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Jemma's Big Sister


Note: All characters in all my stories are over the age of 18. This story relates to another story of mine titled "Begins at the Gym" and is part of a series, so please check the others out after if this is the first one you come across!


You've probably heard about my little sister Jemma, and what she's been up to with our stepfather since the day he married our mum. I'm Ellie... I'm four years older than Jemma so twenty-three now. The sordid tale begins at the gym, where he used our mum to get to Jemma. We thought he was so hot, and used to enjoy perving on him as a family. It was mild, appreciation of his physique and arrogance, a family joke. Except now he's our stepfather and he's fucked up all normality we would ever have had if he hadn't entered our lives.

There's psychological scars on us all from what he did but especially me. It should be my mum really, she's the one who should be here, where I am, writing this story. I don't know much about my mum's childhood but presumably she went through some form of tragedy for her to have behaved how she did. All I see in her is strength though, iron resolve to simply cope and carry on. She's visiting me later. We don't speak about it ever, but she really should be the one who is sat in this bedroom.

The bedroom I'm in has pale yellow walls, there's no hooks anywhere, a plastic mattress on my bed for the time being and a window in the bedroom door. I can lock my bedroom, but there's other keys which can open it and people peer in to see what I'm up to every thirty minutes or so. Every few hours, an alarm goes off and you hear footsteps running, screams and shouts. It stinks of surgical spirit or something along those lines here, broken only during mealtimes with wafts of pungent stodgy food smells. Everybody says how disgusting the food is but I don't mind it myself. It's not like I take pleasure in anything these days anyway, well with the exception of visits from mum. She said she'd bring Jemma and I'm so pissed off. I don't want to see that little cow, ever. We always had sibling rivalry I guess... she's the middle child. I didn't like the attention I was made to share when she arrived. Jemma is the most brattish, intense spoilt girl you will ever meet. Diseased with narcissism, she has no idea of how much her shit stinks. I see it though. The veil of innocence and purity that might deceive others, especially our stepfather, was ripped from my eyes years ago.

Imagine this: Your mother in her wedding dress. A lovely ivory satin gown, figure hugging but tasteful. Your mother, merrily about to cut her wedding cake, but the groom has vanished. I was asked to go find him. I went to the bridal suite, assuming that he may have gone to collect something from the room and I heard something so haunting that I believed I had imagined it. I heard my whorish baby sister begging him shamelessly not to use a condom on her. That's right, he was fucking her. It wasn't just a fuck though because I knew damn well she was a virgin. He took her virginity, or rather she gave it to him whilst he should have been cutting wedding cake with his wife, our mum.

I pretended it wasn't happening for a long time but it went on right in front of my eyes. It didn't stop. It wasn't a one time mistake. It was a carefully orchestrated relationship, and they get their kicks from exploiting mum. I do suspect that mum isn't completely blameless, in a way she pimped out her prettiest daughter to gain his attention. She'd use Jemma to comfort him when he was mad. Mum was the one who'd started telling Jemma to go sit on his lap and soothe him. Cum stains on Jemma's arse from simply sitting on his knee were what we lived with. Can you imagine a man so hungry for a girl that he will cum just by her sitting on his lap for a cuddle? Maybe you can. Is it possible to imagine this macho dominant guy being reduced to worshipping a little 'princess'? He truly could have had his pick of any woman, he has women begging for attention constantly if truth be known. Scantily clad, stiletto wearing thots who press their boobs 'accidentally' in his face when they brush past him. He took Jemma and I out to a local bar once and I saw it for myself at least eight times that night. All he fucking wants though... is my teenage brat of a sister.

He's never been directly cruel to me, to be honest he's been pretty good. As a stepfather, he's always done what one should do for me. He'll give me lifts here and there, takes an interest in my life, and he's pretty generous with his money. I remember when we first moved into his apartment before the wedding and he'd decorated our bedrooms ready. I was so happy, it seemed like mummy was happy and we were getting a proper family. A decent life. Our biological father I couldn't tell you anything about, I suspect we don't even share the same one. Jemma's curvaceous with long wavy brown hair and green eyes whereas I have poker straight red hair, I'm skinny and I have blue eyes. Our brother has black almost textured hair, he could pass for being mixed heritage really. The tale we've been told by mum is that our dad was someone she had an affair with and therefore wont reveal who he is, but we're better off without him as he was useless anyhow.

On the day this tall, ripped black man married my mother, he told Jemma to call him "Daddy," it was said when we were all present but it wasn't really intended to my brother (Riley) or I. We did though, we called him Daddy too. So my new Daddy had decorated my bedroom - it was lovely. I felt special, and cared for. Well, I did, anyway - until I stepped into the fucking palace he'd given to Jemma next door. I'm not like her, I won't complain and be ungrateful and I have far more manners than to be ungracious when he'd clearly not rushed ours either.

