tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJen's Sorority Ch. 04

Jen's Sorority Ch. 04


The Sorority I was pledging had assigned us to fuck three guys, photographing it for proof. Brian was my first, an easy one since I had fucked him before. Now I had to decide who was going to be my second.

Two guys from this one fraternity had asked me out, so when I heard that they were having a big blow-out at their house that weekend I thought I would go. I hadn't dated them but they seemed okay. If the rest of the frat was like them, maybe I could meet my next 'trophy.'

Three of us Pledges went together, safety in numbers and everything. None of us had been to that house before, but we all knew several of the brothers, and a few other people who were there. We were having a pretty good time for a while. We talked to some people and got hit on by quite a few guys, but no one that was too interesting. At least not yet.

The house got louder and rowdier as it got a little later and everyone got a little drunker. Some drugs were around too, but I wasn't interested in that. I started spending more time talking to this one guy named Tyler. He was pretty cute and I started thinking that he might be a good candidate for my picture gallery. In fact, since we were both pretty drunk, I thought maybe I could take care of that tonight. He was certainly willing, nearly attacking me there in the middle of the room.

So when he suggested we move off into one of the side rooms for a little more privacy, I agreed. I had declined to go up to his room, but I thought it was worth seeing if he might be worth it.

We went into the room. It was the pool room, as in pool table. There were two other couples, each in a corner, kissing and groping each other. We ignored them and, leaning against the pool table, began kissing and groping each other. We did that for what seemed like a long time until he took me by the waist and lifted me up onto the pool table.

He kissed me again as I sat there, then his hands took my legs and spread them apart. He bent down, kissing my thighs and going quickly into my crotch.

"No panties," he said, looking up at me and smiling nastily.

He buried his mouth in my crotch, licking my slit. It didn't last long, though. Very quickly he pushed back onto the table and climbed on top of me. He kissed my lips (with my pussy juice on him), then began moving himself upward. His body slid over my head until I realized his naked penis was pointing right at me. When had he gotten that out of his pants?

If I hadn't been so wasted it wouldn't have gotten even this far, not here in public, let alone what would happen next. But as his penis pushed against my face, I opened my mouth to lick the head. I licked all around the head and then opened my mouth to let the shaft inside. I sucked on it and Tyler pushed more of it in.

He was mauling my breasts, and tore my blouse open. Whoops! No bra either. He liked that. He did seem to be having trouble trying to jam his dick into my mouth and play with my tits at the same time, so after a few minutes of this he pulled his dick out and moved off me.

I felt my skirt being pulled off me and looked down to see it happening. I lay there on the table completely naked as Tyler stripped his pants off. He pushed my legs apart and crawled on his knees in between them. His hand reached into my crotch and played with my pussy lips, sticking a finger into my hole. Then he grabbed my breasts with both hands and laid on me, his dick pushing into my crotch.

Reaching down with one hand, he guided his dick into my hole and pushed. It didn't hurt at all. In fact I hardly felt it. Was he that small or was I too drunk to tell? He grabbed my ass and lifted it up. He was now on his knees driving into me, and my ass was held in the air, only my shoulders and head on the table. It was feeling pretty good in my pussy, so I guessed that he wasn't that small after all.

As he began driving his dick harder into me, I at least could remember that I needed a picture. I couldn't ask permission to take one at this point, so I just asked for my skirt. My phone was in the pocket.

"Hey, Faraz," Tyler yelled. "Come here and give me that skirt there."

Someone gathered up my skirt, and Tyler said to him, "She wants a picture of us. Get her phone - in the pocket." He kept pumping into me the whole time.

We fucked while Faraz took a picture, and another. Then Tyler said, "Wait a second. Let's give her a better picture."

I didn't know what he meant, but I soon found out. There were a few other people nearby. I don't know if they were watching us or doing their own thing, but one guy joined us quickly when Tyler suggested he stick his dick in my mouth. The new guy climbed onto the table above me, dangled his cock down towards my mouth, and shoved it in. I hardly had it open, but the force of his dick pushing in opened it quickly.

