tagIncest/TabooJana Ch. 02

Jana Ch. 02


From the master bedroom I went straight to the bathroom and shut the door. I didn't know which was thumping harder, my heart or my dick. How could I have gotten myself into this mess? I had just made my own daughter cum. It wasn't as though we had been close over the years. The only reason she was here was because I felt guilty. Now I go and do something stupid like this. And to make the whole matter worse, I enjoyed the hell out of it. My cock ached for attention. Over the years I had found masturbation a very acceptable substitute for the efforts of wining and dining some hussy. This night would be no exception. I dropped my pants sat on the toilet. I closed my eyes as I stroked my cock and envisioned that young pussy in the next room. My cum came quickly and as I shot the first load I opened my eyes to see Jana standing in the doorway. Her mouth was agape and her eyes were bulging. She wore only the small bra that she had on when I left her on the couch. For a moment neither of us spoke. My eyes were locked on hers, and her eyes were locked on my dripping cock.

"Get out!" I screamed at Jana as I rose from the stool and shut the door again. I turned and leaned backward against the door. There was no sound from the other side. I was furious, and embarrassed. How could she invade on my privacy like that. My daughter had seen me jack off. I wasn't sure if I could face her. I had to get a hold of myself. I was an adult male with a sound feel for the ways of the world. It wasn't like she was the first woman to see my cock. My mind went over all the reasons that this wasn't the end of the world. But only one thought prevailed. My daughter saw me jacking off because of her. She may have been innocent, but she wasn't stupid. I locked the door and jumped in the shower. I tried to drown my worries in the hot water. I went straight to bed afterwards and tossed all night, my mind wandering from the sight of Jana's face watching me, to the sight of her virgin pussy.

I intentionally stayed in bed the next morning, hoping to out wait Jana. I knew I could eventually get my thoughts together before she got home from school, but I didn't want to face her first thing. I even considered leaving town for a few days. When I felt sure Jana had gone, I rose and headed for the kitchen. Since I sleep in the nude, I grabbed my robe as a precaution. What I really needed was a cup of coffee. Jana usually made it before she left. I hope that I hadn't traumatized her so badly that she forgot. As I turned into the kitchen I was confronted by Jana, sitting on the counter top next to the Mr. Coffee.

"Oh...I thought you had gone to school," I said.

"I know. I have been very quiet so you would come out of hiding," Jana responded with a strange smirk on her face. "We have to talk about this eventually, you know."

"I know we do, Jana," I said. "But I need a little time. This whole thing has been a huge mistake."

"No, Dad, it hasn't," Jana demanded. "I learned more about sex last night than I have in 19 years. And I don't mind telling you that I had three more orgasms after I went to bed last night. Dad, you have opened a whole new world for me. And I heard you say last night while you were, uh, touching me, that there was a lot more. I want to learn more, Dad. I want to do more. Last night while I was touching myself all I could think of was you, and ...you know...what you were doing. It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. I mean it's so big and when you started to..."

"Jana, stop," I insisted. "You need to find yourself a boyfriend, it's not right for you and me to..."

"Why, so he can make fun of me, like people have done all my life. Don't you see, Dad, that this may be the first time in my whole life that I am actually normal. I can actually do and experience things that I didn't think I was capable of. I could actually have a real life. I think I know what it's like to be a real woman!"

Jana was wearing a buttoned blouse and a pleated skirt that didn't quite cover her knees as she sat on the counter. In her excitement she was less than cautious about keeping her legs together. As she spoke I couldn't help but stare at her legs, and at the occasional glimpse of white panty. Jana continued, "And I want you to see something else. Is this normal?" In an instant Jana had pulled her skirt up, spread her legs and was looking down at her crotch. "Do you see that my panties are wet and I haven't touched myself this morning," she said.

As I spoke I stared at the wet spot on the crotch of her panties. "Yes, it's normal to get wet when you get sexually excited, which you obviously are. But, Jana, I am not the one you should be learning this stuff from."

"Since Mom has failed so miserably to teach me what I NEED to know, isn't it your fatherly duty?"

"Don't play the guilt trip games with me, Jana," I shouted.

"I'm not trying to make you feel guilty, I'm just asking for your help," Jana pleaded. "I'm not asking you to have an affair with me, just teach me how to be a woman, a sensual woman. We both know that I don't have the looks, I need the knowledge."