This is what really messed me up though: the day I came home to find him and her on the living room floor. Mummy had walked in first and we followed after returning from the dentist that afternoon. I'm not sure if they'd planned it, or forgotten we were all meant to have our teeth checked. Obviously they hadn't turned up and we'd headed home after to find them. On our living room carpet was my stepfather banging my little sister while we watched. Initially she was bouncing on his dick like a cowgirl, but when she begged...and hear this, she fucking begged like a dog for his "Nigger black power to flood her cunt". Rather than shove that little slapper into line and educate her on appropriate language, what he actually did was flip her onto her back, as we screamed for them to stop. Then, he looked right in mummy's poor eyes as he bent Jemma's legs wide open, kissed between her thighs and then whilst staring at mum, he showed mum who's pussy his passion was for. Those familiar smells, and stains on the carpet... once we saw that scene and heard their noises, they made so much sense. I've watched porn, it's not for me but I had a boyfriend once who asked me to watch it and I'm telling you - I didn't see any pussy whipped with dick the way my sisters was.

We just stared. We didn't move. It was SO humiliating for us, but how do you look away from something like that? When they were done, mummy left and took off in the car. Riley followed after her. And I stayed. I walked right up to him and spat on his back and then tried to spit in her face but got the back of his head. He was shielding her by lying over her protectively.

So now I'm here. In a psychiatric ward. There's more that happened after, in fact Jemma's actually pregnant now with his child. A child conceived probably during one of their sessions softly making love next to our sleeping mother.

We're trying to pick up the pieces and still be a family. I wouldn't speak to Jemma if mum didn't beg me to. I hate her. I wish sometimes that I could hate mum and not speak to her either because I don't like it that she still wants to live with them. How crazy is that? She still sleeps in the same apartment where all of this happened and when I'm allowed home, I suppose I will have to again also. I've been driven so crazy by their lust, having to live in their love den while they flaunt their hunger for each other so dramatically that I stopped taking care of myself. I fell into depression and gave up. About a fortnight ago, sleep deprived because of them rabbiting away on each other loudly most of the night, I snapped. I needed it to stop.

I took my rampant rabbit vibe and went into the hallway where he was pumping her pathetic body with his "Nigger" spunk. You'll be proud of me here, I hope anyway, because I took it (and I didn't lube it) and I rammed it up his mother-fucking butt-hole as deep as I could. He leapt off Jemma and pinned me up by my neck. He wouldn't fight me though to my dismay, and he put me down saying he understood and would help me. It should have been comical, my stepfather with a buzzing vibe in his arse and my pregnant whore baby sister cowering now in the corner. I didn't find it funny though.

He asked what he could do to help me again. That's the point I think where I snapped. I went past Jemma into the kitchen and took the sharpest bladed knife from the block on our counter. I held it at my stepfather and said: "You fuck me while she watches".

It wasn't even that I wanted him. I just wanted Jemma to be put in her place. Twenty-three years of age and now I'm holding a knife to the neck of my stepfather, who's also my sister's boyfriend and I'm ordering him to have sex with me, and make her watch it.

He tried to begin pushing his knob into me, but he was floppy so I made Jemma suck him off. I knew he'd be hard quicker than if I bothered to, plus I didn't really fancy tasting my little sisters cunt off it. I refused let them enjoy it, it was just a practical thing for my own purposes. Then I made Jemma put a condom on him. I'm not about to get knocked up by my stepfather at the same time as my sister, am I? I have more pride than to want to carry his child.

I told him I would kill them both if he didn't make me cum, and cum fast. His cock was actually hard to take so because of that I made Jemma get KY Jelly and smear it on my pussy with her own bare hands. She was crying and so humiliated. I think she deserved that.

I made my own baby sister work on my pussy with her fingers until I could take my step-dad's manhood. He was soon 'rock hard and dripping' in me too, I know he was turned on seeing Jemma at work fingering her big sister. Probably he liked it even more because its purpose was so he would make me cum.

Do you know what actually made me cum? I came so fucking hard to my cunt being filled with cock, thick black cock which my sister wanted, whilst she talked him into what to do to me. I knew she was doing it to make it be over faster, trying to be all supportive and helpful. But I really had her in her place then, didn't I? Best orgasm of my life!

I still stabbed the fucker. It didn't do much damage, only a superficial wound on his neck but hopefully he'll have a scar.

So yeah, now I'm sectioned.

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