I had never had two cocks in me at once, and I wasn't really a fan. The guy in my mouth was being very rough. I was having trouble breathing, and nearly gagged when he forced himself to the back of my throat.

"Okay." Tyler said. "Her Sorority wants pictures of her fucking, so take some good glamour shots."

I had not told him about why I wanted a picture. He knew! I suddenly realized that he knew! And then I felt foolish. I shouldn't have been surprised. I should have suspected. Brian had heard about our initiation, and he was a science nerd. Surely these guys would know what was going in with us Sorority girls prowling around for people to fuck. They probably all knew!

As I saw the guy taking picture after picture I looked to see if anyone else was taking any. I was relieved to not see any, and thought he could take as many with my camera as he wanted. I could erase them. By that time I thought Tyler was getting close to cumming. He was getting erratic, and I felt his cock engorge, then blast inside of me. When he was done cumming, he stayed inside me, still holding me up, as he watched the new guy still fucking my mouth.

I was worried that he might never cum. My mouth was sore, I was tired, worn out, and aware of others watching me be double teamed by these guys. i felt humiliated. It was with great relief when I felt the new guy begin shooting his load.

It shot down my throat, gagging me. I opened my mouth and turned sideways to try to breath. His cock slipped out of my mouth but it kept spurting. It shot onto my face, and as he grabbed hold of it he aimed it at my face as he pumped it dry. Eyes, cheeks, chin, all felt drenched with his cum. And I didn't even know his name.

Tyler was off me, so I was able to sit up. wipe off my mouth, and grab my skirt. I found my blouse laying nearby. I mumbled a question to a girl standing there, and she told me where the bathroom was. I walked numbly past more people and found the bathroom. Once inside I sat in a stall and broke down. It was several minutes before I could stop myself from crying.

It had been so humiliating. I had never had two guys like that, and didn't like it. Even when I tried I could not concentrate on the feelings in either my mouth or my pussy. And that didn't even count the audience. I was glad I was drunk, because even now I couldn't remember what faces I had seen watching me.

Watching? Suddenly I remembered the phone. I grabbed it and looked at the pictures. Oh, now I felt even worse. They were disgusting. I didn't enjoy much porn, and even less when it was me. The only good thing was that I could delete all but one, but I wasn't about to decide that now. I had to pull myself together and get out of that house.

I left the restroom and met my friend in the large party room. Neither of us had seen the other girl we came with. We couldn't leave without her, but we both felt like we needed to get outside. Luckily she was waiting for us on the porch. All of us had finished our assignments - that is, gotten fucked. One of us was fine, but two of us felt humiliated. We did not go into details with each other. We were just glad it was over.


That was a traumatic night, and I had no interest in finding my third guy to fuck just now. A few days after that incident I was spending the night at the Sorority House. Each Pledge spent a few nights there in one of the guest rooms. I was surprised that this time I did not have any extra chores or indoctrination like the other two times I had been there. I was just told to get to bed early as I would be up early.

I was just getting comfortable in bed when three Sisters walked in.

"Are you awake?" one asked.

"Yeah, just getting settled in."

One of the girls opened the door and a few more girls came in. I guessed I wasn't going to get settled in just yet. Then came the big surprise. A large, strange man walked in, dressed in nothing but a robe. I had never seen him before, and I didn't think he was a student. He looked like he was about 30 years old.

He stepped over to the side of the bed and looked down at me. I was still mostly laying down and did not have any idea what I should do. He reached down, took hold of the sheets, and pulled them completely off me.

"Mike here is to help with your initiation," someone said. "Hopefully you will enjoy it. Try, anyhow."

Mike sat on the bed beside me and stroked my arm gently, saying, "Hi."

"Hi," I answered, and felt foolish as soon as I said it. I don't know why. Perhaps I felt too nervous. Perhaps my voice sounded too nervous, like a little school girl or a virgin. I was neither of those, but I was nervous. What the Hell was I in for now?

"I think you'll like this." he said, quietly. "Most girls do."

So he was a regular at doing... whatever he was going to do. Well, I thought it can't be too bad if others had done it in the past. So I steeled my mind to accept whatever was going to happen.

