tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJennifer's Vacation

Jennifer's Vacation


The whole family arrived at the hotel. Vacation had finally kicked off and Jennifer's family decided to go to sunny Florida for a week together with her aunt and uncle and their kids.

Jennifer was a young, cheerful 19 year-old girl. Her long black hair waved smoothly down to her lower back. Her tight and toned body was a sight to behold. Her long tanned legs made every boy at school drool, and when she wore short tank tops that exposed her flat and tanned tummy even the teachers couldn't keep themselves from openly gawking at her hot young figure. Her breasts were a perky 34B, though lately they evolved into a large 34C cup ever since she started on birth control pills after getting serious with her boyfriend. This made her even more sexy and irresistible.

Her uncle Jimmy had noticed her to. He's had the hots for his little niece for years. He was always 'accidentally' touching her when walking by or hugging her a little too long and too tight. He always had this weird look on his face when watching her. He gave her the creeps every time he visited them, especially when trying to sneak glimpses of her tits when she bends over, or purposely stroking his bulge against her tight butt when nobody notices. In the past - due to her youthful naivety - she never understood that his intentions had dirty purposes, but now she realized just how creepy he was.

Jimmy was a typical perv. He was a short overweight man with grey, greasy hair carelessly combed over his bald spots. He was almost pushing 60, so a man of his age should definitely not have dirty feelings for his teenage niece like that at all! And while Jennifer noticed it, somehow her parents didn't have a clue about Jimmy's dirty thoughts. He was absolutely disgusting. Her aunt wasn't the prettiest, but why she took home this filthy little man was beyond any reason.

When they arrived at the hotel he was blown away by his niece's hotness once again. In the four months they hadn't see each other she had become even more striking! (Mostly because her chest had obviously grown a couple of sizes!) Noticing she had already worked on her summer tan, he had a difficult time concealing his raging hard-on.

"Hey Jen!"

He walked straight to her and hugged her tightly, stroking his hands over her lean back and feeling her slim and fit body. She felt his sweat stains all over his shirt. The smell of it made her breathe only through her mouth for the next couple of minutes.

"Hey Uncle Jimmy."

"Well look at you, definitely becoming a grownup I see!"

He said this with a dirty smile on his face while his eyes trailed down to her smooth cleavage, making her regret that she didn't button up fully before getting out of the car. She might have known he would watch her like this, the pervert he is! His eyes widened even more when he noticed how firm and round her breasts had become. Within a fraction of a second the tip of his tongue came out to lick his lips slightly before disappearing back into his mouth.

After everybody greeted one another they moved into the hotel to check in. Jennifer's parents were in a discussion with her aunt and uncle while she stayed with the kids in the lobby. Her Uncle Jimmy appeared to be leading their conversation. After they broke, Jimmy headed to the front desk while her mother suddenly approached her.

"Jennifer, we arranged that you don't have to sleep with the little kids," she said.

Jennifer was overcome with relief and joy. She really wanted a vacation without having to babysit the kids or go to sleep early, and she let her parents know as much on the way down. It had always been tradition for all the kids to have slumber parties on vacation, but now that Jen was getting older it seemed unfair to her.

"Instead..." her mom continued, "your aunt will stay with them, and you can stay in the room with your uncle. That way you can stay up late without any problems and have a more quiet room. Sounds good right?"

Jennifer's eyes went bigger and her mind suddenly raged. Was this really happening? In a room with her perverted uncle? No way!

"Can't I stay with Dad and you?" As she said this she noticed out of the corner of her eye her uncle handing the desk clerk a wad of money.

"Hon, your dad and I... well we never get alone time any more... so..."

Her mom didn't have to finish as Jennifer cringed at the thought of what her parents might be doing in their room. Gross! So she huffed and looked at the floor. She didn't want to disappoint her mother, and without any other solutions in mind she reluctantly agreed. Besides, she wouldn't have to babysit the kids, so that is a huge relief.

Uncle Jimmy was a man of few words, and he usually goes to bed late and wakes up late in the morning; perfect for her rhythm as well. So maybe it wouldn't be so bad after all. Her uncle then handed her a room key and told her he'd be up soon. (Purposely hoping that he would catch her in the middle of changing)

Once she entered the room the second shock of the vacation came: It was a king sized bed, not double beds. 'Damn it' she thought. While the bed was pretty big, the thought of lying under the same sheet with that dirt bag made her skin crawl.

