tagIncest/TabooJake & Jessica Ch. 11

Jake & Jessica Ch. 11


Here is Chapter 11 of Jake and Jessica. Thanks to Todger65 for his editing. This is loaded with drama. Enjoy!


Chapter 11: Family is everything!

Jake sat looking at the TV holding his little girl Jemma in his arms as she nursed from a bottle for what he hoped would be the last time as they were going to switch her to food tomorrow. Jessica was at work as it had been four months since she gave birth to Jemma. Jake found the alone time with Jemma to be a reward for his hard work during the last six months and he was also trying to make up for missing her birth. Just as the TV went to a commercial, Amy walked into the house.

"Hey Jake!" Amy whispered not seeing Jemma's face.

"It's okay; she is awake and watching TV with me." Jake replied.

"Cool, how is my little niece this afternoon?"

"Still making messy diapers!" Jake replied to her.

"Oh, well you better get used to them. Many more to come for a few years from her. When are you and Jessica going to try again?" Amy asked.

"We already are. We started trying at the beginning of this month." Jake said to her.

"Oh, I didn't know considering how busy we all have been." Amy replied.

"Hey, can you watch Jemma for a minute while I go use the bathroom?" Jake asked her.

"Yeah, go ahead." She said and reached out for JJ and took her from Jake. Amy sat down looking at Jemma as she held her. 'You're So Gorgeous Jemma. I wish I could have some kids too, I just wish that guy would come along and sweep me off my feet.' Amy thought to herself as she looked into the eyes of her niece which reminded her of Jake and Jessica. Just then, Jake came from around the stairs and sat on the couch next to Amy.

"So, when are you going to start dating again?" Jake asked.

"Perhaps when you and Jessica have baby number two out and into the world." She said and winked at him.

"We both hope so!" Jake replied. "You'll find him Amy, I know you still love me but that shipped has sailed away." Jake said and brushed her arm.

"I wish it didn't sail away from me." Amy said and started to cry, shedding tears down her cheeks as she looked at Jake.

"I know Amy, we love you!" Jake said to her and kissed her cheek where her tears had streamed down and then he touched his forehead to hers.

They sat there watching TV on mute with Jemma lying in her crib which was on rollers. They found that having Jemma mobile was much easier than having her restricted to one place in the house. Finally, Jessica showed up after working the entire day. She looked like crap considering she had a jam packed day.

"Hey!" Jessica whispered to them as she walked over to the crib and looked at Jemma resting and sound asleep.

"Hey Darling, how was work?" Jake replied with a whisper.

"Hell! How long has she been asleep?"

"Almost an hour." Amy replied to her.

"Good, maybe she can give Jake and I some time alone tonight." Jessica replied and winked at Amy.

"You two make me so jealous!" Amy said.

Just then, Jemma open her eyes and was about to cry until she saw Jessica standing over her. She made little giggle sounds.

"Guess who's awake!" Jessica said as she picked up Jemma from the crib. Jessica then noticed a smell emanating from Jemma. "UT OH! Someone has a dirty diaper. Jake!" She said and handed Jemma to him. Jake took Jemma and went upstairs with her to the nursery.

"Are you okay?" Jessica asked Amy.

"Uh, yeah. Just had a few things on my mind." Amy replied.

"Okay, I'll go make dinner since I'm the best cook here!" Jessica said and toted off to the kitchen.


That night, Jake lay in the bed with Jessica on top of him after a night filled with passion. Jessica shook her head which enveloped Jake's head in her hair.

"I'll never get use to that smell. Every time I smell your hair, I just want to kiss your neck and make love to you again." Jake said to her.

"Maybe if you're nice, I'll let you do just that!" She said and darted off the bed and into the bathroom.

"You're such a tease!" Jake yelled out to her.


A few weeks later, Jake was at work when Jane approached him in the cafeteria. She was followed by Melissa pushing a stroller with his son Stephen in it.

"Hey girls!" Jake said to them. "How is Stephen?" He asked as Melissa unbuckled the stroller belt and got Stephen out of the stroller.

"We're doing fine; Melissa was just visiting for lunch. Little Stephen here has been cranky the last month or so but that is what baby's do."

"Don't I know it; Jemma has been fussy the last two nights." Jake replied, "Can I hold him?" Jake asked.

Melissa looked at Jane who was looking at her. "Yeah Jake, you can." Melissa replied to him and then handed Stephen to Jake.