About that time Mike seemed to get started as his hand went down my arm and slid over to my leg. Concentrating on my thigh, he stroked up and down it several times, each time getting further and further on the inside of my thigh as well as going higher and... OH! He brushed against my pussy. And again. And soon his finger stayed right there on my pussy. So far I was enjoying it!

He had folded my nightgown neatly above my waist. He slid a finger up and down my slit, and with the other hand pushed my leg so that I was spread out for him. "And for all the girls standing here watching," I said silently. But I reminded myself that I was ready for anything. The Sorority was definitely breaking down my modesty. I could do anything!

My pussy was reacting. I could feel his fingers slide easily in the wetness. He explored the whole region, from my clit to my ass hole. That sent chills up my spine since no one had ever touched my ass hole before. I didn't think I would like it, so I was surprised at the pleasant sensation when he touched it and pressed in a little. I was happy that he did not enter it, though I knew he might before this was over.

"She has a nice pussy," I heard Mike say to someone. "Her lips are puffy. The inner ones are pushing out, see?" He slid a big, thick finger inside me a few inches. "And her hole is nice and wet. I think you have a good one here. This girl must like sex."

I have never been so embarrassed by a compliment before. I closed my eyes tightly so I could not see any of the girls' reactions to what he said. Or to what he was doing!

I felt a second finger push inside me. Oh, man! It was pretty tight, especially as he was pushing against the walls, as if stretching them out. His fingers curled and uncurled, trying to touch and stretch out every spot. I was breathing fast and shallow, and gasped each time his fingers pressed on my G-spot. I peaked out at him and saw him smile when that happened. He knew just what he was doing to me.

My eyes shot open as I felt a third finger force its way inside. His fingers were thick, and I was surprised I could hold three of them. I was sure that I had never had anything inside me that was as thick as he was stretching my pussy, because he still was pressing against the walls, pushing outwards. And though I was scared, and nervous, I was also leaking. I was so excited, and he was pleased.

He suddenly pulled his fingers out of my pussy, reached down and took hold of my arms. He lifted me up onto my knees as he stood up. Reaching down he took my nightgown and pulled it over my head. Suddenly I was naked in front of this complete stranger as well as a room full of girls. He gently lifted my chin upwards and placed two fingers on my lips. Then he traced around my face, over my cheek, around my ear - it felt good - and sexy.

His other hand then found my breast. He stroked it, then began squeezing it and pinching my nipple. The other breast got a similar treatment. I was missing his fingers in my pussy, but I was enjoying this. My eyes were mostly closed again while I enjoyed the new sensation. I opened them slightly when I heard murmuring come from several of the girls. I didn't know what had happened that was different, but I got the feeling that something had. Then I saw it. His dick was erect and had found its way out of the folds of his robe. I gasped when I saw it. I had never seen anything like it.

I did not look at much porn. It didn't excite me much. But I had seen pictures of a couple very large dicks back in the dorm. A couple girls had them, and there was much conversation if they were real or if it was a photography trick. I thought they could not be real, because they were just too big. I didn't believe that they could really grow that big. Until now.

As I looked at Mike's dick, I thought those pictures might be real after all, though even looking at his I could not believe it could grow that thick. I couldn't tell the length yet, as it was sticking out of his robe, but the thickness was ridiculous. I suddenly realized that it was entirely likely that he was going to stick that thing right up inside me before long. I thought I would rather have a baseball bat stuck up there, because this dick looked thicker than a bat. I found that my mind was still debating whether it was real or not.

That was settled quickly when he untied his robe and let it slide down off his shoulders. A gasp was heard from the other girls when they saw his entire dick now, sticking straight out from his body, long and thick and looking mean. Holy shit! It probably looked even bigger to me than to some other girls, because I had not had a tremendous amount of experience. The dicks I had seen had been about the size I expected. Not all the same, but similar. But i had not been with a guy who had a dick much bigger than any of the others. Certainly none like this one.

His hand took mine and led it to his dick, wrapping my fingers around it. Partially around it, I mean. They couldn't possibly reach all the way around, nor could one hand cover close to half of the length. My hand looked smaller than normal when it was wrapped around his dick. His cock. This thing was too big to be called a dick.