Staring at her pantied crotch, it was hard to argue with her perverted logic. My thinking had switched heads as my cock rose beneath my robe.

"Okay, maybe we'll talk about it tonight," I said.

"No, Dad, now. You'll weasel out on me if we wait," she insisted. "I don't know much...yet, but I suspect that it won't exactly be a painful process for you, at least if that's any indication." Jana pointed to the front of my robe that failed to hide the evidence of my hard cock.

Okay, Jana," I conceded. "But you have to swear that no one in the whole world will ever know about this. Do you swear?"

"Oh, yes," she squealed, as she jumped from the counter.

"AND," I continued. "You have to do anything I say, no matter what...absolute compliance. I will teach you everything I can, but when that's done, it's over. No more pleading or whining. Agreed?"

"Agreed," Jana said.

"Now take those panties off and get back up on that counter," I ordered. Jana complied without comment. "Now push your ass toward the edge, lean back and spread your legs."

Once again I found myself staring at that gorgeous pussy. Her lips were wet and spread and her virgin hole glistened in the morning light. I bent down and inhaled the scent of the only unused pussy I have ever seen. I could smell her lust and I could smell her innocence. The process on rational thinking was completely gone. I gently licked the soft hair covering her outer lips, mixing my saliva with her own natural fluids. I dropped lower and tasted the abundance of juices at the opening of her cunt. My tongue ran upward, widening the spread of her lips, until it reached her inflamed clit. I flicked at it several times, feeling the tremors in Jana's body. Then I returned to her hole which so captivated my attentions. I pushed my tongue into her and felt her contract. I knew the time would come when I got to pop this cherry, but it was too soon. Jana would have to be in the extreme heights of passion first. I greedily promised myself that it would not be this day. I would savor the thought for another time. My tongue returned to her clit and I put my full attention to pleasing her. She was as quick as a teenage boy with a dirty magazine. She began to cum almost instantly. And I refused to allow her to close her legs. I sucked her clit into my mouth and continued the tongue flicking. Her orgasms were simultaneous. I counted at least four before I backed off. My cheeks and chin were covered in her juices and the counter top between her legs was wet and slick. I helped her from the counter, knowing that her knees would be weak. She stood, slump-shouldered, as though she was totally exhausted. "That's probably enough for a while," I said softly.

Jana's head rose and her eyes pleaded. "Oh, please no. I'm OK. I'm just still tingling a bit down there. Let's not stop now, please." I didn't argue, I needed some relief too.

"Okay, come over here," I said, as I led her to the dining room table. I sat in one of the wooden chairs and pulled the robe aside. My cock sprung forward and Jana almost fell backwards. "Get on your knees between my legs. I want you to touch me and examine me. Do anything you want. Play with my cock and my balls. Satisfy any curiosity you have. When you are done I want you to jack me off and watch me cum."

Jana eagerly went to her knees. She reached out and touched the shaft of my cock.

"Don't be bashful, it's not fragile," I said.

Jana began an earnest examination. She pulled my cock down and watched it bounce back up. She lifted my balls and rolled them in each of her hands. She touched at the pre-cum sliding down my shaft and spread my pee hole apart. Her fingers ran over the head of my cock and she marveled at how it jerked when she touched certain areas. She probed and prodded and squeezed, and I was enjoying it immensely. All she could say was, "Awesome!"

"Jana, it's time to make me cum now," I said softly. "I want you to grab my cock just below the head and start an up and down motion. It will be like I am fucking your fist. Do you understand?" Jana nodded and followed my instructions. "When I start to cum you can't stop and you need to increase the speed. I'll tell you as we go." She didn't need many corrections and when she did I would place my hand on hers for guidance. When I told her I was getting close, she leaned forward in anticipation. I covered her hand with mine and together we started pumping my cock hard and fast. The cum exploded upward, splashing down on my leg. The subsequent squirts rolled over our joined hands. I stopped the motion and Jana pulled her hand away. She held it to her face and sniffed at my cum. She scooped the cum off my leg and looked at it intently in the palm of her hand. Jana asked no questions but it was obvious she was truly amazed and engrossed in this new adventure. I watched her walk to the sink and wash her hands.


"What, Jana," I answered.

"Are we going to have intercourse together?"