"Hey little guy, you behave for your momma's and maybe when you get older, you and I can play football and baseball together." Jake said to him even if he was only about a month old.

"Yeah, we would like you to stay involved with his life, perhaps as an uncle." Jane said to him.

"Seriously? You want me to stay involved with him as he grows up." Jake asked.

"Yeah, someone has to be his guide to manhood. We would like you to be as you are his biological father. You already have a bond with Stephen." Melissa said to him.

Jake looked at Melissa and then looked into Stephen's hazel eyes. He saw a little bit of himself in those eyes. He enjoyed Jemma very much and knowing that Stephen was as much of him as Jemma was, he couldn't say no.

"Yeah Melissa, I would like that very much. Jessica and I can be Aunt and Uncle. Thank you. I know at first you only planned on me being the sperm donor but since then, we have become close friends and I, we appreciate being able to be involved in Stephen's life. I know my mother will be happy to hear this as well." Jake said to them while still holding Stephen. Just then Stephen became fussy which was a sign that he wanted to take a nap.

"Alright, let me get him home so he can take that nap he's been wanting." Melissa said to Jake as he handed Stephen back to her.

"Well I have to cut it short ladies, but I have to get back to that all important programming update for the mainframe. Jane, you know how grumpy those IT guys get when someone isn't on time." He said to them. "Cya later alligator." Jake said to Stephen.

"Bye!" Melissa said.


Later that night, Jessica came in late from her shift to Jake sitting in the kitchen feeding Jemma in the high chair. She walked over to him and hugged him from behind. "Hey Jake! How is our little one tonight?

"She threw the food at my face. I think she still wants your milk." Jake replied.

"Well, I gotta start saving that milk for baby number two." She said with a smile as he looked at her.

"Are you saying you're pregnant?" Jake asked unsure of what she meant.

She nodded her head as she put her arms around his neck. "Why Jakey, yes we are. Baby number two is in the oven and cooking."

Jake lifted her up and into his arms and kissed her deeply as he held onto her. "Baby, I'm so happy! I guess we need to start making plans for this one." He said as he put her down, he then looked at Jemma who was looking at them wondering what was going on.

"JJ, you're going to be a big sister." He said to her as he kissed her cheek.

"You're so adorable Jake!" Jessica said to him.

"So, how far are we?" Jake asked as he tried to feed JJ another spoon of food.

"I'm guessing about six to seven weeks." Jessica replied.

Jake turned around and looked at her. "You want a boy or a girl?"

"A boy will do! I know you want a little Jake running around even if you do have Stephen." Jessica leaned into him.

"We have Stephen as a nephew!" He kissed her forehead.


A few days later, Jake was sitting in the office at Georgia Power working on the latest status report for Plant Vogtle when Zach popped in.

"Hey Jake, do you have those power waste reports done?" Zach asked referring to down time reports.

"Yeah right here!" Jake said and reached for the report that was in his drawer. "Oh and Jess is pregnant!"

"Seriously; Congrats Jake!" Zach came around and gave him a hug.

"Yeah, we're about nine weeks along. She's really happy to be having another." Jake said to him.

"Well, get ready for double diaper duty." Zach smirked at him.

"Yeah, the joys of fatherhood." Jake smiled.


Jessica was working in the ER on a Tuesday night when several car accidents happened. The ER had received ten patients over the course of thirty minutes. She did her best working on each patient when she suddenly felt cramps from her stomach. She ignored it and went on about her work until two hours later.

"Jessica, you're bleeding!" Nurse Marianna Hatcher said to her.

"What?" Jessica replied.

"You got blood on your pants."

Jessica looked down and saw several spots of blood. "Oh God!" She ran to the Ultrasound machine that was currently in the empty exam room twelve and pulled up her shirt, and put some jelly on her stomach.

A few seconds later, Marinna came into the room. "Are you ok?" She asked.

"Help me, I need to find it." Jessica said visibly upset. Marinna came over and took the wand from Jessica and looked for the fetus. She kept searching and searching.

"How far along are you?" Marinna asked.

"Almost twelve weeks." She said as she looked at the monitor.

She looked and looked but truth be told, Jessica didn't need Marinna to tell her. "I'm sorry Jessica! Is there anyone I can call or anything I can do for you?"

Jessica just put her hands to her face as the tough realization hit her. She had lost the pregnancy and began to cry. Marinna came around the exam table and hugged her.