She immediately went to the phone and called down to the front desk.

"Hi, I would like to request a sleeping cot be delivered to my room."

"I'm sorry, we are all out of sleeping cots this week," the gentleman said. She hung up the phone incredulously. Little did she know that when her uncle slipped the desk clerk money earlier, he had told him to feed her that line, knowing she might try to request an extra bed. Uncle Jimmy couldn't believe that her parents bought his suggestion to have Jennifer swap positions with his wife, so he wasn't going to leave anything to chance in this once in a lifetime opportunity.

She put her stuff on the bed and decided to let it go and enjoy the nice weather. She could already smell the beach from the room. While the rest were doing some grocery shopping downstairs she decided to put on her bikini as fast as possible and head of for the beach.

She slipped into the bathroom and locked the door, something she should not forget to do this week. It wouldn't be the first time her uncle 'coincidentally' walked in on her while changing or just before taking a shower. He had never seen her naked, but he's come close.

She put on her bikini top and realized she forgot to buy a new one... one that fits better on her recently grown breasts. As she tied the small string behind her back she noticed how her firm tit flesh overflowed the small bikini from above, creating mouth watering cleavage.

She admired how her body looked. Her flawless tanned skin, long legs and tight firm upper body was truly something to be proud of. Now that her breasts had grown she had nothing else to wish for, and she noticed that most guys were thinking the same thing. Even girls noticed, including her best friends, who all were extremely jealous of their ridiculously hot friend.

All she had left to do was put on a summer dress or a large beach towel to cover her up. The last thing she'd want is to let her uncle gaze upon her young body. As she opened the door to get her dress from the bed she was suddenly surprised of her uncle sitting on the bed, waiting for her to come out. Obviously startled and not amused she hastily searched for her dress or towel making every second count as her uncle sat there bug eyed and practically drooling from seeing his niece in a bikini for the first time. Ogling her ample breasts bulging out of her small bikini made his cock grow with excitement.

This would be a wonderful week for the old man.

She quickly pulled her dress over her head, visibly dissatisfying her uncle who still looked at her firm tits.

"So Jennifer, going to the beach I see? Good idea, I'll join you in twenty minutes!"

Jennifer put on a fake smile and rolled her eyes while she walked out of the room, trying not to imagine what he would look like in a bathing suit.

As her uncle was getting ready to head down to the beach, he noticed discarded clothes on the bathroom floor. In Jennifer's haste to get out of the room, she forgot to put away her clothes after changing into her bikini. Uncle Jimmy eagerly picked up her worn panties.

"Ooohh yes yes yes," he said as he held up the cute white panties that had little teddy bears printed all over them. He sniffed and licked them while heading to the bed and dropping his pants. He then went into her suitcase and grabbed some more of her cute panties. There was even a thong, which blew his mind that his sexy little niece would wear a thong. He laid the panties on the bed and wrapped the thong around his cock. He put her dirty panties up to his nose and inhaled the sweet scent as he beat his cock with her thong wrapped around his thick dirty prick.

"Mmmm... oh yes... you little tease... ohh your panties smell so good... oh ugghhh arrggh" he moaned as his cock exploded, shooting spunk all over the bed. He was careful not to soil her panties with his seed.

"Oh fucking hell," he said as he rubbed his erupting cock, in what was certainly the best orgasm he's had in a long time. But he couldn't bask in it for long... he had his sexy niece waiting for him on the beach.

The first day on the beach was exactly how Jennifer imagined it would be. Her uncle's eyes were practically glued to her body as she moved around. Mostly she crossed her arms over her chest to hide it from his gazing eyes, though her round and tight butt was nothing short of astonishing as well. While she was giving her uncle a permanent sight of her young body, other men were also giving her stares. Uncle Jimmy considered himself lucky for being the one actually sharing a room with this young beauty. He wore his sunglasses so his relatives couldn't see his obvious stares at their beautiful family member.

