tagGay MaleJocks of the South Pt. 13

Jocks of the South Pt. 13


Chapter 13: In the Hay

Over the next few weeks, Nick and Francis had grown inseparable. Francis would pick Nick up from school and sneak him into his bedroom where they'd hang out for hours on end. Nick would sometimes sleep over, telling his parents he was at a friends' working on homework. Francis often got away with telling his parents that Nick was just a friend—convincing them that Nick was a workout buddy from the gym—but other times it was best just to sneak him up into his bedroom if he wanted to fuck his boyfriend's brains out.

It was on an ordinary Saturday morning that two of them woke up together once the sun began to shine through Francis' window.

Nick awoke in Francis' big arms. Nick's head was resting on Francis' large pecs, and he could feel his boyfriend's chest rise and fall with each breath as the morning light swept over them both. It was getting hotter with each passing day and Nick could feel a layer of sweat on his man's chest, pressed up against his own face, as they both lay together, naked. Nick's ear was also pressed against fuzzy body, so he could hear Francis' heart beating.

One of the man's legs was wrapped over Nick's body, and Francis' dick was pressed against Nick's thigh. The overwhelming heat had melted them into one another, their skin sticky. Nick's hand rested on Francis' abs and as Nick rubbed his eyes, he kissed his boyfriend's chest and nipples, feeling him awaken.

"Hey," Nick smiled at him, feeling Francis' grip around him tighten.

The jock smiled back at him, grinning widely and his face blushing. "Hey baby," he said, his voice low and sleepy, and his breath hot against Nick's face. The teenager felt so small and fragile in his grasp, and he wished he could keep him there forever. "You sleep well?"

Nick nodded. "Yeah."

Francis kissed Nick, pressing his warm, wet lips against his boyfriend's, licking his saliva and sucking on his mouth. His rough hands wrapped around Nick's body, sliding down his torso and feeling his hard stomach and soft pubes.

Nick kissed back, putting his hands over Francis' hard pecs and erect nipples. He felt his body, then put his hands to his back, feeling more veins and muscles ripple with each movement he made. His large, broad shoulders bulged as his big biceps came down on him. He grabbed Nick's waist and rubbed his thighs. When Francis finally pulled his face away to take a breath, the both of them laughed at each other.

"I love you," Francis mumbled, still a bit sleepy. He liked the way it sounded, and he felt so relieved that he could tell Nick the way he felt about him without having to be afraid of the consequences. Every time he said it made him happier.

"Love you too," Nick replied. "You're so cute when you're sleepy."

Francis laughed. His hair was messy and sticking up in the back, and his eyes were still half-closed. "You're always cute," he said, kissing Nick's chest and then moving his lips toward his nipple.

"Uhhnnn... Francis..."

"Say my name, baby."

"Francis... fuck..."

The jock kept sucking on Nick's tit, putting his rough hands on his dick and beginning to slowly rub his shaft. It was already half-hard when they woke up, so getting it to full mast was an easy job.

Nick's loins ached as his boyfriend's hands enveloped him, and his lips latched onto his nipple. Once he was fully hard, Francis' hands reached down past his balls and towards his point of pleasure, where Nick wanted Francis the most.

"Right there," he moaned, asking the man to penetrate him.

Francis' put his whole body over Nick, with his hand still at Nick's asshole while his own hard cock bounced on top of Nick's. "Yeah?"

Nick nodded, putting his hands through Francis' hair. "Please..."

Francis grinned, reaching up Nick's neck with his kisses until he had the boy's face again. His boyfriend was begging to be penetrated. As their wet dicks leaked on one another, Francis put two fingers to Nick's hole and began to push as far as he could reach.

"Uhhhh!" Nick felt the thick fingers probe his asshole, reaching for something too far up inside him. The way Francis forced his way into Nick was loving but eager, as though he couldn't wait to please the boy. "That's so good," he murmured, feeling the jock ease in and out with his hand as he began slowly thrusting his pelvis against Nick's crotch. Their cocks fought with each other like swords, pleasuring one another closer to climax.

Francis pushed in deeper one last time, making Nick yelp out in pleasure, before he pulled his fingers back out. He put them to his mouth, covering them in thick wads of saliva before he snaked his hand back around Nick's ass, filling his anal cavity once more, adding another two fingers this time. Nick moaned loud enough for Francis' parents to hear, had they been home. His stomach churned and his heart beat wildly. His penis was still fully erect, pressed hard against Francis' own member and hairy six-pack of abs. He convulsed over the man's arms and underneath his chest, euphoria surging through his limbs as Francis vigorously finger-fucked his asshole.