"Listen, I need to go get an OB doctor to come check you over. I'll be back in a few minutes." Marinna said to her.

Jessica through her crying pulled her phone out of her pocket and looked at it. 'Do I call him?' She thought to herself. Instead she swiped the phone and pulled up texting; she then made a text.

'I need you to come to the hospital!' She sent.

'Why?' A response came back.

'I need you!' She replied.

Just then, Marinna came in with Doctor Jennifer Jackson. "Jessica, I am sorry sweetheart." She nodded knowing what was needed to be done.


An hour later, Jessica came out of the room to a waiting Amy. Amy was in the dark; that was until she saw Jessica's face and the horror that it showed.

"What happened?" Amy asked as she came to hug her.

"I lost the baby! I lost the baby Amy!" Jessica said threw sobs and sniffles.

Amy continued to hug her to try and comfort her. "Is Jake on his way here?"

"I didn't call him!" Jessica confessed. "I need to tell him in person."

"Come on, I'll drive you home." Amy wrapped her arm around Jessica and together they walked out into the parking deck. All Jessica did was cry as Amy drove her home. Thirty minutes later, Amy pulled into the driveway and parked the car. She leaned over after turning the key and kissed Jessica on the forehead.

Jessica got out of the car with Amy right behind her. They walked to the door and went in with Jessica leading the way. Jake was sitting on the couch holding Jemma in his arms when he looked up. He instantly knew something was wrong.

"Jessica, are you alright?" Jake asked. But he didn't get any kind of verbal reply. Jessica only shook her head as she approached the couch.

"Hey Jake, why don't you give me JJ and I'll take her upstairs." He looked at Amy and handed Jemma to her. Amy began walking out of the room when Jessica began to cry.

Jake moved over and hugged Jessica still wondering and worried what had happened. "Sweetheart, what's wrong?"

Through a sniffle, "I lost the baby Jake! I had a miscarriage!" Jake just hugged her tighter without saying a word. "I'm sorry Jake!"

"SHHH! It's gonna be ok Jess!"Jake replied just trying to make her comfortable.

Later on that night, Jessica lay in the bed with Jake behind her. She put her hand on her belly wishing she could still feel the little knot but instead it had disappeared. Jake had his arm around her and was fast asleep.

Upstairs, Amy was laying in her bed thinking about how sad Jake and Jessica were just below. She found it extremely difficult to sleep seeing how her family, Jake and Jessica were just dealt a blow. No baby number two, instead they were faced with heartbreak, pain and sadness.


The next morning, Amy awoke to someone slamming a door which also in turn made Jemma start crying. She got up and went across the hall to Jemma's crib and got her out and began to rock her to get her to stop crying. She also realized that her diaper was wet. "Hey, sssshhhh! I'll change your diaper Jemma."

Amy changed her diaper and got her to quit crying. She then went down downstairs to Jessica and Jake's room and knocked on the door. She slightly opened it, "Jessica?" She said. She didn't get a reply but heard sobs and sniffles. She opened the door and went inside to the bed. She reached Jessica and pulled her towards herself.

"What happened? Why did Jake storm out of here?" Amy asked.

"Because I.... I asked him to stay here with me today!" Jessica replied. "He told me he had a project to finish. I yelled at him, 'I guess that project is more important than your wife and family.' He got very pissed Amy. I think that is the first time I've ever seen him that way!"

"Perhaps he just needs time to work it out." Amy replied frustrated that Jake left her to go to work.

"I hope, because I'm hurting!" Jessica replied.


Later that day, Jake sat at his desk working on his company computer when he put his hands to his face. 'What the hell am I doing here?' He thought to himself. There was a knock at the door.

"Jake, I've got bad news. They want us to go to Bellefonte for a major design flaw in the number one reactor. They say it needs an eye's on look. We are going to have to leave tonight." Zach said to him.

"Okay!" Jake replied.

Zach left him alone and allowed him to continue his work. But only, Jake didn't continue with his current document. He instead looked at the photo of Jessica and himself that was taken at one of Georgia Tech's Football games. He looked at the picture and thought of the baby that was growing inside of Jessica. He suddenly felt a tear run down his cheek. He wiped the tear away and continued to work through the pain, the hurt, the sadness that was consuming him.


Jake opened the door and went inside; he turned around and closed it shut. He then put his brief case down and turned around to see Jessica standing at the door to their room. She ducked into the room. He figured that he should join her to try and patch things up. He walked to the door and opened it.