Later that night Jennifer was actually tired, and she wanted to avoid her uncle at all costs, so she hurried to the room while he was still downstairs. Since she didn't expect to be bunking with her perverted uncle, she hadn't packed conservative sleepwear. Her only nightgown was very thin and her nipples always poked out under it. Since she was sunburned, there was no way she was going to sleep with a bra on, so her gown would be too revealing.

She decided to put on her largest t-shirt with a fresh pair of pink panties and nothing else. She pulled down on the bottom of the shirt to make sure it covered her sexy thighs before she climbed into bed and under the bed sheet. Since she was sunburned it was too hot to use a blanket. Little did she know her uncle had turned up the temperature to make her more hot.

By the time her uncle got back to the room she was pretending to sleep, hoping he would leave her alone. He did, simply climbing under the bed sheet next to her and turning on the television. Eventually she did fall asleep.

Uncle Jimmy couldn't sleep because he was so excited sharing the bed with his lovely niece. He stayed up late with the television on and softly stroked his smelly cock. He looked at his niece breathing deeply with her back to him, and he decided to push his luck.

"Jen," he called in a soft hush. "Jen, wake up."

When he realized she was sound asleep, he slowly peeled the bed sheet down. He slid it down her hot legs, careful not to disturb her. His next move was to softly pull the bottom of her t-shirt up her tanned thighs.

"Oh... yes yes..." he mumbled as he pulled the shirt all the way up to the waistband of her panties, exposing her round, peachy bum. She had on some soft pink panties that weren't big enough to conceal all of her butt cheeks, so he saw plenty of cheek peeking out. The light illuminating from the television allowed him a great view.

"Mmmm... such a succulent little tush" he said as he began to stoke his throbbing cock.

Uncle Jimmy started to lose control as he ogled her sexy ass. He wanted so much to pull her panties down, but he knew she would scream and he would be in a heap of trouble if she awoke. Instead he beat his cock harder.

'Thwap thwap thwap thwap' was the sound of his fist moving up and down on his fat prick. The bed started to quake a bit.

It was at this point that Jennifer opened her eyes and realized an odd sound and vibration coming from her uncle. She was too terrified to turn around, so she closed her eyes and prayed it would be over. She finally figured out that he was masturbating! She was so grossed out, but she didn't want to do anything that would alert him and make a scene. The vacation would be ruined for everyone if she fussed. So she kept her eyes closed and tried to fall back asleep.

Little did the hot young niece know that her dirty uncle had lifted up her t-shirt and was staring at her panty-covered teenage ass. She closed her eyes as hard as she could and tried to think pleasant thoughts, instead of listening to her disgusting fat uncle masturbate. Finally she heard him grunt, and then she heard the squirting sound, like a water gun. This continued for what seemed like an eternity, listening to the grunting and slopping sounds, while feeling the bed shake.

Mortified, she tried to fall back asleep after the eruption ended, but she was in shock. To make matters worse, her uncle had quickly fallen asleep and was snoring loudly. She put her pillow over her head and closed her eyes... trying to think of her boyfriend, the beach, and other happy thoughts... as she drifted back to sleep.

The next day was more of the same: Uncle Jimmy gawking at her on the beach. She managed to avoid him for most of the day though. Even at dinner, she was able to avoid him by sitting as far away as possible. She thought about telling her parents about his masturbating last night, but decided she didn't want to ruin the vacation. As long as he kept to himself, she would let it be.

While walking back that night after having dinner Jimmy walked behind Jennifer, her long black hair waving behind her. As they entered the room Jennifer grabbed her nightgown and walked into the bathroom, locking the door.

Jimmy sat down on the bed and looked forward to the second night alone in bed with his hot teenage niece. 'What an amazing body,' he thought. What he would do to her if he'd had the chance..

Then suddenly her phone lit up, which she'd put down on the bed. As he heard the shower go on he took her phone and saw that Jennifer's boyfriend had texted something. Noticing her phone wasn't locked he opened it and went straight for her pictures. Who knows what kind of treasures could be hidden in there? As he searched through the albums his fingers suddenly froze. Breathing heavily he opened the picture his mind was focused on.