"Uhhnnn..." Nick groaned, feeling Francis' big fingers fill him up until they were as far in as he could reach. His digits wiggled around and prodded his prostate, keeping Nick entranced in a spell. Francis watched as Nick's face twisted and his mouth opened to whisper the man's name.

"Francis... I'm close."

"Cum for me, baby. I want to taste you after." Francis muttered, his mouth still against Nick's as they held onto each other. Francis took his fingers in and out, making the boy shake as he pressed him further down onto the bed with the full weight of his gargantuan body. The man's boner was pushed up against Nick's cock and stomach, near his ass, grinding into him and showing him how much he wanted Nick.

The teenager's nipples were hard and his chest rose and fell quickly, sighing in satisfaction as the thick fingers dug deep into him. Francis sucked on his chest again, using his tongue to flick his nipples. His fingers went in even further, and Nick let out a squeal.

"You're all mine."

Nick felt himself melt and give way to Francis. He'd been holding his orgasm at bay for long enough but hearing the jock say those words in his deep, sleep voice made him lose all control. "I'm gonna cum," he said, sighing as though he'd had the wind knocked out of him.

Francis gently gripped Nick's nipple with his teeth, whispering into his chest. "Cum for daddy."

"Ahh... ahhhh..." Nick's body locked and then, realizing he was about to burst, Francis went down on him and put his entire face to Nick's crotch. He took the boy's cock in his mouth, plunging himself even deeper and digging his nose into Nick's pubes. He held his balls firmly between his fingers, waiting for his boyfriend to spill inside his mouth.

"Ohhh shit! Oh shit! Fuck..." Nick whispered, his voice barely audible as Francis' mouth drained him of his energy. His hips bucked again, thrusting himself into the man's mouth as he felt his cock shake and tremble, reacting violently to every bit of Francis' tongue. It rolled against the throbbing vein of the thick shaft, and he swallowed the semen that burst out from the big pink tip.

The man's nose and face slammed hard into Nick's hairy groin. Francis could see the boy's arms flexing hard as he swept his hands through the man's hair, feeling his face against his groin. Feeling the jock's big, rough hands on his soft thighs and firm ass made his boner swell up even more.

"Uhhhnnn! Francis, oh shit!" Nick's body bucked, and he shoved his dick far into Francis' mouth. Watery spurts of cum shot out of his tip, filling his boyfriend's gullet and dripping down his eager lips. Nick sighed out weakly, falling back onto the bed as he ejaculated into the jock's face. Francis continued to suck on his member, licking up his cum and swallowing everything that leaked out of his tip.

"Uhhnn... Francis..." Nick said, feeling his boyfriend's powerful swallows. He wanted every part of Nick inside him.

His face eventually came back—a messy grin and cheerful eyes as cum stained his mouth and chin. He didn't wipe it off anytime soon.

"You taste so good."

"Did you cum?" Nick asked him.

Francis shook his head. "Not yet."

Nick closed his eyes, feeling Francis snake himself over his body. He wanted more still, and Nick was eager to give it to him. "Then fuck me," Nick begged him. "In my mouth."

Francis rubbed his hard cock all over Nick's body. "You sure?"

He nodded. "Fill me with your cum, babe."

Francis grinned, turned on more than ever to hear the boy say it. His whole crotch came down over Nick's face as his body clung to the wall. His muscles stretched as his arms gripped the headboard. Nick took the man's throbbing cock to his mouth, guiding him close. Then, Francis inserted himself inside.

He stuffed his warm, pulsing cock inside Nick's mouth. The hard dick went inside of him with little warning, hitting the top of his mouth with it's rigid head and then rubbing the rest of his insides with it's smooth slippery shaft.

"Take that cock, baby. Take it all in."

"Mmmm..." Nick said, tasting the hot, salty rod inside him. It pulsed hard and trembled against his tongue, jerking wildly as Nick slobbered himself all over it.

"Damn... fuckin suck that cock, Nick."

Francis was moving his hips, letting his dripping member slip in and out of Nick. He guided Nick's head, letting the boy suckle on his cock. It was leaking pre-cum onto his tongue, and his low-hanging balls began smacking into his face. The dirty, manly smell of nuts slapping into Nick's chin was erotic and intoxicating. His dick-head was red hot, hitting the back of Nick's throat and filling him up with each forward movement of his pelvis. He was Francis' bitch in that moment, taking his cock like a shameless slut. And Nick was a slut. He was Francis' slut.