"Hey!" He said to her.

She didn't turn around, "Hi." She mumbled to him.

"Jessica, I'm sorry about this morning. I love you! Please forgive me, but I do have responsibilities at work. I have to go to the Bellefonte Plant with Zach!" Jake said to her.

"I know you love me Jake, but right now you have a funny way of showing it. I had a miscarriage and what do you do? You leave me here to be sad and in pain all alone. Just leave Jake, go play with your reactors." Jessica said angrily as she was mad!

Jake gathered his clothes that he would need and put them into a luggage bag. After he did that, Jessica was still standing at the window of their bedroom looking out the barely opened blinds towards the pool in the backyard. He came up behind her, and kissed her on the neck.

"I love you." Jake said to her.

He got his luggage bag and left out of the room and went to the front door. He stopped and turned and started his way up the stairs to say goodbye to Jemma. He made his way to the top and looked in on his precious little girl. He went over and saw that she was awake and moving around. "Hey baby girl, daddy has to leave for a few days but I'll be back. I love you little Jemma." He then kissed her forehead.

He went back down and went to his car. As he was putting his bag in the trunk, Jessica came out and went to him. She stood looking at him and he looked at her. Finally, after a long minute, Jessica opened her arms and went to him. He willingly accepted her and hugged her.

"Be safe Jake and I love you." Jessica said to him.

"I will Jess, I'll be back in a few days. I'm sorry I have to go to that plant." Jake replied as he hugged her.

"I know!" Jessica replied as she continued to hug him.

He released her letting her go, "I have to go!" He then stepped away and into the Charger with its driver side door already open. He got in and closed the door. He looked at her as he pressed the button to start the engine with it revving to life. He slowly backed out of the driveway leaving Jessica in the driveway. He drove down the street disappearing into the evening sun. Jessica cried as he left. She went back inside to the stairs and sat on them sad and crying.


Jake met with Zach in the parking lot of the Georgia Power Building. Zach put his bag in the trunk and got into Jake's Charger. They got on the road and went to the Bellefonte Plant. Hours later with little to no conversation they arrived at the hotel near the plant.

Jake got out of the car and went to the trunk and got his luggage bag out. He then slammed the trunk very hard which caught the attention of Zach.

"Jake is everything ok?" Zach asked. "You were quiet on the way and more than once broke 100 miles per hour." Zach added.

Jake sighed knowing he was pissed for being here. "Sorry Zach, I just wish I was with Jess! She had a miscarriage on Monday night." Jake looked at Zach.

"Jake, why didn't you tell me? I could have come by myself. I'm sorry pal!" Zach said to him and moved to hug him.

"Thanks, I've just been an ass about it! Jess and I had a fight this morning before I left for work. I kind of just want to go to my room and sleep."

"Alright Jake, I'll see you in the morning." Zach said to him and went towards his room with Jake doing the same.

Later on, Amy called Jake to talk to him.

"I don't understand why you didn't tell them the situation Jake; you could have stayed here and taken care of Jessica and Jemma. Instead you left when she needs your love and care more than ever." Amy said to him on the phone.

"I know Amy; I'm also devastated by it. Believe me, I wouldn't wish this on any one." Jake replied.

"Yeah Jake, you should have said something instead of running from the situation." Amy replied.

"Seriously Amy, you think I'm running from this." Jake replied to her with anger in his voice.

"The fact that you're there instead of cuddled up next to your wife is a very good answer. Quit being an asshole and face up to it." Amy replied with as much anger.

"You know what Amy; I'm done talking to you about it." Jake replied and hung up the phone.

It took every bit of control Jake had not to pick something up and throw it against the wall or the glass window of the hotel room.


Amy walked into the bedroom visibly crying as Jessica sat in the bed with her legs pulled up to her chest. Jessica looked up and saw the tears that Amy had shed.

"He yelled at me!" Amy said. "Of all the people, I didn't think Jake would be a pompous ass about this." Amy added as she joined Jessica in the bed. She moved next to Jessica and hugged her.

"I'll be ok Amy! I have you and Jemma took look after me." Jessica said.

"Don't you mean that Jemma will be ok, it's us that have to look after her?" Amy replied.

"Yeah, I guess that it is right!" Jessica replied with a little giggle in her voice. A minute later, "Amy, will you sleep with me tonight?" Jessica asked.

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