Now with a hand on the back of my head he pulled me forward, towards his cock. I was having trouble breathing as I came closer to his monster. I felt like I would hyper-ventilate, and I told myself to breath steadily, don't get upset, whatever was going to happen had happened to others, so it must be okay. Just breathe.

"Kiss it," I heard Mike say.

I did as he said, on the head, on the side, and I even licked over the end. But that was not enough.

I heard Mike's voice again. "Take it in your mouth."

You've got to be kidding. I have had dicks in my mouth. They were much smaller than this one, and even then there wasn't much extra room in there. This one would not fit.

But with my realization that others had done this before me, I opened my mouth and tried. My lips stretched around the head, my jaw felt like it was detaching, my lips tried to keep it wet so I would slide on it easier. I pushed my head onto the rod, sucking and trying for as much as I could manage. His hand on my head pushed as well. When I had gotten all I could take and my jaw was aching, begging for relief, I brought my hand up to mark the place I had been and pulled off. I was dismayed when I looked where my hand marked - I had just the head in my mouth, nothing of the shaft. Oh, shit, how big was this thing?

I heard some giggling as I gasped for air, and decided that I wasn't done. Perhaps a different approach would work. I opened wide and attacked his cock again. This time I did not try to take it in my mouth from the front. Rather, I wrapped my lips around as much as I could and traveled around the head and down a few inches of the shaft, licking and sucking and kissing as I went. I hoped that this give the effect of having more in my mouth than I actually could get. Mike seemed to appreciate the feelings he was getting, and none of the girls complained.

"Yes, Sweetie, you are a good one," Mike said. "You are determined. I think you like it."

Actually, I did. I was enjoying it. I was excited. I could feel my pussy leaking. But then my mind would flash on the fact that I expected him to be shoving it inside me soon, and I got scared.

Then it happened. He pushed my head back and looked into my eyes.

"Lay back," he said quietly, and I obeyed.

I was on my back while Mike held my legs. Then his hand moved up and grabbed a firm hold of my ass cheeks, lifting them up so I was level with his pole. Holding me with one beefy hand, he rubbed my slit again, feeling the moisture.

"She's dripping," he laughed.

He began fumbling with something. I could not tell what it was. My mind passed through a few scenarios - a dildo he was going to use on me, perhaps another person was involved, I didn't know. A girl was close to him, and he was doing something, but what? Then it hit me. I must have seen something, and my mind decided that he was putting on a condom.

"Thank God." I said to myself. I didn't know what diseases this guy might have. I was sure that he has had sex with many, many girls. Hell, maybe boys, too! What did I know? I felt relieved that it was going to be okay now - until I remembered how big the thing was that was soon going to be inserted into my pussy. Ahh!!

He seemed to struggle a bit with the condom, but then all was ready. He guided his cock to my slit and rubbed it around, up and down, teasing me, making me hot, and getting himself lubed up. "For penetration!" I thought.

I felt that large head that I had licked settle itself at my entrance, It pushed in, and I opened up, but I knew I was not opened nearly enough. Then I felt Mike's fingers pulling at the side of my pussy, pulling the labia out away from his cock, making it easier for him to slide inside me. I could feel that, and though no one else had done it, I knew that Mike knew what he was doing, and that it be easier that way. I actually felt comfortable, a faith in Mike that I would be okay in his hands.

Then I felt his cock pushing hard against my opening. Suddenly my faith in Mike disappeared. I felt pain as my pussy resisted the intruder. Mike lifted me up and down by my ass, wiggling my body so his cock could saw back and forth as it pushed forward. I could feel my pussy giving way, slowly and painfully, inch by inch. Probably more like half inch by half inch. Maybe less. For all the pressure and pain he didn't seem to be inside very far.

I could feel my walls stretching, my pussy tearing. I only hoped that it just felt like tearing, not actually doing it, but I didn't know. I had pretty much quit breathing all together, and I heard someone whimpering, often and sometimes loudly, not realizing at first that it was me.

Then the forward pressure stopped. He pulled back just a little. I tried to imagine how far inside me he had gone, but I wasn't able to guess. He was spreading some more lube on him and me, and then he was at it again.

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