"Fucking take that, babe."

Nick moaned, feeling a hand grab some of his hair. He liked it when Francis got rough. The man caressed his face before jerking him around a bit, causing Nick to murmur more profanities. Francis went all in again, impaling the teenager with his veiny, 9-inch cock. Nick moaned in surprise, but the thick dick choking his mouth muffled his voice. The man's penis felt so good inside of him, and his head swallowed his shaft hole, welcoming it into the depths of his throat.

"Yeah... take daddy's cock, baby," Francis groaned.

Nick hummed in pleasure, trying to take more of Francis' boner as he pushed himself even deeper inside. There was nothing Nick could do to take more of his penis—his hands were pressed up against his waist, grasping at his ass and pulling more of the man inside of him as he plunged deeper.

Francis stayed overtop his head, grabbing his hair gently and maneuvering up and down on his cock, mirroring his own motions. The boy's neck was careened upwards with a warm, smooth dick in his mouth, pulsing hard and expelling jizz onto his face and tongue. He felt the pain coursing through his body, but it felt so good servicing his boyfriend and feeling the strongest and most intimate part of his body tremble and throb inside of his mouth.

Francis threw his head back, moaning silently as Nick serviced the head of his penis. Nick used his tongue to rub the top of the man's dick, and he had his lips pursed tight against the shaft, trying to milk the fat member of all its cum.

"Oh man... shit..." Francis groaned, rubbing his tight, sweaty abs. His thick, hairy thighs were on either side of Nick's head, pulverizing his face as he attacked him. Francis let his cock choke the hungry mouth, filling him to capacity. His big, sweaty balls hung low underneath, still slapping against Nick's neck as Francis put his hands around Nick's head and began thrusting his groin hard against his face. He was getting closer now, nearing his climax. Nick groaned at this, pressed against the bed and letting the man get his nut inside of him.

"Shit, suck my cock, Nick. Suck it good."

Nick looked up at his face, watching the large man close his eyes in ecstasy and begin to sweat as he worked hard to put his wet member inside of the teenager. His abs were flexing, and his arms bulged with muscle as he held onto Nick. His nipples were hard and his rigid pecs were drenched in a film of sweat, making his smooth, tanned body look like that of a god.

"UHN!" Nick exclaimed, as his boyfriend thrusted into him hard, grabbing Nick by the head and piling himself inside. He put his fingers through his hair next, slowly taking his dick out and then shoving it back inside.

Nick felt a violent surge sweep through the two hairy thighs that caressed the sides of his head. The surge leapt from the stud's balls and into his groin, filling up his dick and making his whole body shiver. Then, with a loud groan, Francis came into Nick's mouth.

"Uhhhnnn! Fuck!" he yelled, still thrusting his groin into the boy's wet hole, closing his eyes and letting the wave of ecstasy take him away. Nick's mouth was his heaven, and he wanted to enjoy every bit of it as his dick unloaded his spunk.

Hot, sticky wads of cum shot into Nick's gullet, lubricating his throat and filling his mouth with fresh, steaming sperm. The thick, creamy substance was no longer salty like the stud's pre-cum, but was instead sweet and smooth, gorging his mouth to capacity as three more fat loads followed the first two. Francis' dick kept shaking, while he continually thrusted himself inside, keeping his muscular thighs clamped tight around Nick's head. He moaned and rubbed his stomach, running his hands through his pubes and then through Nick's hair as he ejaculated, and his balls emptied inside of him.

"Fuck..." Francis moaned, letting his head fall downwards to face his boyfriend. He stroked his cock as it leaked the last of the white, creamy spunk into Nick's mouth, now some leaking onto his lips. Nick took the man's cock in his hands and let the softening member smack into his face a few times, and then he wiped the remaining cum off his face and licked it from his hands.

Francis collapsed beside him, breathing hard and quickly. Nick was also trying to catch his breath, swallowing what his boyfriend had left inside of him. The man grinned at him, his face flushed and sweaty, as he licked Nick's face and took his mouth into his. Their tongues fought with each other and Francis got to taste himself, inside of Nick's mouth. He took Nick's body in his arms and him there, the full weight of him on the teenager.

"You're mine."

"I'm yours."

They shifted in bed until Nick's head was lying next to Francis' armpit. He played with the man's chest hair, feeling his taut muscle and the heat of the testosterone that coursed through his heart, beating powerfully.