It was Jennifer in nothing else but her panties. She was covering her nipples with her hands and looking provocatively into the camera. The picture was obviously made for her boyfriend. He scrolled further through the pictures, noticing there were more like this one until the he found the one he was waiting for: Jennifer bending towards the camera with her beautiful ass into the air while pushing her naked breasts together at the camera, clearly showing off both nipples.

His cock became rock hard, looking at his young niece's tits. The picture was made a couple months ago as her breasts were smaller than they were now, but boy were they beautiful! 'So goddamn perky and round!' he thought. What a terrific body. Only a girl that young could have a tight, thin little body like that with those curves and perky breasts. 'That boyfriend is a lucky son of a bitch,' he thought.

As he heard the shower go off he did the only thing he thought was right: e-mailing the pictures to himself. Hastily he began to send the pictures to his own address just in time before Jennifer walked out of the bathroom. He was able to throw the phone back to the spot where she'd put it.

His mind was slowly concocting an evil plan as he clearly had something very personal of hers in his possession, and she most certainly wouldn't want it to leak at any cost.

While she was drying her long hair he looked her over with an evil gaze in his eyes. Her hands were working the towel, which caused her braless boobs to jiggle under the thin nightgown. Her nipples created tents. She didn't wish to wear this nightgown in front of him, but she hd noticed in the middle of last night that her t-shirt was bunched up around her waist, so she didn't want to expose her panties to him.

She reluctantly looked towards him and noticed he was watching her every movement. She gave him a look of disgust as his fat hairy belly was resting on his lap from under his shirt, and he clearly had an erection under the bed sheet.

He couldn't care less how she looked at him because he saw on his phone that the pictures had arrived in his inbox. After he saved the pictures to his phone he opened the one where she was practically nude and began to speak.

"Say, Jennifer. I just came across a picture I like very much... Look."

As he held the phone towards her she stopped drying her hair and moved towards him. Just as she was going to bend over to look at it, she paused. She knew better than to fall for his dirty tricks of trying to get her to bend over so he could look down her nightgown. When she was younger she didn't know better and she would inadvertently give him peaks, but not this time. 'He will never fool me again,' she thought. 'The only glimpse he will get of my boobs is in his dreams.'

She carefully squatted to look. Her eyes went big and she froze to the ground in shock.

"H-how did you... w-where did you..." As she was stuttering she saw her phone on the bed.

How stupid could she have been! Of course that sleaze would browse through her pictures!

"You erase that immediately! Those are for my boyfriend only!"

"Shhhh, I suggest you don't scream so loud, otherwise some of these pictures might hit the world wide web." He smiled a nasty smile.

"Your breasts look amazing in these pictures Jen... though I bet they're even more beautiful now, hehe." As he said this, his eyes moved down to her chest and he licked his lips.

Jennifer was frozen, stuck in this hotel room with her perverted uncle, and now this? It was like her worst nightmare. He actually had something to use against her.

"Please erase those pictures, I don't want you or anybody else look at them, they are private."

"Hmmm, I think I can do that, but you have to do something for me too Jen."

The tone of his voice left no doubt as to what he had in mind.

"No way, I won't do anything, my parents are in the next room, I'll tell them you stole my pictures and you can sleep outside!"

"I don't think so. Before you reach their room I'd put it online and tell them that's where I found them in the first place. Makes you kind of look like a cheap slut. I wonder how your dad will respond. And what I'm also wondering is, how big are those breasts of yours Jennifer? Those look mighty fine.. so damn young and firm.."

Her whole body shivered. Hearing her fat old disgusting uncle talk about her breasts made him even more repulsive if that was even possible.

"Please don't go there, Just don.."

"Shut it and answer my question." He commanded, much to her fear.

Jennifer sighed and looked him in the eyes. "34C," she mumbled.

"Hmmm, they sure look nice for such a young girl, you know. I've been admiring you for quite some time now Jen. Seeing you develop into a young woman gives me such a thrill... and a very stiff penis... hehe... see?"

As he said this he pulled the bed sheet down to show her his obscene erection straining against his dirty underwear. Then he reached inside them to pull his cock out. She couldn't help but stare at it in disgust as he wagged it at her. It wasn't too long but very thick... way thicker than her boyfriend's.

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