tagIncest/TabooJoan, My Mother-in-Law

Joan, My Mother-in-Law


I was thinking how lucky I was to have this chance. My wife was at work, and here I was, still at home, on leave, and waiting for my mother-in-law to come over. Ever since my father-in-law was diagnosed as having diabetes, and consequently, daily inoculations, his sex-drive had diminished so much as to be practically non-existent. The idea of taking Viagra to help out never entered his mind.

So naturally, Joan, my mother-in-law, still a very youngish fifty year old, was as horny as hell.

Joking between us, the previous week I remarked upon what a pity to let such a sexy body go to waste. I offered, jokingly to help her, but the twinkle in her eye showed me that she did not take it as a laughing matter.

I told her that today, Monday, I would be on leave from work. At home, with a promise that I would do anything that she wanted.

I was wondering whether she would take up the challenge, but on Sunday night, when they came over to visit, she cornered me in the kitchen, and asked if the offer was still open. I assured her it most assuredly was, as I hugged her to me, hard-on grinding against her light dress and onto her body.

The door clicked open, and I heard her footsteps coming up the stairs. I was still in bed, all the lights were off, and as she opened the bedroom door, Joan asked if I was awake.

I whispered that I had been waiting for her to come over.

Joan closed the door behind her, and made her way to the other side of our bed. She sat down and started undressing slowly. Her light cotton dress was off first, revealing a well-built body, going into a bit meaty but still slim enough to make men take another look.

She pulled down the loops of the bra through her arms and turned the flimsy clothing around so that she could undo the plastic clasp. Her pendulous boobs hung downwards. They were no longer as firm as they were once, but it mattered not to me. She raised herself up from the bed while she took off her white cotton underwear, then slid beneath the sheets, facing me.

I was already naked beneath the thin cotton covering, and as our naked bodies touched, an electric shock ran through us. We both gasped at the sheer intimacy and delight of one's skin touching an unknown body. We wrapped out arms around each other, and kissed a lover's kiss for the first time.

It was electrifying, as I sought out her tongue, hands moving over her back as her hands found my hard, throbbing steel shaft. I released her lips and made my way to her large tits, swinging beneath me, and my lips made contact with a soft nipple, hardening immediately under my touch.

Joan moaned, pulling me closer to her body as her legs opened and my other hand sought the confines of a porcelain smooth pussy. Her clit was large and hard, already inflamed by desire. I knew that the first time would be fuelled by a desire of release rather than romantic love, so I decided to take this immediately to the next level.

I got up and put myself between her legs, looking down on this beautiful hunk of body, my dick as hard as a steel rod. Joan was rubbing her clit, and I could not resist bending down and giving her a quick suck. My tongue dragged a flat, broad line from her puckered asshole to the top of her cunt, and she shuddered.

"Believe it or not, I am already going to come," she panted.

"Yes, let all your love come, let it come," I replied.

I moved up her body again, and aiming my dick at her opening, slid in to the hilt. The tight velvety tunnel was like no other I had experienced, and she wailed at my sudden intrusion.

As she writhed and pushed against me, I could tell she was on the verge of an almighty orgasm, and pushed harder against her, not wanting to interrupt her crowning moment of glory.

She grunted mightily before letting out a wail that even frightened me. I grabbed her by the hips and started thrusting again. She bucked with me as I drove myself to a first almighty orgasm that triggered Joan to another, and she babbled as we came together, sweat pouring out of us.

We rolled around on the bed, still attached, but the initial burst of flame had thankfully been vanquished, and after resting for a while, made slow languid love all through the morning, exploring each other's bodies in the muted sunlight that filtered through the curtained windows, delighting in new feelings and heightened expectations.

We barely talked, saving our strength to satisfying each other.

Finally, just before noon, we dropped off, dead tired after our love-making. The first of many days of love.

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