"I don't know, Baby. We'll have to see how things go. That's a huge step to take."

"I know, but we will at least consider it at some point, right?"

"Baby, I've been considering it since I first touched your pussy last night. Let's have a cup of coffee before we go any farther right now."

The conversation over coffee was bizarre. We talked about how it felt when she climaxed and about my cum, and about how wet she got and about my pre-cum. No subject was taboo. We finished the pot and the conversation about the same time. I was truly enjoying myself.

"Let's go to my bedroom and see what happens," I said as Jana put our cups in the sink. We walked quietly to the bedroom. "Take all your clothes off now and lie on the bed," I instructed.

"I have to pee first," Jana said as she headed for my bathroom. I grabbed her wrist and turned her to me.

"Not until I say you can," I ordered. Jana started to resist, then relaxed and stood her ground.

"But I have to pee, bad," she insisted.

"Take your clothes off," I repeated. Jana quickly stripped and stood before me defiantly. "Now let's go to the upstairs bath where the big tub is." I led her by the hand to the second level where I had installed a large Jacuzzi "family style" tub. How appropriate for the occasion. The tub was bright white porcelain and in the shape of an octagon. It was obviously designed for use by multiple persons, but in reality for two people fooling around it was sufficient. Jana watched as I took my robe off and stepped in the tub. I stretched way out, leaning my head against the side.

"Aren't you going to run any water," Jana asked?

"Get in and sit across from me just like I am," I said. Remember, Jana is as tall as I am, and in order for her to sit directly across from me I had to spread my legs. The resulting position was both of us with bent legs and crotches about a foot apart. Need I mention that my dick was rock hard again? If we both scrunched down a little more we could get within 6 inches of touching our privates together.

"Now I want you to pee while I watch," I said.

"What? I can't do that," Jana yelled.

"Remember our deal," I reminded. "Now pee, and pee hard enough that it hits me. Do you understand? Piss on me and while you are pissing, I want you to masturbate. Spread yourself apart with one hand and jack off with the other!"

Jana's entire body blushed but I could see her begin the strain of pissing. She abused her clit as the urine exploded from her pee hole. She drenched my cock with her hot piss and watched as I pumped my cock. There were copious amounts of urine and it was hot and exciting. I watched her hole as the piss came out and got more and more excited. The flow of her urine ebbed but I could see her strain to pee more. Within seconds after the pee was exhausted, Jana's body contorted in orgasm. Her legs came together and squeezed her own hand and she held her breath until the spasms passed.

We cleaned up in silence and returned to the bedroom.

Jana lay on the bed nude, but fresh and clean from the shower. I knelt next to her, clean but still with an unsatisfied hard-on. "It's time for me to do an examination now," I said.

I started with her small breasts, which until now had received no attentions. I pushed and kneaded and rolled her little nipples between my fingers. They were instantly hard and pointing. Jana squirmed as I played and asked my permission to play with her pussy while I was busy elsewhere. When I moved down to her pussy, I pushed her hands away. I pulled her feet up to her ass and spread her legs as far as they would go. Jana was extremely limber and her knees went almost to the surface of the bed. The sight would have been comical with those skinny legs splayed as such, had it not been for that beautiful snatch. I was gentle as I explored every crease and fold of skin on her pussy. I spread her lips apart and peeled the skin back over her clit. I watched as the juices collected at her hole and touched her totally exposed clit. She jerked away in reflex, only to push her hips forward again to meet my fingers. I spread her ass cheeks to see her little ass hole and watched it clench when I touched it. I whispered to my daughter, "Jana, I am going to put my finger inside you now. It may be a little uncomfortable for a while, but in a little while you will like the feel of it."

I pushed gently into her tight hole, twisting my finger to allow the juices to lubricate. With my thumb I carefully massaged her clit. It wasn't difficult to get to the second knuckle, but I withdrew to relieve her tension. It wasn't long before I was able to achieve full penetration with one finger. Over the next 20 minutes, careful not to make Jana cum, I worked on her tight hole with my fingers until I had stretched her sweet pussy to accept two full fingers. The teasing over such a long time was driving Jana crazy. I relented and made her cum with two fingers deep in her pussy. "That will be enough today, Jana," I said. "We'll see what happens tonight." Jana left in somewhat of a gaze and I found myself watching the clock.

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