"I wish we could lie here all day," Nick said to him.

"And fuck twenty-four seven?"

Nick laughed, nodding his head. "And fuck twenty-four seven."

"I don't think I have that much cum in me," he joked.

He shook his head, sliding his smooth thigh over top Francis'. "I know you do."

"Maybe," he chuckled.

"Remember when your parents had to visit your aunt? And we spent the whole day in your room? Naked?"

"And sweaty. Yeah I remember."

"I wish everyday could be like that," Nick told him. "Just us. Alone. As naked as we want to be. As free as we want to be. In bed together or on the sofa. Mine skin pressed on yours, and yours on mine." He felt Francis's grip around him tighten, as if trying to comfort him.

"Is that really what you want? Just us together?"

"More than anything. Don't you?"

Francis stared at him, his eyes glinting. "I've never wanted anything so badly."

Nick sighed. It was just a daydream, one he knew they couldn't hope to have—not until far off in the future at least. His best moments with Francis had been when they were alone, just the two of them, with no one to come in-between to bother them. And yet, they always live din fear of being caught—someone walking in, Francis' parents returning, Nick's parents catching them together, or maybe someone they didn't even know staring at them in a suspicious way, as though to wonder if they were gay. Nick wished they could be free of all that, if only it were possible.

"When do your parents come back?" Nick asked him.

Francis glanced at his watch. "Soon. Twenty minutes or so."

Nick sighed again. They had twenty more minutes to live in their fantasy. Until the next time they were able to sneak in some private time, like thieves in the night.

"Get dressed," Francis suddenly said, nearly jumping out of bed.

"What?" Nick asked, startled.

"I'm taking you out of here. C'mon. Put on some pants."

"Francis—what are we doing?"

Francis didn't bother putting on any underwear. He just slipped on some jeans and then opened up a window, trying to figure out how hot it would be. He left his plaid shirt on the floor of his room.

"I'm giving you what you wanted. It'll be just us. The entire day. We can get out of here and be alone."

Nick was skeptical. He drew the sheets to his chest, covering his naked body. "Where can we go to be alone? The lake will be crawling with people in this weather. And the river won't be any better."

"We aren't going to the lake. C'mon babe, get dressed. Just trust me."

Nick frowned. He didn't like not knowing what was going on, but he trusted Francis with his life. So he did as the man asked. He put on his jeans and grabbed the first shirt he could find, going commando.

"Leave it," Francis told him, looking at the cotton-T. "It's hot out."

Nick smiled. "Okay."

They both trotted downstairs and out the front door, already feeling fresh sweat run down their faces and bodies as the sun beat down on them. Francis took Nick's hand and led him out around the house until they were at his family's stables. The horses had already been fed that morning, but Nick realized that they must have been there for some other reason.

"You ridden one before?"

Nick's yes widened. "N-no."

Francis grinned. "You can share with me."


"First," he said, shuffling around in a rotting wooden closet inside the humid stable. He took out some long tubes of cloth, which Nick eventually recognized.

"It's better if you wear these the first time you go riding," Francis told him. "So you don't hurt your legs or anything."


He nodded.

"I'd like to see you in nothing but chaps," Nick joked.

Francis laughed, shaking his head. "I don't want to bruise my balls before I get to fuck you again today," he joked.

Nick blushed, although he wasn't surprised at Francis' incessant hunger for him. His man had a big appetite, and a driving force behind him that turned Nick on.

Francis his pair of chaps over his jeans with ease, then helped Nick with his. They both struggled with it, laughing at each other, until finally Nick had his on properly. Francis grabbed a cowboy hat from the pantry and put it over his head, before grabbing a saddle to place over one of their horses. He chose a large brown stallion with sleek fur and a long, messy mane. It was a well-groomed animal, but Nick could tell there was still a certain wildness to it. It must have been Francis' favourite horse.

Nick watched Francis move, his legs pumping through his tight jeans and the loose chaps swaying around him like it was water. His naked back rippled with muscle as he secured the saddle around the horse, sweat dripping down his spine. From there it slid into the intoxicating well of his waist that lead straight to the muscular, meaty cheeks of his herculean ass.

His jeans sat low on his waist, barely held up by his belt. It was enough for Nick to see the v-line that lead to his crotch and the very base of his dick, though there was too much hair down there for Nick to actually see anything. The rest of his hairy body was slicked back with sweat, causing his smooth, pale skin to glisten like marble.

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