly I turned my head around to see who the other woman was, but it was me she had turned me into a woman and if I the truth was known I could have easily passed as a woman.

She handed me another letter that I quickly opened, it contained directions that I painstakingly followed as I adjusted to the uncomfortable shoes on my feet. Each step I took while descending the stairs had me in fear of tripping and breaking my neck, how the hell do woman manage I thought.

I entered a dimly lit room the only light coming from the many flickering candles placed strategically around the room, the shadows danced all around me as a voice invited me to sit on the sofa and offered me a glass of wine.

“You look very attractive as a woman,” said Edward as he handed me the glass.

I didn’t know whether to say thank you or run for my life not that I could run in these shoes. Edward moved closer his face was only inches from mine, his eyes looked full of lust, our lips met and for a brief second I felt like a woman as I allowed his tongue to glide into my mouth. The strangeness I felt wasn’t disgust but the shear tenderness of the kiss causing a slight stir between my legs. Edward pulled away and removed his clothes before resuming the kiss, he took my hand and placed it on his throbbing erection, maybe it was being dressed as a woman made the difference, as I badly wanted to feel his cock in my mouth. This time I willingly slipped to the floor and ran my tongue along his shaft before licking away the small droplets already forming on the end of his long cock. He shivered as my mouth greedily sucked half of him into my mouth while my hand caressed his soft balls bringing even more moans of pleasure from him. I only managed to take half of his manhood into my mouth when with little warning Edward let out a long groan and spurted his pent up juices down my throat. As soon as his cock began to shrink I went to remove my mouth but he instructed me to continue sucking until he was hard again, my jaw was beginning to ache so I used both hands on his balls in the hope that it might speed up the recovery.

“You can stop sucking now,” said Edward once his cock was back to its full length. “Stand up and remove your stockings, suspenders and panties,” he continued.

Hearing him telling me to remove items of ladies clothing sounded bizarre and made me wonder what the hell I had got myself into, yet I complied to his request and sat on a chair while I removed my female attire.

“Lay on your back on the bed and place your hands behind your head,” he said with a tone of authority.

He moved to the bed and spread my legs apart, inch by inch he slid my skirt higher and higher until my flaccid cock was exposed to his gaze.

“Not turning you on this is it, you’re not enjoying our little game at least yet. You may not think so but I will guarantee that you will soon, very soon,” he said as his body moved slowly up my body until his cock was pressed into mine. The feeling was weird but also erotic in a strange sort of way and when he pressed his mouth to mine my cock stirred and began to rise to the occasion. He wriggled above me as our cocks interacted together I didn’t want to admit it but I was starting to enjoy the feelings of being dominated by this man.

His cock flirted with my virgin asshole, each time he pressed against it I flinched I now knew that it was only a matter of time until he took my virginity, I was becoming his whore and my body had stopped protesting against it.

“Are you ready to be my woman?” he asked, “do you want to be fucked like a woman? do you want to feel my juices erupting in your ass? I wont do it until you ask, so if you are ready then say so.”

I didn’t want to be fucked but then again I did, my libido had taken control of my mind so without thinking I blurted it out, “please fuck me, come inside me, use my body for your pleasure, I can wait no longer.

Without warning a cold jelly like substance was squirted deep into my crack, casting my eyes up he was now rubbing a generous amount along his long shaft. My thoughts of desire turned to one of concern knowing his monster was going to invade my hole.

“Relax, you will feel some brief pain but it will pass quickly,” said Edward as the tip of his cock pressed against my hole.

I clenched my butt cheeks but the pain increased, once again he told me to relax. His cock was opening me up, he was now inside me and slowly sinking deeper and deeper the pain changed and now was but an ache. I cannot describe the feeling of being taken by a man, but here I was my legs pointing towards the ceiling wanting him to violate me hard, I wanted to be fucked, I wanted my hole pummelled until he came inside me.

His balls rested against my butt cheeks, every mighty inch of him was fully inside me, but he didn’t move he was waiting for me to plead to be fucked and I wanted it so bad that I did as he wanted. His cock withdrew slowly until only a couple of inches were still inside me, I begged even more and with one mighty thrust he buried himself up to the hilt knocking all my breath out of me. The rhythm began as he bounced between my legs every thrust bringing me closer to my own orgasm. My sperm exploded over my stomach but Edward was still far from coming, I wanted it finished the guilt was returning as my asshole throbbed each time his cock hit bottom. For an elderly man he had enormous stamina it wasn’t until twenty minutes later that his head shot backwards, he closed his eyes and shot what seemed to be pints of his juice into me. He collapsed on top of me his mouth once more seeking out mine as our tongues became entangled.

Turning his head slightly to the side he said, “I know you liked that, so I have another proposition for you, my brothers Tony and James are interested in fucking you too. They are prepared to give you £1,000 per month each if you agree to be our woman, you will be required to be here once a week and to make life easy it will be in work time so your wife never finds out that.

Adding all the money together I would earn in excess of what I was paid in my last job, and anyway what’s the problem letting three guys fuck me once a week at least it was some sex, so I agreed.

“Then we shall seal the deal,” said Edward with a beaming smile on his face.

As if on cue his two brothers walked into the room, both were naked and by the looks of it big cocks seemed to run in the family.

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